Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Glenn Beck Sums up Palin

Glenn Beck recently aired a snippet about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, whom I believe would be thebest choice for Vice President for so many reasons. This piece discusses the birth of her 5th child... Watch it, and learn more about why Palin is clearly the best choice for Veep.

For more information on why I am supporting Palin, visit here or see my previous posts:

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Millenials No Match for Greatest Generation?

The Greatest Generation... the builders of modern history. They constructed the cities that, today, are the center of our world. They constructed the entire infrastructure that makes up the United States, from unimaginably large dams, to epic sky ways bridging treacherously shark infested waters... They were even responsible for dreaming up what brought America together like nothing else... the Interstate Highway System.

The greatest generation, indeed. With no money in their pocketbooks, no roof over their heads, they took on tasks that were larger than life, under conditions that would always put your life in question.

The generation of my ancestors... breaking their back's so that their children, and grandchildren, even great grandchildren could reap the benefits of a unified society and a country ripe with opportunity.

Flash forward to the Millenial Generation (1988 - 2001). The eldest of this creed is the current college generation, entering their early twenties... faced with a world foreign to all generations that have come before it.

And unknowingly faced with challenges in excess of the Greatest Generation.

Those born 100 years ago would grow to face two world wars, a great depression, the advent of the automobile, the first flight of man, and the expansion of power and telephone throughout the country. In times of hardship, they understood community... they were willing to do what was necessary to put food on the dinner table.

Those born into the Millennial Generation have missed the cold war, been witness to economic expansion and the growth of the middle class, and little actual reality involving physical hardships (as a generation). Theirs is a psychological hardship. A generation not being allowed to grow up, not allowed to claim responsibility... a generation filled with distraction and inaction. Theirs is a generation who has been taught that government is the answer, and they are unable to see that government has actually become the problem. They are a generation raised in defiance of nationalism, instead as citizens of the world.

But what they do not see is that theirs is the generation that is going to be faced with the greatest challenge with the least amount of preparation.

While they are plagued with diabetes, weight issues, and the lack of self respect and control... and while they are more interested in the latest release of Grand Theft Auto than the Grand Unification Theory... while they are distracted from society by iPods and Wii, they do not realize that the gift given to them by the Greatest Generation is reaching Warranty.

Bridges are crumbling, sewer systems and steam pipes are exploding, urban zones are wastelands, power plants are nearing critical age... the capacity to manufacture has been shipped overseas (and that includes the ability to manufacture material necessary to repair infrastructure)

The infrastructure that has afforded the ease of life that the Millennials are blessed with is dangerously close to collapsing.

Instead of taking action, the Millennials are trained for inaction. Instead of planning for reconstruction, they demand that the government bail them out. Instead of doing something, they do nothing. Many of them will not need to hold a job before graduation from college... many will live with their parents or stay dependant on them through their mid to late twenties.

It is a generation of blame instead of responsibility... for now.

Their generation can be summed up by a song speaking to their generation:

I pose this question: Can the Millennial Generation improve on what was given to them by the Greatest Generation (and subsequent generations in between)? Do they have the resolve to ensure that the United States and our way of life is sustainable for another hundred years.

Or in the hands of this generation, are we left with a generation waiting for their opportunity instead of ceasing the opportunities at hand and making a change?

I am increasingly frustrated with the sentiment in this song, and the mentality of "instant gratification" that goes with the "have everything" Millennials.

Anything worth doing cannot be completed overnight.

Can the mentality of a generation change to embrace the challenges that are truly ahead?

Or has this entire generation befallen to the distractions that are in abundance around them?

Friday, April 25, 2008

KIVA - Spreading Free Markets and Supporting Personal Responsiblity

The key behind truly upholding the ideals of Liberty and Freedom is the understanding that it is the self, not the government, that is best equipped to care for the individual.

There is a non-profit movement that I was introduced to some time ago, and which I am greatly supportive of, that serves to spread freedom and self reliance far more than any donation possibly can.

The organization is called KIVA.

KIVA's goal is to provide sources of finance where traditional US style loans are not available (in third world countries where governments are shaky at best, and there is no such thing as a stable economy). But these sources of income are not hand-outs... they are hand-ups.

KIVA is a micro-lending company, where you are allowed to invest in a third world entrepreneur $25 US dollars at a time. These are not donations, but loans that will be fully paid back to the lender over the agreed to contract time. The risk is low, but the benefits are enormous... especially for the individual obtaining the loan.

Make a loan, Change a life

These loans represent a new head of cattle, new inventory in their store, expansion of a privately owned business, betterment of the lives of the lender and the improvement of the society around them.

There is a new front on the global war on poverty. It is the spread of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... the spread of freedom. Not by toppling governments, but by emboldening people to live better lives and provide a future for their families.

What better way to use $25 than to spread freedom and hope?

And remember... you'll get that $25 back... so reinvest!

