Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Perverbial Terd in the Holiday Punchbowl

Healthcare. Obamacare. Socialistcare.

Call it what you will, but Nancy Pelosi's promise of a "Christmas Gift" is nothing short of the end of the Union of the States as we know it. If Pelosi's House leaves the bill untouched and rushes it through to a majority vote, the President will make light work with his pen and sign the largest take-over of the private sector in history into federal law.

Interestingly enough, there is still hope for those of us who refuse to live within the borders of a soviet regime. NULLIFICATION - a power not used by the states for roughly 180 years, since before the failed war for southern independence, but a power reserved by the states nonetheless.

Nullification, a tool allowing a state to restrict federal law within the sovereign borders of a certain state should a state determine that such a federal law is unconstitutional.

If a single state nullifies the healthcare law, you can be sure that a cascade of nullification will take place in suit - leading to a potential stand-off between the federal government and the states not seen since the rebellion of the 1860's.

Easy money would go to Texas or Alaska nullifying healthcare law first. If I had to guess I would say that the two governors are going to be jockeying for position as to who nullifies first. Of course it takes an act of the state houses as well, but the governors of each of the two "rebel" states have a lot of sway in light of recent events.

Assuming that one will follow the example of the other, you could expect to see a rapid succession of like minded states: Vermont, South Carolina, Idaho, Florida, Utah, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota... perhaps even Virginia... states with a rich tradition of anti-federal government and pro-state government roots.

IF, and I say if lightly, the states begin the nullification process, the United States will find itself in a constitutional crisis. If the states declare that they hold more power than the federal government, then the certain states will (or may) begin to nullify other ridiculous federal laws, triggering what could be described as secession from the Union. If the states begin picking away at the unconstitutional federal regulations, there is but one "court" to declare their move unlawful... the only court, as was proven by Lincoln's invasion of the southern states, is the court of open war.

This brings up a few very interesting questions:
1. Would certain states nullify the unconstitutional health bill?
2. If they do, will there be a succession of nullification?
3. If there is, is Obama willing to go to war with the states, like Lincoln, to "save the Union"?
4. If he would, what would that war look like?

Assuming questions 1-3 are answered with "yes", what would such a war look like?

Most every state has a federal military base, similar to South Carolina's Fort Sumter. If the stand-off escalated, one would assume that the states would request federal personnel to be removed from the sovereign territory of the state or states. This could be done by State Guard taking the military bases by force, or isolating them to force removal. Such an invasion/altercation would be used to justify aggression by NORCOM federal troops against civilian and military personnel of a given state... and the story plays out like the early days of the American Southern Rebellion in 1861. One would have to assume that there would be early assassination attempts on current state leaders to "cut off the head of the snake", placing the states under federal martial law, etc.

Of course this is speculation, but a logical look at a potential series of events to unfold in the very near future.

What IF Obama takes over the private healthcare system? What IF the states nullify? What IF it leads to the dissolution of the United States?

We are on the brink of something powerful - and in the history books a new chapter will be written.

God protect us all!

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Time in Human History - Sun seen reflected from another planetary body

(from the Digital Journal):

This is the first time mankind has seen the sun reflecting from a body of liquid outside of planet earth. NASA has released a spectacular photo of the sun reflecting from a massive liquid lake on [Saturn]'s moon known as Titan.

TUCSON, Arizona - NASA has released a spectacular image of sunlight reflecting off a gigantic liquid lake on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

This is the first time such a reflection of sunlight has been seen from a body of liquid outside of earth, NASA said.

"This image shows the first flash of sunlight reflected off a lake on Saturn's moon Titan," said NASA.

" The glint off a mirror-like surface is known as a specular reflection. This kind of glint was detected by the [read more]


What a spectacular way to welcome the Solstice! Enjoy the day held sacred to humanity for thousands of years! For tomorrow, the sun will rise once again, the days will grow longer, and we will rejoice in bountiful harvests for our people... (something along those lines) :-)

But not only does the sun rise on Earth, it sheds a little light on all our heavenly neighbors - even the far off moons of ringed gas giants.

