Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative WIN - NY23 HD Moderate GOP candidate withdraws from race

Moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava, a candidate for the NY Congressional District 23 race, has just announced a suspension to her campaign, marking a major turn in the widely debated and hotly contested NY congressional seat.

This is major "bellwether" news for the GOP, indicating that 2010 recruitement should track more to the right and focus on capturing the momentum of the Tea Party movement.

There were three individuals in this race to replace Rep. John McHugh, who vacated his seat to become Obama's Sec of the Army. One Liberal Democrat, One Moderate Republican, and One Conservative Party member. The Democrat very clearly aligns with the Obama/Pelosi Democrats. The Moderate Republican (Scozzafava) aligns with McCain. The Conservative aligns with the Tea Party movement.

The Democrats have been focusing the attention of their campaign on the Conservative, Doug Hoffman, as recent polling indicated it was a two person race between the Liberal Democrat and the Tea Party Conservative. Scozzafava has received national party support, endorsements from Newt Gingrich, and general endorsements from party establishment who continue to run the party as if it was BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Let this be a wake-up call... the suspended campaign of Scozzafava and the general lack of support for the GOP "don't rock the boat" movement is a sign that the Party must return to Libertarian and Conservative roots and give up this left of center "moderate" approach.

Please refer to the old moniker "when republicans act like democrats they lose, when they act like republicans they win"... NY HD23 is a clear indicator of the truth in this statement. America wants liberty, private property protection, and limited government... it has nothing to do with party affiliation anymore... our future leadership is being cultivated in an era of Liberty... the GOP must embrace this or die on the vine as a centrist fence sitting party.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democrats/Unions Run Boeing out of Washington - US Sen. Patty Murray's Epic Fail

The losers:

US Sen. Patty Murray - D (the intermediary in the Union negotiations)
WA State Gov. Christine Gregoire - D
IAM Union
Washington State economy and housing market
Socialist over-regulation on manufacturing

The Winners:

South Carolina
Free Market Capitalism

Boeing will be moving the 787 second line to Charleston, SC, a decision that puts an egg on the face of US Senator Patty Murray, Democrat, who worked as the intermediary in the negotiations between Boeing, the State of WA, and the IAM Union. Murray is up for re-elction in 2012 to a fourth term in the US Senate and this loss should be placed directly on her shoulders and aide in her drive right out of office.

Without Boeing, the Pacific Northwest's economy will collapse. There was a major hit when then Governor Gary Locke, Democrat, would not modify regulatory laws, forcing Boeing Headquarters out of Seattle and into Chicago. That move took with it a number of jobs to the Kansas City manufacturing sites.

This move will set up the final death blow to Washington State, allowing for expansion of Boeing 787 production in the south and enabling a possible future move of all production out of Washington State. Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost or relocated over a decade and a half...

The culprit?

Democrat and Union leadership. The democrats have created regulatory laws disallowing any expansion of businesses without such excessive fees as to triple the overall cost of expansion, all in the name of the environment. Union leadership has put a stranglehold on the ability for Boeing to produce her product, by striking. Boeing wanted a ten year no strike agreement as well as regulatory relief from the government. Patty Murray indicated that what the state and union were willing to offer was more than fair...

It was always Boeing who was held hostage in Washington State because of a lack of manufacturing capabilities in any alternate location. The 787 Dreamliner line included the acquisition of Voight, a SC company, and the necessary elements required for full scale production of a major airliner. Boeing saw the opportunity to use her new leverage - the Democrats did not budge - and Boeing left.

The Seattle Area has directly challenged Detroit in leadership of the "Depressed Economy" club.

Thank you Democrats!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SUCCESS! Ares 1-X Successfully Test Launched by NASA! Space X Falcon 9 Ready to Steal the Show...

My congratulations to my former team mates on the Ares and Orion program. This morning marks the first successful major milestone in returning Americans to Solar System exploration. Though I have been critical of the Ares 1 concept and an open advocate for the Falcon 9, Jupiter or Ares 5 system, this success will provide a great amount of data allowing a more focused and better defined Orion program, and will serve to answer a number of necessary questions regarding the capabilities of the plagued design.

The Candlestick, as Ares 1 is nicknamed, is a solid first stage booster with a liquid second stage and human capsule. The Ares 1-X was intended to test the feasibility of such a design as Americans desperately scramble to replace the Shuttle after the 2003 Columbia accident.

Ares/Orion is not alone in their success, nor in their quest to become the launch platform for American Space Flight. Space X is a private venture vying for a new direction in American Space Travel, where NASA and Ares/Orion (Constellation Program) is government run through subcontracts (Lockheed Martin).

Space X has successfully launched the Falcon 1, proving the key technologies necessary to propel their full size Falcon 9 launch vehicle into the running as America's next human launch vehicle. Flight testing is scheduled to be on the tails of today's Ares 1-X flight, sometime in the next few months. A successful Falcon 9 flight could divert attention and funding away from Ares, as the private venture is currently ready for full scale operations and regular flights. The Ares vehicles are not slated to test fly again until 2012, as current cuts to testing schedule are keeping the system on the ground.

Space X has also designed the Dragon, an automated/crew less cargo supply ship specializing in ISS resupply. The Dragon could easily be modified to carry human passengers, and is ready to be operational in mid 2010... a full 4-6 years before the Orion/Ares system is slated to be operational.

The government option, Ares/Orion, is extremely toxic for the environment, has been changed from a reusable system to a one time use "Apollo" system, is grossly over budget, and is horribly behind schedule... like any good government run program.

The Space X private venture is less expensive, cleaner burning fuel, mostly reusable, on schedule, and relatively on budget... evil capitalists!

My congratulations go out to the Ares 1-X team, many of whom are my personal friends and past co-workers (yes, I am a rocket scientist). However large of a hurdle the Ares 1-X launch was for NASA, it was an overdue milestone that is far behind the private sector's competition for ISS resupply, Human Space Flight, and Extra-planetary exploration.

I am always the advocate for further space development and exploration, but if I had to pick a winner in this race, it would be the Private Sector...

Congratulations nonetheless!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Major Earthquake Destroys Seattle - Democrats to Blame

Seattle has been warned.

The Washington State Department of Transportation released a video under the Freedom of Information Act depicting the annihilation of the Seattle Waterfront during the next large scale seismic event. The release was in support of an ongoing (8 year) debate about how best to resolve the question of fixing or replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct following the 2001 Nisqually earthquake.
The Nisqually earthquake was an intraslab earthquake, occurring at 10:54 a.m. PST (18:54 UTC). on February 28, 2001, and was one of the largest recorded earthquakes in Washington state history. The quake measured 6.8 on the MMS and lasted approximately 45 seconds. The epicenter of the earthquake was under Anderson Island, about 17 km (11 mi) northeast of Olympia. The focus was at a depth of 52 km (32 mi).
During the Nisqually event, which I remember as if it were yesterday, the ground shook for 45 seconds at a magnitude 6.8 at epicenter located 30 miles southwest of Seattle. During that event the Alaskan way viaduct and Seattle waterfront seawall suffered considerable damage. As well, it was discovered that the seawall was infested with microbial sea life called "gribbles". It was determined after the event that the structure was not safe, would need temporary repairs, and would need to be replaced as soon as possible... the event took place 3163 days ago - more than eight and a half years.

What is more important is that the event occurred on a minor fault south of the metropolitan area, NOT on one of the major faults commonly suspected to be "overdue for the big one". For those from outside the area, there is a major fault running directly beneath the business center of downtown Seattle. The Puget Sound region is home to multiple daily quakes of 3.0 or smaller as the Juan de Fuca plate continues to subduct beneath the Continental plate, fuelling our massive volcanoes and defining a way of life in the region. In short, it is widely accepted in the area that a major earthquake is likely imminent and could occur at any moment.

As such, the scenario used by the WDOT is the likely occurrence of near future events - not the exception to the rule. What you are about to see is a dire warning to the elected Democrat officials of Seattle and King County that their years of inept leadership will most likely result in mass casualty and severe property damage.

There are many alternatives to the Viaduct, some improving the waterfront district and some furthering the "feel" of the concrete wall that is the viaduct. Many options are on the table and many more have been rejected. What is troubling is that it is the inability for the elected leadership to LEAD, causing a series of rejected funding votes from the citizens, and a continuation of an operating death trap in the middle of a major city.

