Monday, February 28, 2011

Rebellion is the Final Protest

Over the past week I have been enthralled with the reporting of the upheaval of a society in Northern Africa. A 42 year despot's regime is crumbling around him, his people collectively rejecting his form of government. A rebellion, a revolution... or simply a protest?

Report after report identifies that cities are in the control of 'protesters'... that security is being handled by protesters... and that military forces are switching sides to join the protesters.

So I ask, at what point do we identify the protesters as opposition military forces? When do they cease to be peaceful protesters and begin being rebel forces?

"Public Opinion"... the choice words of the day. Regardless of your stance on the Libyan rebellion, be ever cautious of the thought control the media has over you, the reader.

If Qaddafi was reported as attacking and retaking military bases and coastal cities from rebelling civilians joined by military personnel who have renounced loyalty to the regime and joined the rebellion, one would be so inclined to look at the situation and say, "ah... civil war. Maybe Qaddafi should suspend Habeus Corpus and march his soldiers into every town and burn them until he can be assured that his country, his nation, is secure."

Instead, we hear of peaceful opposition "skirmishing" with Libyan military, and protesters "shooting down" Libyan jets.

What may have begun as anti-government protests has become a rebellion - a civil war. At what point does the media recognize this?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To the shores of Tripoli

In the Libyan capitol, Tripoli, the despot ruler has flown in mercenaries from Chad and Sudan to secure the streets. He is doing the same across the rebelling North African country, ordering the destruction of the oil fields and the killing of opposition protestors. The military, which was designed to be weak to hamper any coup attempts, has largely deserted their post and refuses to attack their own citizens; however, the mercenaries have no problem enforcing Gadhafhi's orders to attack citizens and infrastructure. The mercenaries can be seen in this video (smuggled from Libya onto YouTube) - the video is from Benghazi, the city already overtaken by opposition forces:

The thugs are working to disrupt and damage as much as possible, aiming at civilians who have taken protectorate roles over the streets and areas within the cities.

This is a tactic discussed by many bloggers, including me, during the concern for the deployment of active duty military to the United States, and the practice of using troops from different US regions in unconstitutional FEMA crack-downs, like post-Katrina New Orleans. A local trooper would have a hard time attacking their brothers, but a non-local looks at it as a meal-ticket, a duty... regardless of the order. So it goes here as well as in Libya.

Unfortunately for Libya, the Marines are not available to help secure Tripoli, to fight of the despot, or to hoist the flag of freedom over the capitol... This one they're going to have to do on their own.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Democracy Kills

The United States was founded as a Republic. It was a gift dreamed up in antiquity, revived in revolt, and bequeathed to the sons and daughters of a fledgling nation of states. It is a concept so profound that impatience alone is powerful enough to destroy it. Imagine establishing a government where intellect and ideals trumped panic and fear; where the people under the government were safe from emotional mob rule. Imagine the strength of a society built with a Republic as her pillars.

In a republic, nothing so inspires men as the sovereignty of the self; for only in a Republic can man truly be free.

Only in a republic can the minority, even the minority of one, imagine freedom. Only in a republic can the sovereign self expect to live without persecution. Only in a republic does man stand a chance to grow beyond the menial obligations to the masses. Only in a republic can the soul truly be free.

In a republic there is hope for enlightenment, for freedom of the body, soul, and mind.

In a democracy, however, there lives fear; for democracies are the breeding ground of corruption and tyranny. Democracy is the petri dish of a disease, the disease of power. What curious draw, the power of one man over others. The power to use force at the whim of the masses. Mob rule, all else had better fall in line or fall to the sword. There is no freedom, only but what is perceived.

In a democracy hope comes only from the mob, for men will fall under the weight of the will of the masses.

In a democracy, the mob rules. In a republic, the mob advises.

The difference will be detailed in blood.


Relevent current events:
1. Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, where the uneducated masses overthrow tyranical figures only to be forced into a democracy in the near future, where minority groups will surely be persecuted by majority - be they Christians in 'Muslim lands', Women in previously secular dictatorships, etc. In the Middle East, Democracy will lead to Civil War; Civil war will lead to regional World War.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Fans the Flames - Supports Middle-East Blowback

Barack Obama's handling of the protests in the Middle East has caused US allies to question our alliance, and has placed otherwise stable constitutional countries in jeopardy. The region is in extreme blowback after a decades long policy of puppet regime in the region, and instead of securing interests of the US Empire, our federal government is supporting the rebellion and handing the outer regions of 'Rome' to the hoards.

Tunisia ousted their leader through protest. A strong US ally replaced by an unknown. Protests trickled into Algeria, Libya, and Egypt.

