Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alaskan Libertarian Party Offers Nomination to Murkowski?

Did I miss something? Liberal Republican incumbent Murkowski was offered a nomination by the Libertarian Party of Alaska if she could not overcome Tea Party candidate Joe Miller's 2.5% primary election lead. Other than to ensure a possible Libertarian (in name only) Senator, I cannot, for the life of me, guess as to why they would do this. Why would the Libertarians endorse an established know-nothing RINO?

It is such a crazy story that we are talking about it down here in Seattle!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Heart Sank When the Video Reached One Hour

Always the skeptic, I enjoy conversation and research into the unexplained. A friend sent me a link to a video that I watched, skeptically, for a full hour and thirty minutes. I watched it again, and once more. Three times I watched the following video. As an engineer I solve problems. I put together pieces of data and draw conclusions based on evidence. What I saw in this video triggered something in my engineering mind... it made sense.

The following video is the most complete, most detailed, and most professionally testified accounts surrounding the September 11th attacks that I had ever seen. What is more, there are aspects of the day that I had never even heard before - most notably around the one hour mark... what I heard here changed my life, my way of thought. What was a morbid curiosity has now become something else.

I ask one honest thing. Watch the video in its entirety. Do not skip around. Do not comment during the video. Listen to every testimonial, every piece of evidence presented. Once the video is over, honestly answer the question: Were there a few things that seemed TOO coincidental to you?

I don't believe in coincidence... I only believe in the truth... Now, I am not so sure what the truth is...

I make it a policy not to trust my government... now more than ever. My eyes are open.

Fox News is Funding the Ground Zero Mosque

To be fair and balanced to Fox News, this investigation took place at their own request. In the recent uproar over the Ground Zero Mosque, Fox and Friends, as well as many other Fox News shows have asked that we, the people, follow the money used to fund the building of the mosque. Fox and Friends reported that 'The Kingdom Foundation', a Saudi religious organization has been a major sponsor of funding for this, and many other mosques. They then spun the story to confuse the viewers, suggesting that Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, or some other unknown organization was responsible for funding the Kingdom Foundation.

However, the Kingdom Foundation is run by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns 95% stake in the Kingdom Holding Company. Talal is a conservative Muslim, embracing the spread of Islam and Sharia around the world. His net worth of nearly $20Billion makes him the world's 19th richest man. He donates millions of dollars to American education, including $500K to fund the GHW Bush Scholarship at the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. He is also a 7% stake holder in Fox News' parent company, News Corps, making him second only to Rupert Murdoch. It would seem that the money trail funding the Ground Zero Mosque can directly be attributed to Fox News' Parent Company, and thus market and sales for Fox News itself.

I write this to further my ongoing point that the media, all outlets, serve only to confuse and distort the reality which they present to us - which is different than the reality in which we exist. They create conflict and enrage protest over half truths, falsifications, or purposeful omission - hardly trustworthy journalism. All media outlets are to blame... Not just Fox. CNN, MSNBC, even your local newspapers... They all have agendas - and first on their agendas is to make money... They make money by entertaining... they entertain by enraging the viewers, so they keep coming back to hear what is next on the story. We fall for the ongoing pumping of "hot topics" into our TV's, and in doing so become drones - acting exactly the way we are supposed to act.

It is no shock to me to learn that the very voice against the mosque is also the majority funder of the very same mosque... just like it is no shock to me that the US military Industrial Complex, of which Dwight Eisenhower warned us in his 1961 farewell address, funds both sides of the world conflicts. We remain distracted by false news, false wars, and false epidemics, all the while freedoms are being stripped from every single one of us. We are mere pawns in their games.

We must continue to recognize corruption in the media, in our leaders, and in any venue where they move to usurp liberty in favor of their absolute control. Refuse to blindly accept ANY news story. Follow the story to the root cause... find the truth - do not let them find their version of it for you.

Libertas ad oculos! Liberty is obvious to those who can see it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rossi (R) versus Murray (D) – Washington State’s US Senate Race

Survey USA released the first ‘post primary’ poll in Washington State, pitting the top two vote getters against one another for the general election. The poll was funded by local News station, King 5, which reported the results on August 20th – Republican challenger, Rossi, received 52% of the support to incumbent Democrat, Murray’s, 45%. This represents a swing of nearly 20% for Rossi following the outcome of the blanket primary, forcing voters to choose from the top-two primary candidates. Murray received 46% of the votes in the primary – which was in line with her 45% polling numbers.

