Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A free people, A limited federal government, A pipedream?

What IS the definition of a free person?

Has freedom in America been reduced to the freedom to select between Comcast or Qwest? McDonalds or Wendy's? K-Mart or Walmart?

Has our freedom been reduced to a limit of consumer choices?

Even with politicians... Which President do you want to buy? The inexperienced African American, the Battle-Ax Ex-First Wife, or the Cross Dressing Mayor from NYC?

Why is it that I hear less and less about local governments? About 18 people vying for the spot of Governor in the state of Colorado?

I will tell you why... The federal government is taking steps to reduce the power of the local and state government, and turn everything (literally) into a federal case. Imagine a federal government that works to limit itself, reducing it's own power back to a more constitutionally appropriate role... and letting the states be free?!?

Imagine if the Federal government said "This is not a federal issue, please handle in the states"... This would take care of marriage, abortion, education, transportation, etc, etc...

If there were no income tax breaks on a federal level, then there would be no marriage tax benefit, and thus no need for the federal government to "recognize" marriage. Families can form within the accordance of the local lifestyle... and what makes sense in San Francisco would not have to make sense in St Louis.

If privacy rights were regulated on a state level, then folks who are pro-abortion or anti-abortion could choose to live within communities or states that felt the same way...

Education would be a local issue... and "My two mommies" would not have to be mandatory classroom study for a Des Moines first grader, as it may be in Seattle or New York.

People live in America because we have the freedom to choose... We choose to live in certain communities because we want a certain lifestyle for our families. Why then is EVERY issue a federal issue? Why is EVERY special interest group pressing a federal agenda? What role does our new federal government play with respect to the constitution?

I will tell you, they overstep the constitution on just about every issue... We are in a constitutional crisis... where our freedoms are being peeled back one by one... and the federal government is to blame. It has made itself an overseer of the people... not a vessel for communication, but for ruling.

So at what point do we, as the last vestige of freedom, say that enough is enough, and demand that the federal government withdraw from the states... limiting itself to it's constitutional boundaries?

My guess is that we will not see an outcry on the level that is needed until it is too late...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Could the 2008 Dem nominee STILL be Al Gore?

"And the nominee is..."

The crowd hushes, Hillary is smiling in the wings... Obama is pacing the in the pews...

"Al Gore..."

A buzz instantly fills the room... was Al Gore even in the race? Hillary can be seen, red faced, yelling at her campaign manager... Obama is in tears as he thinks of all the political leaders he wont get the chance to insult.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is not an actual situation, but an enactment of what could be the case during the Democratic Convention next year.

WHY? You ask... Well, The speculation of an Al Gore entry into the race is still afloat... and even Rasmussen, the most trusted name in polling, is predicting that regardless of the Clinton/Obama buzz, that the Democrats are going to pick a white male for their nominee. That leaves John Edwards and Al Gore.

What is better... Al Gore, without campaigning, is winning straw polls... The latest was the Scottsdale District 8 Straw Poll... It is no Ames, but voters had to pay $20 to cast a vote... and Gore walked away with the big win. He also came in second place to Edwards in the "popularity" vote. Clinton, Obama, and very far behind Richardson don't seem to have the support of the Central Arizona democrats... The same three don't really have the support in the Midwest, either... It is Edwards sweeping the middle-America crowds... which only means that if Al Gore enters the race, he will be the Democratic entity able to shake the Clinton foundation.

Speculation was that Gore would enter the race during the "save the earth" concert... but he didn't... With high numbers, high popularity, and the Democratic party secretly looking for the White Male candidate, the choice is Edwards or Gore. Recent speculation is that if gore's popularity and numbers continue to rise in the wake of the Draft Gore movement, December will be the kick-off of the Gore2008 campaign.

With political rivalries sizing up a Clinton nomination, throwing Al Gore into the mix could ruin the GOP strategy... (if I can figure out what that is, I will let you know). Remember, the GOP is planning to play the 51% "Definitely Will Not Vote Clinton" card VERY hard for the independents, as well as some of the Dems likely to jump ship. I know a few Dems who are in that category, and I don't blame them. There is a constant buzz in my community: "Anyone but Clinton"... and I think America Agrees.

So Al Gore... it looks like you may be getting the nomination after all...

GOP Candidates, be prepared for the shocker... just in case. Everyone else, keep your eyes on Florida!