I currently have three loans out that are being repaid: One to a cattle farmer in Tajikistan who wanted to buy new cattle in the winter, when prices were down; One to a woman in Lebanon who wanted to expand inventory in her western style clothing store; and One to a group of women in Uganda who wanted to expand their charcoal sales business.

I challenge my readers to provide one $25 loan, and leave a comment telling me what your investment went towards, and who it helped. I know I get about 30 unique visits a day... if 1/3 of my readers made one loan today, we could help change the lives of 10 folks directly and hundreds or thousands indirectly.

How will you help?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on Lakota - Dim Echos of the Ghost Dance

In December of 2007, I reported on a story in which the Oglala Sioux of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation had claimed that they were breaking their treaty with the government of the United States.

I have since been following this story looking for some sign of movement on either side (Sioux or US).

A summary of the background is that the Sioux announced a withdrawal from the Laramie Treaties, which are Supreme Law as defined by the Constitution Article VI, and announced that they wish to reestablish control and sovereignty of their land... as outlined in the map (notice that Lakota is a very large section of 5 US states. The Bureau of Indian Affairs ignored the declaration of continued independence, and stated that rogue Indians will be jailed. It was very much a scene out of 1880! The second installment, discussing International Attention, can be found HERE.

Little attention has been given to the situation as of late, but something very important happened: The US has given in... sort of.

The beginning of the end of the free Sioux was a Massacre at Wounded Knee. The new beginning of the Sioux is fueled by the echos of the Ghost Dance (a Sioux dance believed to help bring the Sioux lands back together entirely).

The fight of the Oglala (true) Sioux in the Pine Ridge Reservation with the US government has been over the systematic theft of Sioux lands over time, in violation of the Treaties between the US and the Sioux (which defined the above shown land as Sioux territory).

And though there has not been much fanfare, the United States has begun putting land back into the trust of the Sioux. There is a national park called the "Badlands" in the Dakotas, which was seized from the Sioux during the Great War period (first and second world wars) and used as munitions proving grounds. The Federal Government and departments in charge of the national parks has begun the process of returning the south badlands back to the Sioux.

It is hardly possible to determine the motive behind the United States' reasons for returning the land. The article in which I found the the story claims that it is a "funding" issue... but with a $3 Trillion federal budget, I doubt that funding has much to do with it. I am willing to bet that this was part of a "peace offering" between the Oglala Sioux (who are gaining the trust of the land) and the Federal Government. And it is being done quietly so as not to embarrass the US.

It’s an apparently unprecedented set of proposals that, at least symbolically, would represent a reversal of the centuries-old tradition of land grabs by the U.S. government [against native tribes].
This reunification of the Sioux land is a first step, and is an historic occasion. It is a far cry from the total return to Lakota, and it falls short of the return of the Black Hills (sacred Sioux Land, and home of Mt Rushmore) which is the goal of the Oglala activists.

The Sioux in the area of the reservations struggle with the United States highest suicide rates, dropout rates, alcoholism, and other symptoms of a broken society in extreme poverty. They have never truly seen themselves as part of the Western Society as the US developed around it, and have been plagued with extreme repression throughout history. As they begin the reunification of their lands, they are being trusted to take the steps to heal... heal within their society, and work with the US to begin to heal the broken heart of the Indian Nation.

The echoes of the Ghost Dance dimly roll through the South Dakota Badlands... but it is my hope that the echoes of the Ghost Dance will begin to be shared with the drumming sounds of the Sun Dance... a time of rebirth, renewal, and peace amongst all tribes of the earth.

It happened in the USSR...

When the USSR collapsed in the late 80's, the Cold War ended. The United States was filled with joy of the end of the CW, but new threats began to arise.

Those threats were rogue states, unstable nations, and civil wars throughout the old soviet republics.

What would it look like if the US government, and it's complacent voters, continues the gap between the people and the leaders... What would it look like if the gas prices reached $4.00 a gallon and drove the nation into an economic panic, as the lower and middle class could no longer afford the basic necessities. What would it look like if the lower and middle class was systematically uprooted from their homes because of government mingling in the private housing market?

What would it look like if the US ceased to be a union of peaceful states, and instead became a series of independent states fighting for resources enough to survive?

It is not crazy... we have done it before... and as the people are less and less able to thrive, let alone survive, we march forward along the same path that destroyed the Soviet Union.

We are truly at a pivotal point in our nation's history... and our nation's existence.

Here is an interesting timeline starting in 2008... it is from a video game, but is hardly unlikely.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Muslim's Want World to "Go Green"... on Time

Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of "Mecca Time" to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth...

This is, of course, another attempt at Islamification of the World... one more feable attempt to rewrite history in order to legitimize their religion... or in this case, attempt to use fuzzy science to legitimize their point.