Seattle, King County, and Washington State are all led by Democrats... career politicians whose focus has been social engineering rather than civil engineering. Their lack of leadership, inability to perform the basic function of government, and their absolute mishandling of this most crucial issue is in dire need of national attention, and should be used as a perfect case opposing government run ANYTHING!

Maybe that case will be made once the body count comes in?

A Constitutional Amendment! R-SC DeMint Proposes Term Limits!

Praise be to God! South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint has done what many of us have wished and called for over the years - He is proposing a Constitutional Amendment limiting the terms of US Senators and Congressmen to 2 terms and 3 terms respectively, reviving a key element of the Republican Contract with America of the early 1990's.

I had been preparing a blog on this very issue, suggesting that when we find an elected official willing to propose that amendment, we will have found the leader of our party.

Senator Jim DeMint, you have just been propelled to the top of my list, despite your veering from Libertarian causes in favor of Social Conservatism.
About DeMint:
DeMint was ranked by National Journal as the most conservative United States Senator in their March, 2007 conservative/liberal rankings, and again in 2008.

DeMint's main work has been opposing the increase of Federal government spending, both under the Bush and Obama Administrations. He was opposed to
federal bailouts for banks and other corporations. For his stances on budgetary issues, DeMint has been strongly supported by the fiscally conservative political group Club for Growth.

In 2009, DeMint introduced an amendment to a multi-billion dollar economic stimulus bill that would have prohibited lawmakers from using any percentage of transportation funds on bicycle, walking, or wilderness trails. Additionally, DeMint opposed the whole bill.

DeMint was one of the first members of Congress to publicly back the Honduran Supreme Court in the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis. He went to Honduras in 2009, and met with de facto president Roberto Micheletti, who was installed after the constitutional crisis. The White House has explicitly banned meetings with the current leaders. The White House views ousted president Manuel Zelaya as the legitimately elected president.

I fully support term limits for congress, but do not support lifetime limits. For instance, I would add the word "consecutive" preceding the term limitations, allowing for a congressman from one district to serve another district at another time, or a senator to serve as a congressman and then return to a senate position. What this does is removes them from the position of incumbent without eliminating their liberty to act as a public servant... though I also disagree with "career politicians" it should be the right of a citizen to seek office at the request of their constituents.

One thing I would also like to see is an amendment eliminating the "pay raise" clause of the Constitution, establishing a flat rate salary of $50,000 annually for Congressmen, $75,000 annually for Senators, and $100,000 annually for President - no adjustment for cost of living, and only allowing pay cuts. Incumbents don't fear the "pay raise" clause as it stands, and the leaders of this country are over compensated for their job performance as it is. As a matter of fact, the States should have to approve all pay increases as a vote of the people in the states. 100% required for passing such a pay raise.

Getting back on track, Senator DeMint has now officially been placed on my radar for 2012... though I don't like Senators as Presidents, this decision is worthy of special attention.

Monday, October 26, 2009


British Atheist Pat Condell is a champion for liberty, especially when it is under attack by religious tyranny. He chides all religions equally and makes universal appeals for liberty... His points are so true, regardless of your religion, in the case for liberty.

Try not to get hung up on the atheism, and listen to his latest rant in favor of true liberty... in this case, a fight against Islamic takeover of the United States and the world.

Regarding Saudi Arabia calling for International Aide - It is True. The story can be found here. Imagine that... Saudi Arabian royalty demanding continued pay for absolutely no goods or service... remember, we are all entitled to something, right?

Going Rogue or GOING ROUGE? Democrats Continue Attacks on Palin

h/t to The Daily Blogster for this story.

The left knows no shame. In response to Sarah Palin's memoir titled Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, an American Life , the left has published a book titled GOING ROUGE, Sarah Palin, an American Nightmare. Here are the covers of the books side by side:

Sarah Palin's book is on the right.

However, one would not know that at first glance. Both appear to be Sarah Palin's memoir, both appear to be written by Palin, and both are made to look exactly alike.

The left truly know no shame. They know no decency. And they work day and night in order to undermine liberty as if this is some sort of a childish game. They are true enemies to liberty, and acts such as this are a glaring mock of anyone holding an alternative belief.

I feel pity for them, really. What low level humans they are... what a shame to waste such a precious gift as life on fascist children. What is worse is that they think they are being so clever...

My advise - contact the publisher O/R Books with your concern over their childish game. And furthermore, purchase Palin's actual book to indicate support for liberty minded conservatives - whether she is your "gal" or not...

Does this make you angry? Sound off in the comments section!

Craig Williams for US Senate, WA State Candidate Review

On Saturday evening I attended a community grassroots event held by Craig Williams, an unknown name in Washington Politics but a great candidate nonetheless. Craig Williams has entered the race for US Senate from Washington State, in an attempt to unseat the two decade senator Patty "Mom in Tennis shoes" Murray, who will be running for her fourth term as US Senator.

I first learned of Williams when a blog reader informed me of the event and extended the invitation. Being the grassroots magnet that I am, I could not turn down the opportunity to meet the candidate on a personal level and grill him with some tough questions which have become the battle cry of my personal and political philosophy.

In the room that night were a handful of concerned citizens, ages ranging from 60+ and retired to 18-ish and in Junior College. There was, however, a concern held common by all in attendance - Liberty. The common theme of personal freedoms, state's rights, freedom from govt. health care, and economic liberties was a perfect tone set for Williams' "campaign plan" presentation. It seemed that most in the room were college educated, many of whom were current or retired military, intellects all... and Mr. Williams' presentation nailed his target audience - intelligent liberty minded grassroots activists aimed at unseating a big government liberal incumbent and replacing her with a liberty minded conservative.

He addressed his main focus point of the campaign, and backed it up with numbers. As 80% of the US public are naming the economy as their number one area of concern, Williams plans to run a campaign as a fiscal conservative.

Though I am concerned about the state of the economy, my first concern is that it is the style of politician and unregulated federal government that has caused such an economic collapse in the free market, not the free market failing of its own accord. As such, it was my intent to determine if Mr. Williams was a "more of the same" candidate, or if his understanding of liberty and the role of the federal government was one that would work to right the listing ship.

Mr Williams mentioned "nation" and the "federal government" in a manner that led me to question his understanding of the role of the federal government, and to fire a shot across his bow for effect regarding state's rights... which I had forewarned him of during our round-Robin introduction.

My first question roughly stated the lack of the "union of states" since the civil war, and a cause for concern as a national reach for power in the 20th century, and questioned what he saw his role as US Senator would be in correcting the perception of people vs. the government. He called on a religious text - the religious text of the United States - the gospel that is the US Constitution. He said that it is a wonder that the very same people who are hired to uphold the constitution are so quick to wipe their rears with it.

I followed on with a question regarding the federal deficit and federal budgets. We jointly acknowledged that Federal budgets on the order of 3 to 4 Trillion were a clear indicator of excessive government. I politely interrupted with a pointed question: "What is an appropriate budget number for the United State's Federal Government?" He mentioned 2 Trillion, and my response was "you think 2 Trillion is an appropriate amount to spend?" His response was interesting, in that he said that he sees his best course of action being to work within the bounds of the current system in an attempt to reduce excess first, namely targeting the "sacred cows". I am sure that his reluctance to declare massive faults and radical recalibration of the monetary system was to avoid being labelled as a "radical right-wing nut" by the socialist financial gluttons... and I don't bemoan him for this, rather I appreciate it. His general tone regarding the matter indicated a firm understanding of the points I was making, and his body language as well as careful responses hinted that he would be more inclined to shake things up once he takes office.

I pushed the envelope to truly vet this candidate. I wanted to ask some tough questions as this guy is asking for my vote. No more will I give my vote away so easily or freely.

With a cordial handshake, a smile, and a "no hard feelings" about the intensity of my interrogation, I felt like Craig Williams is a candidate that generally shares my view of liberty, state's rights, and the role of the government. He has laid out a great campaign plan and has a tough road ahead. There are currently 6 individuals filed to run as Republicans against Patty Murray in Washington State. With the new primary system in Washington state, Patty Murray will not need to run a primary campaign, leaving a dogfight on the Republican side of the ballot. As I have said a number of times, 2010 is going to be used as the sounding board for Republicans in how we want to redefine and reshape the conservative movement using a major political party. Who we pick in 2010 is vastly important considering what we have been fighting for since November 2008.

