Thursday, December 2, 2010

Curtis Brower - An American Hereo, A Best Friend

I received a call on Tuesday Night, about 10:30 from an unknown number. I picked up the phone and my heart sank when I heard the voice of my best friend's sister. My best friend of 18 years was killed when an SUV cut in front of his motorcycle making a left turn into a shopping center.

Curtis and I met in Jr. High School afterschool basketball. We became instant best friends. We had a bond that was stronger than family, and I had no problem telling him how much I loved him - regardless of who saw or heard. He knew things about me that no one else knows, and we had such a strong bond of comraderie that nothing ever got in our way, be it extended overseas missions in the Navy, or a tour in Afghanistan.

Curtis was the type of guy that lit up the room. He was alwyas smiling, and always put others before him. He was a hugger, and standing about 6'2" with bear claw hands, you were going to get a squeeze. He was a cook on Navy Submarines and loved the joy of food! He made cooking seem effortless, and we often talked of retiring together in the future to open a dinner bar - Decrescendo's, where you could enjoy some fine dining and piano mood music...

He loved his family and his country. He was in the room at the birth of my first child, and now my second child is due any day now. It breaks my heart that he will never get to watch my children grow, and they will never get to see how happy a true best friend can make their dad. Instead, my two year old daughter gave me a hug and told me it was ok, and that I am crying because I miss my friend Uncle Curtis.

I have lived an lost, but this one cuts deeper than anything I've experienced. On Tuesday night I lost a piece of myself.

Curtis Brower. You are loved, and you will be dearly missed.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Realizing Peace: Drawing Down US Foreign Forces

I read an interesting WSJ article yesterday entitled "The Emperor's Nuclear Clothes" which outlined the presence of nuclear arsenals throughout the world, and why states like Iran and North Korea continue to pursue them. The article summarily concluded that elimination of all nuclear weapons is to the benefit of the United States, which is why it will never happen, mainly because the US has the most powerful conventional weapon military that is unmatched by any other country - even China.

The article discussed the importance of regional securities as a solution to nuclear proliferation, and really got me thinking about the United State's role in world military operations. A simple search for US foreign military bases reveals a list of a couple dozen countries hosting hundreds of US bases worldwide. These are bases used in current military operations as well as those threatened for use in future military strikes/campaigns. It is evidence that the security of the world relies too heavily on the United States. The coupling need of regional security and the over-extension of the US military are what I would like to discuss.

The US government treats foreign nations the same way that it treats her own population - the less they know and the less they can do for themselves, the better. We get countries like South Korea to so heavily lean on the United States for security that when attacked by the north, the first response is not defense or mobilization of SK forces, rather a call to the White House for direction and defense. For who needs to defend their home, person, or property when you have police available via the 9-1-1 call centers? Japan's constitution does not allow them to have a standing military - an echo of their previous empire follies. Saudi Arabia, as was revealed by the Wikileaks documents, uses the US military like a maid-to-order security service, trying to influence military campaigns by OUR COUNTRY against their oil rich neighbors. Add to the list every nation in Europe who depended on US influence to stay the Soviets. The list goes on, and the bills are coming due!

What makes a successful United States? One where we use our generations old military industrial complex and our natural drive toward force to pressure smaller and weaker countries into compliance for the sake of security? Or are we better off returning our soldiers home and ending our empire campaigns of the previous hundred plus years?

Follow the money. Stabilization of regions under US control allow increased economic influence and thus industrial growth. US corporations are influencing the growth in these otherwise undeveloped regions, acting as the current day colonialists - often time with the same drastic results the left Africa a war torn continent for so many years. We draw borders and boundaries across a land which we know nothing about, with the sole intent of harvesting a good or service. Minerals, ore, fuel... It is what lies beneath the dirt that garners the interest - the people above are merely tolerated.

If we want to move toward a more peaceful (not necessarily Utopian) future, the United States needs to holster her pistol and come on home. The threat of war makes no easy peace. The cost of perpetual war is too high. It is time to enter the US into an era of post-colonialism, lest we continue to fail from within.

Monday, November 29, 2010

US wants to label Wiki-Leaks lead as "Terrorist"

I have posed the question time and again over the years: What is a terrorist? Time and again I have come to the same conclusion. A terrorist is anyone who gets in the way of the United States or her allies. You don't have to be making bombs in a shack behind your house. No, as the 2009 leaked memo about right-wing terrorists who can be classified as anyone participating in a Tea Party event of that year poignantly revealed, all you need to do is challenge the US government. And as the recent Wiki-Leaks debacle reaffirms, embarrassing the sleeping dragon is worse than a surprise attack on her harbors.
The paper also cited documents showing the U.S. used hard line tactics to win approval from countries to accept freed detainees from Guantanamo Bay. It said Slovenia was told to take a prisoner if its president wanted to meet with President Barack Obama and said the Pacific island of Kiribati was offered millions of dollars to take in a group of detainees.

Italy's Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Sunday called the release the "Sept. 11 of world diplomacy," in that everything that had once been accepted as normal has now changed.
WikiLeaks should be designated a 'foreign terrorist organization,' Rep. Pete King demanded, citing treason and espionage. Again, we see common criminal acts being presented to the population in a double speak of fear and manipulation, as if the people of the United States (and the world) are too stupid to deduce results for themselves. So we are encouraged to look at any crime as an 'act of terror', and therefore the US should immediately, without prejudice or process, dispatch the 'terrorists'... "and the people will love you for it." (Instructions to the Gladiator on how to kill for entertainment)

Forget the illness, treat the symptom.

Instead of going after the Wiki-leaks organization, we need to ask ourselves "How did we get into this mess in the first place?" Saudi Kings begging us to attack Iran. Covert air strikes in Yemen. Disputes with Pakistan, Russia, and China. Other than confirming news stories that we all already knew about, and hearing first person details and opinion, the leaks are symptoms of the greater sickness with which the United States is currently plagued.

George Washington warned in his farewell address to beware our entanglement in foreign alliances and affairs. He warned that there is no cause so great as to suggest US free men should lay boots on the ground of foreign land, and suggested that any requirement to do so should also require an expeditious return to the free soils of the US. However, the US ignores the Father of this nation, and the warnings he has given. We are grossly entangled in all the world affairs, and it is the fuel that drives anger toward us from both without and within.

John Kennedy warned of secrets within the government, and the dangers they posed for the people. Dwight Eisenhower warned of the US war machine and the military industrial complex. Benjamin Franklin declared that those who surrender liberty for security deserve neither. And yet here we are. 2010 is rapidly coming to a close. Our secrets revealed, our flesh exposed. The true nature of the United States and our foreign entanglements are there for every free thinking man and woman to read, and to form their own conclusion. The symptom is the web of lies, the eternal wars, the worldwide empire. The illness is most assuredly Alzheimer's, for we fail to recognize or acknowledge the wisdom of our forefathers. History is a more distant than a vague memory; it is lost altogether. We are on a crusade of world leadership, a responsibility of world policing, on a mission against terror. However, we lead with force and not by example; we police to our government's interest and not in accordance with just laws; the only terror is the threat of tyranny against our own people and that of people around the world.

Whatever your view of the wiki-leak events, do not be fooled by the symptoms. Look deeper into our ailment. What is the cause of such great secrecy. What do we have to hide? Then, and only then can we start to accurately diagnose our true sickness.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alaska Attacks Washington State

In an apparent show of aggression, the Northern State unleashed her most readily available weapon on the il-prepared Evergreen State - Cold Weather. A winter storm moved into the state on Monday, fueled by a winter depression from Alaska that must have developed sometime around November 17th, when Murkowski was announced as the leader at the original vote count deadline. After a few days of southern migration, the wild storm gave Washington a shellacking unseen since November 2nd's Democratic Party beat-down.

Power was out to 75% of our county, and thousands of cars have been donated to the counties apparent new Modern Art exhibit entitled "Crumpled Highway Cars". Thank you lousy California drivers with bald tires on your 2wd cars and trucks!

We never lost power at our home, and are hosting families from the neighborhood for soup and warm showers until power can be restored. The high temp today is supposed to be 25 with more snow and ice expected.

As a survivalist, I was fully prepared (well, a little lite on the water). I love these little training exercises for upcoming disasters. Let's me know where the leaks are in the ship. On top of my Christmas list is an army style tent for ten people and a portable wood stove. Who needs a generator when you can set up camp in the back yard and party like it's 1899!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Touch My Junk, TSA!

