Monday, March 31, 2008

USSA - The Union of Soviet Socialist Americas

While the right hand of the conservative movement fights for a more Libertarian country on the Healthcare front, the left hand of the conservative movement is cutting off the right hand by moving towards a completely socialized and over-regulated financial system. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has announced the plan of the Treasury in regards to the financial crisis... give it all to the Federal Reserve!

This plan gives sweeping new powers to the Federal Reserve over the free market. This plan would give the Federal Reserve the power of "moderator" to the financial markets, and grant it power to ambiguously "step in" if it determined that there was some sort of a financial crisis. The plan also "streamlines" the institution, in a sense consolidating financial power:
Under the proposal, the Securities and Exchange Commission, which ensures the functioning of financial markets and is responsible for protecting investors, would merge with the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission, which regulates the trading of futures contracts. Meanwhile, the Office of Thrift Supervision would be folded into the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The proposal would also establish a new federal regulator for the mortgage industry, affecting both lenders and brokers, which now follow a patchwork of state regulations. Paulson's plan includes other bold moves, including bringing previously unregulated financial entities like hedge funds and private equity firms within the reach of federal authorities and federalizing the oversight of the insurance industry.

In his closing remarks, Paulson warns of over-regulation... but this is exactly the tool that he is allowing the Fed to use!

So where do I begin on this one?

First, as I understand Paulson's strategy, is the further regulation of the market, moving us further away from a Free Market, so as to "save ourselves from ourselves"... I love the "Government can fix it" mentality! Paulson's strategy is the gateway to socialism... not that we aren't already two feet in THAT door!

Look... investing in anything is risky... especially something as unstable as real estate has been over the last decade. When banks "bet the bank" on the goodwill of folks, offering non-traditional high risk loans, they make a business decision that could provide huge profits upfront, but cause their company to collapse in the long run... this is exactly what has happened. And there is nothing that states that the US Federal Government shall bail out thy stupid! Let alone regulating PRIVATE equity firms!

What Paulson has done here is set a dangerous precedent, in that the failure of private industry is no longer going to be allowed to happen. What is going to happen instead is that the government will subsidize failing businesses to keep them open, and keep their employees working... on an indirect government salary. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE COLAPSE OF THE FREE MARKET.

This proposal is going to be sent before congress... congress, whose approval rating is in the teens, is the last line of defense against socializing the free market.

When the next generation asks "how did we let it happen?" they will look back on moments like these.

I urge you to contact your congressman, contact your senator, call the White House and the Treasury Department... e-mail them, fax them, show up on their doorsteps... Let them know that we WANT to be able to take responsibility for our own actions, we WANT the free market to fix itself, and we WANT the government to STOP regulating and subsidizing the (for now anyway) PRIVATE financial institutions... failing or not!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Violence in Iraq Spikes Under Al Sadr, What’s our Role?

"Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's followers say security forces are abusing a
cease-fire by his Mahdi Army militia to unfairly target them in raids.

The government says it is acting against criminal gangs.

The answer to Iraq’s security issue has to be regional security with allegiance to the central government of Iraq. This is the same system that the US uses, where cities and counties take care of local issues, followed by state government, who all pledge allegiance to the federal government.

The mistake in Iraq has been too much focus on the central government, and the central government’s subsequent fighting with the regional security forces.

As much as I hate the devil child, Muqtada al Sadr, he and his followers may be more in the right than we think. Now, of course, al-Sadr has not been elected councilman of anything… he is a self proclaimed leader and head of an illigitimate gang… so IMHO he needs to run for a post, or petition his government for the creation of regional posts, like city council or county commissioner. That will legitimize he and his followers, and bring people in to the political process.

Notice that I use “illegitimiate” instead of “illegal”. It is for a purpose. We in the United States have set rules and regulations, the breaking of which is against the legal system as voted on by the people or their representatives… thus illegal. In Iraq, there are not the same set of rules, elected representatives, or an effective democratic structure. It is a land of renegades and regional order (or disorder), with groups fighting with the US troops or the Iraqi government because they have no other way to petition their government – the system doesn’t exist. So they engage in civil war, or widescale gang war…

With the lack of rules of, by, and for the people, and the increased frustration of the people in Iraq, I have to ask myself and our countrymen: what is our role?

I was discussing the war with my best friend, Curtis, during our road trip. Curtis is active military, scheduled to deploy in January of 2009. He said, “It’s our job to stay there until the job is done”. To which I replied, “What is the definition of the ‘job’ and how will we know when it is ‘done’?” He couldn’t answer, so we discussed the irony of being in a war, and supporting a war to which there is no end in sight, or there are no clear objectives.