With this in mind I am willing to say that Craig Williams is a great candidate for Senate, and will do well as an RNC outsider. With the RNC showing little interest in this race due to an embedded incumbent, Williams has some political freedom to take the fight to Murray and earn recognition of the RNC and GOP Senatorial Committee - unlike the anointed Jane Norton in CO. I strongly recommend contacting Craig Williams' campaign: "If you have further questions or would like to host a meeting or social yourself, please contact my campaign manager Karen Osborne at or 360.907.2593"

If there are other candidates that you would like me to review, please do not hesitate to contact me! I will ask the tough questions and ensure that we drive home the message of Liberty!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feel Good Thursday - Why wait 'til Friday

In an effort to better enjoy life, while seeking to understand existence on a deeper level, I have recently made a personal pledge of "happiness". This pledge is aimed not only at making me feel better, but actually to be a better person. The rules are simple -

1. Try to smile more
2. Look people in their eyes when talking to them
3. Make a conscious effort to think a happy thought at least five times a
day - about the freshness after a rain, the chill in the air, the color of the
leaves, the wind in your face, my daughter's smile... something happy.
4. Make a conscious effort to "project positive energy" at least once a day. Think
of it like a rock dropping into a pond. Envision yourself as the rock, and the
waves spreading out are that positive energy... anyone caught in your "wave" of
energy may just have picked up on that positive thought/energy and may have a
better day in return.
I took a few days off over the last week from blogging because of this. I wanted to restructure free from outside events... and am now more able to incorporate the bombardment of negative information with some positive thoughts. It has been a great week as a result.

Whether you choose to give it a try or not, at least stay positive and enjoy some feel good energy from me to you by way of a few songs!

This one should fill your heart:

This one should make you smile:

This one should get your feet tapping:

Love is the purest of energies... share it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Domestic Partnership on the Ballot In WA State - Ref 71

The talk radio airwaves are full of advertisements calling for the rejection of Ref 71 in Washington State, a referendum addressing Gay Marriage versus Domestic Partnership Laws. The text of the referendum reads:
Ballot Title
Statement of Subject: The legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5688[4] concerning rights and responsibilities of state-registered domestic partners [and voters have filed a sufficient referendum petition on this bill].

Concise Description: This bill would expand the rights, responsibilities, and obligations accorded state-registered same-sex and senior domestic partners to be equivalent to those of married spouses, except that a domestic partnership is not a marriage.

Should this bill be:

Approved ___
Rejected ___

Ballot Measure Summary
Same-sex couples, or any couple that includes one person age sixty-two or older, may register as a domestic partnership with the state. Registered domestic partnerships are not marriages, and marriage is prohibited except between one man and one woman. This bill would expand the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of registered domestic partners and their families to include all rights, responsibilities, and obligations granted by or imposed by state law on married couples and their families.
The problem is two fold. Social Conservatives see this as a bridge to Gay Marriage recognition in the state of Washington, and Gays and Lesbians who may otherwise be sympathetic to the Tea Party "Limited Government" cause are being turned away from "Conservative" issues because of the dictation of "Social Morality."

The rift in the Republican Party is the loyalty to social causes, regardless of the impact on true liberty. In this way, Republicans use the power of elected office to dictate social morality. This is wrong. It is this abuse of power that is the cause of concern when democrats dictate social morality when it comes to expression of religion or attacking Fox News as a legitimate news source. This is wrong. This is not the intended use of government in the United States. It is not a force to rule, but rather a mediator to the Just Rule of Law, protecting Persons and Property - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What is the TRUE ROLE of Government? What authority do we want to give the government, understanding that if we give a certain power, it is bound to be used against us when the "others" are in control... which holds true for whichever side of the aisle you find yourself seated. How much liberty are you willing to surrender?

Considering Domestic Partnership. I cannot advocate more for the cause of liberty, especially when it comes to an individual's free choice to grant power of attorney or trust over their own person or property. The law should not dictate morality. Rather it should allow for equal protection under the law. As such, as a true advocate for absolute liberty and with an understanding that government has the most limited role in our daily lives, it is only right to support legislation that protects equal rights for all.

Considering Gay Marriage. Marriage, as is defined in the Pierce County (WA) Marriage License, is a "blessed event". As such, the government should eliminate all forms of licensing or regulating marriage. Of course, protection of minors, the population from incest, etc. should be expected and upheld, but the concept of marriage as a "blessed event" should be eliminated from government control. We should advocate for a move to a single service system of "Common Law" property and legal authority to protect individual and joint property - a contract between two adults with a common interest in the legal protection of property.

Let us take into consideration a group of three women, 60 years or older, all of whom are heterosexual, widowed or never married, and who all decide that for their safety and friendship they will live together. They all use equal sums of money to purchase a home, are equally responsible for the maintenance of the property, and have equal share in the decoration and furnishing of the home. Because of their common interest they choose to also investigate the legality of being labelled as the "care-taker" for one another to allow access or medical decision authority in the case of emergency. These women should have the ability to willingly allow certain legal privileges to their "domestic partners". Sexual orientation has nothing to do with this case, but should the women happen to be intimate with one another, the legal basis for their desire to allow legal authority over their person or property is no less substantiated.

Because of relocation issues, I was not eligible to register to vote in this November 3rd election. However, as a staunch conservative and Liberty Republican, I openly support Referendum 71 as a cause for Personal Liberty in this State.

For those of us who support the cause of the tea parties, the cause of liberty from excessive government control, and who support true reduction in the size of government, it is necessary to consider the power which you are willing to grant to government. As I said, it is a power which may be used against you at some point in the future.

To Pelosi: $900 Billion is still $900 Billion TOO MUCH

Dear Madam Speaker -

Your celebration of an $871 Billion Public Option Healthcare Plan, a difference of a mere $29 Billion from the Proposed Obama Public Option Plan, is not only premature but grossly misplaced.

The United States Government needs to be issued a cease and desist order on deficit spending. You would do well to drop your continued push for government expansion into the area of healthcare and begin a plan of actual merit and benefit to the American people. A few suggestions would include a constitutional amendment limiting the term of legislators - what a bold and courageous move that would be. Perhaps an amendment supporting a balanced US budget - this would be a stark contrast to your misguided objectives of increased government spending.

Ms. Pelosi, it has come to the attention of the American people that Congress has become ineffective in all aspects of operation other than the blatant waste of taxpayer money and the increased reduction of American liberties.

Perhaps we would do well to point out that no actual coverage under a Public Option or government health plan will actually take place until sometime 4-5 years down the road. In the mean time the public will be left increasingly taxed and no better off than they are today... in fact they will be worse off because many health providers will choose to leave their profession in order to escape tyrannical government control.

Your lust for power and permanence is clear, it is disturbingly sickening, and it has no place in American Politics. In good faith to the American People you should respectfully resign your seat as Speaker of the House and take up the cause of fixing your past wrong doings - first and foremost by supporting a limited term constitutional amendment. This is real legislation that the American People can support... maybe you should too.

With all due respect,

Steven M Nielson
The Liberty Republican

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Moment of Special Thanks

Being a small time blogger is no small time job. I spend a lot of time and energy putting my thoughts to pen (or computer, as it were). I rarely am "PC", often am pushing the limits, and lay my true and honest opinions on the line. I cover a wide range of topics from Space Exploration and Space Sciences to Native American Political issues (care of the lakotah). I offer an honest conservative/libertarian take on issues of the day, or issues of my interest. I push micro lending and the US constitution. I am diverse, controversial at times, and rebellious.

I enjoy writing this blog, and I enjoy more that folks are reading and engaging in a discussion. it is this discussion that molds the minds of our political thinkers.

Special thanks go out to those who continually read and openly comment. Your names can be found in any number of my posts. Thanks for keeping me engaged!

And a very special thanks to the hundred or so readers from around the world who read and browse past articles to read some more on a daily basis. Google Analytics helps me track traffic on my site, and identifies length of stay, new visitors, locations of visitors, how you were directed etc... Very big brother, but it helps me identify and target my readership with special stories, and in this case, special thanks!