These numbers are promising and troubling at the same time. Promising for Republicans who, after the primary, are eager to put the state’s US Senate race into national spotlight, and put the seat in play – a seat held by a Democrat for the past 24 years. Troubling, in that Rossi is seemingly working overtime to shun the Tea Party movement. Granted Clint Didier, the Tea Party favorite in WA State this year, is making “demands” on Rossi before he will grant his ‘endorsement’ – the only losing candidate still holding out... and I, for one, would not bow to an opponent’s ‘demands’ – especially Didier’s, who is pressing Rossi to sign a situational resignation which would go into effect should Rossi break his conservative contract with WA voters. A good idea, but a tough approach from the distant Tea Part Candidate.

The bottom line is that Murray is in trouble. This is not the climate for an incumbent liberal democrat to be polling in the mid to low 40’s... It has been said that if Murray can be held to 45% in the polls, that come election day, she could easily be defeated. Rossi has just as much name recognition and popularity in the state as the long time incumbent – Rossi was WA state governor-elect until a court battle and drawn out / twice repeated hand recount threw the election to his opponent by 133 votes statewide.

Early polling numbers are bound to change – but the important item of note is that Murray has had a hard time polling above 46 all season. If Rossi can rightfully tie her to Obama’s economy, to her liberal failings, and her ultra-liberal agenda, the Independent voters in WA State are going to continue to rally behind the candidate who is promising something a little different.

Rossi may not be the preferred Tea Party candidate, but he is the Republican candidate for the general election. He is more likely to vote with conservative bills, though less likely to author them. He is more likely to fight Obama’s agenda, but is less likely to stand out as a true adversary to Obama. He may represent the old hat established GOP in the state and nation, but on election day there are two choices: Rossi or Murray. Through hard work and grassroots efforts, Rossi could be suaded to support true Constitutional legislation – Murray, not a chance...

The choice is clear when all other choices have been eliminated – choose the path of least resistance on the ballot; but do not surrender your voice, your vote, or the power of the movement for mere partisan power. Hold true to conservatism and libertarianism, and press the government to endorse the idea of freedom.

I will vote for Rossi come November... I will do so gladly, because between now and then, and for his full term, I will call, write, and take every attempt to talk to the man directly, ensuring that he knows that freedom is more than just another word for 'nothing left to lose'...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Temple for Emperor Hirohito Built in Pearl Harbor

On a tropical cliff overlooking the blue waters of Oahu's Pearl Harbor, a private land owner has created a temple for praise and prayer in memorial of the Japanese Emperor. The plaque laid at the entrance to the temple reads, in part, "it is our prayer that through embracing traditional Japanese culture, the people of this land can embrace the wisdom of our actions". The picture of the temple is seen, left.

The opening ceremonies of the new temple drew crowds in the hundreds, all of whom were given the Imperial Japanese flag of the rising sun to wave proudly in triumph of the unveiling.

While I support the right of private land owners to build places of worship and prayer, or to handle their property however they see fit, I have to question the intent and logic behind their actions. Clearly, in this case, the temple of Hirohito overlooks the graveyard of thousands of sailors, some of whom remain entombed in the Arizona. Why, I am wondering, would a private religious or other group raise a shrine of celebration overlooking a tomb made possible by the very man the shrine celebrates? How is it possible to see this shrine as anything other than a mockery of the hallowed grounds below it?

If this story sounds familiar, it is. Though I respect and support private property, a certain level of decorum is expected when it comes to final resting places and battlefields. I don't support Walmarts being built atop historic Civil War battlefields, I don't support etching mile high monuments on sacred lands stolen from sovereign tribes, and I cannot support a super-mosque being constructed at ground zero.

As ludicrous as my title story (false as it may be) is, the idea that sacred land can be so easily defiled is the true lunacy to which we are all witness in this mad world in which we live.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WA Primary Results - The Right to Vote versus Voting

Washingtonians have cast their votes, and the results are about what one could expect. The Senate race saw Democrat incumbent Murray pulling in considerably less than the 50% needed for victory in November, Dino Rossi (the establishment backed GOP Candidate) grabbing the majority of the Republican votes, and the Tea Party candidates and "also ran" candidates pulling in about 12% at the highest (Clint Didier). With Washington State's 'top two' primary, Murray and Rossi will be the sole names on the ballot for US Senate in Washington state - the top of the 2010 ticket.

WA State voter turnout for the primary was an embarrassing 26%... Iraqi's are facing mortars and shells in order to get the purple finger at rates upward of 80%... yet the country who is dictating their democracy cannot even find 15 minutes to cast their 'all mail-in' ballot. I think the voters here simply do not care anymore... I polled 4 guys with whom I work, all of whom are vocal political commentators at work - yet two of them failed to vote - one said he simply had no opinion about any candidate.

That being said, Rossi, a long time Republican from the Washington State old hats, a centrist Republican (like Scott Brown) will be leading the conservative charge in WA State. In fact, Tea Party candidates did not fare too well here in the Evergreen state... the reason? Political organizing is dismal in this state - last minute notifications, no political dialogue, no forum for debate... you name it, WA state is the land of apathy, not opportunity - for most. What we are faced with is a minority class of active voters trying to push the rope on the other 75% of the state registered voters.

