Monday, April 27, 2009

*GRAPHIC LANGUAGE* - On the Iraqi Beratement Video

The following is the much talked about YouTube video from Iraq, where a US Serviceman gives the Iraqi Police Force a tongue lashing due to their lack of action in securing their country. I warn you, the language is fit only for sailors and bikers...

All I have to say is HOORAH!

This is the tough talk that we need out on capitol hill!

It is unfortunate that the Obama administration will most likely, behind closed doors, identify this leader and flog him harming the US image abroad.

In Other News - I have not gone away. I have been holed up with a sick kiddo and now am sick myself (not swine flu). When I am ready to climb out of the cave, I will get back to the action.

In the mean time, take a day and make it your own... as for me, I need to get back to sleep!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Anti-Conservatism Goes Mainstream

After the Tea Parties there was considerable talk about the meaning, intent, and lasting effect of conservatives protesting the government. What is notable, however, is the majority of the coverage was negative - portraying the protests as racist, proclaiming that conservatives were simply protesting a black president. MSNBC went so far as having a lengthy discussion about the mental retardation of conservatives due to the misshapen brains which we all poses... and this is the news of our nation in this time:

As was discussed in a previous article regarding CNN reporters "confronting" protesters instead of interviewing or reporting the story, suggesting that these 100% peaceful rallies were somehow "not suitable for Family Viewing", there is a dangerous lurch in the mainstream media onto the bandwagon of anti-conservatism. In short, the "Free Media" has become the "State Media", acting as a mouthpiece for a political movement rather than a genuine group interested in true journalism. It is one thing to pick and choose stories and add respective commentary, etc. - but the "reporting" as seen in the news clip above is shameful and sickening!

The common theme for this mainstream movement is "Capitalism is Dead", or that Capitalist ideas and "corporate greed" are somehow responsible for our economic crisis. This is a fear tactic aimed at confusing and diluting the truth - used many times before to drive a populist frenzy against a political adversary.

The truth of the matter is that the Radical Left is now the "mainstream", socialism is being publicly embraced as the new face of America, and all those in opposition are being directly targeted for social re-education... first through public "floggings", and eventually through re-education camps as part of Obama's "Civilian Security Force".

America is being changed dramatically - from a society of freedom and prosperity, into one of dependency and welfare.

Anti-Conservatism has gone mainstream - with the full intent to associate those identifying as Republicans, Conservatives, or otherwise anti-Socialist as mental defects whose brains are deformed and are therefore incapable of intelligent thought.

We know what THEY think about us... and we know that they think we all need to be cast aside... there is no will or want for negotiation, moderation, or otherwise sensible reasoning. They want conservatives and conservative ideals eradicated - like a plague on our New Society...

Equally - I want, and am sure most of my readers want, the mainstreaming of Socialism eradicated...

This nation thrives on individual success - however, the generational theft is complete... the push for equal outcome through my entire childhood, and those of my generation has succeeded in re-educating our nation into one of anti-liberty, pro-tyranny subjects!

Gone is the age of state pride - as collectivism trumps localism.
Gone is the age of national pride - as internationalism trumps nationalism.
Gone is the age of reason - as fear and misinformation trumps science.
Gone is the age of liberty - as social dependence trumps individual success.

If Economic Conservatism, also known as Capitalism, is the enemy then Socialism is the new norm.

Realized are the Entitlements.
Realized are the Dependents.
Realized are the Fools.

There is a common truth, that when any system becomes unbalanced it is thrown into chaos. It is true with the mind, the eco-system, and politics. Just as a Hurricane forms from unstable hot air, the more unbalanced the temperature the more destructively chaotic the storm; so to is the political realm... when such an unbalance arises, a chaos scenario is forming in the wings.

Our nation is seeing this perceived unbalance - where an economic Socialist like George Bush is demonized for not doing enough... and future Republican candidates attempting to run to the right of GWB economically will be lambasted as the enemy of America - when in truth, as was the truth since the dawning of the Cold War - IT IS SOCIALISM AND TOTALITARIANISM WHO IS THE TRUE ENEMY TO AMERICAN VALUES.

When these ideas go mainstream, there is a question: are we losing, or we have already lost?

The answer is that we are striking fear into the heart of the Socialist movement within the Democratic Party... and their retaliation is this attempted death blow... Fortunatley for logical beings, their tactics are easily exposed and will eventually backfire - hopefully in 2010, definately in 2012. If not, then the answer becomes that it is not just we as individuals who have lost, but the nation as a whole!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are We Intelligent Enough to Understand Symbols?

I am the gentleman pictured with the "Hope/Change/Obey" sign in this image taken at the Denver Tea Party - and want to take a moment to address the use of the swastika in the image. The Swastika was the symbol of a political party/movement in Germany, that of the Nationalist-Socialist movement... The use of the symbol merely identifies the political movement of the individual associated with "Hope" for Germany in the 1930s. Similarly, the Hammer and Sickle represented a political party/movement in Russia. Obama-ites use their symbol for political purposes - and history will judge the future use of that symbol.

