Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Federal Government Ignores Chaos at Southern Border

Thousands of illegals continue to flow into the United States across the Mexican/US border on a daily basis - carrying with them drugs, disease, poverty, and an agenda. The United States, after an uproar in 2005 and 2006 over illegals in the US, is still unresponsive - and promises to complete a border fence simply have not been kept. It seems that the United States Federal Government may also have an agenda - but what and why?

With the murder over the weekend of a US citizen by a Mexican drug trafficker, you would expect a media blitz on illegal immigration... you would expect public outcry over the incident... you would expect a statement from the federal government regarding the sanctity of our borders... However, we are getting none of this. There is a near media black-out on this issue, and the Federal Government is remaining silent on their faults leading up to the murder.

Alas, there is a beacon of hope in the media - FoxNews... better late than never, and again filling an agenda of their own - highlighting the further frustration by the border state governments regarding the lack of assistance from the Feds on the promised border security... Let's take the bait and further this discussion, because it is relevant and important to the general message and tone of this blog.

The Federal Government is a collection of representatives from the multitude of states and territories... when they fail to represent, the states are left to fill the void - independent local authority. The increasing chaos along the US southern border leaves the states in a predicament: ignore the problem and wait for the Feds to finally kick into gear, or defend their STATE SOVEREIGN BORDERS? The answer is clear in my eyes.

The United States Government has become a corrupt and failed entity, failing to poses the basic ability or will to defend her own borders. The failure of the US in this avenue is the surest sign that the United States is failing, has failed, or intends to fail as a sovereign entity.

As such, it is time that the multitude of states declare the ineptitude of the current government, and begin taking actions to protect their own sovereign borders. This can only be accomplished by recalling all State Militia (national guard) troops from overseas, and deploying them as active military units along the international borders. Mexico, her people, and her criminal underground have declared a war against the states of the union, the people of the states, and our sovereignty. When the federal government fails to defend the land, the responsibility rests solely with the people and the states.
Gov. Jan Brewer told Fox News on Wednesday that after repeatedly calling on the
federal government to send in 250 National Guard troops, she hasn't ruled out
making the call herself.

We should support and defend the governments in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to call forward their OWN national Guard Troops (as they are the Commander in Chief of the State Militias), and move to defend their southern borders. It may be an international border, and thus the responsibility of the Federal Government - but it is also a right of each state to defend their borders against invasion.

Let this be yet another testament to the strength of the states and the people, and another shortfall of the out of touch dictators in D.C.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Recall 'em All!

While watching the latest edition of 'The Southern Avenger', which addressed the justification for nullification from a Jeffersonian perspective, I had an interesting idea: What if we didn't just nullify, but ordered to recall our representation to the US Senate and Congress?

Now, there was a time prior to the 17th amendment, when the Senators were the representation of the States, and were elected by the state's legislature. Unfortunately the 17th amendment reduced state's sovereignty and representation in the federal government by making them nothing more than long-term congressmen... However, it seems to me that history has proven this an effective strategy at curtailing powers overreached by the federal government.

It seems to me that under the 9th and 10th amendments, the states retain the rights to recall their federally elected officials. Furthermore, 18 states ( Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin) currently maintain law in accordance with the recall of federally elected officials. Be it by the will of the people or the power of the government, one could then assume that all states DO, in fact, retain the rights to recall their elected federal officials.

Now - grounds for recall? Supporting the unconstitutional bill of national healthcare, backroom dealings, etc that are evidence of corruption and gross misconduct while holding the People's Seats!

Any thoughts?

(here is the latest from the Southern Avenger)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Era of Terror

In the wake of the Healthcare vote, the fundamental change between government and the subjects of the government, there have been about ten reports of mild violence aimed at Congressional figures, both Democratic and Republican. From threatening letters to bricks, and the now reported bullet hole in a Republican Congressman's office window, there has been a rash of mild violence as Americans find themselves at their wits end with such a radical and fundamental shift in the structure of our government.

Do I condone violence against elected leaders? No.

Do I understand? Sure I do.