Big Sister is watching, and groping, and posting it all on the Internet! Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napoletano, told freedom loving citizens of the nation to piss off and "Deal with it, or find another way to travel". As the new naked body scanners and enhanced groping techniques are being brought online there is much consternation from those with their Pocket Constitutions. It seems like this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

There are about 400 full body scanners throughout airports across the nation currently in use. Some are the full nude scanners, or the x-rays; the other batch are the 'fuzzy cock' scanners, or the millimeter scanners. If you would prefer to NOT be erotically photographed, you can simply opt to be molested by the TSA's new enhanced pat down techniques. The new technique includes the following process:

"We're going to be doing a groin check. That means I'm going to place my hand on your hip, my other hand on your inner thigh, slowly go up, and slide down. We are going to do that two times in the front and two times in the back. And if you'd like a private screening, we can make that available for you also."
Does that come with a cigarette and a happy ending?

Not only that, but if you wear sweats or clothes that the TSA agent deems "baggy", they ARE PUTTING THEIR HANDS DOWN YOUR PANTS. That is right. Reports are coming in from across the nation that hand to skin contact under the clothes is now taking place.

And Janet says "Deal with it". Others are saying "just don't fly, then".

Alas, there is a vocal group that is making headlines. Starting with the "Don't touch my junk" guy, as well as some very powerful activist and Civil rights groups. Their arguments, other than the violation of 4th Amendment rights, are based on health and effectiveness questions. Maybe the ACLU friendly 9th Circuit can shut these machines down? Who knows... You can't trust any branch of the government to check or balance the other... It is truly US versus THEM!

On the topic of Effectiveness... Do the following images look like an effective use of risk mitigation?

The Muslim TSA agent makes sure the good Sister left her bombs at home.

Small children are precisely the target group we should be focusing on for enhanced full body groping. This procedure has been endorsed by NAMBLA.

This ol' timin' terrorist won't get past these top notch TSA agents. Good thing grandpa fought so hard in WWII to ensure fascism and tyranny never make it to America!

Security Theatre is defined as the perception of security with no real aversion to actual threats. This charade serves no security purpose, and only further numbs the population to unconstitutional intrusion to the secure self.

In regards to my comment regarding the two types of scanners:

The x-ray scanner is the most controversial, allowing true nude images of passengers using simple negative image processing. This is the true blue tits and ass pictures of you, grandma, your wife, and your daughter... and guess what - they are easily stored and made available for Internet users.

The millimeter scanners, or the fuzzy cock, as I like to call them, still show the nude body, just in a lower resolution. Gizmodo posted a series of 100 pictures of the lower resolution images, though there is a sure certainty that the x-ray images have been stored somewhere as well (the mm images were stored by a local department and made available via the freedom of information act directly to the public).

The following picture is one of the hundred released, with the "weapon" of the passenger clearly visible... Sir, is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see TSA?

(The white "figure" in the upper right hand corner of the blue box is the man's penis.)

What right does the TSA, an extension of the Executive Branch, have to virtually strip search me simply as a condition of free interstate and international travel? This is the exact case that the 4th amendment was protecting us against.

To be secure in our person is NOT a right that is waived by travelling, nor by standing in line at a bank. I do not waive my rights, and nor do you, as a condition to freely move about this country. Janet and all those "big deal" clowns out there are both grotesquely wrong on the constitutionality of this intrusion, and cowards for not standing up and defending yet another trampled amendment in our Bill of Rights.


Did I mention the use of force to scan and molest children by the TSA officers, or the threat of $11,000 fine for refusing to be scanned? What the hell happened to my America? The attaached link shows a video where the girl is SCREAMING (at 3 years old) "stop touching me"... even at three she has more sense than Janet!

Monday, November 15, 2010

2012 Presidential Speculation

I last wrote a full article on 2012 Republican speculation in early October of 2009. Arguably, this is a different world than 13 months ago. The rate of change in the political spectrum over the course of the 2010 cycle has been so much so that one should stop to ponder some scientific source of free energy from it! That being said, it is time to look at some serious and not so serious issues facing the presidential elections of 2012.

To begin, one has to wonder what the current President is planning for 2012. Early speculators for the left are suggesting that Hillary is ready to jump in and save the party and the unpopular president, while others are publicly calling for the president to announce that he will not seek re-election now in order to stop short of absolute destruction of the Democratic Party. A saviour he was not! Of course, barring any major changes on the left, we should expect to see a very weak President unable to control his divided legislature and thus enter the race as a weak incumbent. His performance at the G20 summit and throughout Asia last week indicate that the world is no longer smelling what Barack is cooking!

The GOP faces two camps of contenders for 2012 - those who fell short in 2008 and those who are new to Presidential politics; Each has a strength and a weakness. Those who are past failures have name recognition, but also suffer from burn-out or simple distaste from the people - hey, we already said we didn't like your brand of politic. Those who are up and comers have the fresh sense of something new, but may struggle with name recognition on a serious national scale. For the old, they suffer from the changes over the past two years, as anyone can clearly tell 2012 is definitely no 2008 in the political world!

So, who is in and who is out for the GOP?

Fox News is running a series called "12 in 2012" where they highlight 12 candidates:
Those candidates includes: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, South Dakota Sen. John Thune, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.
McPike reports, “A thirteenth story is also planned with long-shots such as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and others like Donald Trump.”

I had looked into the campaigns of some potentials (mentioned in my 2009 article linked above). Idaho Gov. Otter is out, carrying only 59% of his state when the Republican Senator snagged 71%. ND Gov Hoeven easily won election as the US Senator from ND with 76% of the vote. Some time on the federal stage could lend credence to his libertarian tilt. Gov. Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico is single handedly turning the liberal state into a conservative economic model, and his campaigning in 2010 with others around the nation have lended credence to him as an early pick.

So, who is in? Who is out? No one is talking just yet. Word is that some are waiting until after the first of the year, and after the new congress is seated. Some are waiting a bit longer to see who is jumping into the race.

Of the list above, who would I NOT support?
1. Mitt Romney. He is a big government moderate who has gained nothing since 2008, and remains somewhat of an elitist with respect to the people and the media. He has nothing good to offer the GOP... unless you need someone to sell you a used car.
2. Bobby Jindahl. Anyone who votes 'yes' on making the Patriot Act permanent will never get my vote. He would be the Bob Dole of 2012, and is not significant enough to move this country back into the hands of the people. His horrible state of the union response in 2009 was both the beginning and the end of his national level political career. He is best left to the people of Louisiana.
3. Sarah Palin. I know Palin is a fan favorite, but she cannot beat Obama, and she cannot unite the base. Her career move to leave Alaska's Governorship in 2009 (after just two years) destroyed her credibility as an elected official. For whatever her purpose, the end did not justify the means. Her re-election campaign in 2010 would have been the training for 2012, and her two more years running up to that election plus two more ahead of the 2012 election would have given her significant executive experience. Instead she became a cheerleader for the tea party, in my mind washing away all the hope and respect I had for her as an elected official.
4. Newt Gingrich. He may have been third in line for the top spot in the nineties, but this is not the nineties. Newt Gingrich is a relic, and does not have what it takes to 'right' the sinking ship.

Who would I support?
1. Luis Fortuño. A Puerto Rican bid for the presidency would send a shockwave through the nation. A territory of the US for over one hundred years, the island's population are US citizens, but hold no vote in the US federal government. They pay no federal taxes, but receive federal funds. Fortuño has spent the last two years reforming the island commonwealth into a tax haven, and has worked to drastically cut the size of the island's government - and the jobs that went with it. He is a rising star, and his campaign would not only draw a latino voting bloc, it would change the debate to one focused on our imperial policy of territories.
2. Ron Paul. His economic forecasts proved to be true. His foreign policy stance is very isolationist, much like most Americans pre-WWII. His followers have taken root in local and state parties across the nation, moving into key leadership positions. His backers have never quit the 2008 campaign. Ron Paul's followers are the reason for the Tea Party. The Campaign for Liberty has millions of followers. Ron Paul's appointment as the Chair of the Sub-Committee on Monetary Policy, which he will use to go after the Federal Reserve lends credence to his gain in popularity and credibility within the party, and the outcome of his crusade of the Fed could put him in a strong place to lead the field in 2012.
3. John Hoeven. If he can do something strong and dramatic within the Senate, he stands a chance to make a national name for himself. He is easily in the libertarian camp; arguably able to become the Ron Paul of the senate (notice Rand did not get that distinction). He did a great job in North Dakota, and could do a great job taking that same policy to D.C.

Others who Intrigue.
1. Lou Dobbs. There were feelers put out when he left CNN last year that he may be setting up for a 2012 run. Dobbs would do a great job in the mix.
2. Joe Arpaio. The Arizona County Sheriff will play the part of Tom Tancredo, getting tough on immigration. He holds general favor across the nation, and is already making the rounds.

Wikipedia is tracking 28 potential GOP contenders, with the prospect of a few more waiting in the wings. As the dust settles from November 2010, it will surely be interesting to see who decides to put a horse in the race for 2012.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Alaska - Welcome to Washington

Alaskans seem to have sent a clear message - Alaska is no Texas. In fact, the write-in campaign seems to have made Alaska more closely resemble a trend toward Washington State politics. Perhaps the last frontier has been tamed, and now Alaska is just like the rest of us - a moderate liberal state mired in the same old politics as the rest of us. Time to cancel that meeting with my Alaskan Realtor!

