Monday, January 31, 2011

Huzzah! District Court Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

The powder keg has been lit. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. For in this moment we watch as the US truly decides its fate. Do we emulate the past failed societies? Mimic the currently failing ones? Or does the great experiment which began under the banner of 'Don't Tread on Me' have the strength to rise once again and roar with the fury of a lion into the darkness that 'We will not subjugate ourselves now, nor never bow to tyranny'.

A district court judge in Florida ruled that the Obamacare law violates the commerce clause in the Constitution. Read the story from Fox News. He stated that the individual mandate was inseparable from the entire law itself, and as such the entire law must be stricken down. He did give Congress the flexibility to try again, stating reasons of economic impact, but the victory today comes from the individual mandate.

No doubt the brief has already been filed by Obama's Lawyers to challenge the ruling in the SCOTUS... wasting more taxpayers China's money instead of accepting and moving forward. I will be watching this evolution with great interest, as should we all. We should flood the White House call center with messages for Obama to not challenge this in the SCOTUS. We should rise up and demand that our newly elected Congress act now to draft a piece of legislation that ensures interstate availability, addresses tort law, and addresses the size and structure of insurance companies (and necessities for them - seriously, do away with them). Top it off with a clause that NO earmarks may be added, that the entire bill MUST be read publicly to the people, and that no free citizen shall ever be forced by their government to purchase a private good or service... put it down in black and white. Send THAT to the Senate and White House.

We live in a land that was born of tyranny, broke free in adolescence, and has slowly allowed the cancer of tyranny to infect the body of the nation as we mature. Today, and every day, we must remind ourselves that we are free men. We must demand liberty from our government. We must live freedom in our lives. It must beat loudly in our hearts for all the world to see and hear... so that all people of all time will look upon this great experiment as God's true gift to the world... freedom. Natural, Just, and Unbridled freedom.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hawaii Controversy

The Presidential election season is upon us. In less than two short years we will be swearing in a POTUS, be it the incumbent buffoon, or the next buffoon. Yet somewhere, lurking in the shadows of the 2012 election is the dirty secret from the 2008 election... fueled by racist animosity, harsh political divide, and a general anger toward life. The far-right-leaning Birther Movement has begun creeping its head out of the dusty shadows and into the headlines...

stop the press... did I say far-right-leaning...

But... but... Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and the entire cast of the left-wing media is reporting that it is the angry racist conservative Tea Partiers... so it must be true... right?

Don't believe it for a moment. The true story, especially if this becomes a talking point in the 2012 primary and campaign is that it has been a DEMOCRAT Governor and a former CLINTON employee and Hawaii gov. employee who have been pushing this story again and again.

source, WND

This is a softball topic - low hanging fruit. But I've already begun to see conversation start up in blogs, tweets, and other social mediums dominated by conservatives... a fact that the MSM will surely report on in a few months as "right wing chatter" about the Birth Certificate of President Obama.

Make no mistake, this is a trap. It is a snare being obviously placed to enrage and confuse the issues, in hopes that anti-Obama voters will be seen as nut-job conspiracy theorists. Follow the bread crumbs to this gingerbread house and you will find yourself face to face with Democrats... the same ones who started the story will now want to boil you for discussing it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes

Two months away from a political blog may as well be an eternity... but life required a break from reality. Dealing with the death of my closest friend has been and still is something that I'm sorting through, but I have taken it as a turning point in my life. That being said, it is time to pick up the pieces of the blog and push onward... for that which falls to ashes in the fire is certain to rise again in a stronger more fervent form...

So much has changed on this side of the keyboard, so much has happened in the US and around the world... and once again, The Liberty Republican will not only be doing something locally, but sharing his opinion with all you folks crazy enough to read it...

In short, my loyal readers with whom I am still blessed - I'm back!