Thursday, December 2, 2010

Curtis Brower - An American Hereo, A Best Friend

I received a call on Tuesday Night, about 10:30 from an unknown number. I picked up the phone and my heart sank when I heard the voice of my best friend's sister. My best friend of 18 years was killed when an SUV cut in front of his motorcycle making a left turn into a shopping center.

Curtis and I met in Jr. High School afterschool basketball. We became instant best friends. We had a bond that was stronger than family, and I had no problem telling him how much I loved him - regardless of who saw or heard. He knew things about me that no one else knows, and we had such a strong bond of comraderie that nothing ever got in our way, be it extended overseas missions in the Navy, or a tour in Afghanistan.

Curtis was the type of guy that lit up the room. He was alwyas smiling, and always put others before him. He was a hugger, and standing about 6'2" with bear claw hands, you were going to get a squeeze. He was a cook on Navy Submarines and loved the joy of food! He made cooking seem effortless, and we often talked of retiring together in the future to open a dinner bar - Decrescendo's, where you could enjoy some fine dining and piano mood music...

He loved his family and his country. He was in the room at the birth of my first child, and now my second child is due any day now. It breaks my heart that he will never get to watch my children grow, and they will never get to see how happy a true best friend can make their dad. Instead, my two year old daughter gave me a hug and told me it was ok, and that I am crying because I miss my friend Uncle Curtis.

I have lived an lost, but this one cuts deeper than anything I've experienced. On Tuesday night I lost a piece of myself.

Curtis Brower. You are loved, and you will be dearly missed.