Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democrats Debate... YouTube Style...

Last night, America watched as the much hyped CNN/YouTube debate unfolded... The first 5 minutes were used to discuss which videos were not chosen, and why, what the format was supposed to be, and to once again claim the debate's innovative nature.

I took notes during the entire debate... what was the question, who answered, and did I consider it a positive or a negative response (not down political lines, but rather in the candidates body language, knowledge of the topic, and comfort in talking "face to face" with the everyday American)

I am not going to go through my notes line by line, but I am going to hit a few highlights...

Anderson Cooper, the moderator, is OBVIOUSLY an Obama supporter. Cooper would direct general questions to the candidates, and for the first 35 minutes, Obama fielded twice as many questions as Hillary or Edwards... Mike Gravel fielded one question in the first 35 minute segment, and stopped the debate to complain about it... Cooper gave him more time later on... It took Cooper 20 minutes to FINALLY ask Bill Richardson a question... By that time Obama had answered three... In short, Cooper needs to determine a better way to distribute the questions... though by the third segment, he gave all the candidates 3-4 questions evenly... so he found his rhythm...

The questions covered the main-stream issues... but there were a few "dinner table" questions, and definitely a more personalized way of asking some of the mainstream questions... I appreciated the human-factor... as opposed to the Wolf Blitzer Robotic debate, where if you don't answer correctly Wolf will keep grilling you until you answer his question his way (like he did to Huckabee on creationism)... There were awkward moments like the candidates fielding question from snowmen... but in all, the idea was to keep the questions in a very YouTube-esque manner... It worked.

The winners? John Edwards did a great job challenging Obama and Clinton, and I think showed his compassion towards women's issues... and definitely out shined Clinton on the women's issues question. Gravel angrily came out against Clinton and Obama, using what little time he has left on the stage to make some deep wounds... and Biden almost made it into this category, right up until the end...

The losers? Biden... he had a lot of momentum, until he called the gun owner a mental wack-job just because he referred to his AR-15 as "his baby"... he even went as far as saying that the video submitter was most likely not mentally capable of owning his weapon, and suggested that he may be a danger to society... Mr Biden... The only danger is you, my friend. Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson really needed to break out, and they didn't. This may be the last debate with them in it. Richardson has one of the best messages on Energy Independence, but he just can't seem to be "interesting". Clinton yells... a lot! And it is really hard to think that she is a compassionate person when all she does is yell... strike-out in my book... Dennis Kucinch needed to shine, and this was supposed to be his format... he did alright, but it was just shy of being put in the winner's block... and the loserest loser of all the losers... Barack Hussein Obama... in any given answer there were 15-20 "Umm", "Uh", and other fumbles as he looked for the right thing... his inexperience was in full swing, and though his answers may have been on message, they lacked the ease and intelligence that our next president needs to have.

If I had to call it, I would say that we are looking at the fall of Clinton/Obama, and the rise of Edwards/Biden (but Biden needs to make ammends with the gun-owners of the world)... Perhaps Richardson is going to be a VP pick... so we may see Edwards/Richardson as the democratic ticket for the general election...

Though my question was not picked, the very first question was mine but asked by someone else... I am going to focus on submitting a few perfect videos for the Republican CNN/YouTube debate in September... Hopefully Huckabee is still in the running, and gaining more momentum!

God Bless!

Friday, July 20, 2007

President Richard Cheney... for a day, anyway...

Tomorrow, without the bells and whistles of an inauguration, President Bush will hand over the presidential powers to Richard Cheney. Per section 3 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, when the president succumbs to a disability, or can no longer hold the seat for health reasons, the Vice President can take control of the Executive Branch until the (ousted) president notifies authorities that he is able to resume his post.

Why the shift of power? The president will be under anesthesia for colon cancer screening for up to two hours.

Yup... We all knew that we would have to take it up the rear when Cheney becomes President... and Bush is 1st in line... (that is a plug for all of my liberal readers)

What policy changes can we expect to see? Perhaps Cheney will take this opportunity to pardon the border agents?... perhaps sign a peace treaty with Cuba?... or perhaps, maybe, just maybe, he will authorize full dictatorial powers to the office of the president under Presidential Directive 51!!! What can we expect from the 44th president in his 2 hour long reign?