On a positive note, the Washington senate race is days away from bweing decided. This new all mail-in system has left stacks of ballots dumped at ballot return sites just before the deadline. Not to mention the apparent rule change that a postmark is good enough for a vote to count (as opposed to being on location), this thing is going to the courts. All of the votes in WA from today are apparently early votes. There are about a million more votes to count from today - and then all those that will be disputed. Alaska, take note - this is what run of the mill politicking looks like!

On that note, we have the House, and I'm going to bed! I think the Dems got the message!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something Fishy in Nevada

Every other poll across the nation was right on the money - except in Nevada, the earliest state to start reporting concerns about voter fraud. Each and every race across this fair nation fell to within 1% point of Real Clear Politics polling, for the most part - even the hugely contested and perpetually "Toss-Up" states. However, in Nevada, The apparently VERY popular Harry Reid has pulled an election day miracle, swinging the polls BY TEN POINTS in his favor as of this posting.

I don't want to prematurely cry foul here. But it is late and I am ready to call it a night and go home. It appears that the outcome in the Senate is set - the GOP will remain the minority. I still believe that we win Colorado and Washington, which are still counting, giving us a 49/51 disadvantage. Not bad. If Nevada turns in Angel's favor between now and tomorrow morning, 50/50 is not a bad place to be.

The House is unfathomable. We have picked up 52 seats and counting on the Right, setting pace to pick up nearly 75 seats for the night.

The big question will be surrounding Colorado's governor race - Does the GOP become a minor party in that state due to Dan Maes' showing of less than 10% for the GOP? This has huge implications to the party, but should also remind the people of Colorado that principle should ALWAYS come before party. Not to mention they just shot themselves in the foot at a time when they could have easily taken the Capitol in a redistricting term. Look for Colorado to become a blue state for the next ten years.

Anticipating Election Night Results

I'm sitting on pins and needles as we are 15 minutes away from the first results of the night on the East Coast. I know that the GOP is going to win the House. There is only the question of "How Big?"

I predict that the GOP will pick up 68 seats in the House, taking majority and a firm advantage. Pelosi will retire and a special election will come to California.

I predict at least 48 seats held by the GOP in the Senate. 48 would mean that we lost Illinois and West Virginia. I think we have a good shot in Illinois, giving the GOP 49. At the most, the GOP could walk away with 52 Senate seats - meaning that West Virginia, California, and Washington State voted Republican. If I were a betting man, I would say 50/50 split in the Senate - WA goes to Republican Rossi

Let the election night fun begin!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Official 2012 Presidential Endorsement

I was going to wait until AFTER tomorrow night, but I cannot wait.

Please check out my new blog, Draft Luis Fortuno 2012.

Please head over to the site, read the initial articles I have linked, and some key words of praise for Fortuno. Take a moment to see what a conservative Republican has done in a liberal Carribean island, and US territory (Puerto Rico).

Luis Fortuno is the underdog, the dark horse, and just what this country needs - a strong man cabaple of looking his constituents in the eyes and saying 'get off the government payroll and into the free market!'

Luis Fortuno represents the voice the GOP has been missing, and it is time to spotlight a worthy member from the conservative ranks who, quite literally, speaks the language of the Hispanic voting bloc - a core group of social conservatives who the liberal media is courting on behalf of the liberal Democrats.

Mr. Fortuno sees Hispanics as a natural GOP constituency. The University of Virginia Law School graduate and father of triplets says what he missed most while serving two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives was weekly lunches with his extended family. "Hispanics put family first, and from that stems all else," Mr. Fortuno says. "We are mistrustful of government, own family-sized businesses, and value basic social principles. All of that is aligned with my party."
Governor Fortuno is more than a talking head, or a game-piece in the battle for votes. Fortuno finishes the job, stands firm on Conservative principles, and represents a want and will to preserve and grow the strength of the Union - as the leader of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (The Republican Party on the island aimed at pushing for statehood).

This guy is the one we have been waiting for - a small government fiscal conservative, a catholic social conservative, and a fiery leader with a record of strong finishes!

The Congress Is Corrupt - Ya Think?

Tomorrow is election day. One more reason to fight establishment candidates in favor of true reform in our government: Corruption. This RT report highlights insider trading that is protected for legislators. Harry Reid's name comes up in this report. Pay attention, Nevada!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Scariest Halloween for Democrats

A cool, crisp fog hung low over the dawn twilight. A stagnant air echoed a tense silence across the nation of states. Light slowly crept from the horizon, like an entombed body pulling itself from beneath the earth. In the distance a steady rustle in the fresh amber leaves approached.

Crinch-crunch, crinch-crunch.

My eyes strained to catch a glimpse of the figure through the fog; a silhouette, hunched and foreboding slowly materialized.

My stomach become knots and a shiver down my spine accompanied the erect neck hairs. Something was not right. My heart began to race as the rustling footsteps continued to approach.

Crinch-crunch, crinch-crunch.
Seconds became hours. Frozen with fear, I was helpless against the impending encounter. My hands began to shake as my body became overcome with adrenaline. This is the moment. Fight or flight. My pulse quickened, my breath steadied. The figure continued forward, locking onto me as his next target.

Crinch-crunch, crinch-crunch.

Suddenly from somewhere above the fog a raven shouted out in panic; his deep bellow shattering the crisp stillness. My senses were overwhelmed; my ears shuttered at the sound, my face cringed, my body contorted grossly and disfigured at what my eyes were seeing.

The silhouette stepped into view. His large dark hands reached out in my direction. He did not lose pace.

Crinch-crunch, crinch-crunch.

With a 'THUD' the figure dropped death at my feet, and disappeared from view, once more into the fog.

Crinch-crunch, crinch-crunch.

The fading of his footsteps returned me to my foggy prison. The air thick with the musk of what lay at my feet. Pulpy and damp, my nostrils stretched as the scent rose from below. My eyes, fearing the result, slowly moved down to reveal what I had feared; only worse.

I knelt and scooped the limp mass into my arms. Tears of frustration and fear filled my eyes. My body trembled. A weakness overcame me; I dropped to my knees. The thud next to my hunched and weeping body revealed the source of my terror.

I reached my hands to the sky and roared in agony, arching my back and sending the scream of horror through the still air. The hurried beat of wings beyond my sight, and the pause in the distant rustling steps of leaves indicated that I had received my gift this Autumn morning.

I collapsed, clutching my arms in a death grip across my chest. Panic coursed through my veins.

Laying next to me on the ground, the huddled mass of paper; whose headline read "Conservatives Sweep Congress. Republicans regain the Majority".

I am shattered, shaken, and broken. I have been brutalized and beaten. Trepidation is my life, now. The unknowing is my purgatory. I am alone.

I am...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meeting Dino Rossi & Historic House Turnover

There was an intimate gathering in Silverdale, WA today, where the next US Senator from WA State came to shake hands and kiss babies. It is always interesting to meet candidates face to face. You get a good feel for the type of person they are by their mannerisms and ticks. More importantly, I am always interested to see how tall candidates are. I’ve met some pols that were freakishly tall, and others (Like Al Gore in 1998) who was shockingly short (about 3 inches shorter than me, but he had giant bear-claw hands). Dino Rossi seemed to be about my height at 5’11”, and talked with his hands like a standard grandson of Italian immigrants (My wife is grand-daughter of Greek immigrants – so I GET IT!) In short, I told him to give ‘em hell in DC. He replied with a gracious and sincere ‘God Bless You for your efforts’. Was a great morning.


Also, a quick look at the House races across the nation; Real Clear Politics is predicting an epic turnover in the House. This morning their polls indicate a 62 seat exchange on average – with a high/low of 78/46. Since 1840, only 16 congressional elections have resulted in political landslides for on party over the other (greater than 48) – mostly due to the increase in the number of states (and thus more seats in the House), Great Depressions, or Great Wars. Since a swing of 75 seats in 1948 in favor of the Democrats, they held the House until the Republican Revolution in 1994 (less two years of slight GOP control from 52-54), with a 54 seat swing. The history of the House is extremely interesting as a fluid body representing the issues of the day; a true indicator of the wisdom of the founding fathers in their creation of the Constitution. It saddens me that current political heads don't respect the founding documents and intent just a little more.


History of large turnovers in the House of Representatives:

  • 1842 saw a 49 seat gain by the Democrats (a net loss of 70 seats by the Whigs) after the Whig Party's POTUS died in office, sending a very unpopular man to fill his role. Unpopular leaders tend to inspire the opposition.

  • 1854 bore a crushing blow to the Democrats with a 73 seat loss whilst the American party and Republicans picked up 62 and 46 seats respectively. Immigration, slavery, and talks of secession led to a minority party government representative of a tumultuous climate in the Antebellum States of America.