To compare Obama (or Bush, for that matter) to Hitler or Lenin is not to directly relate to their historical outcome (i.e. mass genocide), rather to the threat of such similarities in policy. When our political leaders push for totalitarianism, history shows the consequences. I am not blaming Bush or Obama for genocide - rather warning that all cases of Social Collectivism and Totalitarianism have led to historically grim results. We need to stay aware of historical trends... which is precisely in line with the theme of the Tea Party - that large government, intrusive government, and government aimed at targeting political dissidents is dangerous.

I shared these same concerns with anyone questioning my sign - though those photographing from a distance were free and likely to draw their own preconceived notions about the intent of such propaganda at a rally.

Ultimately, as is reported by the Peoples Press Collective, the use of the Swastika is not appropriate, however common themes of Hammer and Sickle were widely used and not demonized - though more people were murdered under the symbol of the Soviet Union than the symbol of Nazi Germany.

So I pose this question - Are we intelligent enough to understand symbols? Are we intelligent enough to discuss trends, threats, and historical parallels?

I understand that perception is king when mob rules - however, to identify negativity with a swastika and not with the hammer/sickle is asinine. And to think that policies for continued power, including the creation of civilian security forces, are anything less than comparable to the same tactics used by political tragedies of the past is outright wrong.

I am not insisting that the outcomes are going to be equal - but the opportunity surely is!

CNN Declares War on FoxNews - Sign of Agenda Based Left v. Middle of the Road Right

Over the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to watch CNN in any number of airport terminals - and having watched CNN in the past as a balance to Fox coverage of events, I noticed something new - ALL anchors openly attacked Fox News as a "Right Wing" mouthpiece.

Not to address any one anchor or reporter by name, there was an overwhelmingly blatant disrespect for FoxNews, viewers of FoxNews, and several references to "Right Wingers", being those who still hold onto Conservative Values in the "Era of Obamanation".

Fox News, not hitting back, rather, reporting on the increased lack of journalistic professionalism, invited the Founder and the President of the Media Research Center to address, from a Media Watchdog POV, the position CNN is taking in instigating these journalistic attacks.

Just as the report above indicates, CNN is becoming less and less "reporters reporting news" and more "activists pushing an agenda". They are increasingly insulting and demeaning of those who dissent with their political views, and as such have become nothing more than a political mouthpiece lacking true journalistic qualities.

I have said this on several occasions, and I will echo my point once again. What has developed in America is a battle of ideology - Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Small Government versus Big Government, Social Programs, and Intrusive Government Control. The two cannot co-exist... so we find ourselves in a battle where for one to survive, the other must be entirely destroyed.

If we fail in our struggle Libertarianism and Conservativism will be destroyed... replaced with ultimate Socialism and Collectivism.

News Media has now entered the battle in a most direct and blunt way. Where there was suspected bias before, the battle has begun.

For CNN to openly criticize "Right Wingers" and specifically "Conservatism", and to broadcast a vested hatred for their political ideology is little more than propaganda for opposition political ideals.

If ever there was a conspiracy, it is now. The White House and Congress, led by ultra Liberal Democrats, are pulling their collective power to eliminate opposition - that is using the "free press" (BWAHAHAHA!!!), the police agencies under the DHS, and their "Citizen Army" to ridicule, openly attack, and most likely when the time is right, to physically strike the end blow to dissenting views.

CNN was lambasted as the "Clinton News Network" during the 90's, failing to cover stories with an ounce of journalistic integrity... What we see now is worse... it has gone from choice coverage to open attacks of political dissidents.

They have gone from useless to dangerous.

To counter any attacks from readers who will say that Talk Radio is equally as dangerous, I give you this: CNN claims to be a journalistic entity which is held to standards of neutrality in their reporting. Talk Radio is opinion based radio directed at open dialogue on issues related to politics. Though there is a level of journalistic integrity required for Talk Radio, it is largely opinion based. News Media is a different medium, and is to be held to different standards... unless CNN intends to become an opinion based talk show - like Oprah...who is nothing more than the TV version of Limbaugh. One is journalistic, the other is entertainment.

When opinion is mistaken for "news", especially when it is politically motivated, you run the risk of intentional political censorship. When news becomes filtered and censored for political purposes, such as in Iran and North Korea, you have moved into a very dangerous territory.

Observations from the Tea Party and Lessons Learned

Crowd Control
First and foremost, I have never seen Police Officers so relaxed during a large scale protest of between 5000-10,000 individuals. From my location, which was along Broadway, State Troopers and other officers were largely smiling, happily discussing issues with protesters, and generally at ease. At no time did I notice that police were on edge, even during the peak of the protest when the crowd swelled and there was a lot of movement of a large amount of people. Namely, this can be attributed to the fact that conservative protesters were angry, but carried a gentile disposition. The left has labelled us as right-wing nuts for our protests - but reality would indicate that we were a group of intelligent, level headed citizens, wishing only to carry a clear message: Individual Responsibility is NOT Dead!