Most likely nothing... but I have my fingers crossed for chaos...

At what age should I allow an educator to teach my child about SEX?

Well, Barack Obama (Democratic Presidential Candidate) is convinced that 5 years old is a great time to start teaching children sex education... In Kindergarten! I think my first sex education class was in 7th or 8th grade... and I turned out JUST FINE. Why is it so important for the socialist-liberals to start infecting our children at such a young age... oh... that is right... so that they can ensure THEIR policies are ingrained.

07/19 - Senator Barack Obama continues to take heat for comments he made at the Planned Parenthood conference in DC on Tuesday about sex education in public schools. In response to a question about "age-appropriate" sex education Obama recalled having been attacked in his US Senate campaign by Alan Keyes for advocating "sex education for kindergarteners." Obama followed that with the assertion, "but it’s the right thing to do to provide age-appropriate sex education, science-based sex education in the schools."

The Obama campaign has been at pains to explain that the candidate thinks that
"age-appropriate" sex education for young children would be made up of teaching
them that it is inappropriate for others to touch them.

Governor Romney has wasted little time incorporating criticism of this into his
rhetoric in press releases and in his public remarks. Last night in Colorado
Springs, CO (very helpfully and promptly
posted by the campaign on YouTube) he said that as governor he had never been approached by a parent "you know what, governor, I am concerned about something ...I don't think our kids are learning enough about sex. I never heard that. So I was shocked to hear that he thinks we need to have sex education in kindergarten." Romney went on to add, "how much sex education is appropriate for a five year old? In my opinion zero is the right amount."

For once I agree with Mitt Romney... Parents should teach their children about inappropriate touching at a young age... keep the bananas and condoms out of kindergarten!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Muslims Crucifiying Christians in Iraq

According to a World Net Daily News report, Dutch ministry officials conducting an investigation into violence against Christians in Iraq have discovered that Muslim terrorists have been crucifying Christians in Iraq.

The article did not go into too much detail, but said that most of the crucified individuals were from religiously mixed marriages or muslims who converted to Christianity.

Registered Republicans Undecided

The latest AP-Ipsos Poll shows that the New leader in the Republican Primary is:


25% of the vote when asked which of the candidate (Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, or Sam Brownback) went to the "Other, Not Sure, None" categories... which can only mean that the media's focus on candidates that are not electable must have some deeper meaning. (i.e. all the Rudy McRomney talk is not allowing other candidates to shine on their differing viewpoints)

The same poll shows that Clinton is clearly the front runner for the Democrats...

I feel like I am stuck in an old Richard Pryor movie, Brewster's Millions, where he is running a campaign NOT to elect a candidate... instead voting for "None of the Above"...

Of course the premise of that election is that the government officials on the ballot are corrupt, and would not do well in their elected position... Kind of like our current Liberal Media Anointed Republican Hoard... who's poor numbers come from the BASE of the party who realize that these media elite candidates are neither conservative NOR Republican (unless you consider RINO a wing of the Republican Party)

The article continues:

Such discontent with the top-tier could lead Republicans to reconsider
lesser-knowns such as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

Now we are getting somewhere... Though Huckabee pulled in 3% of the ~400 Republican votes, 15% were in the "Don't Know/Not Sure" category. This means that if Huckabee can come out as a sstrong conservative alternative to the liberal Media Anointed, then we have a chance... So with 15% unsure, there is plenty of room to break out!

Two months ago, the "Undecided Republican" was at less than 14%... Rudy was well ahead of the pack at around 37% nationwide... without much shift in support (except for the Fred Thompson "idea"), Rudy has (rightfully) fallen to 20%... making him a very vulnerable candidate.

This news is very promising... especially as poll after poll excludes the "other" candidates that have a broader appeal to the Conservative base of the Republican Party... so as long as the polls keep asking for you to select between the Media Elite candidates, and keep pushing them as "top tier", I invoke the spirit of Richard Pryor:


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McCain Humor: Falling Apart - And Democratic Foot-In-Mouth Disease

When will McCain come to understand that it is not in his cards to ever be the President of the United States?

There is a difference between staying in the race to ensure your message becomes part of the party platform... but when you are in it for power... everyone kind of sees that.