Maybe in our lifetime we will have humankind witness such spectacular views with our own eyes! By the grace of God!

Happy Solstice, and a very Merry almost Christmas to all! (Do they celebrate Christmas on Titan)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Global Warming Nuttary - Just had to share!

After feeling so uninspired that I figured it was time to throw in the towel for 2009, an email debate got my juices flowing for at least one more post. The following is my response to an e-mail debate regarding the Copenhagen Global Climate Change meeting and the potential treaty. I will not post the e-mail that kicked this off... my response stands on its own two feet.

Science is not about consensus. It is about right or wrong. The ‘vast majority’ of the world’s scientific community has absolutely NO proof that humanity is the cause of climate change. ‘Warmers’ pick and choose data that supports their special interest, the same as others do to support their source of funding (be it oil, or other). When ALL the data is looked at, there is absolutely no correlation between global temperature and humanity. If there was, there would be a steady increase in temperature, yet we are finding ourselves within a current 11 year cooling trend. The focus of environmentalism should be better stewardship of the land, sea, and air; but let’s at least be truthful in what we are propping up as fact.

For example, polar ice has receded to current levels in the past – even more so. Those caps grew back – and in fact around the world and at the poles, glaciers are GROWING, getting thicker, and advancing (though at slower rates). This is not reported because it doesn’t support the political agenda. (ref http://www.iceagenow.com/Growing_Glaciers.htm for glacial data). What happens is that a report comes out suggesting drastic sea ice missing – chalk it up to Global Warming, as reported above the fold on the front page and recited by politicians and pro-warmers – THEN they report at a later date that they “underreported arctic ice by 193,000 square miles” – the truth, not news worthy at all… in fact, the rate of arctic and Antarctic ice freezing is increasing, when ALL data is accurately reported – and ocean levels are falling because of it. What is happening is that as the extremities erode, the glacial ice is getting thicker at the interior. Ref:
Antarctica's Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf is growing:
7 Dec 05 – Scientists Joughin and Bamber re-evaluated the mass balances of the ice in Antarctica. "It is clear from the results of this study that the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf is not rapidly, or even slowly, wasting away. Quite to the contrary, it is

Glaciers in western Himalayas thickening and expanding, Arctic ice cover above it’s
30-year average
:23 Nov 08 - A study published by the American Meteorological Society found that glaciers are only shrinking in the eastern Himalayas. Further west, in the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram, glaciers are "thickening and expanding".

So, they report on global climate change – but continue to push “warming” agendas, including capping greenhouse gas emissions for developing countries. There is a reason that India and China are not going to sign onto a Copenhagen deal – they admit that it will be economic suicide, and that they will not be able to advance their societies from third world into first world civilizations. Hell, the warmers have now identified Carbon Dioxide as a toxic gas – but we EXHALE CO2… and it is not reported that plant growth is actually rapidly increasing due to increased atmospheric CO2 (be it man made or other). So the plants that we live on are enriched with their source of nutrition and grow heartier and stronger, yet this is a bad thing… We are still assuming the madness that humanity is responsible for the majority of CO2 – but what scientific data ACTUALLY finds is that worldwide percentages of CO2 emissions from humans (and human related activity) is merely 3% of annual worldwide CO2 emissions. THREE PERCENT. Hardly newsworthy.

Regarding the severity of catastrophic weather, I say ‘prove it’. Storms like Katrina are only newsworthy because they hit a section of the US where population centers were established BELOW SEA LEVEL, and where there existed a need for updated levee systems and pumping stations to ensure no flooding. Since Katrina, there have been no noteworthy tropical depressions, and they occurred regularly depending on natural oceanic cycles. Major storms in the Oceania nations of the Western Pacific (in East Asia) are no worse than previous, and flooding related to these storms is simply a cause of extremely steep mountain sides rising out of the ocean, causing storms to hit a wall and dump everything they have got. It is common… but there have been no unusual super tropical storms. That is pure fiction. Regarding increased cold weather systems – definitely NOT due to warming, rather following the recent trend of global cooling which some scientists believe is the early phases of a new ice age (as has been reported since the 1970’s). So again, I say ‘prove it’ if you think there is any actual proof of increased catastrophic weather.