The report states that a scientist/geologist at the conference made claims that Mecca was in perfect alignment with the Magnetic North Pole, thus is the true center of the earth. As can be seen from the map, and is common knowledge to ANY educated individual: THE MAGNETIC POLES ARE NOT CONSTANT. The magnetic poles are always moving, and even change polarity every so often (on the order of tens - hundreds of thousands of years). The attempt to falsify science to advance your cause is the lowest of the low (Al Gore, take note here). Notice on the map that the Magnetic North Pole is actually in Canada, on the opposite side of the earth. To further debunk this wild claim, I can claim that any two single points are directly and perfectly in line... because they are two points... My conclusion: this guy is an idiot.

Look... I am not trying to beat up on Islam every day here. What I am doing is noticing a ridiculous trend of radical claims or radical actions that are further pushing Islamification on the world. In Britain, in Canada, in France... Islam is becoming a social changing force. There comes a point when the Xenophobic nature of humanity is going to have to say "enough is enough". Not to be coarse here, speaking strictly from an historical perspective, but if the Germans thought the Jews were bad, wait until they see Islam! I am not advocating a holocaust against Muslims, but an end to expansion of this very dangerous ideology.

I have seen NO evidence that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

I have seen NO evidence that Muslims just want to live in harmony with others.

I have only seen evidence that the intent of Islam is world domination, world control, and world rule under Sharia law.

Where do those values relate to freedom, peace, and liberty?

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils

Monday, April 21, 2008

Iran's Goal: A Nuclear Apocalypse

Iran's quest to bring about the End-Times is as clear as listening to a speech by any one of her leaders. The self-fullfilling prophecy of bringing about the savior of man, or the next prophet, is done so by tragic warfare, with total destruction of humanity in it's current form... It would appear, to anyone actually listening, that Iran's hopes for world peace come only from making haste on bringing about global nuclear war.

This is the problem with religious fanaticism in leadership positions... such as the Iranian panel of religious leaders and the Ayatollah, in charge of overseeing all that the governemnt and people do. Their hope is to please their god by aiding the end times.

Don't believe me? Iran has been trying to obtain the technology to build nuclear wepons since before the revolution, and since 2003 has redoubled their efforts to create not just enriched Uranium for fuel, but Plutonium for bombs. All the while speaking of peaceful energy use, but ending the speeches and policy with "and by the by, we also are going to blow Israel off the map"... let me guess, blow them off the map with peaceful energy?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly mentions the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah, in his speeches regarding the future of Iran and Iran's energy program.

If we analyse the events and the rhetoric, we can better understand what is unfolding.

The use of religion, or the invocation of the name of a god on behalf of one's cause has been the oldest and strongest form of coorsion in the history of man. Fighting in "god's army" has been a battle cry of both sides of countless wars throughout the ages. Most famous was the Crusades, in which the Holy Land was being reclaimed in the name of Christ. What better way to get atonement than to glorify your god in battle?

With this in mind, there is no question that the leaders of Iran look to influence their subjects, as well as Muslims around the world, who see the tasks they are undertaking as the work of the muslim god. As a muslim, or a citizen of Iran, how can you question the actions of your divinely inspired leaders? To do so would be blasphemy... and to blaspheme would mean death. So it goes, that the leaders of Iran have taken the most widely used page out of the history book, and are once again invoking religion over reason, and their loyal subjects are powerless to stop god.

Next, let's evaluate the "code words" being used by Iranian leadership. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often talks about the use of Uranium for "peaceful purposes" while in the same breath talking about the destruction of Israel and the West. Let me explain: in the eyes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad they are not mutually exclusive... they are, in fact, one in the same. According to the story of the Mahdi, there will be peace on earth when the restores righteousness and changes the world into a perfect and just Islamic society alongside Jesus (who, of course, was Muslim and not Jewish... right?). So the peace comes when the world is controlled by Islam, and we are all subject to Islamic law. That is the ultimate "peaceful purpose"... death to the infadels, and survival and submittal of all loyal islamic subjects to the islamic leadership... I mean allah, of course!

Iran is in a dangerous bind... and that bind is tying knots in the stomach of the rest of the world.

Should Iran obtain nuclear weapons, or the capability to manufacture them, we will be within a decade of nuclear war.

I ask, if we can see the future and know what tragedies are going to come, is it our obligation to stop them?

Of course I am not suggesting all out war with Iran... but destroying the ability for Iran to enrich nuclear material... for energy or for weapons.

The alternative could be much worse.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democrats Debate - Government the Answer

I was watching the Democratic debates last night, and wanted to share a few comments today.

During the first hour, the theme of the debates was "Integrity" and "Electability". Obama made reference on a few occasions that these topics were distractions, and the real discussion in the campaigns should be "the issues".

The fact that Mr. Obama doesn't seem to think that integrity is an issue MAKES it an issue!

When a candidate for president lies about being fired at and having to run for cover, but then gives a statement that she mis-remembered... well, it has the same integrity of a president asking what the actual definition of "IS" is... There needs to be a new occurrence in US politics: If a politician lies, it should be our duty to reply, "That sir (or ma'am) is a lie!"

Imagine the flashbulbs going off as they try to fix the statement on the spot... I'll tell you what, holding our elected officials accountable to their words is a great way to truly find out who the characters of substance are, versus the trash we see today.