And the Democratic Leadership seems to have been caught with their foot in their mouth:

Are the "Top Tier" so elite that they needn't worry about the other voices in their party? I wonder how much longer the Media Anointed Republican Leaders will "allow" the "not serious" candidates to debate... It is another case of governing versus being governed... and how the candidates feel they fit into one of those categories...

If the Democrats win in 2008, look forward to being governed!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Energy Independence Will Require Radical Changes

Before I begin my discussion on this topic, let me preface by saying that the origin of the Republican Party was in radical ideology... Equality for all men, regardless of skin tone, in a time when slavery was openly practiced over much of the US, and the world. So we were born on radical ideas, and it is on such that we must continue to grow.

Most presidential candidates are talking about an energy independence plan that revolves around a 20-40% reduction in foreign oil consumption by 2020... This is a fancy way of saying that you have a plan, with a fine-print-promise of "It aint gonna happen!"

Energy independence, serious energy independence, does not come from 20 year plans with little or no gain on current situations. Such plans guarantee future energy based wars in regions of the world that would rather not have US occupation.
So to get results, we need Radical Changes... radical changes in the form of Radical Policy and Radical New Laws. I am not one to support bigger government or more laws... but in this case it is a new law that will steer the "norm" in a new direction.

When the congress passed their "sweeping fuel consumption reform" they praised themselves as the car companies grumbled in protest... the reform: mandating 40 mpg average on ALL vehicles by 2020... in hopes to reduce fuel consumption. But with the number of vehicles on the road increasing each year, this does nothing to energy consumption but maintain the status quo!

We need an energy independence bill to go through both houses and the oval office that will guarantee immediate and drastic change... Complete energy independence in less than 8 years from the time of passage... Sounds impossible, but is it? Oh, it will piss off the oil industry... but it is time to "break the addiction". My legislation would look something like this (legal jargon omitted) -

1. 100% of All new vehicles to be sold in the United States shall be Ethanol E-85, Flex Fuel, Ethanol/Hybrid technology, Bio-Diesel, or otherwise burning less than 15% total petrol per tank of fuel by the year 2012.

2. All Oil industry subsidies shall be stopped, and money used instead to prepare the ethanol & bio-diesel infrastructure, including ethanol fuel crops, ethanol / bio-diesel production, and distribution centers. All fueling stations shall be required to provide alternative fueling options (ethanol and/or bio-diesel)

3. US should fund creation of new power plants within the US, to include ONLY clean fuels, excluding Nuclear fission plants. Plants should include Offshore-Wind, Tidal Generators, Geothermal Generators, and Solar Plants.

4. States should be classified as "Sunshine" or "Non-Sunshine" states/regions. For instance, Eastern Colorado gets 300+ days of sunshine a year... this will classify it as a Sunshine State / Region.

5. ALL homes and buildings in "sunshine regions" shall be required to install Solar Panels and energy storage. Cost of installation shall be offset by government subsidies to the solar panel manufacturers. This will drastically reduce the need for power plants, and ensure reduction in natural gas/coal/oil burning emissions. The solar power could provide 75% of all housing energy consumption, eliminating energy draws / black-outs / etc.

Taking the steps above we, as a country, reduce emissions of petroleum based fuels by at least 50-75%. We will also reduce the need for mass power distribution, allowing power share of stored personal solar energy. we will completely eliminate the need to import fuels from the middle east and south America by 2020 (not just reducing by 20-40%). It assures that we become not only energy independent from foreign governments, but greatly adds to our own personal energy independence from big power companies... as well as promising better stewardship of the land in which we live.

This is a radical shift in America, and a challenge that will rival the first moon program to implement on such a short timeline...

But it CAN be done.

In fact, I have freely given my independent ideas on this policy change to Bill Richardson and the You Tube community last week, and I offer it to you (my reader) today. If there is not movement in the congress or by a presidential candidate to adopt these radical policies, I will have to take up the fight myself!

Give the policy some thought, and please feel free to comment...

God Bless.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sea to Shining "Si" - part II

It looks as if Congressman Tancredo was on the same wavelength as me! Keeping the pro-illegal crooks on their heels, Tom Tancredo is in the final stages of writing an immigration reform bill that rejects amnesty... His presidential website also has a good outline of what the bill includes... though I say that it falls short of the knock-out blow, I think Tancredo is doing a great thing here in keeping the crooks off balance!