  • In 1872 as the House grew by another 49 seats, the Republicans picked up 63 seats; continuing the post-war dominance of the federal government.

  • In 1874, marking an end to the Reconstruction era, the Democrats picked up 94 seats while the Republicans lost 96, giving control of the House to the Democrats for the first time since the War of Northern Aggression.

  • 1890 fell on hard economic times, and the ruling Republicans lost 93 seats, giving 86 of them to the Democrats, and control of the house once again.

  • A depression in 1894 dealt a crushing blow to the ruling Democratic Party, giving up 125 seats. Republicans gained 130 seats, picking up some from minor parties.

  • 1910 saw a 58 seat swing from Republicans to the Democrats, and loss of majority of the House. This was caused mainly due to deep factioning within the Republican Party.

  • 1914, Republicans picked up 61 seats from the Democrats, though not enough to retake control of the House.

  • 1920’s election turned over an additional 62 seats from the majority Democrats to the Republicans, who took an overwhelming majority in the wake of Wilson’s unpopular decision of World Governing.

  • 1922 flopped 72 seats in favor of the Democrats, though not enough to give them a majority.

  • 1930, the second year of the Great Depression, gave a 52 seat victory to the Democrats, leaving the Republican party with a slim 2 seat majority.

  • In 1932, Republicans lost 101 seats, giving 97 of them to the Democrats and a few to third party candidates.

  • 1938 Republicans took 81 seats from Democrats and other minor parties. The democrats still maintained a 60% majority of the House.

  • 1942 Republicans picked up 47 seats from Dems, bringing the House back to a near even 50%-50% split.

  • Following WWII, in 1946, Republicans picked up 55 seats and the Majority in the House for the first time since the Depression began.

  • 1948 gave a 75 seat swing to the Democrats, the majority, and set the stage for 40 years of control of the house (less a short two years from 52-54 by the Republicans).

  • The largest turnover in recent history was 54 seats in 1994, a result of the Republican Revolution.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Foreseeable Shortcomings of a Republican Majority

There is no doubt that the Republicans will sweep into Legislative Majorities in one or both houses after a short four year exile. It is not, however, a radical change in the GOP that has swung the electorate into 'the big tent'; it is a clear civil unrest over some very key faults of the Federal Government. Those elements are spending, budget, taxes, and jobs. The fact that the only platform put forth by the GOP establishment in 'The Pledge' is vague in solutions to these ends, and that the party is still decisively split on foreign issues, banking issues, etc. is clear evidence that the 2010 Republican Majority may find itself causing more harm than good.

In the simplest of statements, the GOP majority stands poised to squander any significant fundamental ability to change the legislation of the past ten to twenty years. This goes beyond Obama, extending through Bush and right on into Clinton. In fact, one could make an argument that fundamental reconstruction of the make-up of the US essentially starts with legislation that is a hundred years old.

What should the new, independent, Constitutionally backed GOP minority push the greater GOP establishment into tackling over the next two years? More importantly, what will the GOP establishment and the Liberals who survive the coming blood-letting work fervently to stop? Below is a list of the top SEVEN issues needed to repair the economy and structure of this nation:

7. Repair Social Security. When Social Security was adopted in the 1930's, it was intended to be a safety net. That safety net, for better or for worse, became a staple in the American Work Force, establishing secure retirement for elderly and providing a social welfare for the disabled. In the 1960's, Democrats tapped into the extra revenue of the SS program in order to balance their budget. This pillaging of the senior retirement fund fundamentally destroyed the system as a safety net, transferring the burden from a personal savings to a necessary tax item on the annual budget. Democrats looked to Social Security income as a source of revenue, depleting the savings account of America. We need an act of congress to completely restore the coffers and remove Social Security receipts as 'income' to the federal government. We also need to ensure that only those truly eligible receive funds, non-illegals, etc (and those who have paid into the system for a certain number of years). Payments should be a factor of contribution, etc, etc. This approach is constructive to the current dependency on the system, does not alienate the elderly or disabled who may be at a disadvantage, and is a good faith common-sense compromise that works across the aisle.

6. Fix Healthcare. Obamacare and other forms of socialized medicine are destructive to industry - both in the medical field and across the board. Obamacare was so invasive that it made it a federal crime to NOT purchase insurance from a private company. This and other aspects of the law are grossly unconstitutional and will not survive the courts. There are, however, positive glimpses within the document that were horribly implemented - for instance, denied coverage due to past illness, and coverage for children. Congress can pass legislation under equal protection and non discrimination forcing insurers to allow equal and affordable coverage for all. There are many ways of restructuring the system within the current set of rules (pre-Obamacare); However, what if we cast aside the set of current rules and changed the playing field? If we combine tort reform, state government ownership (on a state by state basis as voted on by the people of each state in accordance with the 10th amendment), and a true level playing field for insurance (interstate plans, restriction of price fixing, etc.) the free market competition would drive insurance prices down. A top down Federal health system is unconstitutional, and should be left to the states, thus the current system needs to be absolutely repealed and reframed.

5. Pay down the National Debt. Throw a wrench in the cogs of ALL the National debt calculator widgets by reversing the trend. Pay down the national debt. This should be made a priority as a good faith gesture to America that the government tyrants are going away. A well planned budget could effectively pay off the entire national debt in two presidential terms. That is right. I personally claim to have a plan to pay down $14 Trillion in 8 years. The following three items lay out the general ingredients to how this is possible.

4. Fix the Tax Structure. The tax codes change from year to year, written in such a way that only those with access to high cost lawyers can curtail true tax rates, and end up paying less than their fair share; in most cases those tax evaders are the tax code writers - your Congressmen and Senators. A flat tax is not absolutely necessary, but it provides an excellent model for restructuring the US tax code into a simple handbook. Combine the Flat Tax and the Progressive Tax (under which we currently operate), and eliminate deductions for incomes over a set dollar amount. Restructure the tax rates to reflect typical current payments based on deductions for lower and middle earners, and then simplify by eliminating the deductions for all. Eliminate EIC, as it is simply a pay-out of wealth redistribution. remove everything from the US tax code other than a simple chart indicating income and expected taxes. Business and corporate taxes would embody a similar system with an adjusted flat rate with no deductions. The system would be uniform and constitutional. The revenue to the US government would reflect a net increase without any significant modification to current tax burdens. I could easily calculate a $0.5 Trillion annual revenue increase by eliminating loopholes for the rich senators and their friends. Other adjustments may need to be made to balance a debt pay-down plan.

3. Cut Government Spending. Current government budgets are usually never reduced, and often simply push forward funding for programs plus a percentage budget increase each year. Anyone currently addressing "significant budget cuts" simply mean that the percent increase was reduced - but facts show that the net program spending increases! Some system! Do a full scrub of the entire budget. Make some deep and necessary cuts - to the tune of at LEAST $1.5Trillion (or half of the 2010 budget). I have run these calculations and major defense cuts associated with eliminating unnecessary multi-billion dollar federal departments and cutting unnecessary portions of the remaining department funds, while placing certain obligations back into the hands of the states or citizens (like education), cutting $1.5Trillion comes easy without even broaching the Medicare/Medicaid coffers. Eliminating them in favor of a Social Security Medical system and other healthcare changes reducing the cost and increasing the availability of private healthcare easily makes immense gains toward elimination of debt.

2. Take Control of Monetary Policy. A repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, or a restructure of the way the Treasury handles the monetary system would immediately eliminate a grand portion of our debt, would eliminate the need to pay interest on our own monetary system to a private conglomerate of banks who have no connection to the Federal Government, and would fundamentally change the way we do business in the US with regards to spending and borrowing. It is a drastic move and a massive show of force against the banks who continually suck the government and the citizens dry for profit. Eliminating the debt by a swoop of a pen would by far be the most dramatic law in the history of the world. Other less drastic steps could be taken, like renegotiation of all interest on debts to 0.0% (since it is OUR money). Such a step would immediately save $164 Billion annually, and could be used to negotiate down total debt to the Federal Reserve. International debt would be handled separately.

1. Repeal the Patriot Act. Next to financials, the Patriot Act was the single most restrictive piece of legislation to American Liberties. The frustration in 2006 & 2008 against Bush was due to such invasive laws (as well as the wars). A restructure of the intelligence agencies does not necessitate a collapse of civil liberties. This law is an abomination and should be struck in its entirety.

