Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News From Washington DC

This week will be difficult for me to blog - I am currently in a week long leadership training course in Washington DC, with little access to the web.

Since I have this opportunity in between my nightly reading curriculum, I decided to provide a few words of encouragement and insight from the front lines.

First - Democratic over-reach, corruption, and blunders are abound... though it is adding to hardships from our economy, the true nature of their agenda is hung out on the line for all to see - there is no longer a safe haven of hatred for Bush with which to shield their ugliness - The playing field is being levelled day by day... and when the field is level, Conservative Values - Republican Values - will win every day. It may seem discouraging, but we must endure, protest, and endure some more - always offering the logical and sound solution to the increased problems created by the Democrats. It is our goal, not to simply endure, but to live and die by our Conservative convictions - so much so that our credibility returns, and we can regain the momentum and power to return this country to a free nation of states.

Secondly - now is the moment of reflection and introspection for those who truly wish to see the GOP rise from the ashes of 2008. This does not mean inaction - it merely means that every action must be calculated, every inaction must be calculated, and every opportunity must be seized to reflect and spread the message of what we find within ourselves and within what we believe this party needs to be. We must not only be the change, we must first envision the strategy and goal of our change - the strategy and goal of our party. We must not change for the sake of changing... we must change to regain respect and credibility... we must change to return freedom and liberty to her rightful owners... we must change to survive... for liberty to survive.

Lastly - on change - it should never be the message of the party which changes... liberty, freedom, life... Conservative values, Libertarian values - they are connected... we can encourage social conservatism and the return of true liberties - empowering the people to thrive as responsible individuals... This is the platform of the party - the rest is merely politics. Our message should remain the same... what should change is how we communicate the message... we need to become enlightened on the art of communication - our message is already superior.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

21st Century America: The Era of Kings

Two Hundred and Thirty Three Years Ago a group of men gathered in defiance of their government and made the boldest statement against Tyranny that had ever been made:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among
these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these
rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from
the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes
destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish
it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles
and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
effect their safety and happiness

It was in these bold words that freedom from tyranny was born - liberty was ignited in the hearts of men, and they fought a King. Their freedom gave rise to 13 unique and independent countries, who then united for their survival - despite their differences.

The birth of this union was so delicate and the structure so scrutinized so as not to create a new monarchy... even the title of the leader of the nation was in dispute, so as to sound less kingly - and thus President was selected, as one who presides over affairs - not one who rules.

Wars have come and gone. States have been added. Territories have been taken by force. The Union has been held together by force. The role of the Federal Government has expanded. The rights of the states have been expunged, along with it, the rights of the people.

The Federal Government is bankrupt - morally and otherwise.

The recent "bail-outs" have nationalized portions of certain industries - further expanding the power grab by the Federal Government.

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that We The People are no longer free - we are ruled. This is not unique to Obama's administration, just culminating in it...

Prime example - beyond the harassment and constant fear by government rulers - is the recent threat from NY Senator Chuck Schumer that specific laws will be made, and enforced retroactively, to recover government funds in the Democrat's major screw-up leading to the AIG bail-out and subsequent $165 Million bonus disbursement - the first time that laws will be made specifically aimed at attacking individuals.

It is not unique to Democrats. Senator Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, suggested that the AIG execs should go commit suicide.

President Obama has proven, in just 50 days, that he intends on eradicating free enterprise, eradicating the conversation on the right to life, and eradicating the right to personal protection through personal armament... among many other atrocious ills.

Democratic Leaders, namely Pelosi, are raising "troops" from foreign nations (i.e. illegal immigrants), demanding that THEY are the true American Patriots, turning her back on Americans for the sake of potential future voters - quid-pro-quo retaining her power... this amounts to nothing more than "fight for me and I will give you this nation".

Democrat Leaders along with Republican leaders have bankrupted this union, sold off security and treasury holdings to foreign enemies, and have done so with the total aim of POWER and RULE.