Our message
Signs present were vast, but there was one major message - stop government growth and spending. Signs were present that expressed individuals being "tea'd off" at both Dems and Rep politicians, which was an underlying theme of these parties - non-partisan with a common message of government accountability. Some protesters related government spending to government sponsored abortion, as Obama's funding for pro-abortion programs is just that - federally funded murder. Some protesters went satirical, some were serious - stating that "we will fight you for it" referring to resisting Socialist America. My sign read: Hope, Change, Obey with pictures of Hitler, Stalin, and Obama - with a supporting document on hand - the DHS briefing targeting "right wing extremists". It was my intention not to distract from the tea theme, but to draw attention to the specific targeting of political dissent as enemies of the state. This melded with the ultimate theme of government growth and encroachment - which includes spending - on state and individual rights. About 400 pictures were taken of me and my sign - some from media - and some with video cameras. The intent of the video camera was clearly to catch a "right wing nut" compare Obama to Hitler, but my level headed response was such: "What Bush did in growing government and government spending, Obama is perfecting. I am here in support of states and individual rights protected by the 9th and 10th amendment to the Constitution. Many others are here in protest of the growth in spending and the encroachment of government beyond constitutional bounds." Needless to say, I doubt my response will actually make the cut - opting instead to use footage from less-articulate protesters.

Media and Leftist Reporting/Blogging
Media coverage on site was minimal, and national coverage by news organizations other than Fox was mocking or non-existent. In fact, Local Denver 9 o'clock news on Fox 13 (after American Idol) led with a story about a transgender murder, and after the first five minutes no mention, not even in the introduction highlight of stories for the day, did they mention the protests. Fox Cable News, this morning, ran a story which I was unable to watch, but the headline was "Media Mockery" with aerial footage of some of the events of the day. Leftist Blogs are calling the tea parties failures, indicating that the gathering of 200,000+ protesters, each easily representing 10 who couldn't attend because they had jobs, was little more than right wing extremists - twisting messages on signs to fit an agenda of perceived racism, etc. In Denver, how could you consider one of the largest protests ever at the state capital a failure? Media bias bent on talking down to angry citizens, marginalizing our message and purpose, and deterring individuals from joining the angry majority. In short, the left and the liberal media are attempting to dismiss the meaning, seriousness, and potential impact of these protests. In fact, the most stunning sign in Denver read "I hate that you have made me a protester"... the general feeling of many who were in attendance as well as those not able to make it... How dare our government radicalize core conservative values - and how dare the media marginalize our protest! Hugh Hewitt played a clip on his radio show during the protests in which a CNN or MSNBC reporter began yelling at a protester in the middle of an attempted interview - indicating my next topic - the left just don't get it

The Left Just Didn't Get It
Obama made a speech in regard to the tax day protests, admitting that he didn't fully understand why folks were protesting, as he had just cut taxes for certain individuals. Some counter-protesters (all four of them) held signs saying "Just Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes". General Liberal Media rejected the protests as simple partisan venting with no major implications on American Politics - going so far as attempting to back up their case with a "poll" from their website which indicates that "most Americans support the stimulus packages". On every level it is very clear - the Left just don't understand why Conservatives and Libertarians are enraged.

As such, let me spell it out for our, ahem, slower friends...

1. A majority of us on the right didn't support Bush's stimulus spending. Bailouts, entitlements, etc - these are all failed economic programs that do nothing more than stagnate economies - take special note of Japan's economy during the 90's, where bail-outs and entitlements to the citizens increased debt and did nothing to stimulate their economy - we are in the same trap. The left claims that free market killed the economy, but they are lying... it is the encroachment of these failed socialist economic principles that killed the economy, but they on the left used a wool blanket lie that "Bush was in Charge, he is a conservative, so therefore conservative free markets failed". In philosophy 101, this is clearly identified as a false logical argument... also known as an attempt to make something appear true when it is, in fact, not... Bush was a social conservative, NOT an economic conservative... These are two very different and distinct issues that the left want to confuse, but it must be our role to tell the truth.

2. The right don't mind paying taxes - we just want to eliminate unnecessary taxes. We pay more than our fair share. We want an overhaul of the tax system - to a flat or fair tax. Make those in the lower tax bracket buy a stake in America - make them pay a flat rate of 18%... the same rate that the wealthy should have to pay... This rate is proven to promote maximum economic growth - anything less and there is not enough for "social balance", anything more and there is incentive to cheat taxation (and less incentive to succeed).

3. We want the government to curb spending. We want the government to eliminate debt owned to foreign nations.

4. We want the government to return to the Constitutional Republic structure on which it was founded... with smaller federal government, and more control at the local and state levels... re-enact the 9th and the 10th amendment, returning powers to the states, and reducing the role of the federal government to within the boundaries of the constitution.

5. We want the government out of businesses, out of banks (including the Federal Reserve - which is a private bank), out of mortgages, etc. Reduce your size and your role to the powers given to you by the people in the founding document - the Constitution. You have taken an oath to support and defend it - now do so!

6. And we want you and the government to leave our f-ing guns alone! We have a right to arm ourselves for personal, property, and civil defense as an unorganized militia. This is not a right from the government, but a natural right of existence.