You can lead a politician to Washington, but you can't stop him from spending, right?

We all have the right to vote, yet we continually see a vast majority of our fellow citizens who refuse to lay claim to that right. I am no political scientist, but my best guess has something to do with the 7 minute attention span, the commercialism of our society, and the absolute distraction in all avenues of our existence. With a constant barrage of advertising, reality TV, and the like, it is no wonder that by the time campaign season comes around we couldn't care less (technically 'they' couldn't care less... I couldn't care more!!!) Why worry about voting once for a Senator, I can text the word 'VOTE' to 64752 as many times as I want for my favorite dancer or singer - standard texting rates apply. We have prioritized the important aspects of our free society right out of our lives... and the result is, well, my monologue from above.

Moving forward, onward to November, it is our duty as the active and thinking branch of the voting citizenry to approach our candidates... Force them into dialogue, press the issues... make sure that they understand that just because everyone else has been scrubbed from the ballot in November does not excuse them from public scrutiny from disenchanted members of their own party. We still have the power to shape the debate. We still have the power to reign in our 'establishment' candidates. We still have a voice, a right, a duty to be an active member of this society, and of this government. We are the FIRST PILLAR of the government... WE THE PEOPLE. So easily we forget...

Let us not forget that 2010 is not simply about a transfer of power between party's... it is about a correction to the wrongs committed against the people of this nation, and the contract between WE and the Govt. 2010, and every election henceforth should be an education on the limited power granted to the government BY the people. It should be a reaffirmation of truth and liberty. It should be the final word of the people... that Liberty will always undo tyranny... That the people do take notice... That we choose to be free...

It is my fear, that 75% of the people will not hear this message.

Liberty is obvious to those who can see it... libertas ad oculos!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AK Sen Ted Stevens

The victim of brutal liberal elections tactics, Ted Stevens lost his re-election campaign in 2008 after his name was dragged through the mud on corruption charges, and an illegal conviction - a conviction that was voided and all indictment dismissed almost immediately after the election showed his liberal competitor as the election victor. He was the longest serving Republican Senator in the history of the Senate, and though he was known for bringing home the bacon, his actions helped develop the infrastructure of the last frontier. No voice for limited government, but a man who devoted his entire life to the Great State of Alaska, Ted Stevens was taken from this earth by the Alaska he loved so dearly.

Ted Stevens was a passenger on a single engine plane, along with 8 others (including crew), which crashed en-route to a private fishing lodge in southwest Alaska.

Thank you for your service. May you find peace and rest in the world that lies beyond our own! God bless you, Sen Stevens, and may He watch over your family and the State of Alaska in this time of loss.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Declaration of Nullification

RJ Harris - a Constitutional Conservative who was running for Congress in the Tribal lands of Oklahoma! Harris was defeated by Republican incumbent Tom Cole, who will be unopposed in the general election and be seated for a fifth term in Congress. Cole, a conservative with Libertarian tendencies, is a favorite of this blog... however, I believe in the spirit of primary elections, especially when the message of the people is thrust into the scene... In this case, the message of state's sovereignty and nullification!

Justice Elena Kagan? **UPDATED**

Obama's liberal Senate, including a few cowardly GOP turncoats, have confirmed Elena Kagan as the 112th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. A self proclaimed constitution hating socialist guaranteed to prop up her political ideals and squash liberty, Elena Kagan is yet another lasting blemish on the face of the country left by the Obama administration.

Her extremism, however, moves no power within the court. The court still remains liberty minded 5-4. Kagan is merely a replacement for another long serving liberal activist judge. The board remains unchanged. As such, I have nothing more to say - she will vote left, and there will be no shock to her extremist rulings on any case.

There is something more troubling. We forevermore will have to look at her asexual face amongst the many others in black robes.

Is it too hard to ask for a talented, experienced, attractive politician? The GOP is full of them. I guess the Dems are the party of bitter, unattractive, angry women... not just the "party of women". Not to worry. There are conservative women too. (Nikki Haley, SC Gov. Candidate)

Am I being superficial? Of course. But it is derived from the sheer lunacy of everything else happening at the highest levels of this government. There is no other choice but to laugh!


So I log onto FoxNews and see the following picture:

Obama's Top Economic Advisor, Christina Romer. The photo is not doctored in any way. As much as I am sure she is a nice little socialist with feelings and friends, my original protest over the general 'appearance' of these leading liberal women is further reinforced. To which I have to counter with a leading industry economic savvy businesswoman, and Republican Candidate for Senate in California, Carly Fiorina:

Seriously... Is it too much to ask? I came upon the FoxNews story whilst I ate... not nice, Libs... not nice!