Thursday, May 27, 2010

White House Lectures US on 'Jihad'

The White House's Counterterror Advisor lectured the people of the United States on the derogatory usage of the word 'Jihad' - one which they say is a legitimate tenant of Islam and thus should not be targeted or diminished by the US government or her people. In a move that is both an example of political correctness nuttary AND more evidence of the absolute disconnect of the Obama administration from reality, many across the nation and world are left wondering - WTF?
Brennan said that the word "jihad" should not be applied either. "Nor do we describe our enemy as 'jihadists' or 'Islamists' because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,"
The word Jihad was first used by the Al Qieda group, as a call for a Holy Struggle, or a Holy War to cleanse the Holy Lands of infidel - the tactic was to bring war to the infidels - the the West.
The technical, broadest definition of jihad is a "struggle" in the name of Islam and the term does not connote "holy war" for all Muslims.
The key words of the last statement being: "FOR ALL MUSLIMS". Nay, Mr Brennan, not for all, rather for the ones determined to return the Middle East to a strict Muslim prison, and extent the tenants of Islam to everyone else, by force.

Maybe I should wait for the White House's next great lesson on Islam: that freedom can only come to a man who submits entirely to Allah!

Next thing you know the US Vice President will address a foreign league of leaders in a foreign city and declare that place the world's true capitol of freedom... oh wait - Biden already made that Declaration in Brussels.

How do we the people opt out of our 'obligatory servitude' to these idiots?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama and ICE Officials REFUSE to Uphold Federal Law

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officials have stated that they will "not necessarily" process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona. Instead, Obama and his legal team are investigating Arizona and Arizona Officials for breaches of Civil Liberties. Protect the law breakers while attacking the law enforcers - Change, indeed!

These ICE officials are on the federal payroll, being paid OUR TAX DOLLARS to perform a job function with the specific job description of dealing with those further detained for immigrations and customs violations. Their neglect to perform their job function is political partisan hackery, and is malicious in nature toward a sovereign state.

The simple fact is this - Arizona did NOTHING more than adopt federal law into state law, allowing the state level agencies to enforce federal laws where federal officials are lacking (slacking). In doing so, Arizona has caused the true colors of the Obama white house to come out with regards to border enforcement - CANARY YELLOW!

EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the WORLD seems to understand the importance of protecting their borders, and that the freedoms and benefits of their country won't continue to exist without the political cohesion that only borders can provide.

The Federal Government not only is derelict in their duties, they are actively and openly attacking a sovereign state. Is THIS the last straw? How far must they go before we announce that the Federal Government no longer has authority to make ANY decision for ANY state or free citizen? Do we wait until they roll tanks up to the AZ Capitol? Do we wait until they send US troops from 'Northern Command' to pacify the state troopers and city officers enforcing the border laws?

Where is our Sumter?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Shall NEVER Surrender My Freedom of Speech!

Man should not fear his fellow man for freely expressing dissenting views, alternate views, or for simply creating that which another cannot understand. Let man live in peace with his fellow man, and leave judgement for the Creator!
I hereby stand in defiance of fear, and submit to you a creation of my imagination, brought to you by way of my inALIENable right to free speech!
Created in solidarity for 'Everyone Draw M'hemd Day' - may we all live in peace and end extreme religious inquisitions!

Does the Next US Civil War Begin over Energy?

It started when Arizona passed a law clarifying the state law enforcement's role in enforcing existing immigration laws of the United States. Mostly without understanding current laws, without reading the new AZ law, and acting solely on emotion, Liberals across the nation began speaking out against Arizona. What followed was a solidarity to a cause of Arizona Boycott, led by Los Angeles City Council and Mayor. The first shot across the economic bow of Arizona - the new Fort Sumter.

Arizona has fired back, and is threatening to literally go nuclear - that is, they are threatening the LA city council and mayor that if they do not vote to lift their boycott Arizona will move to stop the flow of power to the city of Los Angeles. Arizona provides about 25% of Los Angeles' energy.
"I received your message; please receive mine. As a statewide elected member of the Arizona Corporation Commission overseeing Arizona's electric and water utilities, I too am keenly aware of the 'resources and ties' we share with the city of Los Angeles," Gary Pierce, a commissioner on the five-member Arizona Corporation Commission, wrote.

"If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation."
The response from Los Angeles Mayor's Spokesman David Beltran:
"We're not going to respond to threats from a state which has isolated itself from the America that values freedom, liberty and basic human rights,"
What the elected officials from LA seem to forget is that their state and city have nearly the same law on their books. They refuse to acknowledge the impact of illegal immigration on the economy and budget of the states, as well as the increased violence and crime associated with the black markets thriving in the illegal immigration pipeline - including human trafficking.

If Arizona succeeds in cutting power to Los Angeles, through similar laws that require all Texas produced power to be used solely in the state of Texas, one would have to wonder what the next volley of attacks will be. Perhaps massive moves of population from southern California into Arizona for the purpose of civil unrest, followed by Arizona cutting off water to California... Who knows...