To our friends on the left who still don't get it... You want equal outcome for all, we want equal opportunity for all... there is a difference. We should all have the opportunity for success without interference from other forces - least of all the government! We should not ensure that, regardless of level of effort or level of personal contribution, we all get the same product. This is the mindset that de-motivates and de-incentivizes a population, and as such removes or reduces the amount of individuals able or willing to strive for success. We want a reward system for success... you want a reward system for status-quo.

In closing - we will not be marginalized, we will not be cast aside. We will accept that you are radicalizing us, and we thank you for the motivation. We are stronger, smarter, and proven ideals that all free men strive toward. You are weaker, more easily duped, and support ideology that has failed throughout human history.

We will win - you will lose!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Majority of the crowd movinng on. Just us radicals and extremists left.
Getting rowdy down here. Some yelling by libs at graphic abortion signs. A lot of horn honking and cheering. Crowd moving around and getting energized.
Thousands andthousands in attendance. Conservatives still ariving by the thousand. Total counter protest numbers about four.
5000 people and counting at the steps of the Colorado capitol. No visible counter protests. Several Gadsden flags and DHS proclaimed terrorists.

Dept. of Homeland Security Labelling Conservatives as Terrorists, joins Missouri and Other State Intel Organizations

Just last week I reported that the Democratic Government of the state of Missouri released an intelligence briefing warning that those bearing conservative bumper stickers, clothing, etc should be considered potential right-wing extremists and terrorists. Now Obama's Department of Homeland Security is joining the chorus...

The DHS released an intelligence briefing warning that conservatives - that is, those opposing Obama's ultra-Liberal agenda - should be considered potential terrorists. This on the eve of the Tea Party Protests, clearly meant as a show of force by the Obama administration to Conservatives that noncompliance will not be tolerated - the first step toward totalitarianism...

The briefing can be read here

Specific areas I would like to highlight -

1. Regarding Lone Wolfs, as reported on Monday in my question into the Fiber Optics cut -
"The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks."

2. Those who have legally purchased weapons in the wake of the election have now been targeted as right wing extremists -
"Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans likely would
attract new members into the ranks of right wing extremist groups, as well as
potentially spur some of them to begin planning and training for violence
against the government. The high volume of purchases and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by right wing extremists in anticipation of restrictions and bans in some parts of the country continue to be a primary concern to law

3. Special warnings have been set for "Disgruntled Military Veterans" of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -
"DHS/I&A assesses that right wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence. The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today."

The report summarizes that those concerned with the following are potential terrorists:
1. concern over planned bans on guns, forced gun registration, and shortage of ammunition
2. concern over loss of US manufacturing ability to foreign countries
3. concern over UN involvement in US affairs, such as the new "Child Care" world treaty that Obama is signing the US into, and a broad move toward a One World Government
4. concern over lack of government action regarding illegal immigration
5. concern over economic downturn related to civil unrest and protests against the govt (Tea parties)
6. Christians who believe in "end times" prophecies
7. concern over same-sex marriage, abortion, and other leftist social agenda items

In short, just as the MIAC reported that conservative values were being deemed potential terrorist ideology, now so is the Department of Homeland Security echoing that call.

There is further discussion that Conservative Talk Radio is acting as the mouthpiece against the government, and is merely fanning the flames of dissent, leading to radical extremism - also known as conservatism...

Folks - the ideals of the Republican Platform, the basis for conservatism, and the fundamentals of libertarian free markets have officially been identified by the Obama Administration as threats to his new government - his new country.

I never would have thought that in America one who truly believes and defends the ideals on which this country were founded would be labelled as extreme.

So there you have it. As you join the tea parties today, know that the government is watching you - labelling you as a threat to American Security - and will treat you like the extremist terrorist that you are.

Give 'em hell, then, I suppose!


I plan to mobile blog from the Denver tea party today. Stay posted for any developing news. The reports will be short tweets posted directly to the blog, as developments occur.

My theme for protest will be:

Don't Tread On Me - Stop the Growth of Government, Stop Asset Seizures and Spending

I hope you can all make it down to one of the local rallies!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Isolated Incident or "Terror" Probe? Fiber Optics Lines Cut in San Jose

In the information technology capitol of the Untied States, Silicon Valley, ten fiber optics cables were cut in four locations on April 9th - effectively eliminating the ability for phones or Internet connectivity to hundreds of thousands of area residents, as well as hi-tech corporations. This was an act of sabotage, either by one or many individuals, which was well coordinated and precisely executed.

The question is, then, was this a mere isolated act of vandalism, or was this a probe measuring the response and impact of an attack on the cyber-infrastructure?

I have often speculated that the beginning phase of an attack would commence with an attack on communication lines... effectively eliminating the ability of individuals to receive information or share information with authorities. Was someone watching the impact of these line cuts to determine emergency service impact?

AT&T has offered a $250,000 bounty for information leading to the conviction of the culprits of this attack - much more than the usual $15,000 for infrastructure vandalism... indicating that this attack was something more.