Should the objectives be set per my guidelines, we could end ground combat within a year, and chose to establish a few permanent bases for regional security should we so chose.

My guidelines for ending the war would be this:
  1. The establishment of regional states, which would establish rule of law in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution, the election of regional or state Governors and legislature, and the creation of these state’s own constitution, as prescribed in Chapter 5 of the Iraqi constitution. Each region would have one year to complete a draft regional constitution and submit it to the voters.
  2. Complete the training of the Iraqi Military for basic infantry combat. Our continued presence with bases can continue training higher tech military personnel and officers.
That is it. Two goals. Establish the rule of law, and provide for the defense of that rule of law. Everything else is extra, as part of a post combat effort.

If we continue our combat in Iraq as part of a “stop all violence” effort, we will have zero chance of success. What we are now is the Iraqi police, fighting thugs and gangsters.

The role of the US combat troop in Iraq is done. The political process, however difficult, needs to be allowed to work. We should establish a combat ready force at local bases to ensure there are no strings of genocide, and to help qwell a civli war… but our task must be complete.

For those who disagree, I would argue that most combat that is seen now is, in fact, an attack by a gang (you may call them terrorist groups, but they are gangs). This is reminiscent of Los Angeles during the gang war years.

So my plea to the US government is to define the job, so we will know what it is that needs to be done. Let’s finish the job you define. Let’s end combat in Iraq and unite this country!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where have I been?

Please forgive my absence... I took a much needed vacation with my best friend, Curtis, and my lovely dog, Sadie!

Our trip brought us from Denver, through Durango and then the four corners region, through monument valley, down to the Grand Canyon, and back up the devil's highway through Utah, around to Vail, and finally back home to the Denver area.

Needless to say I had a great experience touring the American Southwest and Navajo Nation!

However, I do have one issue... speeding tickets in the Arizona desert. I got a ticket for doing 60 in a 55 zone in the middle of the desert outside of Kayenta (Monument Valley). The ticket wasn't for speeding though, it was for "Wasting Finite Resources"... that is right... wasting gasoline. NOW, this brings up a very interesting discussion on PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. I paid for the fuel, I own it... I can dump it into a fire, or burn it in an engine... What role does the state have to tell me how to use my personally owned gasoline? I am going to look into fighting this ticket on the basis of personal property rights in Arizona. Anyone have any insight into this crazy Arizona law?

Other than that, the desert was cold! The air temperature was in the 60's, but the wind had a bitter bite to it that was 30 at best... so we spent most of our time hunkering down out of the wind... but enjoying a beautiful view!

And now that I am back, I will catch-up on the events, and continue posting... but I will surely update on the ticket... wasting finite resources... I'm going to really look into the history of this! What a way to fund your local government... raping the wallets of tourists doing 5 over the speed limit, and in a line of traffic no less! (Officer Smith said: "where in the law does it say that you can speed if you are just keeping up with traffic?" - a wise guy!)

At least we got stunning pictures!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democrats Play the Fool, while McCain gets Presidential

John McCain, seen in this picture with Lieberman at the West wall in J'lem, has taken a huge advantage in his early nomination from the GOP and begun an international tour. He recently met with the military leaders in Iraq, made a public statement regarding Iran from Iraq, visited with leaders in countries like Jordan and Israel, and is giving policy speeches on the future of the Middle East and US involvement in the area. In the hearts and minds of the people of the area, this visit is seen as that of the next President of the United States.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Obama is left to make apologetic speeches about his pastor "damning" America, and Clinton is left giving her feedback on the strength of Barack's speech.

The longer that the two democrats continue this epic battle, the less time they will have to start strengthening foreign relations... the very thing they both promised, but neither one is able to do...

All the while, McCain is doing a great job of showing his strength on foreign affairs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shall Not Be Infringed...

Thanks to the DC gun ban, and the lawsuit by a local DC police officer, the Supreme Court is hearing a case on Gun Rights for the first time in 70 years. A circuit court ruling 2-1 decided that the gun ban was unconstitutional, and that individuals had the right to own personal guns for self defense.

The issue, which is a staple of the conservative base, revolves around the intent of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Fox News reports the two sides of the argument being brought before the court. The DC government ‘s first argument is that the amendment applies to the militia (i.e. National Guard and Army) to have guns. Secondly, DC claims that the amendment does not apply to the district, as it is a special federally controlled haven of the government (a strange argument for a government looking for equal representation in congress). Finally, the DC government claims that this is a reasonable ban used in protecting the DC citizens from violence (looks like it has worked! I can’t think of one person that equates DC with Crime!)