These are some of the most extreme examples, but necessary to turn our country away from social tyranny toward a peaceful economic powerhouse. If the new GOP pushed for even a tiny part of these changes, they would establish themselves as sound leadership for generations. If these are the principles we truly embrace (smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom), then the above changes are not radical or extreme; they are necessary elements in the fundamental restructuring as part of a more perfect union. One in which ideas like "the new deal" can provide security for citizens while the focus and structure of the government can return to a less powerful advisory board focused on defense and equal protection under the law. There is a perfect equilibrium, but we are far removed from it. hard work and sacrifice on the part of the Federal government is key to reach the higher middle ground. The new GOP needs to lead us there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking Beyond the 2010 Election

We are officially less than two weeks away from election day. By this time in two weeks we will see the largest swing in the US House of Representatives give the conservative bloc of the GOP a large number of seats. We will see headlines of an undeclared Senate, with races in Washington, California, Nevada, and Illinois locked up in recounts or legal battles. The GOP will sweep into state capitols all across the union. We will see an isolated executive who continues to claim that even though the GOP won, HE is still king and the GOP will need to work with him.

But what will this all mean?

There are already reports that the incoming GOP senators are being urged NOT to support a repeal of Obamacare BY THE OUTGOING GOP SENATORS.
Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.), the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said that repealing the new healthcare reform law — or looking to defund it — were not good options.

“I don’t think starving or repealing is probably the best approach here,” Gregg said on the Fox Business Network. “You basically go in and restructure it.”
Meet the new boss same as the old. So what is going to change?

For starters, states are continuing to resist DC. 14 states are crafting legislation to deny anchor babies citizenship if born in their states - a direct affront to the "world citizen" president. 28 states are continuing legal challenges to the unconstitutional Obamacare law in federal courts. So long as the people fight their local governments for increased pressure against DC, we have a change for reform at the state levels.

The GOP gains in the state houses will be most important this year, as a redistricting year. Districts can be redrawn to ensure conservative margins in their congressional districts and state houses.

Colorado may be faced with the GOP as a MINOR party if Dan Maes cannot muster 10% of the vote, elevating the Constitution Party and the Democrat Party as the two major parties for the next four years in the state. If, however, Dan Maes does muster his 10% for Republicans, he is guaranteeing the governorship to the Democrats and ensuring a liberal redistricting in the battleground state.

This is all politics. Party changes, redistricting... what is going to change?

Time will tell. If the Tea Party can gain momentum heading into 2012, force the GOP back to the Reagan Right, and effect fundamental policy changes against the Federal Reserve and liberal regulation of industry, we may have a fighting chance. The outcome of the 2010 election needs to NOT be about party politics. It needs to be about TEA Party politics - where libertarian ideals are mainstream and we put forward an agenda that is the best of what liberty minded Pols from both sides of the aisle have to offer.

THIS is the chance to heal the divide in this nation, under conservative LIBERTARIAN leadership. Repeal the Patriot Act from the GOP side of the aisle. Audit the Federal Reserve from the GOP side of the aisle. End the war on drugs, eliminate tax loopholes and implement either a flat tax or a zero deduction progressive flat tax - simplifying the tax code to a single page and effectively eliminating the IRS.

What about blowback?

If 2010 was a referendum on Obama, 2012 is going to be a referendum on the Tea Party victories of 2010. Unfortunately, should we win the Senate AND House in two weeks, any good that comes of it is most likely going to be claimed by Obama, and much like Clinton claiming a second term, Obama could find himself as the beneficiary of the 2010 elections. If the GOP, however, follows the advice of outgoing senators and continues the status quo, the GOP will cease to exist as a viable party.

We need to set clear goals, publicly check off our goals as we succeed, and ensure that the credit lies with the movement and NOT with the president or the parties. We need to push for a Democratic challenger to Obama and serve up some very impressive alternatives to Obama (NOT Bob Dole!!!!!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPDATE - WA Senate Race

In an update to yesterday's post, Dino Rossi has taken a 1.7 point average lead on the Real Clear Politics average, and they are now awarding Washington State to Dino Rossi in the "No Toss Up" map. Unfortunately for Republicans the map remains a 50/50 tie, as IL seems to be breaking in favor of the Democrat by the slightest of margins. That race is tight, and I am not going to attempt to predict Obama's old senate seat.

For the mean time, I will simply bask in the glow of watching the western states oust incumbents!

If you want to know why Patty Murray is losing, here is her latest attack ad:

I honestly don't know what to say... other than "Vote for me because I know what it is like to have a vagina, too!" Seriously. This is what it looks like to watch an incumbent drown in their own pool of lies and deceit!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Analyzing the WA State US Senate Race

I have already predicted a close race in Washington, but one where Dino Rossi ultimately unseats the most liberal Western Senator and three term incumbent. This post is a further analysis of my prediction. Before I break down the race, the polls, and the candidate performance, there are a few peculiar laws in this state that require special attention (much like Nevada's 'none of the above' law). In Washington state we operate under a 'Top Two' system for the general election. This means that the top two vote getters, regardless of party affiliation (which is not required to be disclosed by a candidate), are the only two names shown on the ballot for the general election. Furthermore, write in candidates will not be counted unless they met the registration deadline (set as the same deadline for other candidates) and unless the number of non-registered write in votes is significant enough to effect the outcome of the race. That being said, in Washington State, 100% of the votes will be split between the two names on the ballot. All those undecided or "other" numbers in the polls will either not show up, or follow the trends indicated by the polls for 'Independent' voters. That being said, now let us look at the four phases of this race, and why I think Rossi is going to win.

Patty Murray, the popular state legislator who ran as the "Mom in Tennis Shoes" 18 years ago won after a considerable battle proved her to be a heavy weight. She also had the anti Bush 41 movement and the help of a young southerner running for President who won the affection of women across the country - William Jefferson Clinton. Over the years, Murray has proven to be one of the most liberal senators in the nation, and has increasingly become reclusive and out of touch with the voters in Washington State. Murray has won election to her seat three times before, but mostly to individuals with little to no name recognition, and those who have never been involved in a statewide election.

Dino Rossi, a two time runner up for Governor, has wide statewide support and, even as a moderate Republican, is carrying the support of most die-hard conservative Tea Partiers. Dino's name in this race was only suspect, as a group of unknown candidates were scrambling to find their niche in facing Murray. This analysis begins in the early phase of the candidacy, prior to Rossi officially entering the race. Se the chart below:

Early polling placed Rossi within the margin of error of Murray. Anticipation of his entering the race gathered support from Independents who had grown tired of Murray and the D.C. shenanigans. Rossi pulled ahead of Murray in early polling, to the upper limits of the margin of error, placing him as a solid contender to Murray. Rossi announced his candidacy and immediately fell under the sword of Tea Party candidates tearing at a moderate in a wave of conservative movements. Murray's numbers rose as a result of an effective attack on Rossi by Tea Party challenger, Clint Didier. As the somewhat extreme (and sometimes rambling) Didier began to gain momentum, Murray's numbers returned to her near victory margin of 50%.

The state voted in the Primary Election. The top two candidates were Murray and Rossi. This immediately propelled Rossi's numbers in the polls while Murray suffered the fate of being faced off with a serious and viable contender - a Republican who could win in Washington State. Murray's campaign was in a virtual nose dive, even flying Barack Obama out to the state to endorse her, which sunk her numbers even more.

Murray then turned to serious campaign mode, opening her massive lobbyist funded war chest and unleashing a series of attack ads against Rossi. Rossi remained silent, fundraising and hitting the grassroots. As he waited in the wings for his coffers to fill, it looked as if Murray was going to run away with this thing. The people in Washington state began to wonder if Rossi was going to fizzle out under the enormous pocket-book of a Murray campaign.

Alas, Rossi appeared on the air. Rossi challenged debates. Rossi was in the news, on the TV, on the airwaves. To make matters worse, a usually Murray friendly Seattle Times took a neutral stance in this election and began running actual news about the validity of political advertising. With every new ad, the Times would run an assessment of the ad. Murray was found guilty by the media of slinging mud and half truths. Rossi was shown to be more truthful and delivered a more uplifting message. This tactic spoke well with the Independent voters.

The poll numbers show response to the events of the campaigns so far, but the October surprise has been that some polls have been heavily favoring Democrat voters over Republicans. Even with the disparity, Independent voters are swinging toward the Republican challenger, upwards of ten percent in many polls. In Washington State it is the Independent voters that can break the stranglehold of Liberalism held by densely populated King County's Seattle Metro area.

On average, both candidates are at a dead tie 47 percent (Murray 47.455%, Rossi 47.364%). For statistical purposes, throwing out the highest and lowest poll numbers for each, Rossi takes the advantage 47.4 to 47.3. As I said, a dead tie. This race is about getting out the vote. So let's look at what is on the ballot that is going to get folks to return their statewide mail-in ballot.

*note: poll numbers are all from Rassmusen.

The Rossi/Murray race is the top of the ticket. It gets a fair amount of press, and obviously the Republicans have the GOTV momentum, drawing support from Independent voters. what is drawing more attention is a series of tax increases that are being challenged on the ballot. In WA State the legislature is proposing food taxes, state income taxes, constitutional amendments to extend the state debt allowance, etc. It is a fiscal disaster on the ballots this year, and it is drawing massive attention to the economic woes, and the party of incumbents. There are no pressing social issues on the ballot, so alternative lifestyle voters have no rally poll. There are no major issues other than economic battles - higher taxes or starve the uneducated school children. This is the nail in the coffin for Murray. She has to carry the ticket, and carry the platform in a state where she has proven to be less than popular after two decades in office.