No action is meaningless. Such actions seem to be misplaced acts of aggression in the build up of tension between the people and the government... but one thing is certain - they are not, as the Democratic Majority Whip declared, 'acts of terror'! They are criminal acts that echo the mounting frustration by citizens that the congress and the federal government in general are out of control.

I had previously questioned the use of the term "terror", as Homeland Security released their updated briefing last year ahead of the Tea Parties, classifying members of the Tea Party as 'potential terrorists' or 'likely terrorists'. It seems that criminal acts of violence classify as 'acts of terrorism' when there is political gain by the victim in the media, and thus a sympathetic ear by the consumer subject of the union.

The labelling of "terrorist" marginalizes a message while emotionalizing, and as such confusing, the facts on the ground. It is true in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan as much as it is here in the United States:

* A terrorist is one who targets civilians for the purpose of mass emotional response for political gain.

* An insurgent is one who fights a standing army or leaders of an occupying force by guerrilla tactics.

* A criminal is one who breaks the law in threats and attacks on political figures or private citizens.

I warned that as tensions escalated in the United States, as the battle lines were defined between the subjects and the citizens, that the power of persuasion by mass emotional manipulation would be the most effective and widely used tool. As many are reporting now, it is the intent of the left to insight 60's style liberal violence by the right in order to marginalize our counter position... We are witness to the yet another tactic of the left in their aggressive onslaught of liberty by continued manipulation of the masses!

Reject the wrongful and emotional classification of 'terrorism' given to these criminal acts. Take the fight to the states and courts, and push local government to support sovereignty and nullification actions. Tear the curtains off the windows of the liberal leftists doghouse through legal avenues... reject their policies to the core. And most importantly, call them out on their wrongful and emotional attempts at mass manipulation in the wake of their tragic miscalculation!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Americas

"Healthcare is a right," they say. A right, they truly believe, that the government should provide "free of charge" to every man, woman, and child - citizenship not required. Any human being in the world, they think, should be able to come to this nation and receive free healthcare. Free health services. Free, at the cost of the wealthy. Alas, as consumer subjects of the People's Republic of America, it is our right to steal from the wealthy, the ambitious, the innovative... to pay... for 'free' healthcare... for all... because healthcare is a right to which all humans are entitled... so they say.

There was a time in the history of this country when a man could leave his European (or otherworldly) home, come to America, and turn true grit into success. This was the American Dream. Leave behind the authoritarian constricting governments of the world in search of a free land, where ambition and innovation were worn like badges of honor... where no man, even in a depression, would dare be seen begging for hand-outs - rather he could be found looking for work... a way to feed and protect his family. There was a time when the nation was home to a specific lot, a mindset of personal responsibility... for the self.

In this generation, however, that dream is dead. Ambition and innovation is the exception, and no longer the rule. We have allowed ourselves, en masse, to be deceived - to believe that we are a wealthy nation, when we are in fact bankrupt; that we are a free nation, when we are in fact very limited in our existence; and that the federal government is our provider, when in fact the constitution would suggest otherwise. An abomination has crept into the walls of Troy, has opened the gates, and before our eyes is destroying the very Republic bestowed upon us by our founding fathers... an abomination that we, the people, have welcomed and celebrated... the pillaging of the treasury, the corruption of liberty, and the destruction of virtue - all to the sound of cheers and laughter. We have been deceived, and so we have been conquered.

Hope is not lost, however, but the solution does not come without a heavy burden. There are two Americas: those who hold fast that a virtuous people shall be the masters of their own fate, and those who believe that, at all costs, the people are entitled to health and happiness. I remind you that the Declaration of Independence firmly stated that men were guaranteed certain inalienable rights - that among these were Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness... The pursuit of happiness... Happiness is not a guarantee... Health is not a guarantee... it cannot be given to you, by the government, at anothers expense. YOU must Pursue it. YOU must make the journey, and take the responsibility for your own health, your own happiness. There are two Americas. They are mutually exclusive. One cannot survive in the presence of the other. The solution is simply to cast aside one mindset over the other. Cast aside liberty, or cast aside slavery.