So, to my anonymous readers, I will provide a list of cities/regions that hosts my readership - in no order or preference - just a random thanks to my most loyal anonymous readers by city/location:

Fresno California - Thank you Birthplace of my Mother!
San Francisco California - Thank you Golden Gate City!
Mentone California - Thank you Gateway to Vegas, Baby!
Weed California - Thank You Shasta Region!
Fort Worth Texas - Thank you to a VERY loyal reader in the Lone Star State! Ave. Time on Site 22 Minutes! I hope my writing isn't putting you to sleep! :) THANKS for reading!
Colorado Springs Colorado - Thank You city of the Garden of the Gods! Is this you Jonesie?
Englewood Colorado - Thanks Denver Metro... I miss my Rocky Mountain High!
Raleigh North Carolina - Thank you City of Oaks!
Annandale Virginia - Thank you Beltway! I've been to Springfield many times!
Nixa Missouri - Thank you to the Heart of the USA!
Bremerton Washington - Thank you Puget Sound Region - It is good to be home!
Anchorage Alaska - Big thanks to the "State" of Alaska - I say put it to a vote!

Honorable Mention to International readers in Japan, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and India. Thank you, Dōmo arigatō, Gracias, Merci, Shukran, Bhala Hove !

Please keep reading, I will keep writing. If you have a story you want me to give an opinion on, local or otherwise, please feel free to contact me and let me know... I am more than happy to have someone give me ideas and inspiration for stories!

To the 3262 visitors from 70 countries on this beautiful planet of ours who took time to visit or revisit my site last month, most humbly and honestly, Thank You!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sleeping Star? The Sun Just Wont Wake Up...

"Whatever happens", notes NASA sunspot expert David Hathaway, "the sun is behaving in an interesting way and I believe we're about to learn something new."

NASA is reporting that the current solar minimum is so deep, and reflects a measurable decline in magnetic activity on the sun, reducing solar weather activity.

The sun is in the pits of the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century.
Weeks and sometimes whole months go by without even a single tiny sunspot. The
quiet has dragged out for more than two years, prompting some observers to
wonder, are sunspots disappearing?
The loss of solar spots is a significant concern for modern humanity. As we live in an ever increasing technological world, space radiation and magnetic storms play major roles in security and safety of our electronic infrastructure and public health. Being able to predict solar storms and early detection allow some protection from magnetic storm power grid failures.

What is more of a concern is the global impact of a "sleeping sun".

The sun lives on an eleven year "solar cycle" with peak max and min solar activity measuring about 11 years on average between peaks. A typical solar minimum lasts about 485 days... we are currently at 735 days, with 80% of days in 2009 being "blank sun" days, meaning no sunspots. The last time we were in such a deep minimum was 100 years ago... however, the last time the sun has been this blank was during the Maunder Minimum of the 17th and 18th centuries - a 70 year solar minimum. 200 years earlier the sun spent 90 years in the Sporer Minimum. Since the early 20th century the sun has been in what is referred to as the Modern Maximum, after the previously mentioned lull.

Like the subsequent Maunder Minimum, the Spörer Minimum coincided with a time when Earth's climate was colder than average.
December 6, 2001 - Release No. 01-111
A new NASA computer climate model reinforces the long-standing theory that low solar activity could have changed the atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere from the 1400's to the 1700's and triggered a "Little Ice Age" in several regions including North America and Europe. Changes in the sun's energy was one of the biggest factors influencing climate change during this period...

During the coldest part of the Little Ice Age, from 1645 to 1715, there is believed to have been a decrease in the total energy output from the sun, as indicated by little or no sunspot activity. Known as the Maunder Minimum, astronomers of the time observed only about 50 sunspots for a 30-year period as opposed to a more typical 40-50,000 spots

Did you catch that?

Historical trends indicate that decreased energy output from the sun results in global temperature minimums, also known as "Little Ice Ages", though global warming supporters indicate that the sun has little to nothing to do with global temperatures - remember, to them global and solar activity are constant.

What is more important than arguing the specifics of global temperature variations is the survival of mankind. Food sustains life. Without food, our population will have to decrease to match the available food output. With warmer temperatures a wider variety of foods can be grown at more extreme locations (i.e. further north or south near the poles). As the globe gets cooler, we lose the ability to grow larger and more varied crops. We lose the ability to feed ourselves. Especially since our society is basing it's existence on "grocery" and less on personal farming, we largely lose the ability to independently sustain our way of life.

Another major factor that will impact humanity is increased cosmic radiation. Solar winds, the product of increased activity on the sun, expands our "heliosphere" - a solar system wide area of influence made by our sun. It is within this "sphere" where the sun is the predominant source of space weather, and galactic winds are largely warded off. You wouldn't know it, but we live within the atmosphere of our sun... and when that atmosphere is weakened, cosmic radiation is allowed to reach the earth's atmosphere with greater energy... allowing more cosmic radiation to reach the surface of the earth, increasing our exposure to harmful high energy radiation.

The global cooling trend, as well as NASA's speculation about the potential for a new solar minimum should strike much more fear into the heart of mankind than "Global Warming". Remember one thing: it is not unlikely that the earth will drastically cool. In fact the "zero point" temperature on which the Global Warmers are basing their data is nowhere near the historical average temperature of the earth... see below: If you think the earth will be in a bad way with a 2 degree Celsius increase, imagine a return to "normal" represented by a global temperature decrease of 6 degrees C. F = (9/5)C + 32

Before we tear our economy apart over a theory of global temperature increase, let us first consider the impact of an inactive sun, an increase of cosmic radiation, and a drastically colder planet earth. Mammoth burgers, anyone?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GOP Power Struggle - Fixing the "Warlord" Party

CNN reports, most humorously, that the GOP is a shattered party in "warlord" status. I say humorously because it is on par with calling water wet. There was one clear message in the 2008 Primaries - the party had no leadership. The current leadership had failed (GW Bush), the party constituents felt increasingly unrepresented, and the vetting process for leadership failed miserably with the selection of John McCain.

There is currently a battle underway, between the old dogs like McCain, and the new dogs like Palin. A power vacuum of epic proportion:

In one corner, conservatives are accusing moderates of abandoning party principles. In the other, moderates are blasting conservatives for drawing partisan lines. And then there's the Tea Party fringe that's attacking both sides -- moderates because they are moderate and conservatives because they are not conservative enough. "Where the Republicans are having the biggest problem now is sort of a vacuum of leadership," said Republican strategist Chris Wilson.
With 2010 quickly approaching, the GOP leadership is going to rise from the most vocal and most active crowds. This means that the 2010 GOP primaries and general election are most likely going to be driven by the "fringe" Tea Party activists (I say fringe because CNN may not recognize that the Tea Party philosophy is actually becoming very mainstream). The party has lost identity, purpose, and confidence of the electorate... on this point, the CNN report is right.

The CNN report goes on to say: "The reason, according to Avlon, is that the Republican Party tried to move forward without dealing with the mistakes of the recent past."

The mistakes of the recent past do continue to plague the RNC and a general Republican "brand" which is exactly why Michael Steele and other National level figure heads have been completely ineffective in "fixing" the party. They have attempted to continue marching forward with no valid attempt at reconciliation. It is this disconnect which has moved the RNC out of favor with many GOP affiliated voters and independents. With the RNC so out of touch with the voters, there is no way they can claim to represent the party members.

However, the mistakes of the past are being reconciled on a different front... the "fringe" Tea Parties are airing the dirty laundry list of the "fed-up" Republicans. To be a Republican used to mean a leaning on certain core values... these values were the tent poles, and all were welcome inside this tent. However, the current party is plagued by an inability to stick to the principles:

*Social conservatives have worked to isolate a certain part of the population, using the power of government to push an agenda.
*Security conservatives have become war hungry, using 9/11 and the "fear" of imminent attack as a means to perpetuate foreign war as well as eradicate civil liberties at home.
*Fiscal conservatives became corrupted by power and "spent" like socialists.

We became the gay-bashing, war mongering, fiscally loose political party who insanely surrendered the very liberties we were supposed to protect and defend... We became paranoid in the aftermath of 9/11, so much so that we actually offered up civil liberties in a massive expansion of the federal government, aiding in the redefinition of "government" in America - I fear a lurch toward totalitarianism that we may never get back.

What must come from this? What Lesson is to be learned? How must we rise from the ashes as a new and more perfect political party? How can we be the party to reclaim American Liberty - relighting that shiny beacon on the hill?