I believe the war between the states is being defined, is based on energy and state resources, and will be the test of which regions live and which have become overly dependant on their neighbors. The states who have built infrastructure based on resources and self sufficiency will survive, and naturally those who cannot exist independently will not. LA, an oasis in the deserts of Southern California, is a region that cannot sustain, and thus cannot survive.

Welcome to the Change we can all believe in - Regional energy wars within the United States!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gulf of Mexico - What Happens Now?

Millions of gallons of oil have been spilled, and little progress has been made to stop the oil flow. Current estimates suggest that oil will continue to leak from the pipe, even with the new siphon hose, for months. With the excess of oil and chemicals being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, one has to ask the environmental question of "What Next?"

Current reports indicate a decline in Gulf Water Oxygen levels of nearly 30%. With the addition of oil, the level of oxygen will continue to fall, choking out the entire food chain of the gulf region.

The oil may not have come ashore with full force, but the ecosystem of the entire Gulf region is likely to be lost - the potential for a barren oceanic wasteland - where fish cannot feed on plankton, birds cannot feed on fish... sharks, dolphins, coral... What happens when the inner gulf becomes a toxic waste water region?

It will be interesting to watch... What I do know is that the ecosystem that is destroyed will not be the one that grows back. Non-native species will move into the region as the waters become more habitable. Possible some survivors could repopulate for their species, but they will be at a gross disadvantage to invasive non-natives. One thing is certain - it will take a generation to rebound... possibly longer... and the gulf will never be the same.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Libertas ad Oculos

Some may have noticed that a few months back I updated my banner image to include a slight image change and added a fuzzy latin phrase: libertas ad oculus. Not being a latin major, or one who pretends to generally understand latin, I began looking into strong latin phrases which summarized the struggle for liberty over tyranny. There were the common "Thus always to Tyrants" and such, but nothing little known that really stood out.

And then I came across a random and obscure phrase - 'ad oculos', meaning 'evident to those who can see', loosely. And I thought to myself how unique and true this is in regards to liberty... libertas ad oculos... Liberty is obvious to those who see it.

It is a phrase that I pieced together which perfectly defined my frustration with the current struggle in this country with our ruling elite and their mob of merry followers. We see the founding documents, the constitution, and understand the inspiration of true individual liberty in the formation of this country... it is so obvious to our kind that we often repeat ourselves to the point of madness, always asking 'what is so hard to understand'...

The answer is that they simply do not see it... they either cannot or choose not to see liberty. They refuse to understand or acknowledge that with a little personal responsibility and self determination, people actually CAN succeed without a nanny state, social welfare programs, etc. They do not see that if left to our good nature, communities would grow stronger in their mutual security, grow prosperous in their mutual innovation, and grow more generous in their mutual (and voluntary) welfare toward our fellow man. People, I believe, who are given the chance to excel will follow their good nature and strengthen their family and community. However, to those who do not see it fear that the repealing of social programs or nanny security state regulations will lead to mass chaos, death, etc. They fear what they cannot understand, and do not understand what they cannot see... Liberty.

They cannot see liberty, and so they fight steadily for something else entirely... something historically familiar... Something tyrannical. It will, as history has repeatedly shown, rest at the hands of those who can see and understand liberty to free the people from servitude to their kings, and restore faith in human ingenuity and goodness.

Monday, May 10, 2010

US Aggression against Sacred Lakotah Lands

On December 29th, 1890, as the United States rounded up the last bands of Sioux Indians for confinement on the reservation, a small group of lightly armed natives fell victim to the Executive Ordered genocide of their people in a little known event called 'The Battle at Wounded Knee', or more popularly 'The Wounded Knee Masacre'. Wounded Knee was the United State's revenge for Custard at Little Big Horn, and an act of aggression that finally broke the backs, and the spirits, of the Lakota People, the Sioux. The US Army's 7th Cavalry, with orders to eliminate the native population of the plains and the Black Hills, committed acts of mass genocide, including hunting down fleeing women and children, often times leaving their corpses on the prairie to rot. On this particular day, the 7th Cavalry encircled the Sioux and unleashed hell with automatic style weapons until nearly half of the Sioux encampment was dead - a band who had already surrendered and who was in the process of disarming. An act of murder, an act of genocide, and an act of cowardice. The bodies of the men, women, and children were left exposed to the winter weather of the plains for some time and eventually placed into a mass grave - known now as the Wounded Knee Memorial on the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation.

The aggression, unfortunately, has not subsided. After more than 100 years, many court battles, Supreme Court Rulings, and a current rise in education and activism by the Sioux, the tensions between the Lakotah and the US Military is still extremely high. Most recently the US Army sent a delegation from the 7th Cavalry to the Wounded Knee site, which was met with protest and 'Counting Coup' - an act of challenging your enemy by running up to him and tapping him before battle. Reference the following video:

There are many questions involving this occurrence. To begin, if the US Army intended to plan an arrival on the reservation, what purpose does it serve to send blackhawk helicopters - vehicles of war? What purpose was served by sending the 7th cavalry - the same group responsible for the massacre of the Sioux Population? What purpose was served by landing the helicopters on the burial site of the massacred Sioux - a most sacred and hallowed ground?