In fact, Obama's lies are worse than Clinton's... Clinton at least knows that she is a liar... Obama believes that he is actually telling the truth. And if you believe it, it must be true... Ask Kucinich about his UFOs.

For instance, Obama should come out and say, simply, that the speech he gave in SF was meant to be heard only by those in the city. He was simply trying to tell the city folks that he believes they are living a better life for deciding to live blissfully in dense urban areas... meanwhile, he believes that those who live a rural lifestyle are bitter and angry that our lives do not amount to that of the city-folk... and as such, we cling to the bare-bone, knuckle-dragging basics of sentient beings: religion and guns. If he told the truth, THAT is what it would sound like.

Unfortunately, there is not an honest or moral bone between the two of them... IMHO.

The common theme in the second hour was that "government is not doing enough to make life better". Government is the answer. There is no way that the people can be trusted to improve their own lives... the government needs to step in and help.

I saw a great sign in front of a church last weekend, which read: God does not promise a smooth flight, just a soft landing.

That is wisdom! The trials and tribulations of day-to-day living ARE life! As people of high moral fiber, we should take the challenge of the storm and sail on, learning the lay of the land, and becoming wiser as we fail and try again.

But to be at a point where you can no longer stomach the fight, and you beg for mercy from government, you are no longer a citizen... you are a subject.

A citizen tells the government how it is going to be.

A subject is told by the government how it is.

To expect the government, an entity that is fastly becoming uncontrollable, to be the savior of the people is the suicide of liberty.

Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama both stated last night that the answer to the woes of the country is bigger government. Economic crisis - More government regulation and intervention. Fuel prices - more government regulation and intervention. Mortgage issues - more government regulation and intervention. Higher Taxes, more government social programs... rob from the rich to house, clothe, educate, feed, bathe, enrich the poor... Give to those in need from those who have the ability. The very basic principle of Socialism.

The summary of the debate: We cannot, as Conservative Americans, stand by and let one of these two Socialists step a foot inside the White House.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Energy Independence - Science Fact or Science Fiction?

Sitting through a lecture last week on the increase cost of oil, and listening to the blame on China's demand, increased US demand, and the inability to produce more due to Big Energy's inability to explore or tap more wells... I was struck by a comment from the Oil Company Spokesman: "Energy Independence is unattainable and illogical".

Not a shocking comment coming from one of the largest Natural Gas and Oil companies in the greater Rocky Mountain area.

And when further pressed with a question: "If you were king for a day, what would it take to achieve energy independence?"

The response was, of course "Energy Independence is a nonsense concept, so I don't accept the premise of the question". In fact, he stated that the best course of action was inaction... do nothing and the problem fixes itself!

So I asked myself... Is Energy Independence Science-Fact or Science-Fiction?

Let's first explore the energy consumption and production in the US.

The US consumed roughly 3.35 TW of power in 2004... that is 3.35x10^12 Watts. That is a little more than 1/5th of the worlds entire energy consumption. That consumption can be further broken down into four sub categories: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Transportation uses.

Those uses, across the board, can be broken down into the source of the energy.

Fossil Fuels make up about 80% of our total consumption... That is Coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas. A recent study, shown in a new commercial advertisement, states that the US has enough petroleum and natural gas to run 60 million cars and heat 100 million homes for 60 years... So what happens on the 61st year? This does not sound like a problem fixing itself! It sounds like assured chaos! (but I digress... for now)

Transportation, in it's current form, does not seem to able or willing to part ways with petroleum. We currently import 30% of our petrol from outside the US. This is the main focus of our Energy Independence... how can we reduce consumption of petroleum? Fuel cell technology is a great place to start. Alternative combustibles is another great avenue to explore.

What about home heating and electricity costs? We have huge Natural gas reserves in the US, but we also import large amounts of NG from Canada. Most homes in the South Denver area are heated by gas... and I can assume that the same is true across most of the Midwest where the gas is readily available and easily distributed. (Sorry for all you folks on the west coast... you get your hydro-electric and coal based energy). 21% of all energy consumption goes into housing... and from a source that is being advertised as being 100% used up within 60 years.

I began looking into a plan that would help build an infrastructure for the future energy needs of Americans... and there is always one constant: The sun.

The sun can be the solution to all our energy needs here in the US. Let me explain.

Photovoltaics, also known as Solar Power, is becoming so advanced that the space sector (of which I am a part of) is beginning to use solar arrays with energy absorption efficiencies breaking the 40% range. The use of Triple Junction Gallium Arsenide arrays has set a new standard for the level of efficiencies, and this standard is being flown into the public market. For a reasonable priced solar array available to the public, we can assume a panel with the efficiency of 22% - 25%. As well, solar panels have a working life on the order of 30 years.

The argument is often made that solar power stations are inefficient because of their small energy output for the amount of land required to build a power generating facility. In fact, large power companies have created these large solar farms in areas like the Mojave Desert, where the sun is always shining and the impact seen by the public is often minimal (not seen because, honestly, who goes to the Mojave?).