Go get'em Tom!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's all too 1984...


The book 1984 is an extremely prophetic book to the troubles of our times... written in the late 1940's, it eerily describes the state of the world as it is today, with a twist. If you have not read this book, I urge you to do so... in hopes that you will understand the society that we are allowing to form around us as we become more and more dependent on the government.

The social structure of the book describes the Proles (the 85% of the population) who are the working class... a class that is dependent on the government for their very survival, and one that is also easily disposed of without question... as the Proles live in constant fear of their government, though no-one can say as such. The Proles are kept ignorant, because the citizen who knows too much is a threat to the society as a whole... They are subject to constant re-education, as the Ministry of Truth works feverishly to change historical facts... They are kept occupied by television programs that demand their interaction, and often include graphic programs with violence and propaganda...

My friends, the masses of the United States are being set up as Proles... With the increase in Reality Television demanding your every spare moment, you lose the ability to self educate... you lose the ability to form independent thought... or if you form an independent thought, to take any form of action.

We are losing the moral high ground... replacing morals with ignorance... replacing reason with ignorance... replacing philosophy with ignorance.

For instance, try having a debate with anyone on the left... educated or not as much... the debate on ANY issue becomes emotion filled, as opposed to logic filled... all reason is thrown out the door as talking points and charges of racism begin to flung around... and all ability to intelligently discus an issue has been lost...

Ignorance is Strength... because now the intelligent debater is left trying to prove the negative: "I am not a racist because...", "I am not an idiot because..." ... and as such, any chance for growth in this discussion is lost.

So as you look around, see how the masses are being "educated"... see how the moral fiber is degrading... see how we are setting ourselves up to be ruled...

The year... the year is 1984, I think.

God Bless...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From Sea to Shining "Si"

Since the second failure of the Immigration "Reform" bill, the immigration front has been all too quiet. I have searched headlines, international and political news stories... but to no avail...

So, my friends, have we won the battle but lost the war?

If our only offense is the defense against amnesty, then I think that is the very essence of losing this battle.

Now that we have the pro-illegal group on their heels, it is time to deliver the knock-out punches to put this issue to bed once and for all. We should be pushing the issue of starting construction on the wall (not fence) along the border... we should be pushing for an increase in armed National Guard troops along the border to stop the flow while the wall is being built... and we should have a Senator or Representative propose a new bill... the "Mexican Repatriation Bill", similar to the Repatriation performed during the Great Depression.

"Extremist"... I can hear the screams now! but what we are asking for is the law be enforced... and a bill of such nature would be an avenue with which to carry out the current laws...

With current US immigration laws, anyone coming into the US illegally will be prosecuted, and lose any ability to legally come back into the United States... so as a compromise, the Repatriation Act could have a clause stating that "All repatriated Mexicans may chose to return to the United States and file for citizenship through legal channels, so long as the applicants have no history of gang affiliation or criminal records at home or in the United States"... I am not anti-immigrant, just anti-illegal!

One thing that we would have to do differently than in the 1930's, of course, is to ensure that the public knows that we are not deporting ANY legal citizens, and that (even though this would be a futile statement... cause you KNOW it will come up) this is NOT a racist / race-cleansing deportation... rather a legal move to control those who are in our country.

As a part of the R.A., I would also suggest the "Employer Consequence Amendment"... stating that any employer who knowingly hires illegal immigrants will face harsh fines, and possibly jail time... the same should go for city officials in "Sanctuary Cities"...

If we don't continue the charge against the illegal immigration racket, we will surely lose this war!


God Bless!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Middle East - Ticking Time Bomb

The ever evolving conflict in the Middle East has taken yet another turn. Al Qaeda has given a two month ultimatum to the Iranian government to cease all ties to the Iraqi Shiite government or face war.

This is the "spilling over" that we had been warning neighbors in the region about... so by arming radical elements and funding their operations, even if just the US, is now going to start spilling across international borders.