In Egypt, the world watched as one of the strongest US allies in the region was systematically defeated by protesters and backed by radical Islamic groups. What was more troubling was the involvement by the US President in a statement calling for the US ally to step down 'yesterday'. The Egyptian constitution was destroyed and the 30 year president turned power over to the military, leaving a gaping hole in the region's stability.

Sudan recently voted to split into two countries and civil war still rages in that country. The US has done little to secure that region, including a 'hands-off' approach during the genocide in that country over the last decade.

Lebanon has been a mess for years.

Protests have erupted in Jordan, leaving the US ally and King wondering if Obama will soon throw him under the bus to the protesters.

Yemenis have taken to the street looking to oust the US supported government with a potential to repeat Egyptian outcome within months.

The tiny island of Bahrain, home to the US 5th fleet, saw protests turn deadly in the main square, drawing larger crowds... it is only a matter of time before the protests grow further on increasing reports of protester casualties.

The United Arab Emirates has fallen victim to deadly protests, and the people are growing more violent against the harsh treatment of protesters by the government forces.

Iranian opposition leaders have taken the cue and have moved to the streets calling for an ouster of their theocratic regime. Iranian officials are calling for the quick arrest, prosecution, and death sentence for the opposition - kangaroo courts. Clinton and Obama have backed protesters against the Iranian government.

There are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What we are witness to is the death of the American Empire. Every single one of these countries, excluding Iran, are puppet states of the United States. They served as guaranteed allies in securing the mineral wealth of the oil-rich middle east for the purposes of consumption by the United States. Each of these regimes have been funded and aided by the US and US military, and play a strategic roll in US influence in the world. Losing the ease of dictatorial powers in the region affords a more level playing field by the people of those countries against the US in regional influence... thus affording less control of de-facto US territory... a loss of the territory, really.

With the increase in "Democracy" protests in the region, and the domino effect of collapsing regimes, the make-up of the entire region from North Africa into Persia is on the brink of drastic change. Old alliances are no longer secure. Regional security is no longer certain. Larger scale wars are almost inevitable.

Perhaps Obama's idiocy is his genius. Perhaps the collapse of US backed regimes is the first step in a post-Wilsonian US foreign policy. Maybe his quest for 'democracy by protest' (other than 'democracy by the gun') is the catalyst for decreased US influence and a return to world neutrality. Most likely, however, this has been one giant cluster-F, and Obama has no clue what is happening, what the consequences to our status-quo will be, or how to stop it from spreading beyond the borders of the Islamic world.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Failed Votes in House Indicate GOP Establishment Not in Control

FoxNews reports it as a blunder, but I call it damn fine politics!

Yesterday there was a GOP backed bill to permanently extend key provisions of the Patriot Act. The GOP establishment have lived off of the Patriot Act as their bread and butter for the last decade. Now with a near super majority, passing such a Bill should be simple, right?


There are a number of Patriots in Congress right now, elected as members of the Tea Party, who are very serious about the role of the government and the constitution, and who are very serious about returning rights stripped from the citizens over the last decade. These GOP Tea Partiers are voting in the style of a true third party, sending a very clear message to the GOP - You are NOT in control.

Our Congress is made up of three or four parties right now, though there are only two official party caucuses... The Democrats who are strongly united to the left, as most of the "fourth party" blue dog moderates lost their seats in 2010, the remaining moderate Blue Dogs, the centrist GOP, and the Tea Party Republicans. If you run the numbers, there is no majority party in our government - so in the style of the British House of Commons, a unity government must be formed. If the GOP continues to ignore the constitution, you can be sure that the Tea Party will not be voting in favor of the Bill; and the GOP becomes a minority party once again.

The power in Congress lies in the hands of the Tea Party/Libertarian/Constitutionalist officials. What we have seen in Congressional voting in the past two days is a lesson in the Constitution, and a civics reminder for the establishment (minority) GOP - WE THE PEOPLE hold the power!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CPAC Week and the Dark Horse Candidates

This is CPAC week, and even though some potential 2012 candidates are not speaking, other lesser potentials are using the CPAC event as a continued institution for networking and furthering the political dialogue. Huckabee and Palin are not scheduled to attend or to speak, but the likes of Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Luis Fortuño are expected to take a moment on stage.

We are one year away from the Iowa caucuses, and I believe that the usual attendees at these events do so in hopes to stay current, maintain or gain name recognition, and wait for their chance to jump into the race (or at least receive a draft movement on their behalf).

The 2008 campaign was changed by two dark horse candidates - Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. They both could now enter the 2012 race as established figures in the party with a clear direction and message. 2012 still leaves much room for a dark horse candidate... for someone with a message or movement that could unite the country and fix this economic, foreign, and otherwise general disaster we have in there now...