But I would argue that the infrastructure for the smartest, widest reaching, and privately owned power grid is already in existence... There is no need for massive solar farms hidden away in the desert. It is the roof top of every homeowner in the United States... especially those in "Sunshine Regions".Using existing rooftops is the only zero impact to the environment. Using rooftops will allow the homeowner to generate his/her own power, and sell the rest back to the power grid. It will be a truly free market of energy trade.

The question is often brought up about the ability for homes to run completely on solar... In 2006, the average household consumption was 10,656 kWh. Based on the chart below, over half of the United States is blessed with an average daily solar energy exposure of 5.0 kWh per metere squared or more. 95% of the country (excluding Alaska) has exposure of 4.0 kWh or more.
With the efficiencies discussed above (23% efficiency), and assuming the availability of 5.0 kWh of daily exposure, and the energy consumption of 10656 kWh per year of the average household, we can crunch some numbers to determine that each rooftop would need 273.25 square feet of panels to accommodate their consumption entirely. This, of course, does not take into account power conversion or storage.

Power storage is also currently inefficient. The advancement in fuel cells and batteries is also making this future power source a fact over fiction. However, current technology requires a 10% power loss in transferring from DC power (collected) to AC power (used by the appliances in the house), and any unused power sent to the batteries would see additional loss due to inefficiency in power transfer and storage.

273 square feet of solar panels, per roof, as a minimum... If we expand that to 500 square feet to account for power loss and less than peak power days (clouds), we can replace our current coal and gas system for a purely solar power supply.

Utopian, sure... unrealistic, not at all!

Excess power sources can then be transferred to fill the need for transportation. Remember, all we need to do is to supplement 30% of the transportation energy requirements to eliminate the need to import oil from our enemies. If we offered a retrofit to vehicles, replacing their combustion engines with an electric motor and battery storage (assuming we can make an electric motor with similar vehicular performance properties), we could eliminate our need for oil on a large scale.

Keep the power plants running, sending out electricity, and use that electricity to provide overnight charges for our vehicles, or quick charge stations (instead of gas stations).

The fact of the matter is that Energy Independence is not a scientific absurdity. It is achievable, and imminent. The ability for our way of life to continue is in jeopardy, should we "stay the course" for 60 more years without planning a smart infrastructure built around "free" energy.

We need outside of the box ideas from our political leaders. We need an education of the masses on the inevitability of the need for alternative energy sources. We need to stop the "stay the course" mentality being pushed by the big oil and big energy companies.

Of course Solar is one leg in the stool of future energy... and I am focusing on solar because it is the best option to put the "power" of power in the hands of the individual. Imagine being able to share or trade power with your neighbors... perhaps in exchange for giving your tools back :) It is free market trade at it's best.

The closing point is that Energy Independence is achievable. With the right decisions made, the right resources made available, and the right education, the US is a prime candidate for reaching the unreachable. This has the potential to be a classic case!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The World has had Enough

Socialism took a major blow in 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed... The Iron Curtain came tumbling down, sparking freedom and liberty (and in some cases Civil War) across Eastern Europe.

Oddly enough, as the people of Eastern Europe were yearning for liberty, and fighting for freedom, the people of Western Europe were slipping into deeper destitution due to Socialism in their own countries.

We have seen Ireland turn itself around economically by adjusting it's tax infrastructure, lowering taxes from the 90th percentile, and letting the free market boom. Ireland has never been a more risk-free place to bring your business.

And slowly, Western Europe is starting to come around... save Spain, of course due to the terror attacks affecting their elections. France elected Sarkozy, a US friendly conservative who has already cut taxes in France, has been tough on crime, and is making sweeping policy changes that will make France a self sufficient country (as opposed to bathing in US dollars STILL being poured into that country as part of WWII relief!!!)

But the good news for worldwide conservative movements (conservative being "classic liberal" ideals of freedom and liberty, of course, not the definition of radical religious conservatism of oppression) is that countries that were thought lost forever to Socialism are starting to come around. Like France, Italy has begun cleansing their elected offices of Socialists, and have begun voting in conservative politicians.

In the face of Global Warming, Global War on Terror, and Global Markets, the people of the world are saying "Enough is Enough".

"Enough" about Al gore's world Socialist doctrines on Global Warming. The Earth naturally warms and cools... at a rate of roughly 0.4 Celsius a decade... the same rate that Gore is complaining about... and the same rate that has been recorded since the late 1800's. One day the earth will begin to cool... should we save all of our carbon emissions and try to pump them all out then and save us from Global Cooling? Instead of trying to stop the last straw that is going to break the camel's back, why don't we simply learn how to remove some of the straw already on the back of the camel? Why not ensure that we choose crops that can survive such heating trends? Why not focus on improving housing conditions with air conditioners? Why not plant more trees and have grassy parks, instead of a series of paved parking lots with scorching heat blacktops!