The answer - Principled Leadership.

We need a leader who understands the fact that only 25% of Americans approve of Congress' Job. This alone draws into question the partisan struggle for over-reaching government control of our daily lives.

We need a leader who understands that ability to use force is sometimes more powerful than the use of force, and that Americans want to be done fighting perpetual wars.

We need a leader who understands that the only way to fix this nation is not to further divide the country by fanning the flames of "control" that separate American from American, rather to scale back the grip of government social engineering, letting Americans once again experience liberty.

All things can be solved in this nation by following a simple philosophy - smaller government means more freedom.

A republican leader needs to live by that simple philosophy and lead by it as well... it is with that fundamental value that we become the "big tent" party once again. We need a leader who will redefine the party as the small government party. We need to counter the Democrats, not become the democrats.

We need to give the American people the opportunity to succeed, not simply have the government "do it for us". Yes, that means rejecting a government run health care system in favor of re-writing the rules to allow doctors to work more directly with patients at a more affordable cost. The answer, I tell you, is not a government take-over... it is in Tort reform, an increase in community clinics for health and wellness visits, and a challenge to the American People to lead healthier lives.

We need to give the American People true liberty... that includes sexual affiliation. No studies have shown that same sex couples do mental or physical damage to bringing up children. There is no harm in same sex hospital visitations. No harm is going to be done to our society by giving a same sex individual the right of kinship or the power of attorney. We need to not run the government like a church, and remove church functions from government - like marriage. The government should not recognize ANY marriage as a "blessed event" (actual words from the Pierce County, WA marriage License). The answer is to allow Contracts of Civil Trust, where religiously married individuals as well as same sex couples can enter into a civil trust with one another, allowing powers of attorney, shared resources, etc. Why are we using the government to force social agenda's one way or the other? Judge not lest ye be judged... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Let us find a leader who can respect the social conservative values of this country while at the same time explaining the perils of social engineering by the government, and you have a party that can now focus on the real issues of government expansion.

We need to give the American People a smaller government, less taxes. Reduce and eliminate government programs across the board. Set the challenge to the states to pick the programs that work for their communities and leave it to the states. Let's start living by the Constitution at all levels, and eliminate government excess.

We need to stop running the government like a business. Businesses live to make a profit... if a government makes a profit it should be returned to the people. We should pay down our debts, which further ensures our security, eliminate the ability of the government to put us into eternal debt, and stabilize our form of currency - returning it to a treasury note, eliminating the Federal Reserve.

Gingrich changed the GOP in 1994 with the Contract with America. We need similarly strong leadership and a renewed message of clear objectives. We are the party of small government, increased liberties, reduced taxation... somewhere along our journey we lost our way. This is our opportunity to correct the course... If only we have leadership strong enough to make these changes.

I have a list of potentials for the 2012 GOP. Do you see one capable of leading our course correction? Please vote to the right. If you don't see your "pick", please, leave a comment and let me know of a rising star!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama is More Powerful than Jesus?

Pajama TV's Andrew Klaven addresses the "MMMmmm mmm mmmmmm, Barack Hussein Obama" sing along taking place at a NJ elementary school last June, widely publicized and discussed over the last few weeks. His satire is sharp and witty, his points are clear... and the more we get the message of ABSURDITY out about the worship of this man, the sooner we can be done with this cruel cruel joke!

As was commented by a viewer, Obama may not be Jesus... but he must be more powerful than Jesus... At least Obama can be worshipped inside public schools...

RECESSION OVER! Reuters Reports Economic Growth

Reuters is reporting: US recession over, unemployment to peak at 10 pct-survey

The survey of 44 professional forecasters released by the National Association of Business Economists (NABE) found that 80 percent of the respondents believed the economy was growing again after four straight quarters of declines.
"The great recession is over," said NABE President-Elect Lynn Reaser.
"The vast majority of business economists believe that the recession has ended, but that the economic recovery is likely to be more moderate than those typically experienced following steep declines."
The strength of the economy should be reflected by a strengthening dollar, by an increase in employment, and by an increase in sales. However, I fail to see what these "expert forecasters" are seeing. There is no tangible evidence that the economy is recovering, that a recession is over, or that we are not slipping into a mild depression... other than them trying to convince us otherwise and hoping for a change in the market in the future:

"most experts don't expect meaningful improvement in jobs, credit or housing for months to come"

Consider the value of the dollar on the world market - against the Japanese Yen, the Canadian Dollar, and the Euro. The dollar has been completely and utterly decimated, and continues to lose value.

Against the Yen, the USD currently holds only 70% of its pre-recession value. The Canadian Dollar is virtually on par with the USD. The USD is fastly approaching an all time currency exchange against the Euro.

There is a trend. In October 2008 all three exchange values favored a positive trend for the USD. The dollar gained value ahead of the replacement of GWB. The USD even held value after the election and up to the inauguration of Capt. Hopey Changey... at which point the USD went back into free fall. The current administration has been unable to positively effect the value of the USD.

The US Unemployment rate is currently at 9.5% and expected to continue to rise to double digits. There are currently 15 states/districts that are well above this average rate - falling between 10-15% unemployment, though the trend is the same across the board. Unemployment is up and expected to rise. Adjusting for seasonal fluctuations associated with Christmas shopping, there is no clear indication that this winter is going to end the recession, end unemployment, or end the downward trend... only a forecast now with expected changes in results at some later date...

New home construction is still slow. Home sales and prices are still looking for bottom. Massive movements of population are taking place, fleeing dieing markets and dieing regions for more favorable and affordable living. What has changed? One thing. Obama.

The same forecasters who, since 2005 were screaming that the economy was in recession are now stating that it is in recovery... There is no such thing as a three year recession... we were not IN a recession until we were convinced the United States was in a recession... and shortly after the Obama election forecasters stated that 'by September or October' we expect to see recovery of the economy. Well, here we are and of course, the news is starting to hit the airwaves... The economy has been saved. The recession is over.

So what we are seeing is a self made recession, followed by an imaginary recovery... If we say it enough and convince ourselves that it is true, we will start seeing changes in trends in the future...

Am I the only one who is catching the irony of this trend?

Trying not to be perpetually pessimistic, I am hoping for an economic recovery... but I have also been working through the down turn supporting my local markets and economy all along:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kanye West to Obama: Beyonce Should Have Won Nobel Prize

In another stunning turn of events this afternoon, Kanye West has given a press conference slamming Obama's win of the Nobel Peace Prize. What is most puzzling is that prior to the podium being completed for the announcement, Kanye West jumped onto the stage and grabbed the Microphone out of the set man's hands and began his speech impromptu.

Mr. West, most known for his famous outbursts and political rants, declared to the world that Beyonce should have won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

"I'm sorry Mr. Obama... I don't want to cut you off or anything, but Beyonce has done more to promote World Peace than anyone. That's just what I'm saying, Beyonce should have won"

After his jaw dropping statement, Kanye dropped the microphone onto the stage floor and stumbled off to the nearest bar.

Kanye has declined further comment on the issue.

CNN fact checkers have determined that Beyonce has, in fact, accomplished more in her career to promote Peace and Stability in the World than Obama.

In a related story, MSNBC slammed CNN fact checkers for joining the new vast right wing conspiracy, and have declared CNN a racist organization for questioning the President.

Ridiculous News On this Day: USA BOMBS THE MOON, President Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

On the very same morning that the United States targeted the Moon with a $79 Million 2.2 ton kinetic energy bomb, Oslo Norway announced that Obama, the President of the country who just attacked the moon, would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It was asserted by General McChrystal that Obama use a show of force to put the Taliban on their heels, and after weeks of internal strife, countless meetings on the matter, and public opinion polling, Obama made the call to attack the moon's southern pole.
The explosive event was seen by earth bound proletarians as they were making their way to the factories in the early hours of the morning. No military response has yet been detected from the moon, and the Taliban - lacking interest in modern astronomy or technology of any kind - was absolutely unaware of the event. No official response on the number of casualties, but it has been made clear that neither Bin Laden nor any Sr. Taliban or Al Qeada officials were injured in the attack.

Norway's response to the events of the morning was to grant Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, for his messianic ability to heal the world through touch, turn moon water into whines, and to remind him that the next time he is in Copenhagen, Denmark to just hop on a nice ferry and visit Norway too!