God Bless.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Land of the Free?

As I was watching news reports in the days after the Iowa Straw Poll, and listening to conservative talk radio shows in the same time, something struck me as odd...

The very same talk show hosts on the AM dial who prior to the Ames Straw Poll where billing it as a relevant event, marking true support for "America's Candidate", were now debunking the results... and why??? Because the big news out of the event was that Mike Huckabee, the underfunded underdog came in a awe inspiring second place and was the media favorite after the contest...

So the Pro-Romney, Pro-Rudy AM radio hosts who have been responding to Pro-Huckabee callers with "Good guy, doesn't stand a chance" were eating their words... Yes, I am talking about Rush, Hannity, and Hugh Hewitt...

And then it really got me thinking about how we are going about choosing our next President... when a man with as much Message as Romney has Money is belittled because he is not the talk show's favorite, and the host keeps repeating those words "doesn't have a chance", then I ask this simple question: How is this Presidential election any different than the 2005 Iranian Presidential election?

The answer... It Isn't!

In Iran, the Guardian Council sifts through the field of candidates and selects the candidates that THEY think are fit to run for president. There are no real primaries, no real pre-contests... it is who the Council decides should run, and the people hear that the guardian council has selected a field of candidates, all else are not worthy.

In the US, the Media and Talk shows anoint the candidates that they think are fit to run for president. The primaries are no longer on election day, but on the front page of TIME, or on talk radio shows where the "other" candidates are asteriks candidates, and their beloved Mitt Romney (who is still in single digits nationwide) is always granted the title of debate winner, or poll winner, because the other candidates don't count anyway (almost a direct quote from Hugh Hewitt). The Media decides who should get the airtime, who's name they will praise and who's name they will be debunking. The people hear the Guardian Council... I mean the Media Elites... and see that all else are not worthy in their eyes.

So are we getting the elected officials we deserve? Are we falling for the carrots at the end of the media elite's stick?

With 25% of the GOP vote going to "other/unknown", you have to wonder what candidate we are going to settle for... "Tell us, oh wise council of elite media, for we no longer have the ability to be free thinkers..."

OR, we can rise up, as we did in Iowa... time and again, supporting a candidate with executive experience and a strong Jeffersonian message... We can use this election to take back America, restoring it back to the wonderful Land of the Free... We can look at candidates with substance, intelligence, and core conservative values. Look in your hearts... you know what is right.

Do we want to live in a land of the elite ruling class, or do we want to live in the America that our forefather's endowed us with... the free land, where the government does not rule, the media does not rule, but the people... the common people... you and me... we rule, because we are free.

Reject the elite class. Flood their phone lines with calls. Fill their e-mail inboxes with letters. Send them letter after letter to fill their studio. Organize rallies outside their broadcasting buildings, demanding support for a Jeffersonian candidate willing to give power back... Take the power back from the elites, or suffer at the hands of their appointed leaders.

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Obama - The Inexperienced Foreign Relations Jester

Not a day goes by anymore where Barack Obama is not placing his foot in his mouth on foreign relations issues. And the more it happens, the more you can hear the laughter at the thought of him as President of the United States.

He began by declaring that his first objective as President would be to set up meetings with rulers who have sworn their hatred towards the United States (such as Chavez, Castro, Ahmadenijad, Jung-Il... and the list goes on). The intent of the meetings would be to determine how we could appease their hatred for the US... Worked for Clinton in the 90's in giving North Korea nuclear technology... only took them 10 years to build a nuclear warhead and threaten to launch against US territory or allies.

Then, as if he realized that the crowd was laughing at him, not with him, he came out acting like a war hawk... declaring that he would bomb Pakistan if Musharif would not act swiftly on intelligence to get Bin Laden. Of course this action would surely unseat Musharif, as he barely holds control of his country... and then a new Islamic State of Pakistan would be created in the fashion of Taliban controlled Afghanistan or the Peoples Republic of Iran. Then you could kiss our foothold in the region good-bye, and almost certainly ensure that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is distributed to Martyrs on the way to America or India or London or... you get the picture...