"Enough" about the war on terror. It is too ambiguous, and is little more than a tool used to give a tyrannical hand to the government. Are you trying to say that there should be a global war on anyone who is willing to overthrow their government, or petition their government, or how about even questioning their government's motives? If you want a war in which the government squashes rebellions of the people angry with the government itself... you have a Tyranny! Let's call the war what it ought to be called. A religious struggle between Islam and the Judeo-Christian values of the Western World. Then we will know who our enemy is. But an undefined global war on terror is nothing more than a never-ending war against whomever the government decides to label as a terrorist group... This is the tool that gives the world government absolute power over the subjects of the government... not citizens... subjects.

"Enough" about this global economy talk. Governments should be encouraged to bolster their own economies in an attempt to encourage competition on the world market, true... however, when economist after economist continues to spread the message that we should all be investing in China's economy, it makes me want to strangle someone! China is our worst enemy... the worst enemy of freedom. Their government has fought us in Vietnam, Korea, and committed themselves to hurting our economy through Sudan, Iran, and other means. They protect our enemies, and covertly spy on our military in hopes that they will soon be the world power. Why should we embolden their ability to manufacture while diminishing our own? Why give them the power? For Money? For Greed?

Enough is Enough.

True conservative values, which our Republican Leadership is lacking lately, is winning out around the world. Strong borders, strong national pride, and strong defense of each nation of and by itself. Then, we can be a world union of free and prosperous nations. Not a world of one government under the UN banner... or under a forced and corrupted US banner.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Local Politics - Colorado 4th Senate District Shake-Up!

In a press release delivered to my inbox this morning, from the office of Colorado State Senator for the 4th District, Tom Wiens indicated that he would not seek re-election to his senate seat for the state.

This announcement comes less than a month before the 4th Senate Assembly, and provides little to no time for candidates to announce and prepare for the assembly... and opens the southwestern portion of Douglas County to a potential (though not likely) loss of seat. Lucky for conservatives, Wiens' district is a relatively safe seat for Republicans... but any time you have an election there is a chance of an upset... especially in what will serve to be a very high turn out (as Presidential election years usually are... but this one has some special attention.)

A call to Tom Wiens went to voicemail, where I offered my regrets in his decision not to run, and asked that he call me back to discuss more in detail as to why he came to this decision.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few great choices from Douglas County to replace him. I will mention a few of them, though this does not necessarily mean an endorsement for any of them.

First would be Douglas County GOP Chair, Kelsey Alexander. Kelsey's a very active member in the conservative community, has an excellent background in forestry (in a time when we may be facing the worst forest crisis in Colorado's history due to eco-loons and pine beetles). Kelsey would make a great addition to the State Senate, and would find much support in her campaign.

Secondly, I would recommend Roger Partridge. Roger is an active member of the Douglas County Planning Commission Board, and has been a staple in County District 7 as a Republican Leader. Roger's professionalism and personality would make him an exceptional candidate, very likable.

Finally, John Beckwith would find a multitude of support for such a run! John has been a GOP District Captain in Douglas County, and has been a prominent voice for change. John is a stand-out figure in the county, and has a plethora of ideas that could invoke change at the capitol!

All three candidates would be top-notch senators, and would be very easy to support in a primary as well as a general election! Excellent Conservative Leaders, all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where'd all the good people go?

The Olympic torch is in the United States, in the San Francisco Bay Area today... protests have begun days ago in preparation of the arrival of the torch of freedom being paraded by the worlds most evil empire - China.

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and I have agreed for the first time: Boycott the Olympics. Do not support the human rights violations and repeated offenses against humanity and freedom that have been committed by the government of China.

And to top it off, our fearless leader, GW, is supporting the Olympics by attending the opening ceremonies WITH the ruler of China...

What happened to the America in which I was raised?

Where is the strength and anti-communist efforts upheld by everyone from Kennedy to Reagan?

Do we care more about commercialization and globalism than human rights?

Where is the outrage? Where is the humanity?

And why the heck do I find myself allied with the most liberal socialist democrats? Why is this not a united struggle? Have we all become complacent?

I ask... Where'd all the GOOD people go?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

China just doesn't get it - "torches" freedom

The Olympic Torch has met resistance as it makes it's way across the globe ahead of the Beijing 2008 Summer Games. Wild protests have broken out across the Chinese border regions in India, Nepal and within Tibet which have been met with stiff resistance from the Chinese and other local authorities. As the torch moved into Europe, the clashes with torch carriers increased, often causing security measures which include blowing out the torch and busing the torch past protesters.

The people around the world are protesting Beijing's history of, and current practice of, human rights oppression as well as militarization, authoritarian communist control, threatening entities which desire freedom from oppression (such as Taiwan) and invading and occupying their neighbors (like Tibet).

After the torch left Paris, the brave and respectable French President (yes, I am paying homage to a French-man!) Zarkosy has said that his countrymen may refuse to attend the games due to the international outcry for justice in Tibet.