The opposition claims, of course, that the 2nd amendment is very specific about guaranteeing an individual the right to keep and bear arms, and that the DC ban is a “draconian infringement” of our rights.

Heller’s lawyers also present its Founders-era evidence by quoting from George Mason, Blackstone and Madison. They also quote lawyer John Adams during his successful defense of British soldiers in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre.
In that trial Adams conceded that “here every private person is authorized to arm himself, and on the strength of this authority, I do not deny the inhabitants had a right to arm themselves at that time for their defense, not for offense."
This is going to come down to the intent of the amendment. What did the founders intend by placing those 27 words into our constitution? What purpose could those words serve for future generations?

Let’s take a look at the words, and identify with the founders… what experiences had they lived that would move them to include such a statement?

Definition of MILITIA: The term militia is commonly used today to refer to a military force composed of ordinary citizens to provide defense, emergency law enforcement, or paramilitary service, in times of emergency; without being paid a regular salary or committed to a fixed term of service

The founders had just fought and won a war against the largest army and Navy in the world, with little more than farmers and family men with a want to be free. Had these men not owned their own hunting rifles, or been trained in how to use them, there would be no USA. The militia is a band of ordinary citizens versed in defense.

A well-regulated militia” refers to the ability to call on the citizens of a country to stand in defense with little training in order to face foes the likes of the British regular army.

being necessary to the security of a free state” – it is the people of a society which are it’s very defense. The security lies in the necessity of ability to defend… and without this ability, the freedoms so valiantly fought for will be succumbed.

the right of the people to keep and bear arms” – the two most important words are in this clause: right, and people. “Right” indicates that the words of this amendment are equal to those rights endowed by our creator, as described in the Declaration of Independence, which states that “among which are Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness”… of course the founders were bright enough to say “among which”, which meant that further rights were yet to be defined that were also Divinely Endowed. And the word “People” is equally important. They did not say that it is the right of the government to issue arms, rather the right of the people to keep their own arms outside of a government armory. These would be their personal arms, well known to the individual, and able to sue in times of necessary defense of their personal property… be it from a tyrannical government or in simple defense of their personal property.

shall not be infringed” – the meaning of this line is self evident… it was stated very clearly and bluntly… “No Trespassing” on our afore mentioned rights.

So according to my most accurate interpretation of the amendment, it would read (in layman’s terms): For the protection of our God Given and Earned Rights, a trained and knowledgeable citizenry is necessary. There is no better way to ensure that the United States will always have a citizenry ready to defend than to ensure that the people are always armed and well versed in their personal firearms. This is a right that a government of, by, and for the people shall never take away.

The court is expected to have a ruling on this case by June. I expect that a court truly in understanding of the intent of the people who founded this country will vote unanimously against any bans on firearms by the government. Unfortunately we have a court full of very liberal activists, willing and waiting to strip the people of their Endowed rights. Luckily we have a slim conservative majority, so we can expect a 5-4 ruling in favor of freedom. And this is exactly why we must not allow Hillary or Obama to select our next judges… the very interpretation of our Liberty is at stake.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tibet is Burning

Communist China reports that 10 protestors have been killed, meanwhile activists groups report the number to closer to 100 killed. Knowing the oppressive media that exists in China, I am more inclined to believe the higher number. Could this be another “Tiananmen Square”?

The country of Tibet has been under communist China’s rule for over 50 years, stuck behind another iron curtain. China has as much claim to this territory as the Russians had to any one of the Soviet States incorporated into the USSR… zero.

Tibet has existed as an autonomous kingdom, led by the spiritual leaders believed to be the reincarnation of the previous. This is the Dalai Lama… the ruler of Tibet, exiled since 1959 to northern India. A leader that, when he dies, China has claimed that the government will be selecting the successor… hardly who I would want appointing my spiritual leader… but an effective way to control the territory once and for all.

The people of Tibet struggle for nothing more than the founders of America struggled for… the right to exist in peace, and to freely practice their religion. China’s iron fist has come down time and again against students and monks, often leading to massacres of peaceful protestors… blatant human rights violations.