In the 21st Century, America has completely devolved... from a country that was born of fire and grit, standing up liberty in the face of tyranny - subjugation and tyrannical rule has now fully taken over. Numbered are the days when we can challenge our fellow citizen, for they are now our rulers.

Welcome to the Era of the Kings.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Touching the Untouchables

The success of the left, both within the United States and around the globe (see El Salvador's election results) has been predicated on one idea - the populist message that the people hold the power - unfortunately, the message is that the people hold the power over the corporations, private entities which have developed from free market needs for manufacturing or otherwise providing goods and services... businesses which have become successful because they provide useful services or popular goods - built by the demand of the consumer - the very individuals who now strive to topple them.

The left has defined the untouchables as the greedy businessman, living off the labor of the yeoman, and giving nothing back... they have been defined as corrupt, bloated, egocentric individuals with no justification for their wealth, and no reason to keep it. It is the duty of the left, so they believe, to tar and feather the wealthy individual, redistribute his wealth, and manage his business through the use of government officials.

What the left does not share is this:

  • the wealthy provide jobs and paychecks for those in the middle and lower classes. Their success means your survival.
  • the wealthy provide the majority of revenue streams through charitable foundations - providing private charity and the jobs that entails
  • the wealthiest 1% pay 50% of all US taxes - this means that roads, schools, government offices, police, fire, etc - these are all largely paid for by greedy corporate elite.
Once the left succeeds in toppling the untouchables, jobs will not be created based on economic need, rather governmental mandates. Factories will be run by government agencies responsible for oversight of jobs, pay, etc - ensuring an equal outcome for all workers... do not confuse this with the equal opportunity at success - this means that no matter how hard you work or what you do, you will get paid the same with the same benefits... no incentive to succeed, else you become the "greedy corporate elite".

What the left is attempting to do, that the plebs fail to recognize, is to eliminate a class of citizens vital to the structure of our way of life, and replace it with government - embedding the government into every aspect of our life - ensuring total control.

Obama's Chief of Staff, as posted in an earlier blog, made comments about "earning citizenship" through their plan for mandatory basic training in Obama's "Civil Defense Corps" - a re-education camp for ensured obedience to government rule... without this training, you have not earned your right as a citizen - and as such, will most likely lose your ability to influence the government, that is, you will not have the right to vote.

Such radical ideals are only able to be put into place because the left has fooled the peoples of this world into fearing class structure which is controlled by the people - and they have begun to conniving put into place a class structure which is controlled entirely by the government entity... making the government and the infrastructure and people supporting it the true Untouchables.

Public Service Announcement

Due to the recent economic crises, stock market crash, budget cuts, bank bailout, rising unemployment, unstable world conditions, the cost of consumer goods, electricity, petroleum and taxes of all kinds, we regret to advise you that the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

(special thanks to J. Beckwith for this piece of humor - hope it can make you smile)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Consciousness, Ethics, and The Republican Leadership

What do Consciousness, Ethics, and the leadership of the GOP have in common? At this moment - nothing... let me explain.

My quest for a better understanding of creation, the existence of man, and our purpose of being led me to an interesting delve into the study of the Mayan Calendar - and a different perspective in understanding not the existence of man as an object, but the evolution of Consciousness as an understanding of creation.

I won't go into depth about the Mayans, other than to say that the understanding of their calendar shares an understanding of creation - the understanding of tools of this evolution - and the understanding of the ultimate development of consciousness (Heaven on earth, new Jerusalem, Oneness, etc - depending on your religious beliefs).

"What you pay attention to, you become conscious of" - Ian Lungold

The evolution of consciousness would indicate that total awareness, total consciousness, requires the ability to pay attention to all things... The mind cannot do this - the mind is limited to "24 frames per second" processing... The evolution of consciousness requires one to escape from the tool of the mind, like man escaped from the tool of the monkey tail, and use intuition...