The choice is simple. Supporting liberty, in the spirit of our founding fathers, is the only hope in restoring America to a nation of greatness... to a nation of virtue.

Support liberty. Join in the struggle to not simply make a party change in the government, but to fundamentally correct the course of this nation! Take back the state houses. Take back the school boards. Take back the counties and the cities. Use the power of the states to take back the power from the federal government and return it to the people and the states!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Turn to the States!

Unrepresentative Arrogance... two words which describe the push of "Obamacare" through the chambers of Congress - put into pictures it is Pelosi carrying a giant gavel, as if saying: "I AM THE LAW!"

The medicare gavel, a poor choice of representation of such a "zero impact" bill - but I digress.

The states hold the power in this union... at least they used to, and can once again. From Virginia, to Florida, to Idaho, State Attorney Generals are preparing to battle the federal government in court over the constitutionality associated with mandating, from a federal level, that the private citizens of a state purchase a good or service. Moments after Obama signs the Bill into law, the courts will be flooded with suits and counter suits that will tie up legislation for years.

But this is a double barrelled assault! States, such as Washington via House Bill HB2712, are ensuring increased power at the state level in a most ingenious way! This bill would allow the state of Washington to create an Escrow fund that ALL federal taxes would be paid into by the residents of the state of Washington. The state board in control of the account would determine what is constitutionally due the federal government from the plurality of the residents of the state, and provide a lump sum on behalf of the people of the state. In doing so, the board could deem any amount intended to cover "Obamacare" nullified, and as a state, challenge the federal government's authority to collect that portion of taxes.

When in doubt, turn to the local and state governments! It is there where the power of the people resides! If the states are corrupt and cowardly, you will go farther in local and state elections, and have a better chance of turning over weak elected officials than entrenched incumbents at the federal level... until, perhaps, they realize (as they are sure to do) that the power does, in fact, reside at the state level!

So, be not dismayed! Turn to the 2010 election and support your state representatives who are in favor of state's rights, nullification, and LIBERTY!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The US Identity Crisis

The federal government intends to pass trillion dollar fundamental changes without a vote, and the President is OK with that? What part of 'support and defend the constitution' is so hard to understand?

Meanwhile the census forms arrived yesterday asking me which variety of Hispanic I am... let's just say that there is a box around question number one for a reason... it is the only constitutionally required information... everything else is voluntary - and highly inappropriate, might I add...

And at the state level we have a government cutting ferries to improve schedule, going into a costly special session to balance the budget, and enacting laws prohibiting the movement of any livestock on the roads without a special permit (even if you buy them at the feed store, yes, you need to first obtain a special permit before you can drive 'em home).

This is NOT the land of the free...

This has become some horribly disfigured version of a national empire with absolute authoritarian control over her people...

What worth am I, therefore, if I don't walk straight up to Uncle Sam and remind him with smack in the face and a few head dunks in the barrel of cold water that he is more than he has become... that we all are more than we have allowed ourselves and our land to become... what worth are any of us if we do not see this identity crisis, this false America that has been built around us... like prison walls...

like prison walls...

Monday, March 15, 2010

The United States Officially "Mostly Free"

How 'free' are we in the United States? We are a country whose people thrives on the very concept of living in the 'land of the free'... What effect would be felt if we were living in the land of the 'mostly free'?

Most likely none, as the pomp and circumstance associated with nationalistic pride outweighs the actual facts on the ground.

The Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom for 2010 shows the United States falling to 8th place, and for the first time EVER, out of the standing as a "free" economic society to a "mostly free" society - joining such countries as Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Botswana, and Chile. That is right. The Leader of the Free World has been demoted to a second rate economic society, ranking slightly higher than Mexico (who is gaining much economic traction on the world stage, though currently "moderately free") and, yes, ranking lower than Canada (who is classified as "economically free").

In our lifetime, and under the charging banner of the Federal Government of these many states, the United States has officially surrendered her freedom, losing rank and credibility both regionally and throughout the world.