In other news, Obama refused to meet with 1989 Nobel Peace laureate Dali Lama, until he could meet with Imperialist Communist Chinese officials who claim the Dali Lama is a criminal for inciting revolutionary discussion over Chinese occupied Tibet. Obama stated that his snub of Mr. Lama was due, largely, to the fact that "the Chinese Government have my balls in a vice, and there is really nothing I could do to assist a criminal like the Dali Lama without the council of my rich Chinese pals."

Meanwhile, Obama is taking heat from pesky Americans who are concerned that his lack of pressure on Iran and the defunding of human rights watchdog groups are directly responsible for Iran's sense of empowerment and continued nuclear ambition. Israeli officials were left scratching their heads over the announcement of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, and offered sincerest condolences to the citizens of the Moon after learning of their US bombardment.

Still, no official comment has been received from moon officials on the awarding of the prize, the snubbing of the Dali Lama, developments in Iran, or the recent attacks by the United States.

This story will be updated as new developments occur.
Ridiculous News UPDATES -
1. The far left is mocking Obama's Peace Prize, stating "The Nobel Committee just turned themselves into a big joke. That is some powerful hopium they are smoking."

2. It appears that the lunar attack may have been repelled by the Moon Citizens. No clear evidence of debris clouds or impact were seen from earth. This may be an indicator that the Moon will, in fact, retaliate against the US.



3. Tom at has just informed us that Lunar Citizen and Dreamworks Icon "Fishing Pole Boy" may be the first confirmed casualty of the US lunar attack. Dreamworks has released the following photo:

It appears that Fishing Pole Boy was last seen near the Lunar South pole, near the region targeted for the US attack. Lunar Officials led a massive search and recovery effort which was called off when fragments of a tackle box were located scattered about the southern lunar surface. Dreamworks will be releasing a statement about the loss of their beloved icon. No statement is expected from the White House, who has been very tight lipped about the incident. Fishing Pole Boy is survived by his father, the Man in the Moon, his brother, Mac Tonight, and his domestic partner, the MTV Music Award.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Surrendering in Afghanistan?

Reading this FoxNews article on the outcome of the "War Meetings" with Obama, it appears that Obama's strategy is surrender - allowing the Taliban to maintain warlord control over parts of Afghanistan... so long as they no longer work with or on behalf of Al Qaeda.

The official, in an interview with The Associated Press, also added that the president is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future, reiterating what Obama said in March.

Imagine the status of the world if NAZI's were allowed to take part in Germany's political future as a "reconciliation" for the US invasion of Nazi Controlled Europe. Or if we released Saddam to lead the Ba'ath Party in hopes of ending violence in Iraq...

What is the mission in Afghanistan?

Is the mission to stabilize the nation? If so, we pull out and let the Taliban back in... they will stabilize the country, alright... This is one step away from what Obama is doing... letting the enemy have some involvement with our retreat. God Bless Obama.

If we are not willing to fight a war and plan to begin the reintegration of the Taliban, we are surrendering and should pull out immediately. Let the cards fall where they may... the soccer stadiums will be stained with the blood of the murdered... the Taliban will assert their control and get revenge on their enemies... their involvement will be predictable.

When all is said and done, we will be back to September 10th, 2001... but with radical Islam as a rising religious force, islamic militia training camps speckled across the world, and a United States citizen less free and under more control and surveillance than King George could have ever hoped for.

Afghanistan... Obama's Korean War.

CA's Global Warming Laws ban... PIRATE of CARIBBEAN SHIP?!?

Washington State's "Lady Washington", the Pirate Ship featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Official State ship of Washington, has officially been banned from sailing in the waters of California's SF Bay area.

4,442 Square feet of wind power, green as it may be, was not enough to save this piece of living history from the grips of radical idealogs.

The reason? The Lady Washington also employs a 60 year old diesel engine which exceeds limits of emissions under California's clean air laws.

Nearly 100,000 visitors / tourists to the ship last winter, and taking 7,000 school children to sea under the power of the wind is not enough to save this not-for-profit venture. Now, unless the ship can come up with $100,000 to replace the dependable Korean War era engine with a newer "green" diesel, the Pirate Ship will forever be banned from the waters of California.

So much for dominant fire power... I guess Sacramento is slightly out of reach of those cannons... and reality.

Canceling the California voyages means no school trips, no tourist excursions and no ticket revenue for the nonprofit Grays Harbor Historic Seaport Authority, which depends on that income to keep the ship running.

Bolton acknowledges there is some irony in pollution laws that effectively ban a historic sailing ship, especially one with Hollywood credentials. But his response is somewhat philosophical.

"Government is supposed to treat everybody equally," he said. "And, when it comes to air pollution, what difference does it make if your vessel is carrying school kids or tourists?"

We risk losing this treasure all in the name of government lunacy. Let us hope that private funds can be raised to convert the ship's engines... lest we lose the ability to fund the basic upkeep of the ship, and lose a state treasure here in Washington!

"State Insurance" Being Suggested, Still Wrong

I was intrigued when I read a headline earlier this week suggesting that some Democrats are taking the "states rights" concerns seriously in the national health care debate. It was to my surprise and disappointment when I learned that their "states rights" plan was nothing more than establishing a federal controlled state run insurance company, funded by federal money but run by the states. It is a clever way to attempt to squash the states rights argument in the health debate, and a dangerous avenue for our "party of NO" leadership should they choose to embrace the plan CITING state's rights.

As I had mentioned earlier, I am in favor of the situation being solved at the state or local level... but the solution is NOT in a government insurance company... rather regional governments should be allowed to create "groups" to negotiate group rates through PRIVATE insurance companies, and insurance companies should bid for the right to be the provider for that group rate. It is the same process used by large companies to provide lower rates to their employees, and would not include government in any way other than mediation between the insurer and the insuree... minimum cost and local control, a great compromise solution!

For instance, I work for an aerospace company who provides a group benefit. I buy my insurance based on the negotiated group rate. I go to the doctor. The doctor bills the insurance company, and bills me for the remainder (usually deductible). My employer is never notified that I have visited the doctor, is not party to any negotiations I may enter into with my doctor or insurance company, nor are they privy to any of that information. They serve as a mediator only.

Suppose, again, that the city of Seattle was to create a "Seattle Group". There is a population of at least 500,000 folks who may be interested in joining this insurance group. They use that "buying power" of 500,000 people to say to the insurers, if you make your prices low enough and your coverage beneficial enough, you get a huge bulk contract. The Seattle Group would negotiate the best coverage and lowest rates - and possibly accept a few plans under the group rate offering varying benefits to suit varying lifestyles. Their involvement after that is nill... no death panels, no other decisions. That is up to the doctors, insurance companies, and citizens who are now offered a negotiated affordable free market insurance policy.

The governments should not take up the practice of BEING the insurers. They should not move toward single payer systems. Health care providers should not be subject to overbearing government regulation, especially at the patient level.

Big government is not the solution. If, however, we want to end this stand-off over health care sensibly, the solution may, in fact, be as simple as the power to negotiate lower rates for the consumers. Of course, tort reform and lower taxes would assist in these endeavors... but the ultimate idea is the equal opportunity at more fair rates... not equal rates for everyone at the expense of the few.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michigan Congressman blasts Healthcare - oldie but relevant

This video is from July, but it is coming to my attention today. Listen to the 4 minute blast this Michigan Congressman gives the health care proposals... listen carefully, then DONATE to this man. We need to identify the congressmen who "get it", like Joe Wilson, and support their campaigns, as well as candidates who are contesting ultra-liberal democrats across the nation.

Re-emphasizing what Rep Rogers says, the Congress is attempting to "give up" on American innovation... this is the best description I have heard to date on the ongoing struggle. And he clearly points out that this declared failure of the American innovator is THE CLEAR CHOICE OF DEMOCRATS... go get 'em, Rep Rogers!

h/t to West Sound Politics for linking the video, and to the 4.3 Million viewers on YouTube who have already seen this video and passed it on! We cannot all watch C-SPAN all of the time, so these videos are sometimes slow to spread... but the message needs to be heard.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Passion, Tears, Disarray at Kitsap County Republican Meeting

There is an electricity in the air. A political buzz, a charge, coursing through the veins of libertarians, conservatives, and independents. It is almost as if there is a great re-awakening of the "liberty consciousness".

