Thursday, June 4, 2009

Contemplating the Book of Revelation, Astrology, Christianity, and The Coming of the "Anti-Christ"

There has been much question as to my extended absence. The answer is that I have been reading, watching, and trying to better understand the age in which we are living - the only way to do this, sometimes, is to shut up and listen.

As such, I have been reading the Book of Revelation, studying Astrology, Researching the Mayan Calendar Prophecies, Contemplating Christianity and Religion as a whole, all in attempts to see things a little clearer, in search of the one truth.

I have written down my thoughts, theories, feelings, etc in support of this research I have done, and I am hoping to start an existential conversation about humanity, our history, and our future. All those, who are inspired to do so, please read and comment.

The texts of ancient mystics, prophets, seers, etc were usually encrypted - with certain specifics purposely omitted to prohibit evil kings from using the science of ancient astrology to their benefit. As such, it is of the most importance to find common patterns and common themes across all sources of ancient texts.

Let us start by addressing Astrology. We all know what our "sign" is, and we usually have a rudimentary understanding of what it means to be a "Virgo" or a "Cancer", etc. But the actual study of Astrology was used as a science for thousands of years before recorded history. In fact it was three Astrologers who visited the Christ Child in the story of the Nativity - indicating that those who read the stars where revered for their knowledge of science, or being wise men. The purpose of Astrology, as shown by pre-dynastic Egyptians, Mayans, Old Testament Jews, and right up to Medieval Catholics was to predict the future by the understanding the past... The old saying "Those unfamiliar with the past are doomed to repeat it" is true in short term history as much as it is in long term cosmic history - the best predictor for future events are the events of the past.

Astrology is the study of the cycles of the Earth's Precession through the Zodiac and how it relates to events on the earth. These cycles, along with the placement of the sun, planets, and galactic stars were accurate indicators of events on earth. The Mayans used Astrology to accurately predict the death of their gods and their culture at the hands of the "god of the cross" - aka Christianity. The "Wise Men" used Astrology to predict the coming of a new age, a new king, a teacher of Love and Holism born of a Virgin. Moses and Abraham used Astrology to mark the end of Calf worship/sacrifice, and the beginning of the reign of a New God - worthy of sacrifice of Rams only. Egyptians changed their gods of worship based on Astrology - Lions, Bulls, Rams. It was always greatly feared and/or greatly celebrated when Astrology indicated the change from one astrological age to the next. The understanding of the ancient cycle preceding was an indicator of events to come.

The best predictor for future events are the events of the past

The beginning of the Book of revelation repeats the phrase: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches". Roughly translated - if you understand the code, you will understand the events which are going to unfold.

It is theorized that the story of Noah is true, not in a flood of a River (as shown on the History Channel), but an actual flood of the earth, when sea levels rose over 400 feet around the world after a cosmic bombardment over the planet, namely Lake Agassiz of the Canadian Glacial Field some 13,000 years ago... the bombardment broke a glacial dam, flooding the oceans with fresh water of a lake thousands of miles across. Cosmic bombardment would also mean meteors hitting the ocean, possibly sending tidal waves upwards of a mile high racing toward shore - erasing the majority of civilization at the time... an event that crippled humanity to the point that it would take thousands of years to repopulate and reach another golden age. This bombardment happened in the Astrological House of Leo, the lion, the Beast.

For reference of these events, search for the Pampian Plains, Lake Agassiz, and the flash freeze of the last great Ice Age.

A zodiacal house lasts 2160 years, a complete zodiacal cycle lasts 25,920 years. The earth's cosmic dance incorporates something called a Precession, in which the earths axis and relation to the cosmos wobbles like a top. The earth makes a one degree precessional shift every 72 years. Each zodiacal sign has 30 degrees (360 degrees div by 12 signs = 30 degrees/sign). 72 years/deg multiplied by 30 degrees per sign gives you 2160 years in each zodiacal sign or "House". Being in the House of a sign means that on the Spring Solstice, the Sun will rise in that zodiacal sign. You can use this ancient mathematical discovery of Astrology to more accurately age civilizations who built temples to the Solstice, as carvings and other "findings" can be carved over, re-written, etc... but math never lies. 1+1 is always 2... and the sun will only be at 23 degrees on a solstice in a certain part of the zodiacal cycle.

As such - the last time the earth was in the zodiacal sign of Leo/Aquarius, there was great cosmic bombardment.

The warning of a return bombardment in the House of Aquarius and Leo is the encompassing story of the Book of Revelation.

Christ is referred to as the "Fisher of Men", he walked on water (a water sign), was the bringer of Love and Human Feeling. He represented the change in zodiacal change from the house of Aries to the House of Pisces. Pisces' House is ushered in with a Winter Solstice of the sun rising in Virgo - thus the fisher of men is born of a Virgin... this is the prophecy of the Messiah - the new god - the one who ushers in a change of the zodiacal change.

Revelation warns of the beast, the anti-Christ which will follow the reign of Jesus on earth. the mark of the beast is 666 - 6x6x6 = 216. The Serpent who rises the beast out of the sea has a crown with ten horns. 216 x ten = 2160, the age of the zodiacal House... These are interesting clues. The Serpent who rises from the sea represents the House of Aquarius, the "Mark of the Beast" and the "Horns of the Serpent" represent the rule of this House for the next 2160 years on earth.

The warning of the cosmic events in this house are what is most important to this coming age... the coming of the Beast - Leo, the Lion is the Winter Solstice to Aquarius' House. The destruction of earth in the past occurred by disastrous cosmic events in the House of Leo/Aquarius, some 13000 years ago. The warning of the reign of the beast and the fire & brimstone falling from heaven is a warning that the Earth may be moving into a cosmic debris field and will again enter bombardment from space - destroying life on earth, in the water, etc... a great gnashing of teeth and war following the bombardment. The Book also discusses the battle in Heaven, which may indicate an increase in "shooting stars" or other cosmic events. The blocking out of the sun, etc. are events that coincide with ejecta from meteor impacts filling the atmosphere.

The age of Aquarius, as charted by the Mayan Calendar, begins December 21, 2012 - the Winter Solstice of 2012. This is the end of their calendar, indicating, as some believe, the entering of a new age of enlightenment... though some also are concerned with the idea that it marks the end of the world.

It would appear that many ancient civilizations warn of great cosmic bombardment during the coming age of Aquarius/Leo... The best predictor for future events are the events of the past... so it would indicate that a great bombardment is, in fact, on the horizon.

What signs have we seen of increased comet activity - the return of the sky serpent?

In the 1990's, Jupiter was hit by a massive Comet, creating explosions many times the size of the earth. In 2007, Comet Holmes suddenly increased in brightness by over a million times - becoming visible in the daylight. The explosion of this comet expanded debris cloud larger than the size of the sun. Was this explosion a random out gassing on the scale never seen before? Or perhaps was this a cosmic collision utterly destroying this comet - sending unstable debris of unknown size throughout the solar system?

The best predictor for future events are the events of the past. Could it be that our ancient texts were not warning of an anti-Christ, rather warning of the coming of a celestial age - the return of the earth to a dangerous area of space where massive planetary bombardment is the norm?

This is a lot to digest - and my blogging absence is an indicator of that. Please take a moment, consider what I am proposing, and do a little out of the box thinking. What do we know, what do we think we know, and what has been lost to blind faith that the old art of Astrology, true Astrology, that could prepare and protect our civilization in the coming age?

I am still trying to better understand these things... but I wanted to share something truly thought provoking with you... Thoughts?