Keep an eye on Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rican governor. He just got a Bob Barr endorsement in the Atlanta Journal, and the Associated Press just interviewed me for a story they are going to run about a potential Puerto Rican President of the United States. Like I said, there is plenty of room for a dark horse candidate to establish himself over the next year... with the rate of progress in Puerto Rico, and their rebounding economy, one has to wonder how much longer before Fortuño becomes a household name...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Burden of the 2012 GOP Race - Being First

By the end of January 2007, roughly all major candidates had entered the race for the GOP nomination for President; a move that lead to a mudfest / bloodfest and ruined the political futures of a few individuals. It was a situation that provided a tough lesson, a lesson being strictly and seriously taken by all potential candidates in 2012: For God's Sake, Don't Be First!

The usual cast of characters, those left over from 2008, are expected to enter the race. Being first, however, means becoming a target. If Palin goes first, the other candidates enter as a common sense alternative to the Hockey Mom who has no experience (regardless of her message). If Romney goes first, the others enter the race as small government alternatives without a history of failed state healthcare systems. If Huckabee goes first... well, you see the pattern.

Make no mistake. February will be the month where the staring contest comes to an end. Someone is going to make the first gesture toward the podium. And like Rudy Guilliani in 2008, who went from a sure thing to a has-been, the targets have already been pre-manufactured and the bloodbaths will ensue.

That being said, the RCP average has a neck-n-neck tie between Romney, Huckabee, and Palin, with Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and Ron Paul rounding out the field. No one candidate is clearly dead or alive. And the field looks to explode once the usual suspects have thrown their names in the ring.

Who I am most interested to see enter the race: Lou Dobbs and Michelle Bachmann.

Lou Dobbs because we, the people, may actually get a straight answer from our commander in chief. We may actually see an end to the destruction of the US borders. We may have a fiscal strategy that will drastically reduce the national debt, strengthen the dollar, and secure our interests at home. With a Dobbs administration we can expect a post Wilsonian Foreign Policy, a reduction in foreign influence on America, and a period of internal healing and soul searching.

Michelle Bachmann because strong, conservative, and Libertarian leaning women not only get my heart pounding, but because the American people share a special place for that feminine strength. It says something about our nation, and the equal footing provided to all genders or creeds. The message is important, but there is a tactical advantage in picking the right messenger. Someone like Bachmann has the influence and the recognition to put real, hardworking conservative women into the political spotlight... and hopefully remove the spotlight from less experienced celebrity conservatives, such as Palin.

Alas... the race cannot start if all the horses refuse to enter the gates... so they circle in the backfield, waiting... gritting their teeth and honing their sights on the finish... Who is going to define the field? Who is going to be first? Who is ready to become dog meat?

C'Mon guys... let the games begin... we're ready for the entertainment to begin!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obama's Egyptian Blunder, Constitutional Mis-step

Obama's call for the resignation of the Egyptian President is unfounded. The long time US ally has been a stabilizing force in the region for three decades. There is no animosity between the US and Egypt (until yesterday). We supply their munitions which provides for their defense, jobs, and the protection of trade routes in the region. A stable Egypt is very important for world commerce and regional security. One has to question the motives of Obama; one has to, just 24 hours after Obama denounced the Egyptian ally, smack their forehead in disbelief at the foreign policy blunder on order of Jimmy Carter.

Obama couldn't resist the opportunity to appear as a mouthpiece for a populist movement, doing so on behalf of 'democracy'. He made a poorly calculated move to appear as the bringer of peace and stability, the voice of reason. His voice emboldened the anti-protesters (the pro-government civilians) who had, until then, been silent. Obama sent scores of people into the streets to send the message that the protests to overthrow the government, and the opinion of the US Embarrassment in Chief, are not conducive to stability or continued secularity. Pro-government civilians have already eluded to the speech of Obama as the tipping point in taking to the streets in violent clashes against the protesters.

The abandonment of the Egyptian government by the US has put the region at risk of a major conflict, threatens shipping, and places a potential for a theocratic regime to sweep into power on an Iranian style anti-US message. Obama has placed millions of lives at risk, has endangered US interests and forces in the region, and has lost credibility with other allies who are facing similar populist criticism. His risk seems to have suffered an immediate backlash, and could prove to be the 1979 of the Obama administration.

The best approach Obama could have taken is to remain neutral in what was a non-violent situation. The country has a constitution. The country has defenses. The country has a population empowered and free enough to petition the government for redress of grievances. If Obama believes that a country's laws, her constitution, are so unimportant so as to completely dismiss them, then why not acknowledge the same of ours...

oh wait... nevermind.