If nothing else, it clearly highlighted the complete absence of security of the fiber optics network - as these culprits merely lowered themselves into a number of manholes and attacked the lines. There are no sensors, no alarms, nothing - other than intersection cameras...

In an age when even televisions will not be able to broadcast the emergency broadcast over the analog airwaves after June 15th, such reliance on a network of unsecured infrastructure is beyond troubling.

If you can effectively eliminate the transfer of information within a community while striking fear - such as some highly visible attack right before or right after, you can create chaos on a disastrous scale... Whether this was an intended "terror" probe or some isolated act of sabotage, it works in conjunction with other probes measuring how high of an effect there was on the community and how well the response was prepared and coordinated.

Ultimately, this type of attack underlines the most dangerous element - the "lone wolf"... the lack of leadership and the lack of ability for cells to organize and be infiltrated in this country have given rise, from time to time, to the most dangerous type of extremist - rogues. Home Grown extremism, in the last 20-30 years, has largely come from rogues... Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, Clayton Waagner, Eric Rudolph, Jeffrey Dahmer, just to name a few...

I echo my concern - reliance on these services for survival is personal destruction. Every responsible individual should have the ability to communicate - even by Citizen Band radio, which has an emergency channel. You should be able to field dress wounds, provide some sort of immediate triage type care, feed and hydrate yourself for a number of days, and posses certain amount of survival information and self defense ability. The first line of defense is the self... If you are actively prepared, such attacks may impact the community, but your survival is first and foremost.

Be it an act of vandalism, or the warning signs for an upcoming attack, the message is clear - we live in a time of increased unrest, of the individual mind, of the community, and of the world...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Being an Indian in America: the Shonto Pete Story

There is no doubt a certain level of prejudice in every one of us. It is nothing to be ashamed of - it is a byproduct of the environment in which we were raised. It only becomes problematic when these prejudices overshadow our own reason and inhibit our ability to interact... be it with individuals of other sexes, ethnicities, cultures, or even regions. So, what happens when these prejudices turn to hatred?

Famous cases of such revealed prejudices are Gibson's anti-Semitic drunken rant, Michael Richards' rant in the comedy night club, and most famously but never talked about, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The BIA is the last official legal form of subjugation based strictly on ethnicity - aimed at perpetually impeding Indian Tribes' ability to overcome impoverishment. It is, in a way, the government's own condoning of state sponsored racism - not to mention the protectorate of the modern day concentration camps, called reservations.

In many of my previous postings on this topic, I have discussed these governmental problems surrounding the BIA - and in the case of Mary Ramos and her son, I have delved into the subject of Indian Child Welfare Act... Today, i would like to discus Shonto Pete, an Indian shot in the head (who has survived) by a drunk off-duty police officer who pursued out of hatred, with continuous threats that he intended to kill.

The police officer claimed that he was trying to stop Shonto, who he had claimed attempted to steal his truck. Shonto was found not guilty of the alleged attempted auto theft.

The police officer was put on administrative leave for two years, regardless of drunk driving and carrying and discharging a weapon while intoxicated. These are two clear violations which should have cost the officer his badge. This comes after a jury acquited the officer, Jay Olsen, of first degree assault and reckless endangerment (for drunkenly discharging his firearm in a housing community):
Olsen refused to talk to journalists assembled in the courthouse hallway, staying in the courtroom and deferring to his attorney, Rob Cossey.
“This trial was very intense. If (Olsen) had been convicted, he’d be facing a lot of
years in prison,” Cossey said. Asked if Olsen would likely be returning to his job as a swing-shift patrol officer in the Spokane Police Department, Cossey said he doubts it.
“He committed significant violations of department policy. I don’t think he’s getting his job back,” Cossey said. Those violations included getting drunk while off-duty in a local bar with a concealed weapon strapped to his waist, and chasing Pete but not calling 911 or police dispatch during the confrontation

There may be a civil case pending, for damages resulting from the shooting.

However, there is an underlying question regarding the system, the officer, and the perception of Indians in America.

In discussing Indian Affairs with a former high ranking member of the GOP, there was an underlying tone of prejudice against "reservation culture" - the belief that a Reservation Indian is somehow especially despicable, and labelled as drunk, violent or otherwise unstable. This is a perception perpetuated by the BIA, and their destructive policy of "ruling the reservations."

Would Shonto have been pursued or shot at if he were not Indian? Would the officer have been acquitted if Shonto were not Indian? Is there less justice in our society for individuals who adhere to their Indian Ancestry or who "appear as Indian" in our society? Is it an unspoken crime in our United States to be Indian?

So long as the United States Government holds lands in trust, by force, blocking the self government and community building needed for their societies to once again thrive, the Indian Peoples of this land will continue to be the target of prejudice, the victims of poverty, and perpetually derided in our society as a mythical creature of the old west.

I have posed this question once before, and I do so again... what is your own perception of Indians... when you imagine an Indian, do you feel disgust for the poverty stricken reservation Indian, do you feel curiosity for such a forgotten culture, do you feel empathy as an ancestor of a subjugated people, or do you look at the situation with apathy?