Now, in an attempt to fling mud in the face of his plummeting poll numbers, he is attacking US troops and great progress in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the US troops had a swift success in overthrowing the Taliban, and rebuilding the infrastructure... ensuring freedom for women and children... the list goes on... The region is not without it's problems as Al-Queda attempts to resupply the Taliban with the help from Iran, but the country is clearly better off and the people know it, and appreciate the freedom given them.

Barack Obama, in a classic case of "WTF?" said that US troops need to do more than just kill civilians in Afghanistan.

I say to you, Mr Obama, "Mind your words". You are unfit for such a prestigious office, and your recent resorting to "fraternity hazing rituals", as you called it, is evidence enough that you are just not ready for the executive branch of the federal government.

So as the elections inch closer each day, let's not forget to take a second and laugh at the Jack-Ass (Democratic Donkey, if you will) who thinks that the office of the President has no need for reason and logic in foreign affairs... go ahead, point and laugh...

God Bless

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Straw Poll Results, and the new field of GOP candidates

For starters, congratulations to Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo for incredible finishes in the Iowa Straw Poll! Mike's 2nd place finishing was needed to give his candidacy the legitimacy it deserves in the main stream... of course the contest is being downplayed because Rudy-the-Elite and Sinking-Ship-McCain were not participating.

What this does show is that of the "other" candidates, who spent about 1/10th of what Mitt Romney spent, we could bring in very strong support.

The results are as follows:
1. Mitt Romney –32 percent
2. Mike Huckabee – 18 percent
3. Sam Brownback – 15 percent
4. Tom Tancredo – 14 percent
5. Ron Paul – 9 percent
6. Tommy Thompson — 7 percent
7. Fred Thompson – 1 percent
8. Rudolph W. Giuliani – 1 percent
9. Duncan Hunter – 1 percent
10. John McCain (less than 1 percent)
11. John Cox (less than 1 percent)
The vote totals for the top three:
Mr. Romney — 4,516 votes;
Mr. Huckabee — 2,587;
Mr. Brownback – 2,192

What does this mean to the field of GOP candidates?

As I predicted after the Iowa Debates one week ago, Tommy Thompson was one of the first to take the fall and withdraw from the race. His campaign was convinced that they would have a strong second place finish in Ames... but after a poor 6th place showing he made good on his promise to leave the race - leaving us with his blunt candor: "I'm outta the race"

Of course my prediction was that Duncan Hunter would be the first to go, and with a 9th place finish tallying less votes than Rudy and Fred Thompson (about 150 total votes), I am sure that it was a waiting game to see how the other less than favorable candidates reacted. Within the next few days, I would expect to see Mr. Hunter also withdraw.

Mike Huckabee's stellar 2nd place finish has motivated his base to move forward and continue to push past the other candidates, joining the front-runners.

What is troubling is that the numbers that Brownback was able to muster have done more to motivate his base as well... so the "Holy Warrior" will most likely fight on, bringing his bag of dirty tricks along with him.

And the biggest winner of the poll was Congressman Tom Tancredo, with a 4th place finish. I am on the Team Tancredo mailing list, and the campaign is buzzing with excitement over the finish... I don't blame them! I wonder how many more debates Tom will spend in the wings of the stage? Well, with the field dwindling before the next debate, maybe he will be put to the side... But his strong message on border security and ensuring that America is a safe, English speaking, American-first nationalist place to live will continue on.

The funny thing is that I think that McCain's finish about where it would have been in Iowa even if he HAD spent some of his blown $25 million there... with his constant snubbing of Iowa, I am confused as to why they even let him into the state!

As for the results, farewell Sir Thompson. Your candidness will be missed. And may I be the first to say to you, Sir Hunter, thank you for support of the military, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

Here is to the new, leaner list of GOP Candidates...

God Bless

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Review of ABC Iowa Debate

Republicans took the stage early Sunday morning at Drake University in Ames Iowa, just six days before the Iowa Ames Straw Poll to debate the issues. With George Stephanopoulos and ABC hosting the debates, and early on a Sunday morning, it will be a miracle if more than a million people, most likely those political junkies like myself, got a chance to watch... So if you missed it, lend me your ear (or eyes as it were) and I will give you my take of the morning's events.

George made his intentions clear as he started the debate... Conflict and true Debate... He did not want the candidates to merely answer the questions, rather to face off against their fellow candidates to draw clear and defining lines between each of them... most likely in an attempt to better "sell" the candidates as a defined product. He started by playing a "Brownback Robo-Phone Message" which directly attacked Romney and Romney's wife on their support for abortion and groups like Planned Parenthood... Then following by asking Brownback to defend the message and confront Romney directly... It was a good day for bloodletting!