But the protests of the last few days have something more than the protests of the past. They have traction… worldwide traction. Chinese embassies around the world are under siege by protestors who favor a free Tibet. And China, the host of the 2008 Olympics, is under a microscope as we move closer to the opening ceremonies. (We all know that China is one of the worst offenders when it comes to Human Rights Violations.) But the struggle needs one finishing touch to turn into a full scale revolution: The blessing of the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan people worldwide are pushing for his call to arms, as finding the middle ground has led to little more than murder in the past.

What are my thoughts?

I believe that there is one just cause worth fighting and dying in this world we live: freedom.

Fellow blogger has suggested that the struggle of the Tibetan protestors is little more than the terror groups in Iraq fighting the US soldiers… I would caution him that the people of Tibet fight for freedom, where the terror groups in Iraq fight for fascism.

I support the struggle of the people of Tibet. I believe that all men should be free from living in fear and repression. As a believer in liberty, personal property rights, and freedom of religion, I have little patience for repressive regimes like that of the Communist Republic of China.

If it were up to me, as we move forward with this slaughter and manhunt for remaining protestors, I would issue an immediate statement condemning the reaction of the Chinese government, followed by a threat of sanctions of all Chinese products. I know this would send a shockwave through our economy, but that is just a sign of our dependence on foreign goods for sustaining our way of life. As such, we would need to rethink how we conduct ourselves, how we live, and what we need to survive and enjoy life from within our own borders.

Am I proposing, then, the death of a free market in America by not allowing procurement from foreign countries? I would argue that such a global market is harmful for the very reason stated above, and restated here: we become too dependant on foreign goods, and that leaves us with no leverage as the moral authority in issues of freedom and liberty.

So I suggest calling your legislator, calling the local Chinese embassy, or joining a protest speaking out against the atrocities of the Chinese government in Tibet. Our voices can be a part of the roar!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Case for Palin as VP

A year ago, I was an early part of the Mike Huckabee for President movement... despite the 2% rating, the "he's got no name recognition", and the "he's a preacher" arguments, I held my ground and made a great case for Huckabee as President of the United States. He was largely ignored until the Iowa Straw Poll... then the mud came. The old news that was clearly explained in his book, Hope to Higher Ground, was suddenly front page gossip. Mike Huckabee raised taxes, Mike Huckabee granted clemency, Mike Huckabee has no foreign policy experience. But what was little reported was that Huckabee pulled his state up by the boot strings, turned education around, fixed the highway system, offered the best relief of any of Louisiana's neighbors for storm victims along the Gulf Coast, and all this while a Republican in a Democratic state.

Now I started looking into Palin as a VP for Huckabee some time ago, but now I am looking at her for a VP for McCain.

And the same anti-Huckabee arguments are being used against Palin: She raised taxes, she supports benefits to same-sex couples, she is anti-oil. Behind every headline there is a truth waiting to be discovered. So before folks start talking about her taxes, or her stance on business, let's look at the facts behind the headlines.

Let's look at her ethical conduct in cleaning up Alaska's government. Let's talk about her no-nonsense approach to setting an example for the highest ethical conduct expected out of every leader in our great nation. This includes selling the state's jet that was costing taxpayers unnecessary funds, and instead put that money where it is most effective - in the taxpayer's pocket. Let's talk about her support from the Club for Growth.

Let's talk about her fight against pork-barrel spending. She was part of the team of politicians who killed the "bridge to no-where". Fiscal Responsibility.

She is a lifetime member to the NRA, and would surely secure their endorsement. She is an avid outdoorsman, a weekend fisher, and her husband is a professional fisherman. She is an advocate for big game hunting, and an environmental conservationist.

Let's talk about her pro-education stance, as a politician and as a mother. Let's talk about her support for traditional marriage and family values in a world of political sex scandals. Let's discuss her consistent pro-life stance.

Let's talk about her unwavering support for the American Soldier, and the Alaskan National Guardsman. About how she goes out of her way to give special thanks to soldiers at home and abroad, and has travelled to Kuwait to personally thank Alaskan soldiers abroad. Let's talk about her having more foreign policy experience than Obama and Clinton put together, dealing with Mongolian military and Iceland's government regularly.

Let's talk about her understanding that politics is not being part of a ruling class, but a serving class... and how she regularly volunteers at community building events, and serves her community.

Sarah Palin is a class act. She is young, energetic, and a well rounded conservative. Sarah Palin may have merely 2 years of experience as Governor of Alaska, but Obama has 2 years as a Senator (and he will likely be the Democratic Nominee)... Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. Palin's history of community service goes back beyond her governorship... she has made a point to stay involved... no matter how small the task, or how little it would impress a New York big city urbanite...

