Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Most Beautiful Act of Compassion

What began as a chaotic day, preceded by a chaotic weekend, preceded by a continuum of high stress chaotic days, ended with a prayer for clarity and peace in my mind and a prayer answered.  Before I detail the precise nature of the prayer or the moment of clarity, I have to marvel at the wonder that is the unexpected...

My prayer was simple, “please give me clarity so that I may see both the answer and the question.”

What followed was an intense hot flash of white light which woke me and a night of endless thought processes solving the most impossible questions, and finally a soft voice that quieted all of my thoughts; a moment of clarity.

The most beautiful act of compassion is to not restrict self-determination.”

My prayer answered in the simplest of terms wherein the answer and the question co-exist in a unified thought.  It is the answer that begs any question, and any question can be thusly answered.

I then began to meditate on this statement in hopes to fully understand its intended purpose in my mind, and I was gently reminded of the natural blessing of free-will and how the understanding of the Biblical teachings and my search for Universal Truth have brought me round again and again to the above concept.  It has shaped my life, my political will, and my connection to the universe.  I find that when I resist the pure intent of this Truth is when I find myself most at odds with the universe around me.

I spoke this truth after a moment of clarity following my best friend’s death, simply as the word “Timshel”.

Biblically, God breathed more than life into man.  Into man was also breathed the spirit of Free Will.  Thou mayest.  Throughout the Holy Scriptures there is seen time and again the option, the choice, to do what is good or not.  The testament to Truth is the ability to come to it freely, and to allow others to do the same.  In all scriptures of Truth across all time across all religions there is this recurring Truth, the source of True Universal Love.

My life is simplified today by the knowledge that turmoil, grief, and chaos are born of resistance of what is, dwelling on what was, and fearing what is to come.  I will continue to preach this truth, that interference in another’s right to self-determination is the source of evil in our lives.  From whatever soapbox I am afforded, and whatever personal struggle I am facing, I will remind myself and others that the most beautiful act of compassion is non-interference in their self-determination, and that peace will be realized in our lifetime only when humanity learns this most valuable lesson of Love.