At the October Kitsap County Republican meeting the energy manifested itself in a series of passionate statements by the board members present, who all voiced their frustration with D.C., Olympia, and their local overwhelmingly Democratic 'overlords'. When the floor was open for comments, there was a vocal chorus of desire and drive for involvement, in one case invoking tears from a woman so deeply struck with the erosion of her liberties. There was a charge in the room, an energy that if bottled would surely burn brightly...

However, there seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing, as I see it time and again across this nation... the passion is there, the voices in the crowd are there... but the leadership... the leadership is in disarray. More time was spent by the board members trying to understand the election structure of a subcommittee than discussion of actual business - how to motivate the 40+ foot soldiers who gave up their Monday night to join in the conservative movement. Many left after assuring the board that the meeting was a waste of their time and they would not return... it is very sad that the board may not have gotten the message.

To the leadership of the Kitsap GOP, and to those of you reading this who may not feel like you have been given direction in this movement, there are a number of things you can do.

  1. Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Myspace... There are outlets allowing you to develop your political voice. Readers offer great constructive criticism, and also usually have great things to say in their own blogs/tweets.
  2. Talk to your neighbors. It seems like Republicans and conservatives have been shamed into silence... to openly admit that you are a republican is somehow "taboo", especially amongst young individuals... Embrace your core conservative and libertarian values... Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness... and talk to you neighbors about them.
  3. Find a candidate or campaign you can embrace and support. Work call centers on their behalf, canvass neighborhoods and talk to the voters... Become a foot soldier. Host "coffee's" or "teas" to openly discuss the campaign and invite the candidate to speak to individuals... start a grassroots movement and recruit more foot soldiers.
  4. Educate yourself about the issues. This is most important, especially when faced with opposition illogic.

I will be taking this list of tasks to the Kitsap County GOP in hopes that they can begin to organize an effective groundswell ahead of 2010. Right now there is much to be done.

For the rest of my readers, if you are finding the same disarray, let me know about it, and let your leadership know that the short list above is a great way to direct individuals who have a burning to get involved. A willing volunteer is worth their weight in gold... DO NOT LET THEM GO AWAY EMPTY HANDED!

And remember - A good manager never forgets to thank and praise co-workers and the foot soldiers. Rewarding good behavior usually leads to repeat actions and increased productivity.

Monday, October 5, 2009

2012 Candidates Discussion - The Dividing Line

The dividing line for 2012, in my opinion, is whether the candidates truly represent the ideals of the Tea Parties or if their overall objective is little more than regaining power for their political party. In 2012, it is not about party power - it cannot be... what it must be about is returning this country to it's constitutional roles, where The People and States are sovereign and self empowered, and the national government regulates common defense and commerce.

The road that political parties has lead us down, too, is a line of division. To be a Republican means more to be pro-life & anti-gay marriage than it does small government & fiscal responsibility. The two do not go hand in hand, and so we have isolated, say, homosexuals who also want to fight for liberty from oppressive government, high taxation, etc. Instead, the GOP acts as the oppressive entity, laying a heavy hand on Social Policy rather than leading the cause of liberty. It is one thing to believe in a certain way of life - it is another to use the power of government to force a way of life upon another... be it religious, sexual, or other... The GOP needs to embrace Social Conservatives, but not let Social Conservative morals be dictated to others.

For instance - I am a straight male, married, and growing a family. I am a firm believer that marriage is a religious event, not a social contract, and that it is up to the faith to determine how they bond two spirits. I believe that it is not the responsibility of the government to approve or license religious events. In fact the individual may be free to grant "power of attorney" to whomever one so chooses, same sex or otherwise. The states have turned the religious act of marriage into an act of drawing up a civil contract between two parties. Simply relying on my own spiritual or personal belief as a just cause to deny another individual an ability to grant legal authority to act on their behalf or jointly with them is the antithesis of liberty.

So I again suggest that the dividing line in the selection of a Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential elections is in whether or not the candidate has shown an ability to distinguish between personal values and government's role in dictating morality.

Applying the rule above, as in the case against government involvement in marriage, to future candidates in all their policies has led me to create my watch list - as detailed in my previous post. Which candidate has shown a history of liberty and a true understanding of sovereignty, and which is simply "next in line"? Which has the ability to drastically change the face of the GOP, returning it to a party of limited government, TRUE limited government? Which candidate has the necessary experience and fortitude to take on not only the radical left, but the Social Political machine driving both parties? It is this litmus that has led me to place a candidate like Luis Fortuno, Governor of Puerto Rico, as a front runner and exclude individuals like Mitch Daniels and Tim Pawlenty.

Pawlenty and Daniels would make fine run-of-the-mill candidates, both having gone on the record in order to have a trail of saying the right thing, however, their actions lead me to believe that at best they would be Bush Light - where government would continue to grow, debt would continue to grow, and liberty would continue to shrink.

Fortuno, on the other hand, has something different. He comes from a different political climate, where the government of Puerto Rico is sovereign, the debates and issues the island territory faces are noticeably different than the rest of America. In the face of mounting government debt, Fortuno slashed $2 Billion from government spending by eliminating thousands of unnecessary government jobs. Two billion from an island territory with a GDP of $77 Billion is no small task, and is a sure sign of a strong liberty minded individual.

When looking for a 2012 candidate this far in advance, I am interested in what stands out... what is so unique that it cannot be ignored? I am also looking for effective leadership in the face of hardship... trial by fire. Run-of-the-mill candidates are a dime a dozen in this new century... I want to continue a discussion about what the dividing line is for YOU. What is it that YOU want out of a candidate... What is it that would make a Romney or Pawlenty appealing to you? Or do you know of someone else worthy of mention?

What are the non-negotiables as we turn a liberty movement into momentum for a candidate?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympian Failure - CNN in Shock

h/t to Gateway Pundit for linking the video showing CNN reporters in absolute disbelief and utter shock when they hear the live results that Chicago is eliminated from the 2016 Olympic Bid in the first round of voting, despite Obama's multi-million dollar taxpayer expense trip to Copenhagen. Watch this clip.

The CNN reporter, upon hearing that Chicago was eliminated in the first round whispered "Chicago is out..." then followed it with repeating a shocked Question "Chicago is OUT??? Chicago is OUT?!?!?!"... "Wait a minute... Chicago is OUT???!!!???"

The absolute disbelief as CNN prepared to celebrate a victory for Obama (as was evidence by the "countdown clock") is telling of the most likely realization that Obama is not the great leader of the world that the media has propped him up to be... The Times Online nailing the sentiment exactly with the headline "Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency"
Wolf Blitzer can then be heard stating that this is an "unbelievable development" and reported on an "audible gasp"...

These were the audible gasps and unbelievable realization that Obama is not the great Messiah. In taking this as his personal pet project, his credibility as "Persuader In Chief" was placed on the line, and he failed on the world stage... America didn't fail - OBAMA FAILED. He made a major miscalculation regarding his influence over the world. The media had the same miscalculation, and this is why they are so shocked.

Obama and CNN's early celebration was cut short with a vote of no confidence, a virtual bitch slap on the world stage...DOWN GOES FRAZIER! as one commenter wrote. Not just that Obama and Chicago lost the Olympic bid, but that they were taken out in the first round - THAT is the slap, that is the shock, that is the complete message of disrespect by the world audience. Obama is cheered around the world because he apologizes for America... the left and the media just learned that being like does not mean being respected.

Doubts about Obama's presidency? Having spent nearly his first year in office as an ineffective prompter puppet, has anyone had anything BUT doubts?

Obama gets an EPIC FAIL on this one!

Vetting a 2012 Republican President

Today's post will act as a conversation piece. With the 2012 presidential campaign due to start moments after the 2010 elections are over, now is a great time to look at the field of contenders and what their run or nomination would indicate. I am going to explore strategic significance, principles of libertarianism as it relates to the Tea Parties, and any noticeable advantages. One thing you may find interesting is that I have mostly found ALL mainstream "knowns" unsuitable to lead in a manner needed to fix the wrongs of the current state of the union.

Firstly, my list is going to be overwhelmingly dominated by Governors of States. It is my belief that executive offices require executive experience. Obama, the first Senator to be elected since JFK, has proven the point that Senators make bad Presidents! (I have not included Ron Paul because of his age... he is the only other candidate with impressive ideas of drastic changes needed to return Liberty to the People.)