Palin has the ability to be the new face of the Conservative Republican movement. She is a young and talented woman in our ranks, with the experience and ethical ability to hold such a prestigious office as Vice President and President of the United States. Placing Palin on the forefront of the conservative movement will help energize the women within our ranks, and diminish the false perception that the GOP is a "Good Ol' Boys Club". She is fresh, and that freshness is backed with a conservative message. This alone will squelch the Obama Change Train... because we have a substantive message.

Palin represents consistent conservative values, with a CHANGE in perception... that is the kind of change that we need in Washington... an emboldened conservative message, and the talent to move it forward.

The conservative movement is not dead... McCain can pull in the independent voters... Palin can pull in the conservatives. With Palin on the ticket, we can guarantee a strong future of the Republican Party, and of the Conservative movement.

I encourage you to look into Palin... read the headlines, but then investigate the facts... you will see what I saw in Huckabee. Truth, conscience, and consistency.

We need not pick a governor from a swing state for VP... we need to pick a conservative who represents a change for the party. The time for conservatism is now... the time for substantive change is now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I can change the world...

We hear about it in songs, we hear about it on the campaign trails, we even read about it to our children in their story books... being better people and making changes in this world.

As children, our imaginations run wild with fanciful ideas of a Utopian society... and somewhere along the way we grow into cynical old buggars, seemingly incapable of compromise or so overwhelmed that we find no use in attempting to make a change...

But what if it were simple... What if reaching out to help our fellow man was not any harder than acting on someone elses suggestion.

Take for instance "Do One Nice Thing" - a website committed to the simplest life changes that can help the earth, or putting a smile on someones face by sending a warm and fuzzy sweater to an Iraqi family.

The power of a smile can change the world in which we live.

And what about spreading freedom and democracy? War seems to be an interesting way to invoke peace... What if we led by example? What if there was a movement that put the power of the free market in the hands of the people around the world, in hopes that they will learn to stand on their own two feet and build a better life for their family, their community, their world? is a great website, focused on micro lending. No more than $25 per requested loan is allowed per lender... and your $25 teamed with a few other folk's $25 gives the opportunity to someone in a poverty stricken third world country... be it a cattle grazer in Lebanon, or a fruit stand owner in Peru... In countries where traditional loans and banks do not exist, you can be part of the change in their society.

And what's better... your $25 is a loan, not a hand-out... More of a Hand Up! The individual receiving the loan has promised to pay you back. Free market at it's best!

I would highly recommend clicking on the link to KIVA.ORG, let them know that I sent you (to show that the word is being spread). You'll need my e-mail, and it is available in the "contact me" link.

I currently have three loans out. I challenge my readers to sign-up with KIVA and find an entrepreneurial spirit to support.

If you have ever been moved to make a change, this is as easy as it gets.

I fully support KIVA, and I endorse the micro-lending program. With this forward thinking helping hand, we can have a positive business minded impact in parts of the world we hardly knew existed... and make someones life a little easier.

My lender page.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The purpose of all things

As a community of bloggers, citizens of the internet, we tend to spend much time analyzing and prognosticating... discussing issues and arguing the meaning of results... the free exchange of intellectual thoughts and ideas... sharing ourselves for a common cause. A cause protected by the Constitution... endowed as an inalienable right... Liberty... freedom to think... freedom to speak.

As we move forward through the political waters, I am reminded on a number of occasions that spiritual growth is essential as a part of personal growth.

So I thought this was a perfect place to share my thoughts on praise...

When I prepared the funeral for my Best Friend's father, Skip Hildebrand, I found myself in prayer... prayer that I could find the words within myself to capture the nature of Skip's spirit. While I was in prayer, I was reminded of Skip's obsession with lighthouses... and I thought of what these towers of light represent. Hope, for the ships lost at sea that land is nearby. Warning, that ships tossed about on the sea should heed the warning of the rocks which will surely break them. And Faith in Fellow Man, that it is our natural instinct to protect one another against all adversity. I wrote a moving eulogy, which was reinforced later that day. After reading the Biblical passages and words in memory of his father, my best friend played for me his father's favorite song... Kathy Troccoli's "Go Light Your World". I broke down in tears and exalted the Creator for allowing me to find the words, for answering my prayers, and for letting me know that no truer words could be spoken about the soul of Skip Hildebrand. There is no feeling like the one when you realize that you are in tune with the Creator, and doing His will.