Key factors to a Rossi Victory:

1. King County Liberal Turnout - King County swings upwards of 85% Democrat. It is a solid assurance for the Dems, and also is the most populous area in the state. State elections are won and lost in King County, because of King County.
2. Independent voters - IV are now swinging 10% points in favor of Rossi. Statewide that is effective, but a large swing in the urban areas is turning this thing into a Rossi victory. If he stays on message, Murray cannot counter.
3. Murray blew her advertising load too early - Rossi is well known. We all know his dirty laundry. Her early attack ads swung polls in her favor, but it was nothing more than a reminder of that which we all already knew. It gave her a temporary bump, and there is nothing left - no foreseeable 'October Surprise'. Rossi has been well vetted since 2004 in this state. Two runs for Governor has a way of cleaning out your political closet!

This race may not be key for conservatives, but this race IS key for the GOP to take a majority in the US Senate. The WA and NV senate races are going to be the most hard fought races in the history of this union...two races in which neither party can afford to lose.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on GOP Senate Fight - Nevada

In my earlier column, Republicans Will Take Senate?, I laid out the logistics behind a senate upset by the GOP, namely in two western states: Washington and Nevada. As of the latest CNN/Time poll, Real Clear Politics shows a tie in the state on average and has moved it into the Republican Victory column in their "No Toss Up" calculations. This means that Real Clear Politics, as of October 6th, does not project Harry Reid as being able to win re-election in Nevada.

Harry Reid is plagued with problems. In the Senate, in Nevada, even in his own home. The man's falling numbers are a direct sign of those troubles. Sharon Angle, Tea Party candidate (and one of the first big wins nationwide in the primaries), is currently tied with Reid at 43.5%, but she has all the momentum heading into October, and she is gaining traction in the polls where Reid is losing everything.

In line with my earlier predictions, I believe Nevada is accurately placed into the (R) column, and will be party to the movement aimed at correcting the focus and reach of our government.

Go Sharon Go!

Obama's Plan to Try Terror Suspects in Civil Courts Backfiring

Imagine the response if the hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war during WWII were shipped to the United States for trial in civilian courts. I suppose we live in a different time, and fight different battles. It appears that the latest battle by Obama, to try terror suspects in civilian courts, is one that we are determined to lose.

The court ruled today that the Government's star witness cannot testify, because his testimony to the CIA was given only after severe coercion while in custody. The government asked for a delay in the trial to reorganize its case.

What is most predictable in this case is that there is a possibility that the defendant can be found not guilty due to lack of constitutionally acquired evidence and released to walk out the front doors of the court house. This question was posed to Obama, about if he was ready and willing to accept such a ruling and allow known enemies of the state out of US custody and out into the streets? His response is that none of them would win their case - a statement I likened to a kangaroo court (knowing the outcome before the trial).

In any case, it seems that the government is in a tight spot, and we may be a week away from a mistrial, where the headlines will undoubtedly read "Obama's Miscalculation Frees Known Terrorist". That is right. I am sure that no blame will be placed on the divine one!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Moment of Reflection

A young voter might ask "How has politics changed in the last thirty years?" A valid question in the era of political sleaze, right wing extremism, left wing radicals, cult of personality presidential elections, and a tyrannical federal government. The answer can be found in this moment of reflection:

There is nothing extreme about demanding that the government live within the bounds of the contractual obligations established in the Constitution. The current grassroots movement is not a radical element of this nation. We are a constitutional element. We are THE PEOPLE, and we are here to fix this mess.

May God bless the people with liberty from our own government!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Republicans Will Take The Senate?

Officially one month to go until the midterm elections, the referendum on an inexperienced President led by a radical Congress responsible for this nation's hardships. Both parties are anxiously watching close races around the multitude of states, with bated breath as to the outcome. Look no further - I will reveal my prediction of the outcome.

Real Clear Politics predicts a Democratic Senate, with 51 seats to 49 over Republicans (and Tea Party). The Democrats pick up no seats, but are predicted to hold three states in the northeast and all the western states (including HI). However, watching the polling and the numbers behind the trends, as well as the "stagnation" line of certain incumbents, I predict that at least two western states will oust their incumbent senators: Washington and Nevada.

In Nevada, Harry Reid trailed Sharon Angle considerably until her actual nomination, at which point both candidates surged in the polls, Reid taking the advantage by a slim margin. However there are a few behind the scene tea leaves (Pun Intended) to indicate a Tea Party victory over the incumbent Senate Majority Leader. First, Reid's own son is running for Governor of the state, yet he refuses to campaign using his last name. You cannot make this stuff up! His father is so unpopular that the young Rory Reid is campaigning on a "Vote Rory" message and still trailing by double digits to his Republican Challenger. One could expect the Reid-Rage to stick on election day as voters select neither of the Reids. Secondly, Harry Reid's numbers have yet to break 47 in polling. Any incumbent polling below 50% cannot be sleeping soundly through the night. In fact, Reid's sudden spike in the polls has dropped after the uncertainty surrounding an unknown Tea Party candidate has dissipated, and all current polls show both candidates within the margin of error with one another. Finally, Nevada has a state law allowing voters to cast their vote for "none of the above". This is to Reid's disadvantage, though he originally intended to use it to his advantage. Reid had hoped that Moderates and Republicans unwilling to back a Tea Party candidate would vote "None"... however, with so many undecideds this close to the race, it appears that Reid voters will vote "None" over Reid before GOP voters turn their back on the Tea Party Angle. I predict Angle (R) winning the seat with 49% of the vote, Reid getting 47%, and 4% going to the other 6 candidates or "None".

In Washington State we have hardcore liberal incumbent Patty Murray (D) pushing ahead of Moderate Republican Dino Rossi in recent polls. Murray refuses to debate Rossi who is forcing her to answer to her vote history, and has spent millions on personal character attacks on the former WA State legislator - a common theme when a candidate needs to push the polls. However, Murray's war chest may not be working to her advantage as well as polls would indicate. Murray's recent surge in the polls has fooled Real Clear Politics, but analysis of how the polls were conducted sheds light onto the disparities. Independents are breaking heavily for Rossi, at a rate of more than 55% to 45% Murray, on average. Most polls release their voter breakdown, and the recent "Pro-Murray" polls would not. However, it would appear that Democrats are being over-sampled in the recent polls... with Rassmussen being the exception. Rasmussen has consistently shown this race to be neck in neck, with Murray hard pressed to reach the crucial 50% mark, which is saving grace in WA State. In this state there is a restriction on candidates who can make the ballot. It is a 'top-two' law, allowing only the top two vote recipients from the primary to grace the November general election ballot for all races. There are no "none" votes, no third party votes. It will be a direct 100% count between two candidates. I predict that the advantage will go to the challenger by November, and we will see a 50.5% Rossi (R) count to a 49.5% Murray (D) count. In WA state there is a history of close races (closest race in US history was Gregoire over Rossi for Governor in 2004 by 214 votes after the third recount (Rossi was ahead for the first two counts)).

By my prediction, the Republicans will have 51 seats to the Democrat 49 seats in the senate.

*A commentary about the races in the other states:
1. In Florida, Rubio has taken a commanding lead. Unless Democratic underdog Meeks drops the race, Independent challenger and current governor Charlie Crist cannot make up the double digit margin. The Democrats have the seat with a Crist win, and I wonder why they do not ask Meeks to step aside in favor of a huge pick-up in Florida. Stay Tuned.

2. In California, Boxer is still vulnerable, but Fiorina (R) has simply plummeted in the polls. Recent attacks against Meg Whitman (R), who is running for governor, may be hurting the down ticket candidate.

3. Chris Dodd's seat in Connecticut has become a nail biter. The Democratic Blumenthal cannot break 50% in a heavily democratic state, and WWE Mogul McMahonhas considerably closed the gap. I still call this one for the Dems, but McMahon has made this into a race in Democrat safe territory.

**NOTE: this opinion may change and is only the subject of current trends in polling. Any change is due to the sudden political hail mary or major fumble by any candidate in any party.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Criticize the Govt, Get an FBI raid?

RT America reports: The people are being acclimated to government raids on government dissenters. Today, illegal raids are being conducted against anti-war protesters for suspect of providing material support for terrorism. That is right, protest the 'war on terror' or the US Govt, and be targeted for providing material aid to terrorism.

Interesting perspective from a Reagan Official:

"They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up."