Intuition, the final evolution of consciousness, requires a solid base... cellular, familiar, tribal, power, and ethical evolution are all required... The first three are accomplished - we are all humans living in societies... We have basic understandings of laws/rules... and with those, comes power... the evolution of power requires Morals.

Morals are a blanket solution to spontaneous situations. The laws of Moses - commandments of God... those are Morals... You must weigh the consequences of your actions, and follow your moral code of conduct. This is in reference to the "affirmation" list I provided a few postings ago... If you cannot subscribe to a solid form of Morals, you cannot evolve - that is, your consciousness cannot evolve. You are not aware of the world in which you live... This is the state of our GOP leadership... we cannot find leadership - not because it doesn't exist - but because it doesn't exist at the level of consciousness that WE THE PEOPLE demand... there is the gate to Ethics...

The Moral failings of our leaders is a driving factor of the Ethical failings of our leaders.

Ethics are a spontaneous solution to spontaneous situations. If your consciousness is not aware of the moral base of right v. wrong, your ethical decisions will be corrupted - examples: Sen. Larry Craig's sex tryst, Madoff's ponzy schemes, Bush's Bailouts, McCain's response to the Economic Crisis (suspending his campaign), Obama's Stem Cell decision... leaders in our nation unable to become full aware of the outcomes of their spontaneous decisions...

The evolution of Ethical Consciousness is disallowing the embrace of flawed leadership within our party... it is not Jindal... it is not Steele... it is not Limbaugh... The leaders who have risen to power have done so under the tools of a lower stage of conscious evolution - power... but they continue to fail in the next phase - ethics...

There is a leader in the Republican Party... it is the intuition of the constituents - intuition is your own personal knowledge/power... If we have fear or doubt about a leader, it is our intuition telling us that they lack the conscious evolution necessary to lead our evolved society...

When a leader is strong enough to implement the affirmations in my previous blog, understands not just the moral but the ethical implications of their actions, and shows the evolved intuition that we are all demanding - then we will see a leader...

When we realize that we do not need a leader to succeed - that we all have the power to change the party and lead on our individual level - then we will see that we are consciously evolved...

Until then, we will continue to see jesters playing the part of kings.

Through the Looking Glass, and What Obama Found There

Lewis Carroll's sequel to Alice In Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, sprang into my head this morning acting as an inspiration for my perspective of the world today.

For those not familiar with Through the Looking Glass, it is a bizarre sequel to Alice's adventures in the Rabbit Hole - where she experiences life on the other side of a mirror... it is a nonsense story, and it all begins on November 4th...

This is where our parallel begins today... On November 4th, Americans (and the world) entered into a nonsensical sequel to Bill Clinton's presidency - where many of the same characters returned, but their roles and stories are much more bizarre than the last time we met them.

Obama is a pawn of the White Queen... and will be seated in a throne if he can reach the 8th rank in the Red King's territory... He begins his journey, but finds that he is unfamiliar with the rules of the game, and does not understand the complexity contained within the simplicity of his role...

He has begun reading his 100 day plan - only to the rest of the country it is the Jabberwocky... a nonsense poem, only able to be read if held backward to a mirror - full of nonsense words and an imaginary story of slaying an imaginary beast... Obama's understanding of what he is doing to the fabric of this nation is similar to Alice's understand of the Jabberwocky Poem:
"Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas – only I don't exactly know what they are!"
His nonsensical advisers, Tweedledee and Tweedledum - let's call them Emanuel and Geitner, whisper nursery rhymes into his ear - namely The Walrus and the Carpenter - which tells a story of two characters who invite all the oysters of the beach to join them - and against the warning of the elder oysters, they all flock to the Walrus and the Carpenter, who eat every one of them... The Walrus cries for what he has done, not because the Oysters are dead, but because there are no more to eat... This is the story of the economy - and the taxpayers of the nation are the oysters... Obama and his cabinet are the Two Predatory Characters... their intent is to devour the taxpayers - and they are unable to see the err in their ways, and will surely cry when they realize there is nothing left to tax... nothing left for their government to devour.