That was a long four years ago... and though I find myself in meditation daily, and searching for the next mission or sign that I am living my life in a way that is right with the Teacher, the miracles are few and far between, though the signs are in abundance (and I am blessed that I recognize them). I am blessed with family, friends, health, and the ability to pray and meditate freely. I am blessed that by June I will be a father of a precious little girl. I am blessed that I am part of a community of thinkers able to understand and discuss. I am even blessed that my life was touched by a wonderful addition of our rescued dog, Sadie... who is a beautiful soul!

The point that I am trying to make is that all things have a purpose. The rise and fall of country and men... all for a purpose. The gaining or loss of wealth... all for a purpose. There is a time to every purpose under heaven. The purpose of man is to rejoice and do good in his life, and know that the fruits of his labour are the gifts from the Creator, our Father in Heaven, YHWH.

In all that we do, let us sing praise to the Father. Let us not worship, but thank. Let us not idolize, but emulate. Let us know that the strength we find beating in our hearts is the love of the Divine.

Let us each take a moment every day, not to ask for miracles, but to thank our Creator for the miracles around us... Let us raise our hearts and voices in praise... הַלְלוּיָהּ ... Halleluyah

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain is the GOP nominee... Time for Conservatives to Rally

From time to time I attempt to define what being a conservative means to me... most noticeably I had changed the title of the blog from "Conservative Issues, Conservative Guy" to "The New Conservative"... The reason for the change was articulated in a blog, but I continue to think about what it truly means to be a conservative... what do I believe, what do I fight for... what am I willing to lay down my life to protect? But not only me... what is it that defines a conservative in today's world? What values are constant... what IS the "human element"?

The human element is what I like to define as "the pinch"... the feeling we all have in the pit of our stomach that defines right versus wrong... some feel the pinch before actions, some during... others after - also known as remorse or guilt. The human element is what defines us, what sets us apart... but what obligates us to be protectors of those that are lesser. This is "new conservative" - Knowing the difference between right and wrong, and choosing what is right.

And now the GOP passes the torch to John McCain... the political machine of the GOP will continue to march along... but it is up to us to rally, to continue the struggle... to ensure that conservative principles are not lost in 2008.

In the next 4 years, we as Americans will define "Personhood" and "Marriage"

In the next 4 years, we will face Constitutional crisis regarding liberties and the role of the Federal Government.

In the next 4 years, we will be forced to choose between free market or government controls.

In the next 4 years we will have many challenges... we will have many struggles... we will have many battles. We will have to keep the momentum alive, ensure the fire that burns in our belly now continues as we keep the shiny beacon of hope alive for this nation.

In the next 4 years we must continue to do what is right... what is just... what is reasonable.

But the battle over the next 4 years is going to be made infinitely harder if we do not let reason and logic guide our way in November. We need to rally behind McCain...though it fills me with conflict to admit, McCain is the best chance for the next 4 years...

Let us reason together...

Before the results, my thoughts on Super Tuesday II

This could very well be my last post on Mike Huckabee and his bid for the GOP longshot nomination. Mike Huckabee's remaining in the race has been for the sole purposes of giving conservatives a voice as McCain moved towards the nomination. Pulling in 41% in Virginia and 38% in Wisconsin should be enough of a message to John McCain that he needs to pick a cabinet, and run a White House that will not isolate the conservative movement.

We will have from tomorrow until November to determine if John McCain is going to reach out to the right as hard as he has reached out to the left.

Regarding today... can Mike Huckabee pull an upset? With Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont on the chopping block, I see Huckabee doing well in Texas alone... the rest will go to McCain overwhelmingly... likely giving McCain his required delegates to secure the nomination. But I have to give Mike Huckabee kudos for running an honest, positive, and on message campaign, while sticking to his word that he would stay in it to ensure the conservatives have a voice.

I'm not eulogizing Huckabee's campaign yet... but regardless of the outcome, I have much respect for the man, for his message, and his willingness to listen to the people, the bloggers, and the late night comedians... which has always been entertaining.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Military reveals plans in prep for Dem cut-backs after November win

The Pentagon has begun creating new procedures as preparations for military budget cutbacks. These new procedures outline new tools, protocol, and equipment that will be available with the impending budgetary cuts should the Democrats win the election in November 2008.

Said an anonymous source within the Department of Defense: "We are taking it all back down to bare-bones, square-one... I mean, last time these guys were in power they made the army wear pretty little berets!"

Photos of the training taking place in preparation of the new equipment were released, and I have posted them below.

God Bless our service men and women! (and God save the US!)