The worst crime against humanity has happened, and is happening within our own society... but for some reason we have accepted it as status quo.

What does it mean to be Indian in America?

Alternative Currency - Local Communities Rightly Shun Fed, IRS

This story has been reported a few times over the last year - so I will take this opportunity, ahead of the TAX DAY TEA PARTY, to address it: Local Currency.

Let us suppose a hypothetical situation for a moment. You have $10, backed and taxed by the Federal Government... you use that $10 to buy a lamp. Now you, and every one of your neighbors has a lamp... now suppose that your neighbor had an extra desk and in bartering with him, you agreed to trade your new lamp for his extra desk. It is a legal exchange of goods and services - there was a buyer, a seller, a product, etc... but no taxes... there was perceived earning by both parties - but at what value? Or should I say, what legal taxable value???

Now, let us move this hypothetical into a real life situation - Local Currency. More specifically, let us use the "Berkshare", printed and circulated as a local currency in Great Barrington Massachusetts. This product costs $0.95 for one note of Berkshare. It is not a federally backed currency, and thus not a federally recognized legal tender. It is therefore a "good"... or a product. If a business, be it a neighbor, a diner, or a furniture store chooses to accept this product in exchange for another product - what is the tax value of a fair trade on barter of goods?

Amy Kirshner, in discussing the "Liberty Dollar" writes:
Report your earnings on your taxes and pay your taxes - it’s the law. If you
have issues with the IRS and taxes, there are other movements and organizations
that address that. Don’t use local currency for that reason.

So I ask again - what is the legal value of a lamp. Isn't the idea of money a perceived medium used to standardize "value"? So should I submit my taxes to the IRS in the measure of lamps? What if I don't report the transaction - am I legally mandated to report all such transactions or "earnings" - like when a buddy tosses me a beer before the game, is that a tax write-off for charity on his part, and do I need to report an exchange of goods or value income on my part?

And if a community chooses to opt-out of the federal reserve system, how can there be a legal measure of value within the community's new currency?

The idea of community currency is to establish wealth within a community - it limits trade and goods exchange from other communities, but supports local trade and commerce. Taxes remove the wealth from this community - for the sake of benefiting the community??? That does not make sense.

Suppose, for an instance, the situation in Hawaii, where private citizens of a community went around the bureaucratic roadblocks of state and federal government, and fixed their own washed out road and bridge. This took place in Hawaii, where private citizens feared for their livelihood if the repairs were not completed before tourist season. What the government had planned for a two year "near term" project - slated to cost over $4 million dollars, the private citizens completed in 8 days at a cost of FREE. The story is here.

These citizens of this Hawaiian community kept value in their community, rejecting government intervention, and rejecting the notion that the greater value of the "state" community was being served by higher priorities... Community does not work efficiently at the Macro Level!

If citizens begin to realize that they are responsible for the best interest of their community, and that it is more important to retain wealth locally to support their own infrastructure, and they begin to understand that they can achieve better results more efficiently outside of government bureaucracies - then doesn't this pose a grave threat to the massive government requiring taxes and subjugation to survive? Don't these individuals pose a threat to the infrastructure established to ensure equal wealth and equal outcome, as the Obama administration and liberals are attempting to establish.

Isn't the idea of localism and statism dangerous?

It seems to me that a community that takes ownership of itself is more likely to upkeep, as wealth will not come from outside, but from within - so it is in their best interest to enhance their own infrastructure - not by government contracts - but on the blood, sweat, and tears of their own labor - their own back breaking work - which is the ownership of something local. The same thing is said for private property ownership - when you invest in something, it is in your best interest to enhance it, not destroy it... else you are destroying your own wealth.

As the federal government is pushing for less personal ownership and more collective ownership, one has to wonder the logic behind their reasoning.

Local ownership and personal property ownership are the foundation for wealth, personally and locally.

Consider, as a commenter posted in my previous post, ways to invest locally, enhance your wealth off the radar of the mainstream (which ultimately would be used as Obama to say "I told you so" - completely discounting your hard work as his success), and do your best to support local currency or barter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tea Parties - So Long As We Are Free

On November 4th, 2008, the United States was drastically changed - the most liberal leftist President in the history of the US had been elected - running on a platform of wealth redistribution and a slew of other socialist ideals. Since November 5th the left has been joining in chorus, relishing in song that "capitalism is dead." If Capitalism is dead, then the fundamentals of liberty have died with it - including personal property and personal responsibility.

The common theme of the Tea Parties is "Silent Majority No Longer" - indicating that the ideal of liberty, personal property protection, etc, is not a minority ideology, it is one shared by a majority of Americans - and that we are not going to sit idly by and allow the erosion of such liberties.

Participation in these events is nothing less than a show of force by usually calm and collected conservatives, indicating the extreme polarity being caused by the Obama administration and his extremely left leaning congress. Where we have been quietly disgruntled, breaking our backs at work instead of protesting every government event, the left have put into place an infrastructure to legally steal our hard earned personal property, our paychecks, the value we have placed on our lives and the work we have chosen to accomplish. The fruits of our labor are being harvested by the left in order to "spread the wealth" to those who choose not to work, or have chosen such an alternative lifestyle that they are unable to provide for their family in the way that you have done - though they expect that with their lesser amount of work that they deserve what you have worked so hard for.