This is at the same time when Iraqi politicians are invoking the US second amendment, and urging the citizens to take arms and defend themselves, as a last line of defense against criminals and terrorists. In the wake of the deadly attacks over the weekend, one which killed over a hundred innocent civilians, the Iraqi government has finally asked the people to start taking responsibility for their own safety... (this may be the first step in them understanding the need to fight for their own survival and freedom, and stop depending on the government for a socialist solution)

So as the US is in a showdown this week, where the answer may be given as to when the US will be pulling battle forces out of Iraq, the tensions in the region are escalating... perhaps in anticipation of the US withdrawl. The US congress is debating a defense spending bill, and with Republicans jumping off of the President's war-wagon, it is likely that we will have a timetable for troop withdrawl... What this will look like, what bases will remain, what forces will remain is all to be decided.

What I see as happening if the US withdraws all forces, bases, etc, is as follows:
  • Al Qaeda makes good on their promises to attack Iran
  • Iran invades Iraq as a response, since Iran houses the terrorist group
  • Turkey invades Iraq from the north to secure northern oil fields in the wake of the Iranian invasion
  • Iraqi-Sunnis begin fighting Shiites who support the Iranian invaders (this is already taking place)
  • Syria and Jordan move forces into the Iraqi desert to secure their borders, and ensuring the violence and/or the Iranians do not move into their country.
  • Iraqi government surrenders to invading forces, agrees to disband and divide country to newly recognized borders.
  • US liberals begin outcry as to the lack of our involvement in the humanitarian crisis during this war
I have suggested 7 events that may take place due to our withdrawl in the face of escalating international pressures. Each event is a cascade from the previous event... and it only makes sense considering the current tensions bundled with the previous hostilities between the regional neighbors...

The point is that the people of Iraq are at the point where they see the necessity defend themselves, thus building a sense of national pride and will to self govern... and that Al Qaeda, seeing the potential for a wider regional conflict, is willing to pull Iran into this knowing that it will increase the body count... and the US is powerless throughout this entire unfolding because we have been emasculated by socialist-world-government-liberal-Americans.

It is like a choose your own adventure book... Total chaos by US withdrawl, or an increasing sense of stability by US presence?

Hell, we are still in Germany and Japan after more than 60 years of post WWII peace... what about that don't the Liberals understand? Stability takes time, and American Unity...

God Bless...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Rumble in the (Concrete) Jungle

That is right... the gauntlet has been thrown down today...

Cindy Sheehan has given Nancy Pelosi 13 days to listen to her demands, or she will be announcing a run against her in San Francisco...

I tell you what... Cindy Sheehan just might be out there enough to beat Pelosi too... ESPECIALLY in S.F.

This would be a great showdown... It would split the anti-war, anti-middle-American city in two... Perhaps even unseat the Speaker of the House...

But what, if I may, do you think would happen if a Republican swept into the district and beat the two of them in a three way race? A republican Representative from San Francisco... Wow...

Each day I am growing more and more eager to really get into the 2008 election cycle... It is going to be one hell of a show!

God Bless!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Congress at Mid-Year break, best thing for country!

The citizens of America can rest easy for the time being... Congress is in a mid-session break!

I have noticed over the last few months that the government's approval ratings have been dismally low, in the 20's (%)... and an article on CNN.com that I read through this morning had a great message: right now it is not so much Democrat v. Republican, rather the People v. the Government...

Of course there was the usual anti-Republican tone written into the article, but the message is clear, and we have addressed it here many times... We are currently being governed by an unrepresentative government, hell bent on tearing the nation apart via corruption and bad policies on both sides of the aisles.

I sincerely hope that as the 2008 elections near, that each party take notice of the horrid legislators currently in office, and choose to replace them with an alternative candidate. The only thing that can turn this ship around is some action on the part of the party and the people... if the party doesn't listen, then dont vote for the bad incumbent!

Fortunately for me, I live in Tancredo's district... so as long as he is planning on retaining his seat there should be no problem... as he is the loudest voice for the people in the congress...

God Bless!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

What is the story with F. Thompson?

I had heard big rumors that Fred Thompson was supposed to officially decalre candidacy on July 4th... and yet another opportunity for his announcement has come and gone... So for a guy who has no answer to the questions about his defining acheivements while in the Senate for 8 years, a guy who is having trouble getting an actual stance on any issue defined, and a guy whos seemingly only positive point is a high rating in polling (most liekly attributed to name recognition alone, as his stance on the issues and leadership is vague)... well, I am again left to question the decision making skills of Fred and his team.