- Pastor Martin Niemöller

There is no doubt in my mind that we are living in a police state. Constant serveillance, constant fear of government threat, the constant unknown related to the unpredictable nature of our federal government. These are but a few crimes against the people of these states.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Republican Pledge Not Enough

Sixteen years after the ‘Contract with America’, the Republican House Minority provided a renewed ‘Pledge to America’, a throwback promise ahead of an expected majority change in the House of Representatives in November. The Pledge, though addressing some real issues, does not do enough to establish the level of trust and comfort that the Minority leadership was hoping to convey. Instead, the Pledge pays homage to the constitution and the Tea Party overtone without affecting enough change to assure the people that a Republican Majority would act any differently from those majorities of years past.

The Pros:
In the opening pledge, the new governing agenda set forth reads like a collaboration of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a smattering of founding documents. The most promising aspect of this opening statement was the direct focus on the long forgotten tenth amendment – promising that all powers not specifically delegated to the United States by the Constitution will be reserved for the states and the people. This last amendment in the Bill of Rights is the single most important statement in our founding contract – that the power of this government lay with the people. Remembering this is what the 2010 election cycle has become about.

The Pledge goes on to detail a series of plans outlining the new GOP agenda. Their series of plans include the standard Republican talking points of cutting taxes, reining in spending, and shrinking government. The highlights in these plans include a new rule requiring a “citation of constitutional authority” for every bill presented on the floor of the House. It baffles my mind that such a rule is necessary, but in the bloated government environment in which we find ourselves, it is a much needed relief. Further parts of the Pledge echo the promises made in the ’94 Contract, ensuring transparency and openness in government proceedings.

The Cons:
The Pledge fell short of any real agenda changing qualities, often treating the current political symptom while ignoring the underlying ailment. One great example is the heralded spending reduction which promises a savings of a few hundred billion by returning to Bush era spending practices. I say we need to go further back. I say we need to cut more. Why not aim to cut the federal spending by half, proposing true fiscal restraint. In fact, a federal budget of $2 Trillion is more than sufficient when spending, pork, and subsidies are cut back extremely.

The Pledge addressed unfunded liabilities of Social Security, but stopped short of any proposal to restore and fully fund the Social Security account while restricting ANY government access to the account for general or emergency funding.

The Pledge proposed small business tax incentives without any mention of a plan to remove ALL tax loopholes by implementing a fair and uniform Flat Tax system.

The Pledge promises federal enforcement of border and immigration issues, but fails to target US corporations recruiting for workers in Mexico and hiring foreigners without work visas.

There is much good to be read in the 21 pages of the Republican Pledge to America. It sets a tone for discussion and emphasizes that the GOP is in the game, and more than a party of ‘No’. The Pledge is not enough, though, to do what it was intended to do. It is not enough to set a new agenda. It is not enough to distance the GOP from the spending Republicans of the past. It is not enough to make me believe that the GOP is serious about turning the power of the country back over to the people and the states of this union.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Election Polls, National Pulse

With five and a half weeks remaining before the Constitutional Resurgence, speculation and polling is as active for an off year as I have ever seen - perhaps because defeat after defeat have been dealt to the Democratic White House in a wave of special elections and Primary upheavals. If the Clinton victory in '92 forced the establishments to re-write the book, and the 2000 presidential election caused them to tear a few pages from it, then the 2010 political season is sure to have political scientists wondering how they could have been so wrong on so many levels. How is it, they will wonder, that a country who gave a blank check to a clearly and openly socialist establishment suddenly finds itself so diametrically opposed to the media announced mandate of 2008?

Let's look to the people for answers.

Obama is polling at ~45% with a solid 50% disapproval rating (45% of those, according to Rasmussen "Strongly Disapprove" - compared to 26% who "strongly approve"). The great emancipator from the evils of the Bush and Clinton empires has proven to be what opponents recognized him as during the primary and general elections in 2008. He has proven that he does not and cannot associate or empathize with the American People. He is an ideologue, so blinded by his agenda that he refuses to associate with the people - tending, instead, to lecture and talk at the people. He no longer inspires Hope, but for a small minority... and even for them, hope has begun to fade. The people are beginning to awaken... it seems he is bringing change to America - change toward a constitutional class of leaders, and an educated and active constitutional electorate.

The Tea Party has already mounted their attack against the GOP and sufficiently dealt them a death blow, forcing the leadership to hearken back to the days of '94, when the party promised change in a Contract with America. That contract was breached as soon as the GOP had control, and a new age of pork spending, corruption, and continued abuse of the constitution once again became the norm in DC for both parties. However, the Congress will have a strong delegation of Tea Party officials. The Senate will have an unusually high representation of Tea Party officials. A few constitutionalists will even preside over state houses for the next four years. This places the GOP in a bind. They fought hard for establishment candidates, and come out denouncing Tea Party victors, only to have to lick their wounds publicly the following morning. The GOP could forever be crippled in 2010 if there is a Tea Party fissure, and the conservative block caucuses as a legitimately strong third party - especially because current leadership would abandon ship for a fresh caucus with no excess baggage. If the GOP does not respond correctly, the Republican Party may find themselves an annotation in the pages of history, alongside the Whigs and the Bull Moose parties.

And finally, who will hold the seats of power for the United States come November? Polling tells us that state after state is moving into the 'toss up' region for the US Senate. Long time incumbents, like Russ Feingold (D - WI), are now trailing conservative candidates. Feingold is currently expected to lose his state, polling double digits behind the GOP. Real Clear Politics' election map indicates a 52-48 Democrat margin on November 3rd. I remain skeptical that Boxer (D) in California, Maj. Ldr Reid (D) of Nevada, and Patty Murray (D) of WA can hold on to their narrow margins. At best, the senate will remain in Democrat control by way ONLY of the Biden vote. I predict a 50-50 senate, with as many as eight NEW Tea Party senators, making way for a strong 20-25% party control by hardcore constitutionalist senators. That is enough fresh leadership to make a plan, not for a new contract with America, but to restore America's ORIGINAL contract - the Constitution... and pledge to hold the Congress and the Executive within the bounds set forth by the People.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Tea Party Year!

Delaware is the latest stomping ground for the Tea Party, where establishment candidate Rep. Castle was handily beaten by Tea Party favorite and political newcomer, O'Donnell. This, as the GOP establishment says, puts the state of Delaware in jeopardy for a very secure senate seat - however, now that the GOP has been proven wrong at the polls, the people of Delaware are going to respond to O'Donnell positively... and the GOP establishment is going to have plenty of crow to eat! RCP has moved Delaware into the "likely Dem" category from "likely GOP" based on old polling, but rest assured that O'Donnell's stock is going to rise tomorrow, and those numbers are going to change!

Across the nation, from Alaska to Delaware, we are seeing establishment candidates fall to the no-name citizen army candidates. We, the people, have mounted a fierce battle, and come November we are going to see a solid core group of Conservative Senators that WILL move the Senate back in line with the constitution.

Joe Miller, Alaska
Ken Buck, Colorado
Sharon Angle, Nevada
Rand Paul, Kentucky
Marco Rubio, Florida
Mike Lee, Utah
Christine O'Donnell, Delaware

This is not a regional flux. The left can not blame this on the rednecks clinging to their guns and bibles in the south. They cannot blame this on the isolated and out of touch separatists in the frozen hills of Alaska. This is a national movement - state by state, election by election, incumbents were felled by their constitutionalist rivals. Called extremists by their foes for drawing a line in the sand and saying, "On behalf of the American People, NO MORE", they have become the generals in the people's army... Not Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin... Nay... those whose necks are on the line, and who are in a position to win, win big, and change the debate in the US Senate.

Even in New Hampshire, as I write this, are we witnessing a HUGE night for the Tea Party, where a Palin-backed candidate is losing to the will of the Tea Party movement, indicating that, in fact, it is not her party (as I stated above), rather the party of the people.

Add the name Ovide Lamontagne from NH to the list above, and with the right campaigning across the board we can add 8 staunch constitutional conservatives to the US Senate, where a few constitutionalists eek out an existence, and you have got a solid 10% of the entire US senate as a hardcore constitutionalist voting block... My eyes are getting moist just thinking about it - it really is beautiful - in my lifetime! (imagine the irony of an American being happy that 10% of the senate is going to follow the constitution!)

With that said, there are a few hard races:
1. Angle (who is now tied with Reid in NV) must win to knock out the Majority Leader of the Senate. She is holding her own this early out, which is a very bad sign for Reid, who's own son has stopped using his last name in his campaign for governor of NV due to bad name recognition. (I love it!)
2. Rubio has a good lead on Independent Charlie Crist in Florida, but Crist is an old dog at the political game. Fortunately for the TP movement, Crist's numbers are beginning to nosedive, and he may have peaked too early for this three man race.
3. Miller in Alaska is plagued by a raging case of the "incumbents" - like syphilis which is supposed to go away with penicillin, the incumbent is supposed to go away after losing the primary. However, his mild rash, Murkowski, is floating every possibility to attempt to get on the ballot and give this race to the Dems.
4. O'Donnell in Delaware was a major victory, a major upset, and a major challenge moving forward into November. Donate $20, now, to her campaign. Call the Delaware GOP and tell them to immediately support and endorse her. She needs the bump to keep the state, and she is the kind of leader the GOP needs in the Tea Party wing.