Deforestation is a problem in developing countries. There needs to be smart forest services, which are most effective when forests are managed by private industries, like Weyerhaeuser. What I am more concerned about is ocean acidity and the elimination of marine life. There seems to be little regard for the destruction of the oceanic ecosystems and the breakdown of that food chain. When the world freezes over once again, it will be the waters that provide most of the food – which is the very reason that all early civilizations developed near water. It is the source of life. The ocean produces more air filtration and oxygen production than the world’s forests. However, t-shirts with little algae are less appealing to ‘the cause’ than sloths and polar bears.

Constitutionality is not a non sequitur when the government is selling personal liberties and mandating global taxation via international treaties supporting false science. It is most important. The government has no authority to relinquish certain liberties, the freedom to exhale without global taxation is one – and the other is forcing the citizens of the United States into control of unelected authorities. This is the very issue being proposed in Copenhagen now, and it is very relevant to the topic at hand.

I do not see value in permanent international treaties such as NATO etc as you listed. They are unrepresented forms of government, and in their very nature tyrannical. We should lead by example, and as a nation conceived in liberty, we should lead as such.

China and India will never sign up to such a treaty, and have said so repeatedly. It inhibits their ability to grow their economy. With no actual evidence of human caused warming, China and India are actually standing up against the international community to my applause. Do I think that there is a limit to what toxins can be expelled into the atmosphere? Yes. But for the sake of clean air (particulate free), clean water, clean land… not for the sake of false science and ‘climate change’ nuttary! There should be particulate limits on factories – reducing acid rains and “sooty” skies. This has nothing to do with CO2 in general, but has more to do with actual ecosystem toxins, like arsenic, chlorine, mercury, etc. That takes into account water and land as well, limiting the type, amount, and retention requirements of toxic chemicals. What good is the air, land, or water if we cannot breathe, live, nor drink. Again – all having to do with pollution and quality of life, not backed by false scientific theory.

In a perfect world we would all be so enlightened as to act in the best interest of the world and our fellow man. However, politicized climate debate serves no purpose of being in anyone’s best interest, rather it is a ploy to establish unchecked powers granted to an untouchable board of rulers. This is not in anyone’s best interest. We agree that the wars are unnecessary, and that our resources are best spent elsewhere (or not spent by the government at all). However, you can create all the green jobs you like – if there is no money to procure a product, the effort is futile. Production does precede consumption, but the cost of production cannot be eternally subsidized by taxpayer dollars or increased national debt… there is no pay-off and the economy will be (and is being) destroyed.

In summary – man made global warming is a theory not a fact, a multitude of scientific data indicates that the earth is cooling and that we may be entering a new ice age, and humanity has a responsibility to be stewards of the environment but must not surrender personal liberties to unrepresentative authoritarian governments in order to achieve that end.

Again, I may not be blogging regularly until 2010 - but this one just lit a fire under my rear and I had to share my response. I guess I'm never too busy to give 'em hell, even when I am relaxing... what a way to recharge, eh?

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Ridiculousness that was and forever will be 2009

From Bush to Obama, from Pelosi to my Personal life, 2009 has left me absolutely drained. Instead of forcing a few more bad articles this year, I am going to do everyone a favor and begin my blogging vacation a little early this year. If I do have something very important to say, I’ll be letting y’all know.

Until the New Year is upon us, or unless I have something to throw your way – Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, and most importantly, Be safe as you travel to visit your loved ones.

Remember that despite all the woes in this world, there is a higher power watching out for you… whomever you choose to believe in, know that your prayers are answered. The power of positive thought, prayer, and meditation can change your life.

I’ll be back in full force in 2010, blogging from a new home (finally) and ready for the next phase in my life and career to take root.

To all my blogging world friends – may your hearts be filled with warmth this Holiday Season. And may each and every one of you be Blessed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Photos of the Mysterious Norway Wormhole

Looks like it wasn't the Russians afterall!