These Tea Parties are protests against the reaping of our personal property. They are protests against entitlement mentality being supported by the government. They are protests in support of fundamental freedoms.

I ask that you give up half of a day of work - half a days paycheck - a few hours of your time in order to secure your rights as a free citizen of these United States... help like-minded individuals stand up and shout at the top of your lungs that Liberty is not Dead, so long as there is breath in these free lungs!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why American Sovereignty is Dying

There was a time when the concept of a New World Order was the whisper between conspiracy theorists - but now it is a mainstream idea, being sold as the way to revolutionize the world economy...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated at the G-20 Summit in London: "I think a New World Order IS emerging, and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation"

The New World Order has always been feared as a conspiracy by the ruling elite to subjugate the "working class" of the world - creating a one world government aimed at total control of the subjects of the planet.

To mention fears or concerns about a suspected NWO would put you in a category of crazy, removing all legitimacy of current, past, or future arguments.

So... what if your fears were correct? As indicated by PM Brown in the video segment above, the NWO is upon us, aimed at erasing the lines that define our cultures and replacing them with a world standard - for better or worse, we are all recipients of the same government rule.

America's independence and founding was a radical concept, breaking with the idea of theocratic rule or government rule, and instilling the concept of individual liberty and all the responsibilities which are encompassed by these freedoms. The sovereignty of America was key to the survival of these ideas - that personal liberty, personal freedoms, trump government control in ALL aspects of our lives... The seclusion of America reinforced the idea that we could survive on our own - and we did for so many years... whether or not you ultimately agree with all the decisions in the history of the United States, it has largely been a driving force for freedom and liberty - at least at her core.

Which leads to the concept of a New World Government - an opportunity to trump the consumers of the United States - eliminating once and for all any legal blocks put in place by the "outdated" constitution - the very contract and fabric of our society...

  • It has been the constitution which has protected the right and freedom to openly protest our government.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to openly worship or to abstain from worship without fear of persecution.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to a fair and speedy trial, protection against unnecessary search and seizure of our person or property.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to defend ourselves from encroachments on these rights and freedoms, by promising to never infringe on our rights to openly keep and bear arms.

A New World Order will begin by the series of alliances in the name of "International Cooperation". It will then lead to the creation of the proposed International Currency - eliminating all independent funding of governments. It will end in a Constitution or Rules of Engagement of it's own - a global opportunity to re-write the operations and protected freedoms from an international government... unchecked, unelected, unstoppable.

The death of American Sovereignty is no accident. It is a calculated effort by a group of conspirators to effectively overthrow ALL world governments, in the name of international peace and cooperation. The same loss of sovereignty was tested by the formation of the European Union, and is being expanded globally - all those who oppose will be taken by force - however that force may be applied.

The loss of American Sovereignty means the loss of freedoms - the loss of personal responsibility - and the end to obstruction from the implementation of Government Ideals. Resistance to being ruled - it is based in the founding documents - and the belief that these documents are absolute must be destroyed in order for true dominance to evolve... only it is not progressive - it is not evolving - it is devolving, from free peoples back to tyrannical single source control - this time the entire world is losing.

It is, unfortunately, the Americans who have the most to lose. The nation that invented true liberty, as eroded as it is today, is still the last best hope on the face of the earth... the undermining of American Liberty is the single greatest crime in the history of man...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conservatives are a "Terrorist Militia" - so says MIAC

It is a well known Socialist strategy - destroy all opposition. Fellow freedom loving conservatives, be warned - THE WAR AGAINST LIBERTY IS GEARING UP.

I have often warned of the implications of the path these United States were wrongfully taking - and it has just been discovered by me that these warnings - the words that you are reading today - come from what the Obama Team are now considering "a potential paramilitary terrorist".

I warn you that continuing to read this blog, or continuing to think or believe the same way that I do will also lead to you being labelled as a potential increased security threat to the nation, and possibly a POTENTIAL TERRORIST.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center (a division of the Missouri State Police) has released a report called the MODERN MILITIA MOVEMENT warning officers to be extra diligent in watching out for signs of these potential terrorist group members (identified as Right-Wing Extremists), including:
  • Christians
  • States Rights advocates
  • Right to Life Advocates
  • Anti-Illegal Immigration Advocates
  • Paintballers or Military Simulation Enthusiasts
  • BLOGGERS, Chat-Forum users, Social Networks involving Conservative Issues
  • County Sheriff Citizen task Forces (citizen assistants - aka Volunteer Sheriff's Deputies)
  • Members of Third Party Political Groups (Such as Libertarian, Constitution, Independence, Campaign for Liberty, etc) - specifically supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr
  • Those who have bumper stickers in support of Ron Paul, in support of "Right to Carry" arms, anti-illegal immigration, in support of tax-code revision, and other such 'RADICAL RIGHT' values
  • Those who oppose the North American Union
  • Those who oppose the Federal Reserve Bank, or World bank
  • Those who strongly advocate for the 2nd Amendment
  • Those who display Gadsden Flags, Common Law US Flags, or US Flags in Distress (upside down or backwards)
  • Those who display or recite MOLON LABE, which is a Greek Phrase for "come and take them" sometimes translated to "Over my dead body" - or "From my Cold Dead Hands" - also known as the battle cry of the NRA
Here is the actual Report