The overall mood of the debate is that the Republican party is stuck with a negative perception and low enthusiasm, as was indicated with the second to last question: What is the biggest regret in your life? So Democrats get uplifting questions about favorite teachers and greatest memories, where Republican nominees are "whipped" into submission by the mainstream moderators, forced to contemplate on their life and answer where they went wrong... Perhaps this is beneficial, as it shows the ability to understand their mistakes and show growth from them... (the two losers on that question were Brownback - "I don't tell me family that I love them enough", and Rudy - "You know, I need a priest to talk about all my mistakes"... yeah... I want another "Bill Clinton" in office?)

Let me break down my thoughts towards each candidate's performance, in order of the ABC Iowa poll for who is leading the state:

Mitt Romney (26%) - Mitt Romney spends most of his debate tiem, as it seems, defending his waffling stance on issues like abortion. Today's debate was no different. Romney's goal in the Iowa debate (as the most viewers of this debate will most likely be local to Iowa) was to maintain the status quo... as the front-runner he attempted to fit in his canned responses, while defending his history of being on both sides of many issues. It is a lesson in creative speaking to watch this guy on stage...

Rudy Giuliani (14%) - Well, we were all glad that Rudy decided to play with the others today... Rudy is becoming less engaged in debates and the process, as he clearly expects to receieve the nomination. His performance in this debate pretty much etched in stone his continuation of Bush policies in the White House. His liberal stances on social issues aside, some of the comments he made during this debate may have sealed his fate in the general election should he get the nomination... "He is the follow on to Bush, Bush part II..." I can just hear the Democratic nominee now! Not to mention Rudy's admittance that he would follow the ideas of Barack Obama in bombing Pakistan, our ally, as opposed to supporting their government in taking action against BinLaden. Such a move would surely unseat the uneasy President of Pakistan.

Mike Huckabee (8%) - Mike's great oratory skills helped him get the point across, and stay on message in this debate... He may have been the only candidate who did not stumble on their words, trying to make sure that they weren't waffling on an issue. The one thing that Mike Huckabee did not do is place the emphasis on the fact that he is polling third in the state, and gaining momentum. Mike's shining moment was when he stated that we need to spend our billions of dollars building our own infrastructure, and building democracy at home, before we try it around the world... in response to a question about our crumbling and aged infrastructure, i.e. the NY steam pipe explosion and the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

John McCain (8%) - John McCain's age is starting to show... not just in his apparent fatigue at these events, but in his constant retelling of "jokes" that only a senile old man would find interesting time and again. And in case you all didn't know, McCain reminded us at least five mroe times that he was in the military, he was a POW, and did I mention that he was a POW in the military during Vietnam for 5 and a half years?

Sam Brownback (5%) - Sam continued his mudslinging and attacks against all the candidates... Brownbacks overconfidence reflects his opinion that he is the Mesiah figure of the debates... his facial responses reflect his Christian-elitist stance, and his verbal responses, filled with mud, are reminiscent of a boring Al Gore... as if Gore could get any more boring... His repsonses were shakey and lacked confidence in himself, though he was clearly confident that his "purity" is much more than any other candidate's.

Tom Tancredo (5%) - I love Tom's steadfast support of strong immigration enforcement... notice I did not say reform... Tom lost his temper early on and demanded time to speak, after standing silent for nearly 25 minutes as all the other candidates had one, tow, or more opportunities to respond. Tom shook things up a bit when he stood by his repsonse to nuke Mecca and Medina if the US was ever nuked by Radical Islam... Tom spoke more clearly and eloquently than in any of his past debate perfomances... He is getting there, and though he may not win, his momentum in the state is keeping the spotlight on immigration!

Tommy Thompson (4%) - The hardest part about watching these debates is sitting by and watching campaigns give "wrapping up" statements... that is, Thompson knows that this will most likely be his last debate... he has said that unless he has a strong showing in the straw poll that he is out... and his remarks today reflected that. He went from campaigning for President to interviewing for VP or Health Board, etc... The strangest remark was that he will eradicate breast cancer by 2014. If only it were that easy... Perhaps more funding and free yearly screenings for women would help the fight, but I wonder if his remark wasn't more emotional (as his mother, wife, and daughter are all victims of Breast Cancer) than logical.