The image displays the change in ranking from 2009 to 2010. The United States is losing ground in every ranked category, less 'trade freedom' (which improved by one tenth of one percent, and 'Fdm. from Corruption' (though we will lose ground next year due to TARP, as stated in the report).

Regarding our lowest ranking, Government Spending:
Total government expenditures, including consumption and transfer payments, are relatively high and rising rapidly. In the most recent year, government spending equaled 37.4 percent of GDP. Spending increases totaled well over $1 trillion in 2009 alone, an increase of more than 20 percent over 2008. Stimulus spending set for the next three years is estimated to equal 5 percent of 2009 GDP.
A summary of rank changes is as follows:
Business Freedom: -0.6
Trade Freedom: +0.1
Fiscal Freedom: no change
Government Spending: -1.6
Monetary Freedom: -5.9
Investment Freedom: -5.0
Financial Freedom: -10.0
Property Rights: -5.0
Fdm. from Corruption: +1.0
Labor Freedom: -0.3

Another piece of information that has been largely unreported by the mainstream media, nor discussed at large, nor regarded as important to the powers that be. Looking for the silver lining on this is like trying to polish a ... well... you know.

We the people, in the land of the mostly free, have allowed ourselves to slip further into historical obscurity... an experiment gone horribly wrong...

Bill Whittle reminds us...

... to stand up and take the country back, by LIVING free. It is inspiring to hear this kind of reminder that our Nanny State can be undone simply by stating... well... watch for yourself:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Census: General Civil Disobedience

The US Constitution allows the Federal Government to count the citizens of the nation once every ten years... allowing, specifically "The Enumeration" in order to properly determine the balance of representation in the House of Reps. Each decade since 1790, the United States has asked for an increasingly larger amount of information. Genealogical research done by me has found that during the 19th century and early 20th century, the census asked questions of race, occupation, and income, and worth.

In the 2010 census, the federal government plans to collect :

1. Mortgage information
2. Phone information
3. Hispanic Heritage (an entirely separate question from race, but WHAT KIND OF LATINO ARE YOU!)
4. Racial information
5. Specific address including GPS Coordinates of YOUR FRONT DOOR

If you do not comply with any portion of the form, you will be fined $100.

In the early census records I have, the information was limited to members of the family, age, sex, if you were black or white, parent's place of birth, your place of birth, and the county in which you lived. This information, especially the race, helped track families as they migrated across the territories and has been most helpful in my genealogical searches...

However, I find it hard to believe that the US government needs to GPS my front door, needs specific racial information based on categories defined by (???), and mortgage information about my home! I plan on taking part in the census, but I WILL omit certain information and refuse any fine for doing so. As well, any census taker who approaches my front door without a warrant to collect GPS coordinate data will be placed under a citizens arrest by me for trespassing.

I recommend similar general disobedience in the face of this unconstitutional seizure of "other" data besides the afforded Enumeration... any additional information you provide is your express WAIVING OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

For your entertainment, see the following videos...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To WA State Democrats: "It is time for a diet, not Taxes"

As addressed in a comment by state Republicans in WA, state Democrats are unilaterally pushing for the largest one-year tax increase in the 121 years of statehood, with nearly a billion dollars in proposed tax increases.

A concept that is lost on state democrats is that when times are lean, it is prudent to also cut the fat from unnecessary government growth and spending that has built up over the years. Of course, it would be prudent to say that the fat should never accumulate in the first place - however, the nature of government (as it exists today) is to spend someone elses money on a vast multitude of non-necessities.

A hard lesson for the state, and for democratic leaders of the state: Lose the fat, trim up, and minimize intake.

THAT IS RIGHT. The same prescription for health of the individual is fitting for government...

Lose the Fat: time to trim out pet projects and reduce spending to bare bone necessities of defense, education, and light infrastructure necessary to ensure continued prosperity

Trim Up: cut unnecessary employees. The main source of government spending is the sheer size of government employees. Cut back to necessary functions of government - all the rest should make it on the free market, not on the government jobs program.