Then, Obama is met by The Lion and the Unicorn - Two parties both fighting for the crown of the White King - which is nonsensical because they are both belong to the White King, America. The lion is slow and stupid, though clearly the better fighter... the Unicorn is convinced that Obama is a monster, and pledges to believe in him only if Obama believes in the Unicorn... The lion is the GOP, the Unicorn is the Democratic Party - they both belong to a nation of states, but in an attempt to destroy the Lion, the Unicorn has pledged to start believing in the "monster"...
The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn all around the town.
Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town

Obama's quest for a throne is taking this nation on a nonsensical journey, into a new paradigm where nonsense is the norm... where submission is empowerment... where a step forward off the cliff's edge is considered progress.

It is an unfortunate reality that, as Alice was able to wake up back into her real world, Obama has locked America into the world of the Looking Glass.

Obama's journey into the Looking Glass has distorted the ideals of Liberty... he is a pawn of the system, but is trying for the throne... we are all Oysters showing up for a clam bake...

What Obama has found on the other side of the looking glass, he prefers - and we are all stuck in this nonsensical world with him because of it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's Draft - Mandatory Civil Service Revisited

An issue still burning in the back of my head is Obama's plan for mandatory civil service. Rahm Emanuel, in the following video clip, indicated that "citizenship is not an entitlement program" - that every consumer, to earn citizenship, will be forced into mandatory 3 month basic training courses for "national defense"...

National Defense - from the same ilk who wants to disarm American Citizens.

Mandatory Citizenship Training - from the same ilk who wants to allow a one world, border free society.

This is nothing more than an indoctrination... once the spiritless, soulless Obama agenda is laid out, it will be time to indoctrinate those needed to defend his new regime... how to hate those who disagree... how to harass and/or hurt those who do not conform... similar tactics as those he espoused in Nevada during the campaign - "Get in their faces"...

If we do not recognize the tidal wave threat, and we continue to be a news-cycle and political party of reaction, then we have already lost and he has already won.

For those politicians who WANTED Obama to succeed, indoctrination classes will be starting soon.

For those of us brave enough to stand up and say that "I hope he Fails", you are the first, the last, and the only line of defense for our Core Values, our Core Principles - Liberty...

God Speed, warriors of freedom!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebuilding the Republican Party - Time to Radicalize, Time to Get our Hands Dirty

Enough of the "Big Tent" talk. The Republican Party is now at war - Conservatism is under constant attack - and Conservative America has given way to Obama's Radical Social Policy, Radical Economic Policy, and otherwise extreme leftist policy that would make even the worst in Europe blush.

Under Obama, America has lost the market completely, she has lost welfare reform, she has lost free market capitalism, she has lost social conservatism with regards to life... she has lost her soul.

And the opposition is ineffective at best. With nearly filibuster-proof numbers in the house and senate, every vote counts... so when three Republican Senators betray their party, we may as well roll out the red carpet of socialism for Obama and his ilk.

The way I see it, Michael Steele has one chance to save this party... and his goal should be just that... NOT regaining power, but saving the party.

The rise to power should not be the focus of the party - it should be the fruits of our labor!

Michael Steele must make a stand for economic and social conservatism - using the three senators who crossed party lines as an example - AND KICK THEM OUT OF THE PARTY. Inform them, and their constituents, that they are NOT welcome to run for re-election as Republicans.

Furthermore, EVERY Republican office holder, at ALL levels of office should be made to sign a pledge, which should read:

I am a Republican.

I am humbled before our Creator, Nature's God, and struggle to uphold
His Natural Law.

I am the first defender of Life, Liberty, and the Right to Pursue

I affirm that life lives in the womb, and that each unborn child has a
Natural Right to Life.