Meanwhile, Bush has stated that the US will participate... I believe his actual statement was something like: "Heh-heh... Being in the Olympics is hard... it's real hard... and what the Beijingese peoples are trying to do is hard...look people, China is just as much a part of America as you or me... We should support China, cause these little guys, well, they never did anything to hurt the US... heh-heh..."

As the torch makes it's one stop in the US, protests are expected to continue. China has made pleas with the US to suppress protesters in SF, and give the image of US's unity with the Chinese Government. I have heard that they have even offered to increase security for the torch's remaining route (see picture).

China's official response is thusly stated:
China quickly condemned the disruptions as "vile" and, in a departure from past reticence, state-run television and newspapers showed the protests and upset spectators.

"We express our strong condemnation of the deliberate disruption of the Olympic torch relay by 'Tibetan independence' separatist forces," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement posted at

At a later briefing, she said Chinese and U.S. officials had been working together to ensure the visit of the torch to San Francisco on Wednesday would go "safely and smoothly".

"We also warn groups and elements attempting to disrupt and sabotage the torch relay that their goal -- of using the Olympics for their unspeakable ends and to blacken and put pressure on China -- is absolutely unattainable."

There you have it... Peaceful China's goal of suppression is the only outcome... freedom and independence of millions of people is "absolutely unattainable"... why even TRY to petition your government for a redress of grievances? You will only be met with the gun!

Sounds like the perfect country to host the games of unity and peace!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Religion by Prophets... My Thoughts

Prophets. The wisest of the wise. Said by followers to be speaking on behalf of or directly and divinely inspired by their god. Their revelations are the foundation of religion or religious beliefs.

I wanted to dedicate this entry to peeling back the onion of religion, and asking the important questions…

My first question is that if all of the prophets of all of the religions are the human manifestation of the Mouth of the Divine, how can their followers, then, be so inclined to kill the others in other religions divinely inspired? If all prophets speak for The Creator, how can the messages be so skewed as to spark war and hatred? If all the religions, all the churches are “right” in their own mind, how is it that all others are therefore “wrong”?

I thought we were commanded to not be the judge of others, lest we offer ourselves to be judged the same?

In pondering these questions, I decided to take a look at the founders of modern religion (for the major religions impacting others), and by founders I mean prophets, and best attempt to identify characteristics that better define the status of religion as we know it today. For those of you who are devout religious followers of one or the other of these religions, please feel free to respond. I am sure that what I am about to say will offend at least ONE of my readers.

Buddha – The Prophet of Wisdom
The philosophy of Buddha was one that enlightenment occurred only once the mind was under complete control. The control of the self meant control of the desires or temptations which cause harm to our spiritual beings by way of distracting us from our true spiritual journey.
“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”
Buddha’s enlightenment was a result of the quest of absolute control over the self. Control over lust and desires of the body and the earth. The teaching of Buddhism is such that we should seek universal balance in all things, most importantly ourselves, and in doing so we will all find enlightenment. Without this quest, we are distracted and will surely come to be reborn, as our souls have not finished their task in learning and knowing the self.
Buddhist philosophy is fundamental to the theory of all religions, that meditation is the key to a higher existence… be it Nirvana or Heaven, the ability to control even our own thoughts is an essential part of spiritual growth. Founders of Judeo/Christian and other high profile religions reached spiritual growth and religious enlightenment while practicing the very thing that Buddha taught: Active Self Denial and Meditation. Buddha was wise, and has provided insight into the most essential aspect of Divinity.

Moses – The Prophet of Liberty and Law
Moses, born in poverty and adopted into the richest of riches, gave up his fortunes and his crown when he realized that he was actually an Israelite, and began a quest of faith. His philosophy was one of freedom of the individual from bondage, the right for all men to be free, and the deliverer of the commandments of the first covenant between Divinity and humanity. The commandments were the basis for the Golden Rule: That which you would have others do for you, do unto them.

Moses’ prophecy was one in harmonizing civilization. Treat others as you would prefer to be treated: do not kill them, do not steal from them, do not act immorally with another or another’s spouse… The basis for peace on earth.

Moses’ philosophy was sound, in that the key to utopia on earth is freedom to the extent that you do not infringe on another person’s freedom. It is the very basis of the society in which we live today (here in the US anyway). Moses offered civil order in a time when people were drunk with their new found freedom. It was a reminder that as a basis for humanity, we must first have social order. Without social order, one cannot be expected to find enlightenment.