What is Fred afraid of? Perhaps that actually being in the race will mean that his high polling numbers will start to fall due to his lack of... everything...??? Or maybe Fred is just toying with the people, and has no plans to actually enter the race and have to debate the other candidates... I mean, come-on... his Exploratory Committee is not actualyl an E.C... it is a "Testing the Waters" Committee...

Fred... please, either announce and let the people see you debate the issues, or bow out gracefully...

God Bless...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

231 Years... Happy Birthday America

231 years ago, there was a spark that ignited a fire... a fire that would ultimately forge the steel foundations for a country with resolve... a new nation rising up from the ashes of tyranny, like the majestic phoenix... As such, the government that has since been founded must learn from the mistakes of past failed governments, or as the cycle of the phoenix, suffer the same fate.

Government, as an entity, has but one purpose... however "free" the ideology of a democratic-republic may make us feel, the fact is that a government set apart from the people has the power to rule the people.

And so, 231 years after the great phoenix that was this budding democracy so gracefully sprang forth from the ashes of tyranny, do We the People of this great nation find ourselves at the mercy of yet another overbearing and unrepresentative government?

I pose a simple question... has the dream been lost?

Or is there hope that the people of this country can realize the err in their direction, and cast off the corruption found in their leaders? Is there that glimmer of a chance that as this phoenix burns, we can rise up, a great nation with new potential... with true freedom from fear of our own government... that the nation will stand in defense of our enemies, but allow freedoms within our own borders?

Is there hope that the once great roar found in the words of the founding fathers, that roar which has since been silenced to a whisper by lack of conviction out of our fellow man... is there hope that these words are not lost, and that the idea of this great nation, where man can be free, is still within our grasp?

In a nation where "fairness must be legislated" (Clinton-D-New York) and the day of our Independence has become a day for "4th of July Sales" and fireworks, I have to ask these questions... And I hope that you are all asking the same.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Ever Changing 2008 Presidential Election

This election season is more exciting to me than a 10 year old waiting to see the new Harry Potter Movie... Every day there is something that looks to be a new wrench in the cogs!

Let's take a look at the situation, and the excitement!

- Clinton and Rudy are leading the polling for eitehr party... two NY Liberals.

- McCain has all but lost any chance of winning the nomination due to his poor immigration bill, as well as his (what I like to call) "crazy old man" outbursts of late.

- Clinton and Obama are battling it out over the internet... via YouTube.

- The underdog candidates on the Democratic side are flickering out like candles in the wind, yet trying to hold on with everything they have got (i.e. Dodd's "Dodd Ammendment" to a spending bill, requiring a 30 day timetable for Iraq retreat)

- Most of the underdog candidates on the Republican side are losing steam, and flip-flopping on issues like immigration (i.e. Brownback's amazing 11 minute flip-flop on the senate floor)

- Huckabee is gaining in the polls...

- Fred Thompson is STILL keeping everyone on the edge of their seats while he makes up his mind about a run... meanwhile everyone else is making actual decisions (so how can we elect such an indecisive candidate? You are in or out...)

- Bloomberg goes Independent, shaping the potential for a three party election, all candidates will happen to be from New York. Bloomberg's presence in the race will be a hit to the Dems, as he will cater to the Democratic base... but if Rudy is the Republican nominee, GOP-ers may vote third party to send a message to the RNC.

- Ralph Nader has mentioned that he plans to run in this race... most likely (I think) to upset Clinton.

- and finally... Al Gore looks to enter the race!

Al Gore visit postponed
Former US vice president Al Gore will not be able to make it to Taiwan
this September to address the issue of global warming, Democratic Progressive
Party Legislator Tien Chiu-chin (田秋堇) said yesterday. Tien, who invited Gore to
visit Taiwan to promote awareness on global warming, told reporters yesterday
that she received an e-mail from the Harry Walker Agency, which has the
exclusive right to arrange Gore's speeches, saying that Gore had canceled all
his scheduled events in the next six months. The visit to Taiwan had been
postponed to next year, she added. Tien said the reason for the cancelation was
that Gore was considering a presidential bid.

Thanks to GOPBloggers for turning my attnetion to this article in the Taipei Times... but it looks like Al Gore may be more upset than the Republicans that Hillary is doing so well... And as a side note, I heard that Bill wants Gore to enter the race...