Here is a segment of Rush Limbaugh discussing the story:

With the increase in frustration over how the Federal Government is being run, and the increase in anti-government demonstrations such as the Tea Parties, it should be noted that at least in one of the 50 states - and likely in others - Conservatives and Libertarian minded individuals attending these rallies are potentially being marked as "Suspect Terrorists".

The Tea Parties themselves, which are coming up on April 15th, is an anti-Socialist / anti-taxation rally openly criticising the expansion of the federal government, and therefore in the eyes of the Missouri State Police (and potentially national agencies) a rally being held by anti-government militias and terrorists.

Readers - we are now living in an age where political dissent is classified as terrorism, terror rallies, or in support of terrorist activities... The use of the word terrorist instills fear, instantly, and the broadening of the word terrorist to include anyone openly dissenting with governmental leadership is little more than a tactic of annihilating opposition.

Let it be known to all that I am anti-federal government when the government does not uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States... when it is led in a manner that is tyrannical, and undermines the fundamental liberties defined in the Declaration of Independence.

Let it be known that I will gladly call myself extreme, if being extreme means rejecting a Socialist agenda aimed at the dissolution of individual liberties and general free market capitalism.

Let it be known that I will gladly stand up and declare a need for revolution when Liberty is given a death sentence.

I will not stop speaking these truths - even if it means that I will be considered a danger to national security by the metrics used in Missouri - who consider my beliefs as being potentially terroristic.

I am an honest man, an active Republican, a vocal supporter of Liberty, a supporter of State's Rights, in favor of abolishing the IRS and replacing it with a flat or fair tax system, in favor of securing the borders from illegal immigration, an advocate for Gun Rights, an advocate for personal responsibility, and a flier of the Gadsden Flag.

If being a conservative/libertarian Republican identifies me as a potential terrorist, then I gladly join the ranks of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, Henry, and other founders of this nation who so nobly defied tyranny once before.

To support a union for the sake of a union is idiocracy. To support a union founded on the principles that liberty is the justest of all causes - well, I say, Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live Free or Die

The last two weeks have kept me at arms length from blogging, and busy enough to have little interaction with news and/or e-mail.

This has been both a blessing and a curse...

A blessing, because I have had an opportunity to step back and watch the events of the world unravel from a 30,000 foot level - giving me a different perspective for a short time while out of the trenches. It allowed me the opportunity to attempt to piece together our situation and to reflect on what it all means.

Which leads me to the curse - mainly because of the horrors I saw while viewing the entire spectacle, and my inability to jump back into the trenches and drive action - which is in my nature to do.

Right now, things are happening at lightning speed - and by things, I mean the status quo is dying and with it liberty, autonomy, and general welfare of the people.

Some issues that were of noted interest while I was away include Obama and the UN searching for common ground on a "World Currency", removing the last vested definition of borders or culture making up a country. Along these lines, Obama is directly dissolving the United States in favor of a One World Government - free from accountability - absolute tyranny.

Along these same lines, the government is increasing their choke-hold over companies - directing laws at individuals, mandating business decisions of recently nationalized companies, and using the national economic crisis to change laws in order to accomplish "legal" power grabs.

The end game is simple - absolute power - absolute tyranny - Pax Unitis... a world United in "Peace"... complete capitulation by those with liberty in order to join those without, in the name of security, stabilization, and peace...

What it amounts to is little more than the final solution of the New World Order... think I am kidding, or just a conspiracy theorist?

World Bank president Robert Zoellick, during a speech on the eve of the G-20 London summit stated, “If leaders are serious about creating new global responsibilities or governance, let them start by modernising multilateralism to empower the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank Group to monitor national policies.”

Sic Semper Tyrannis, thus always to tyrants, the motto of the state of Virginia, accompanies a spear-man standing atop the dead body of a tyrant...

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety, as spoken by Benjamin Franklin in 1759 and again in 1775.

Live Free or Die: death is not the worst of evils, as toasted by Gen John Stark in 1809, later to become the NH State Motto...

To my readers - There is no greater threat to liberty than the formation of a World Government - especially one made up of kings, dictators, and other such tyrants. These propositions of such a uniform rule will only be done at the destruction of the US Constitution - the only document protecting what rights we have left from government domination.

This threat is real... as a man of principles, believing first and foremost in my natural rights and the natural rights of ALL MEN, it is my duty, my obligation to proclaim that any attempt at world governance and the destruction of individual liberty will be met with ultimate resistance.

I would rather die for a cause of true liberty than live one moment in bondage to absolute tyranny. As men and women of principle, you should make the same pledge to yourselves... fight for liberty, or die trying...