It's a tea Party night, and it will be a tea Party year. The GOP and America have much to celebrate. The pendulum is swinging toward our constitution!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the Ropes

Obama and the Democrats are in trouble, whether they admit it or not. Polling in Washington State now indicates that Republican (moderate) Rossi is going to win in November over liberal Democrat incumbent, Patty Murray. Murray cannot poll over 45%, and is showing horribly in the democratic strong-hold of Seattle's King County. Washington state was supposed to be a safe democrat seat, was moved to a toss-up seat, and is looking more and more like a seat that is leaning republican.

Barbara Boxer is also in trouble. The latest debate between incumbent California Democrat Boxer and Republican challenger Fiorina was nothing more than a Boxer mud-slinging fest, trying to defame the successful HP former executive. Boxer's numbers dropped following the debate putting Fiorina ahead for the first time in that race.

Across the nation, not only are Liberal Democrats losing to moderate Republicans, they are losing in droves to Conservative Libertarian Republicans (Liberty Republicans), such as Joe Miller in Alaska, Marco Rubio in Florida, and Rand Paul in Kentucky. Democrats are losing Governorships to staunch Libertarian Conservatives - and Oregon, the longest consecutive held Democratic Governorship in the US, is bearing witness to a massive GOP win in the polls, and an expected GOP win in Nov.

Recent polling also indicates that the GOP will take over the House of Representatives, removing the giant gavel from Pelosi, and replacing many ultra liberals with some very staunch libertarian conservatives.

The Democrats are on the ropes, taking body punch after body punch. They are bloody, bruised, and about to hit the mat.

Let us hope that with the GOP comes Liberty. Let us hope that with that liberty we fix our borders, free our states from the fed, audit the Federal Reserve, and end corporate strangleholds and government monopolies over food processing, banking, industry, and housing. My prayer is that the GOP of 2010 is one of founding principles, small government, and libertarian principles - Goldwater Republicanism. Even more, my hope is that we do a great job as a majority party so that we can continue the libertarian march through 2012 and fix this mess we are in!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alaskan Libertarian Party Offers Nomination to Murkowski?

Did I miss something? Liberal Republican incumbent Murkowski was offered a nomination by the Libertarian Party of Alaska if she could not overcome Tea Party candidate Joe Miller's 2.5% primary election lead. Other than to ensure a possible Libertarian (in name only) Senator, I cannot, for the life of me, guess as to why they would do this. Why would the Libertarians endorse an established know-nothing RINO?

It is such a crazy story that we are talking about it down here in Seattle!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Heart Sank When the Video Reached One Hour

Always the skeptic, I enjoy conversation and research into the unexplained. A friend sent me a link to a video that I watched, skeptically, for a full hour and thirty minutes. I watched it again, and once more. Three times I watched the following video. As an engineer I solve problems. I put together pieces of data and draw conclusions based on evidence. What I saw in this video triggered something in my engineering mind... it made sense.

The following video is the most complete, most detailed, and most professionally testified accounts surrounding the September 11th attacks that I had ever seen. What is more, there are aspects of the day that I had never even heard before - most notably around the one hour mark... what I heard here changed my life, my way of thought. What was a morbid curiosity has now become something else.

I ask one honest thing. Watch the video in its entirety. Do not skip around. Do not comment during the video. Listen to every testimonial, every piece of evidence presented. Once the video is over, honestly answer the question: Were there a few things that seemed TOO coincidental to you?

I don't believe in coincidence... I only believe in the truth... Now, I am not so sure what the truth is...

I make it a policy not to trust my government... now more than ever. My eyes are open.

Fox News is Funding the Ground Zero Mosque

To be fair and balanced to Fox News, this investigation took place at their own request. In the recent uproar over the Ground Zero Mosque, Fox and Friends, as well as many other Fox News shows have asked that we, the people, follow the money used to fund the building of the mosque. Fox and Friends reported that 'The Kingdom Foundation', a Saudi religious organization has been a major sponsor of funding for this, and many other mosques. They then spun the story to confuse the viewers, suggesting that Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, or some other unknown organization was responsible for funding the Kingdom Foundation.

However, the Kingdom Foundation is run by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns 95% stake in the Kingdom Holding Company. Talal is a conservative Muslim, embracing the spread of Islam and Sharia around the world. His net worth of nearly $20Billion makes him the world's 19th richest man. He donates millions of dollars to American education, including $500K to fund the GHW Bush Scholarship at the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. He is also a 7% stake holder in Fox News' parent company, News Corps, making him second only to Rupert Murdoch. It would seem that the money trail funding the Ground Zero Mosque can directly be attributed to Fox News' Parent Company, and thus market and sales for Fox News itself.

I write this to further my ongoing point that the media, all outlets, serve only to confuse and distort the reality which they present to us - which is different than the reality in which we exist. They create conflict and enrage protest over half truths, falsifications, or purposeful omission - hardly trustworthy journalism. All media outlets are to blame... Not just Fox. CNN, MSNBC, even your local newspapers... They all have agendas - and first on their agendas is to make money... They make money by entertaining... they entertain by enraging the viewers, so they keep coming back to hear what is next on the story. We fall for the ongoing pumping of "hot topics" into our TV's, and in doing so become drones - acting exactly the way we are supposed to act.

It is no shock to me to learn that the very voice against the mosque is also the majority funder of the very same mosque... just like it is no shock to me that the US military Industrial Complex, of which Dwight Eisenhower warned us in his 1961 farewell address, funds both sides of the world conflicts. We remain distracted by false news, false wars, and false epidemics, all the while freedoms are being stripped from every single one of us. We are mere pawns in their games.

We must continue to recognize corruption in the media, in our leaders, and in any venue where they move to usurp liberty in favor of their absolute control. Refuse to blindly accept ANY news story. Follow the story to the root cause... find the truth - do not let them find their version of it for you.

Libertas ad oculos! Liberty is obvious to those who can see it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rossi (R) versus Murray (D) – Washington State’s US Senate Race

Survey USA released the first ‘post primary’ poll in Washington State, pitting the top two vote getters against one another for the general election. The poll was funded by local News station, King 5, which reported the results on August 20th – Republican challenger, Rossi, received 52% of the support to incumbent Democrat, Murray’s, 45%. This represents a swing of nearly 20% for Rossi following the outcome of the blanket primary, forcing voters to choose from the top-two primary candidates. Murray received 46% of the votes in the primary – which was in line with her 45% polling numbers.

These numbers are promising and troubling at the same time. Promising for Republicans who, after the primary, are eager to put the state’s US Senate race into national spotlight, and put the seat in play – a seat held by a Democrat for the past 24 years. Troubling, in that Rossi is seemingly working overtime to shun the Tea Party movement. Granted Clint Didier, the Tea Party favorite in WA State this year, is making “demands” on Rossi before he will grant his ‘endorsement’ – the only losing candidate still holding out... and I, for one, would not bow to an opponent’s ‘demands’ – especially Didier’s, who is pressing Rossi to sign a situational resignation which would go into effect should Rossi break his conservative contract with WA voters. A good idea, but a tough approach from the distant Tea Part Candidate.

The bottom line is that Murray is in trouble. This is not the climate for an incumbent liberal democrat to be polling in the mid to low 40’s... It has been said that if Murray can be held to 45% in the polls, that come election day, she could easily be defeated. Rossi has just as much name recognition and popularity in the state as the long time incumbent – Rossi was WA state governor-elect until a court battle and drawn out / twice repeated hand recount threw the election to his opponent by 133 votes statewide.

Early polling numbers are bound to change – but the important item of note is that Murray has had a hard time polling above 46 all season. If Rossi can rightfully tie her to Obama’s economy, to her liberal failings, and her ultra-liberal agenda, the Independent voters in WA State are going to continue to rally behind the candidate who is promising something a little different.

Rossi may not be the preferred Tea Party candidate, but he is the Republican candidate for the general election. He is more likely to vote with conservative bills, though less likely to author them. He is more likely to fight Obama’s agenda, but is less likely to stand out as a true adversary to Obama. He may represent the old hat established GOP in the state and nation, but on election day there are two choices: Rossi or Murray. Through hard work and grassroots efforts, Rossi could be suaded to support true Constitutional legislation – Murray, not a chance...

The choice is clear when all other choices have been eliminated – choose the path of least resistance on the ballot; but do not surrender your voice, your vote, or the power of the movement for mere partisan power. Hold true to conservatism and libertarianism, and press the government to endorse the idea of freedom.

I will vote for Rossi come November... I will do so gladly, because between now and then, and for his full term, I will call, write, and take every attempt to talk to the man directly, ensuring that he knows that freedom is more than just another word for 'nothing left to lose'...