Special thanks to all the foil-hatters out there who think this is part of a NWO conspiracy, part of Project Blue Beam, an Alien Invasion, etc. Your constant bombardment of nonsense has led me to the most drastic measure: ridicule. This, my friends, is for you!

Feel free to use this image.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama flies to Norway the same day Russia detonates ICBM over country

Russian Nuclear ICBM testing failure over Norway brings into question the timing of the test, occurring on the same day that American President, Barack Obama, heads to the country to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

The amazing display of the failed test launch, as reported in my earlier article, drew speculation of wormhole devices, alien sightings, and the like. However, what was witnessed was an upper stage failure to a Nuclear Capable ICBM.

Navtex recorded a "No Fly" warning over the Russian White Sea for 0600 - 0900 on 09 December due to rocket launch in the region. For the Russians to deny launching a rocket is simply a lie. It was a planned launch.

The question that I have is simple: Why are the media outlets running the non-story of "mysterious lights over Norway" instead of asking the important questions about Russia's ICBM technologies development, the purpose of launching over Norway when the US President is en-route to that country, and what this means for the Obama administration's stance of eliminating advances in ICBM missile shields.

The media fails to ask those questions - so I will ask them to my readers!

Wormhole, UFO, or Failed Rocket Launch??? -- UPDATED

The picture below is not photo-shopped. It is a real image of the morning sky over Norway today. At about 8:30 AM (still dark due to the proximity to the arctic circle) the morning sky gave birth to a strange light, followed by this:

The spiral and blue beam from the center, after growing for nearly two minutes, suddenly "opened". A darkness overtook the glowing white spiral, and what was left was an eerie blue glow hovering over the horizon.

To the untrained observer, images such as the ones above and below would lead one to believe that a UFO had been spotted, or that some earth or space based laser beam had opened a wormhole. Some Internet comments even suggested "next time fly a plane through it and see what happens".

As interesting as this 'phenomenon' is, it will be impossible to fly a plane through as it occurs high above the earth's atmosphere. It is no wormhole, no mystical force opening a chasm between two worlds... what we see in the pictures is a failed rocket launch.

At some point this morning a launch occurred - most likely a Russian submarine launch from the northern sea... unless Norway has a super-secret launch facility in the north. At some point during the ascent, the rocket began experiencing control issues causing a spiral. Once the rocket reached the upper atmosphere the spiral plume held it's shape and continued outward by the force of the thrust. The sudden black hole opening was simply the rocket detonating above the atmosphere, the expansive force of the explosion moved faster than the thruster particles. What remained in the atmosphere was spent propellant reflecting light from the rising sun.

Why am I so certain? Experience, dear reader... It's what I do in the real world...

Also, below are two pictures. One is from this mysterious event, the other is from a scheduled morning launch of a known rocket. Notice the similarities in the clouds near the horizon - typical rocket plumage.

The only question now is WHO was launching WHAT?

Videos of the account are here:

NAVTEX was notified of an expected rocket launch by the Russians out of the White Sea during this time frame, establishing a "no fly" area from 0600 to 0900 on the morning of 9 December. The Russians have initially denied launching any missiles, however, all evidence is stacked against them. That answers the WHO.

The What, however, is more complicated. It is speculated that the Russians are developing a new missile capable of tricking American missile defense systems, and that this is one of those top secret birds flopping through the air.

What is more intriguing is the timing of the launch. The launch took place over the country to which the American President, Obama, is en-route to pick up his Nobel Prize. Is this launch over Norway a signal to the Peace-Prize POTUS? Is Russia flexing her Nuclear Muscles over the same country where the US President is going to deliver a speech to the world announcing that the US will start disarmament?

One has to wonder what blinders the media have on for not asking these questions, and the POTUS has on for heading to Norway in the wake of this obvious gesturing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Fears for 2010

We officially have 24 days remaining in 2009, making it officially too early to "fill" with a 'Year in Review' blog, but there is no etiquette regarding 'fears for the future' articles... This Monday evening, as you lend me a few moments of your time, let me state my biggest fear for the coming year.