Secondly, this list is in no particular order - but I will offer up a top three, as I see them.

Thirdly, Governors with re-elections in 2010 stand to lead the pack, as they will be backed by momentum, and could go hard against Obama on a national level during their campaign... something to watch for - but not necessarily the biggest factor!

My conversation piece of potentials:

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell. She has the ability to draw much attention due to her state's Civil Union laws - a break in ranks from hardcore Social Conservatives, leaning toward a Libertarian ideology of Personal Liberties (even in the bedroom) - This alone would make for great debate and give a good representation of the future make-up of the GOP. She is very moderate, and a nomination would not be in support of the general agenda of the Libertarian Movement. Definitely not one to win, but one to draw attention to Political Parties using Govt. to force Social Agendas. Her re-election campaign in 2010 may be an indicator as to her future aspirations.

Idaho Gov. C.L. Otter. He is a little known one-term Governor, but his early Congressional opposition to the Patriot Act and many of Bush's policies are signs of his promising Libertarian streak. He is up for re-election in 2010. There is nothing highly controversial, nor glaringly spectacular about this potential candidate. Busted for DUI and married to a much younger woman... other than that he is a fairly conservative "no-namer" with a libertarian streak that could sit well with a country ready to reduce the role of the Federal Govt. He is up for re-election in 2010. How he runs that campaign could make or break it for this Libertarian minded Republican.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. Mitch has been pinged a number of times for 2012, and has denied interest in running. He is a reformer in Indian, and could bring some energy back to the GOP in that region - however, a Daniels presidency would grossly resemble a Bush presidency. There is no indication that Daniels would openly support Libertarian ideals in eliminating the Federal stranglehold on the Union. This guy may be one to watch, but not for reasons of support... we should be wary of this "Bush Republican".

North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven. The longest serving governor in the United States, Hoeven is a Libertarian minded Conservative. His support of strict state's rights in control over drug policy, health care, gun issues, etc make him a glowing prospect to carry the Gadsden flag to the White House. As a former president of a state owned bank, he has the right credentials in times of economic woe - which I still see us being in as we approach 2012. Hoeven's term is up in 2012, so he will have to make a move on his own to rise to the national stage.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Until recently he was my favorite for the 2012 campaign. However, the handling of his affair may have ended his political career. Regardless, he may be the best and most outspoken Libertarian Republican we have in the field... If we can get around the fact that he, like most Americans, is going through a divorce, there may be time to rebound by 2012. Pending results of a possible S.C. impeachment, I would keep Sanford on my watch list.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry. I mention Rick Perry hesitantly, and only because of his "secession" talk of late. A governor who truly understands the intent of the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution makes for a great President. There are, however, two drawbacks. He is from Texas, Bush was from Texas - I can already hear the Dems battle cry "we don't need another Texas Governor running this country like Bush"... It's all the dems have, and they will not be able to resist running another anti-Bush campaign in 2012. Secondly, "independent" Texas governors tend to forget the concept of state's rights once they transition into the white house... Perry may very well end up taking the reigns of tyranny without remorse, and controlling the population under the guise of "I know best" - something the Federal Government excels at.

Puerto Rico Gov. Luis G. Fortuño. Though only newly elected as Governor of PR, Fortuno's leadership experience and commitment to service of Puerto Rico's community is stellar. He leads the "New Progressive Party" of Puerto Rico, which caucuses with the Republicans and advocates for PR to become a state of the Union -the opposite mind-set of the secessionist movements. His election would quell the battle cry for freedom from the Federal Government, as it is his policy to reduce the size of government - if only for purely economic reasons. Also, as you may be wondering, he is a resident of Puerto Rico - which is a US territory and NOT a state. This would open some of the most pressing and relevant Constitutional discussions regarding the presidency in the history of the United States. If the left thought Palin caught them off guard, just try a liberty minded territorial resident aimed at healing the Union by putting to rest the policy of territories, US expansionism without representation, and re-emphasising the importance of sovereignty and autonomy while supporting a limited Federal Role. This guy may be the real ticket to a New Republican Party focused on renewed state's rights.

Guam Gov. Felix Camacho. Though less likely to stir the pot than Fortuno, Camacho has the ability to draw into question the 50 state policy of the United States, the way the US deals with territories, and the ever important role of state sovereignty and autonomy. Camacho is term limited in 2010, but could make a name for himself by challenging the Federal Government and the United States on the territory policy. This is less likely to happen in Guam as it is in Puerto Rico, but Camacho may ruffle some feathers.

Who I definitely DO NOT want to see in 2012. Jindahl, Pawlenty, McCain, Romney, Barbour.

Jindahl just doesn't have what it takes, and his hype by the GOP in 2008 for VP made me very aware of his "puppet" status as a candidate. His response to the State of the Union was weak, and he has done nothing of significance. He gets a Libertarian rating of F from me, and would prove to be a continuation of Bush Era policies. Jindahl voted yes on making the PATRIOT Act permanent, voted in favor of the 2006 Military Commissions Act, supported a constitutional amendment banning flag burning, and voted for the Real ID Act of 2005. Not a Small Government activist in the least.

Pawlenty is a McCain moderate that adds nothing inspiring to the field of potential candidates.

McCain has no chance of ever again getting the Republican nomination and should strongly consider leaving the national stage for his direct responsibility in electing Obama.

Mitt Romney has never won me over, is too similar to John Kerry, and his one term in MA Governorship was indicative of his inability to hold the line on a position. He never was and will never be a good candidate for presidency.

In July 2009, a Rasmussen Reports poll indicated that 34% of registered Republicans have a favorable view of Mississippi Gov. Barbour. However, 37% dislike him, which is the highest unfavorable percentage among 5 other possible Republican candidates for 2012: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Tim Pawlenty. Also, 21% of GOP voters would least like to see Barbour win the party nomination in 2012. Including the Liberty Republican.

I have left Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin until the end for a reason. She was my pick for VP, he was my pick for President.

Huckabee, at this point, lacks the willingness to end entanglements with foreign countries, reduce the size and control of the Federal Government, and eliminate the Federal Reserve. He is a proponent of the Fair Tax, which is promising. However, I fear that after Obama, a Huckabee message of Hope and Change (as in 2008) will not get far, and that his intent to use the POTUS platform to enact a strong Conservative Social agenda does nothing to advance True Libertarianism and reduced Federal Government.

Sarah Palin, the bull-dog, is a rally cry for state's rights and perceived change within the ranks of the GOP. She is the manifestation of discontent with the status quo within the Republican Party, and lacking an alternative may be our next Presidential Candidate, ensuring Obama a two term presidency. Palin cannot win votes from the left. She doesn't represent enough of a Libertarian change within the ranks of the GOP and she has not made decisions that inspire confidence in her ability to lead the nation. As a VP, perhaps... but she has yet to indicate that she has what is needed to return the Presidency and the Union to a settled state. She is too polarizing, and for all the wrong reasons - a distraction as I see it at this point. As much as it pains me to say it, She has a lot of growth ahead if she is going to win my endorsement again.

My early picks, then, would be as follows:

Puerto Rico Gov. Luis G. Fortuño

North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven

Idaho Gov. C.L. Otter

I will start watching these early picks to see if they have what it takes, and if the political climate is conducive to the type of campaign that they are capable of running and winning!

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Fortuno was born in San Juan, in 1960. He attended the School of Foreign Service (Georgetown University) where he received his bachelor’s degree and went to the University of Virginia Law, to obtain his Juris Doctorate. Politics became a part of his life early on, when he was voted Vice-President of his Freshman Class, and later became the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Conference. He also played a significant role in the establishment of the Congressional Friends of Spain Caucus. While working his way up in the Republican Party, Fortuno held various positions throughout his career including member of the House Republican Policy Committee, member of the Executive Committee of the National Republican Congressional Committee, served on the Committee of Education and Labor, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and was the President of Hotel Development Corporation. His position as Department of Economic Development and Commerce Secretary came in 1994 and in 2005, he was elected to Congress. With the various positions held over the years, Fortuno has gathered a wealth of knowledge in various sectors and it is believed that if anyone can bring about change in Puerto Rico, it would be him.