Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There is No Greater Path to Peace...

There is no greater path to peace than the immediate call for full and intended colonization of space and the planets of our Star System. 

We have been witness to 15 years of a "War on Terror", a war which is perpetuating fear, authoritarian destruction of personal freedoms, and draining the collective resources and goodwill of the inhabitants of this planet.  We have become burdened by increased spying, mistrust, and collective failure of the social system of government.  We have stalled as a people, uninspired but by bread and circus.  World markets and currency are failing.  World governments are on the brink of collapse.  This is a worst case scenario playing out in our time.

But there is a currency that will not fail - the currency of innovation and determination.  Even where the masses are subjecting themselves to destruction, there are those who seek to expand the purpose of humanity.  It has been this way in all eras, and this era of destruction is no different.

With the successful venture beyond the limits and bounds of this world, the collective understanding of our finite planet are sure to follow.  Become a space faring civilization is the only sure method to see beyond the billowing smoke rising from the oilfields and recognize that our purpose is greater than what we are now realizing.  Since the dawn of time there has been a natural call to the stars, in poetry, in song, in story.  It is this natural instinct, like the spawning salmon, that is the indicator... peace lies in the heavens. 

There is no greater path to peace than to resolve to cease acting as agents of war and collectively become a society of explorers.  Immediate cessation of all war spending, of all destruction, and of all government authoritarianism, replaced with a cause, a purpose of building a pillar to space.  Pour the resources 100 fold into space.  Build the ships and rockets and other things necessary to realize a permanent presence beyond this earth.  Now is the time to define humanity.  Are we a species bent on seeking destruction of ourselves and our planet?  Or are we a species destined to evolve our society into the stars?

There is no greater path to peace than a peaceful purpose realized with all your heart.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Considering Bloggosphere Re-entry

Three years is a significant amount of time to remain silent from what was once the centerpiece of my political activity.  In these three years I have officially split with the Republican Party, become the Secretary of a statewide Libertarian party, run a campaign for State Representative as a Libertarian, organized grassroots activities and become the chairman of local commissions and boards.  I have begun writing statewide initiatives and trying to best use my political mind to lead and motivate.  I left the blogging world for reality and have been extremely busy. 

What I have found lacking is a constant and able platform from which I can collect and gather thoughts and put them out for the world to scrutinize.  I return time and again to my blog (which I aptly renamed this morning from the Liberty Republican to the Liberty Sentinel) and feel a certain nostalgia for the maturing of my political philosophy in this public forum.

I will not edit any of my previous posts, nor remove or delete them.  My new readership may read my past thoughts and opinions and learn how the political mind must be able to evolve to adapt to current threats to liberty, and hopefully learn from my example that personal growth and knowledge is the only fuel of freedom.

Do I re-enter the bloggosphere?  Is this my sounding board...