2010 is the mid-term election to end all mid-terms. We are easily on the verge of some sort of collapse of America - our economy, our core values, our general way of life. In 2009 we were faced with a rising tide of liberty minded revolutionary talk - not necessitating a fighting revolution, rather a revolution in the way we regard our leaders, how we pick them, and the relationship we demand with them. It was a year when many Senators or Congressmen wished they had stayed sheltered in Washington, rather than facing their town hall voters. It was a year when the government grew out of control and Americans finally said "enough".

My biggest fear during the next election cycle is that, as the image above suggests, the revolution is merely for show. My fear is that if Republicans win it will be more of the same "bad" republicans, winning off the back of the liberty protesters, only to gain power for "their" side. My fear is that there are not enough of the "right" kind of leaders stepping forward, and we are going to be left with a lesser of two evils battle as we move into the elections.

How do we help keep this fear from becoming a reality?

First, stop giving money to political parties. We saw the err in this tactic in the New York 23rd race, where the GOP candidate withdrew to endorse the Democratic candidate over the Conservative. The party, especially at the national level, has learned nothing and will continue to make the same mistakes in it's quest for power.

Research, research, research. Find a good candidate and follow them. Ask them questions. meet them face to face. Call their campaign office and get on board with their agenda. If you think they have the right stuff, DONATE!

Finally, write your leadership. Write your Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Party Leaders. Let them know that there are standards we are holding them too, and that in 2010 you can be their best friend or worst enemy, depending on how they view YOUR liberty. If they are unresponsive or disregard your demand for representative government, consider running for their seat... the thought has crossed my mind more than once.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Global Warming Debunked, E-Mails Leaked

Having reported a number of times in the past (here, here, here) on scientific data that does not support any claim for man made global warming, I feel obligated to report the end of the debate. E-mails recovered from hacked accounts detail "tricks" used to discard data that disproved the theory of Man Made Global Warming.

The tricks specifically included fudging the numbers to make data appear to be trending in the manner of Global Warming - however, a decade long Global Cooling trend has left many supporters scratching their heads wondering if they missed something... and they did - the truth.

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth is not so true afterall, though it is very inconvenient. As John Stewart reported "Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented."

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Terrestrial Power Record Set, Followed by Power Failure

The Large Hadron Collider, built by the international science community along the Franco-Swiss border, has set a record for earthbound energy accelerators, reaching 1.18TeV (teraelectronvolts - or a million million electron volts). The procedure was part of a series of safety tests and milestones needed to safely reach the 7.5TeV range where they will begin searching for the Higgs Boson, which is still a point of debate for concerned earthlings. The LHC highest energy collisions could create miniature black holes that are not containable.

The phased power up procedures and low energy collisions being undertaken by the LHC crew was to aim for 3.5 TeV and hold for extended data collection and system check-outs before increasing power to 5 TeV and then an eventual upgrade to 7.5TeV.

Unfortunately, just after the record breaking event, the LHC experienced another failure - the previous being a bird dropping a baguette into some wiring causing power failure. This failure, however, was purely mechanical. A high powered line failed, raising concern for the cryogenic cooling system. If the cooling system fails, the LHC could suffer massive electro/mechanical failures. Fortunately for the system, the power failure was minor, and power was able to be re-routed to continue testing as scheduled.

The good news is that we have all survived the low energy collisions, which began on November 23rd, eliminating concerns of "strangelets" being created during the low energy collisions.

For those interested (and still reading), the science behind this device is almost as impressive as the possibility of results. Though scientists have acknowledged the uncertainty in the outcome of the tests, including the potential for ending life on earth (similar to the first atomic weapon), they have also revealed some amazing expected results. Some of the results will not only help understand fundamentals questions in particle physics, but will help humankind to understand the very fabric of space-time leading some to speculate if we may be on the verge of time travel or advanced space travel.

Either way, we are on the verge of some of the most profound science that will forever change humankind! Interestingly enough you would be hard pressed to find this REAL NEWS in any headlines... Here's to rising out of the gutter, if only for a brief moment!