Minimize Intake: taxes are a nuisance, not a necessity. Article VII of the WA state constitution deals with taxation, and I recommend that section 8 "Tax to Cover Deficiencies" be stricken from the constitution and replaced with an amendment requiring a balanced budget with the exception of times of declared war. Moreover, a balanced budget would not simply mean "tax to meet our needs", rather it should be law for the state to 'limit the size of government based on necessary means'. Reducing the tax intake will ensure a leaner, healthier government.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dept. of Interior Land Grab: 10 Million Acres of PRIVATE PROPERTY

In a dramatic behind the scenes power move by the federal government over the states, the Interior Department (the same guys responsible for our wonderful BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs) is moving forward with an agenda to seize over 10 million acres of private land for federal control. Like many of the most heinous crimes against this country that the federal government has committed over the past many years, this one is being done out of the main eye of the public and without much debate - save Sen. DeMint who is TRYING DESPERATELY to rally the public on this issue:

From the Washington Times:
"A secret administration memo has surfaced revealing plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job- creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development. Worse, this land grab would dry up tax revenue that's essential for funding schools, firehouses and community centers. President Obama could enact the plans in this memo with just the stroke of a pen, without any input from the communities affected by it."
According to the article, the ability for the federal government to perform land grabs in a case such as this is part of the 1906 Antiquities Act, however, we are witness to another case of the federal government using soft loopholes to centralize power.

What is more, this land is high energy land - land in the western states known to have large amounts of natural resources, mines and oil fields currently in operation in some cases. The intent is to shut down mines and oil operations as part of an environmental lurch left. This shut-down will cost thousands of additional jobs, though this seems an obvious trade-off to all those miners and other employees and private land owners ON THE LAND NOW... I mean, it's the environment, and the climate, and if THAT isn't a national treasure/monument, I don't know WHAT is...

Under the Antiquities Act, it appears that by Presidential Discretion land can be 'consumed' by the fire of the federal government, without approval from the state governments or private property owners, for the sake of "science" - in this case climate science. The text reads, in part:
American Antiquities Act of 1906
16 USC 431-433

Sec. 2. That the President of the United States is hereby authorized, in his discretion, to declare by public proclamation historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest that are situated upon the lands owned or controlled by the Government of the United States to be national monuments, and may reserve as a part thereof parcels of land, the limits of which in all cases shall be confined to the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected: Provided, That when such objects are situated upon a tract covered by a bona fide unperfected claim or held in private ownership, the tract, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the proper care and management of the object, may be relinquished to the Government, and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to accept the relinquishment of such tracts in behalf of the Government of the United States.
Congress has a history of passing bad law, law that could otherwise be deemed unconstitutional, and law that seldom makes sense on the ground. This act is prime example of a carte-blanche authority for the federal government to acquire private land under the guise of science... when climate and environmental science is the 'science-de-jour', does our protection from unconstitutional land seizure vaporize?

This brings me back to the topic of Nullification. It is up to the states and the people of the states to openly reject, TO OPENLY REJECT the doctrine of the federal government - be it done by Republicans or Democrats... The Federal Government is existing outside of the confines of the Constitution - so much so that this nation is not even a shadow of its founding self... it is, in fact, nothing at all resembling a free nation of free people...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In need of good candidates

The loss of Deb Medina in Texas last night was a blow to the absolute 10th amendment movement as part of the "restructure" wing in the GOP. Medina was the best hope at placing pressure, true pressure on DC in order to advocate for state's rights and state's sovereignty from the US leviathan.

In light of her defeat, though she did a great job rallying supporters en masse, it is now time to look toward future primary races and in states where a balance of power can be tipped in favor not of political power but in leverage on DC to retreat to within its constitutional constraints.

I have a few individuals listed at the header of my blog, namely Craig Williams for US Senate in WA.

Are there any other candidates that my readers could recommend for my viewing pleasure? It would be great to take this time to focus on candidates and individual races ahead of the 2010 elections.