I affirm that Liberty is the freedom from tyranny, and that to ensure
the Natural Right to Liberty every individual shall be free to own property,
freely worship, freely speak, and defend these rights from government
encroachment by freely keeping and bearing arms.

I affirm that each individual is responsible for their own actions, their life choices, and should be held fully accountable for their decisions.

I affirm that it is each individuals Natural Right to define and
Pursue their own Happiness, so long as that pursuit does not encroach on
anothers Natural Rights.

I affirm that the Government should be directed by the Creator's
Natural Law, but should not perform the functions otherwise reserved to religious
houses of worship - including sanctioning marriages.

I affirm that it is my duty to reduce the size of government, reduce
foreign influence in our government, reduce unnecessary governmental spending,
and strive to eliminate unnecessary taxation on the citizens of this

I affirm that I am a citizen of this nation, a citizen of my state, and a citizen in my community - and as such it is my duty to hold allegiance only to the same.

I affirm that to be a Republican is to strictly adhere to the Core
Founding Principles set forth in the founding documents of this

I pledge that I am Republican, and as such I will strictly adhere
to the principles, as outlined above. As an elected official in the
Republican Party, should I stray from the Code of Conduct of representing our
party, or should I stray from our Core Principles, it is the right of the Party
to excommunicate me from their ranks.

Any Republican official refusing to sign should be publicly excommunicated. Any Republican official breaking ranks, and not strictly following the core principles should be excommunicated.

These actions will send a strong message that the Republican Party is a party of high moral fiber, strict adherence to the beliefs of the foundation of these United States, and that we are a serious opposition to the strict Socialist Policy of the New Democratic Party.

We may not be in the majority in 2012, nor in 2016... but we will be strong, resolute, and sound a strong message of unity under a common banner of morality and the core principles. We will be a solid opposition to the Democrats - and when folks see this kind of Unity, these values which we uphold, they will return to the party.

Michael Steele will not take these steps - Our State Party Chairmen will not take these steps - Our County Party Chairmen will not take these steps... and as such, no real change will take place in our party.

If we do not have the courage to be the change, what purpose do we have in this life but to work to support the machine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Civil War Begins in Mexico

The Mexican Government is deploying "Federal Police" to Juarez, Mexico, to begin combat operations against the army held by the anti-government drug cartels.

Mexico's 145,000 man standing army is being challenged by the 100,000 man rebel army held by the heavily armed and better funded drug cartels.

The implications on the United States is severe -

1. Obama's administration is using the increased tensions to support a permanent Brady Bill, banning assault rifles and placing other harsh restrictions on US gun-owners to stop weapons moving south in support of the cartels. Of course this is a sham cover for Obama's and the Left's hatred for weapons, and the personal responsibility and liberty associated with them.

2. Increased violence along I-25 corridor as a main vessel of drug traffic, as reported by the FBI

3. Increased violence in border towns. If this becomes a full-scale shooting war, towns like El Paso will be hit with stray bullets, mortars, etc.

4. Refugees from a war torn northern Mexico will need to seek asylum in the United States - if they seek refugee status it is one thing, but if they can prove a need for asylum, they become quasi-citizens... A massive refugee flux along the border would either need massive FEMA coordination, UN coordination, or otherwise transport refugees across the US to thin the numbers/impact of the refugees. You thought Illegal Immigration was bad......

5. This will be a burden on the US taxpayer, will involve US or state military, and will require some aspects of rationing food and fuel... for all intense and purpose, a war on our southern border will further cripple the otherwise stagnant economy - potentially destabilizing regions of the US...

Regions which should be on high alert -
- All border towns/cities
- portions of towns which have a high Mexican immigrant population (Southern California, portions of Northern California, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Denver Metro - especially those with Interstate corridors allowing fast transportation from the border regions
- cities/towns with already high gang and drug violence

I do not see how this is going to end quickly. The Mexican Government is nearly matched man-for-man, is out-funded by the rebels, and has the advantage of guerrilla warfare.