Yashua – The Prophet of Love
Yashua’s birth and early life is clouded in mystery. Some speculate that he was born from a virgin as the incarnation of the Creator, and as such is the Son of God. Where the events of his conception and birth are speculative, his prophecy cannot be ignored. Yashua was the son of a poor carpenter, but was drawn to strict study of the religious texts of David (the old testament). Yashua’s enlightenment came while, much like Moses and Buddha, he was in a state of active self denial and meditation. During his meditation he was tempted on many occasions, but his denial of the temptations led him to the events that were well documented in the last three years of his life. Of course most of you recognize Yashua as “Jesus”, but of course the name Jesus never existed in ancient Hebrew…

Yashua’s prophecy was that of defining absolute love in humanity and Divinity. The teachings of the Messiah were such that it is not correct to worship a god, rather to celebrate the Love of a Father for His children on earth. It was the first time in the Judeo world that fear was not being preached as being the heart of faith, rather love. He reasoned that you should keep the commandments not out of fear of punishment, but out of love for your neighbor. That love would, in turn, be bestowed back upon you. He provided a break from the absolutes of established religion, in that if man searched for spiritual clarity, he would find it. He reinforced the acts of self denial and meditation, and provided this as the path to spiritual satisfaction.
• Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
• Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
• Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
• Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.
• Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
• Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.
• Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
• Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Muhammad – The Prophet of Death
Muhammad was born in Mecca in Saudi Arabia in 570. Mohammed was a deeply spiritual man, and often spent time in meditation on Mount Hira. One night in 610 he was praying and meditating in a cave on the mountain when he was visited by the angel Jibreel who ordered him to "recite". These recitation became known as the Qu'ran, in which the essential message is that there is no God but Allah, and that a Muslim should live in complete submission and surrender to the will of Allah. Muhammed began preaching and he attracted many followers, however, his popularity was such that he was forced out of Mecca by those who were fearful of his large following. Within 10 years Muhammed had gained enough followers and he was able to return to Mecca and conquer it from those who had forced him to leave. Muhammad continued to lead his community both spiritually and in earthly matters until his death in 632.
The founder of Islam was well versed in the teachings of both the old and new testaments. In fact, his “recitation” was merely a re-write of these texts. The text of the Qu’ran became a lesson in submission to religious leaders / spiritual leaders… of which he was one. It became a tool for him to rule indefinitely over his people, and as such make them holy warriors in carrying out his bidding, such as sacking Mecca in his name.

The prophecy of Muhammad was one which has led in the opposite direction of the teachings of the aforementioned spiritual figures… instead of wisdom, freedom, and love the teachings referred to submission and recitation of Muhammed’s works, including the killing of those not deemed to be worthy of life for one reason or another, because their existence is an insult to allah.

Summary – I was going to go into a short list of false prophets, such as Joseph Smith and his prophecy of a fantasy land in existence in America, but I decided that I had enough to make some points about religion versus spirituality.

Religion is Islam… the complete submission of one’s self before a god, to worship as slaves in hope of peace after death. In fact, modern Christianity makes many references to fearing god and worshipping in fear that you will be cast aside on judgement day.

In fact, the very founders of their respective religions (excluding Muhammed) understood that religion was of man, and was corrupt. Man’s basic nature was to give in to their basic desires and inhibit the freedoms of their fellow man… but rising above the desire of man was the key to spiritual freedom, and the key to utopia on earth.

So to answer my original questions, in looking at what the founders and prophets actually said, not what their followers have built around them, is that the key to spirituality is meditation, self denial, and spiritual individualism on a quest to elevate the self to enlightenment. What is “right” is what leads to peace for all men, not just those allowed to live… What is right is spiritual freedom. What is right is the control of the self, bothering with only the self, and teaching enlightenment, not forcing religion.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Search for Freedom

Today's post is a major hat-tip to Matt at Search For Freedom, now #1 in my blogroll...

Matt has two excellent videos posted on his site, and I am going to post them here because I think they are essential videos to our conservative foundation and to our political future.

The first is the 1964 Speech made by Reagan. It was supposed to be a pro-Goldwater speech, but it turned into something more. The great communicator, indeed! Had Huckabee used his orator skills to deliver such a moving and strong speech, we would be looking at Huckabee in 2008 instead of McCain.

However, since we have McCain, I am impressed by the next video, a McCain ad. I have been hesitant in endorsing John McCain, until I watched this ad. This ad sends a great message: He gets it! John McCain gets what we are doing for America, where we are at in world politics, and what we need to give conservatives in America a fighting chance at survival and longevity. I've already watched the video a few times... I'm impressed.

Thanks Matt. Two great videos! Two very important messages!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

President Bush lets Cat out of the Bag about 2000?

Reports are starting to circulate that could put the entire political world on it's head.

A secretly recorded conversation between President George W. Bush and an as yet unidentified voice seems to imply that George Bush's campaign had knowledge of "a fix" in the 2000 elections.

Having listened to the audio on a Reuters feed, Bush's voice is very clear, and some of the claims he makes could possibly land him in the middle of an impeachment hearing.

Bush can clearly be heard whispering "I had no idea they were serious, but when the court ruling was announced I knew they really fixed it"

The release of this audio puts us into the midst of a constitutional crisis. George Bush (apparently) won in 2004 legitimately, so he is the President... but if he had knowledge of a rigged election, then he was not the legitimate leader of the US for the first term.

I am in shock right now trying to imagine what implications this could have, now in 2008.

I need to hear from someone who knows something about Constitutional Law on this one!

All I can say is WOW!