Ron Paul (2%) - Though every online poll would show Ron Paul at 56% and a shoe-in for the Oval Office, his lack of ACTUAL traction may be in part to his VERY Libertarian stance. He said some great things to back up other candidates on issues like reduced role of the federal government (trust me, Rudy was NOT one of those candidates calling for less federal control), and his stance of non-interventionism in world affairs would make the founding fathers proud. It is refreshing to see a candidate who trusts the founding fathers so completely, and understands the original intent of what America was all about... (trust me, the patriot act and strong federal government to the point that state and local governemnt need not apply is NOT the original intent). Ron Paul still is a horrible communicator, and his performance this morning began to sound more like a nagging spouse or child than a Presidential Candidate.

Duncan Hunter (1%) - Congressman Hunter, much like Thommy Thompson, began wrapping up his campaign with this debate. He used the opportunity to give thanks to the US Marines, his son, and his supporters... His remarks were the exclaimation point to his campaign, demanding that he be known as the candidate who is strongest on defense in it's ture sense (that is a strong military and secure borders) where as Rudy would be more of the New World Order candidate of shadow governments and secretive governments. Duncan Hunter will be missed, but hopefully his followers support one of the other "underdog" candidates who can take the party back from the NWO-Republicans...

In all, the winners of the debate, based on substance of answers, confidence in response, issues knowledge, and direction for the party, are as follows:

Huckabee - Tancredo - Hunter - Romney - Paul - McCain - Giuliani - Thompson - Brownback

Can we expect to see any surge in the Straw Poll based on this debate... My guess is to say "very little".

What should we expect after next Saturday's straw poll results are posted...

Duncan Hunter will gracefully bow out of the race sometime in the week following the poll. Polling at 1% and expected to finish last in the race, Hunter will go back to his Hosue District in California more popular than ever and help his son's campaign to take his House Seat. Yes, Hunter is not only bowing out of the Presidential race, but giving up his seat to his son, who is set to come back from Iraq in time for the race.

Shortly after Hunter leaves the race, we can expect to see T. Thompson move on as well, as his numbers have no momentum and his funding is dwindling.

Ron Paul will stick around for some time longer, as this is free publicity for his run on the Libertarian ticket in the 2008 race... remember, third parties will be the big winners in 2008.

The rest will hang on if they finish as the poll numbers above have shown... Brownback to continue his Christian Crusade, and possibly his eventual run on the ticket for the Constitution Party (where he would fit right in), McCain because he doesn't know when to quit, Romney because he thinks he has a shot, Rudy because he believes that he is entitled to be the next President, and Huckabee because he may be the only candidate who has a real shot of winning.

Long winded... but needed to be said.

God Bless

Friday, August 3, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate, Part II - Republicans

In July, the Democratic Presidential Candidates did their best to answer questions posed by average everyday Americans... and some snowmen. These were questions that had mostly been asked in some form before, but in a very personal way... as if saying, "Hey, I am an American... answer me!"

And on September 17th, the Republicans will have their chance to answer the voting public... or will they?

Recent events have unfolded to the affect that Rudy and Romney have declined to be involved in such a low quality event as having to answer the people of the US directly... Now their response to the declined offer is that of too busy of a schedule for such an event, or that the president shouldn't have to answer questions from "snowmen"... My response is that it is NOT A REAL SNOWMAN! The question was from an American, a person, done in a way to ensure that the question made it onto the debate and was answered.

So what we are seeing is an "elitist" mentality... here are two candidates either not willing to listen to the questions of the masses, or far to superior to answer an animated individual asking a question. The position of the President of the United States must NOT be allowed to be a pillar of elitist rule... it should be an office held by the people, for the people...

To the candidates who are serious about winning the White House, I say to you... Come, let us reason together... We are the citizens of the United States, and we want to talk about your upcoming job...

Rudy and Mitt... your arrogance reflects your unwillingness to reason with the people, or to truly mingle with us "common folk". I, for one, look forward to your absence in the debates... perhaps it will lend itself to more camera and speaking time to candidates who are serious about making a change in America for the better, not marching us down a path to 1984.

God Bless!