The answer is simple - In Obama's Inaugural speech he specifically stated that "The Lines of Tribes shall soon dissolve"... In America, there is only one group of people who define themselves as 'tribes' - those being the native peoples indigenous to this land.

Such an act of disrespect and aggression is on point with Obama's policy toward the tribes. The imagery was intentional - the warbirds of the 7th Cavalry returning home to their grounds of conquest, showing continued US Military dominance over the tribal peoples of the Lakotah. An attempted desecration of hallowed ground was no accident, rather a message that the people buried there deserve no respect from the US Government.

And so it goes across the land, where the few struggle to maintain their sovereignty and dignity, the federal government rushes in with force and intended imagery: We are everywhere, and we control you.

Battle on, brave Lakotah Warriors. Protect the land that is hallowed by the blood of your ancestors. Battle on for your people, for my people, and for the dark pages of American history that make slavery seem small potatoes. Maintain your culture, your land, and the pride of being Sioux.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fiat Currency, Greece, and the Dow Jones Mishap - Connection?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a 1000 point dive on Thursday as stock prices from stable companies began trading at pennies, an event that triggered a massive sell-off blamed on the Greek Monetary Crisis. The two stories seem related, however, I believe that something much grander occurred - such a dip could produce an enormous transfer of wealth, should one be expecting it.

On the same day that the International Monetary Fund swooped in to bail out Greece to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, a simple typo caused the single largest daily net loss for the DJIA, a fall back beneath 10,000 - nearly 10% of the total DJIA value... and all within thirty minutes. Seem suspicious to anyone else? Let me be more clear - a well placed investment of a few hundred million could have siphoned a few hundred billion dollars from the market if THEY KNEW there would be such a sharp and drastic drop in market value.

That's right - a potential robbery of a few hundred billion dollars from the free market - seemingly legitimate to the untrained eye.

What happened today was a slight of hand, a trick played amongst a group of bankers running the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund in order to 'create a bubble of wealth' using their system of Fiat Currency rules in order to spread that false wealth to a government who has no tangible wealth remaining.

If it is still unclear, I will make it simpler. There is no standard of wealth against which ANY world currency is measured, only soft currencies based on credit agreements amongst banks. Wealth is not measured in tangible assets, the money itself has no intrinsic value. Governments are in debt, not to the people or necessarily to other countries, rather TO THE BANKS. The same banks responsible for printing paper money are the same carriers of all the world's debt - a debt that is paid back to a group of individuals who have stacked the international monetary policy to their favor for the purpose of POWER. Where wealth cannot be created, there are simple rules to our system allowing it to be skimmed. Such an event can occur when a value of something increases - but that requires tangible assets and those willing to part with them... then there is a skim by wealth transfer. When an investor banks on a market collapse, investments can be made to corral the monies being shed by the market - a sort of siphoning from the market. Nothing had to be created or destroyed, but the potential for a MAJOR monetary transfer mysteriously materialized at the time when the IMF and economic overlords needed it to occur.

The problem with false wealth is that WE THE PEOPLE have no control over our own securities... there is nothing tangible to back up our wealth, more accurately our 'sense' of wealth... The bank vaults are empty. And as this Greek event took place, Portugal seemed on the verge of a similar collapse - along with California and a few other US states. The collapse of the entire economic structure, bridled with slight-of-hand wealth transfers... something big is going on - a fire on the horizon - and we the people are going to be left sweeping ash from the streets!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Making the Case for War with Iran?

From the early days of the Iraq (war?) I had seen t-shirts that jokingly stated that the US should get out of Iraq, and into Iran – a play on the peace activist’s request to abandon the military actions of the region. For many years during the Bush administration, and now as we well into Obama’s second year, the US Government seems to be building a case that would appease the witty t-shirt designers.

From nuclear development to supporting insurgents in Iraq, Iran has been in the crosshairs of the United States for some time. I recall the Strait of Hormuz incident in which Iranian speed boats were ‘harassing’ the US war ships, an incident which incited saber rattling by the pro-war groups while equally evoking memories of the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ from the anti-war league. It seems that ne’er a day goes by in which I, as a citizen of the US, am not being pressed by my government to believe that ‘I want to go to war with Iran’.

This week's leading story, just under the BP oil FUBAR in the Gulf of Mexico, has been that Osama Bin Laden is living the high life just north of Tehran – enjoying falconeering, high lifestyle, and surrounded by his wives and children. Even the President of Iran was asked the question, to which he responded ‘I don’t know – hey, he could be in D.C., too’.

If I am following the carrot stick correctly, the entire purpose for Obama to surge in Afghanistan, bring a drone war to Pakistan, and leave Iraq was to bring the fight to Osama Bin Laden and destroy his Al Qaeda network of terror from the top down.

If it is found that Bin Laden is not in Pakistan, rather, in Iran, doesn’t that give Obama the same authority to enter THAT country in the name of justice, the same way that he entered into Pakistan? And doesn’t this provide a convincing final piece to the puzzle for building a case for war against Iran?

I am finding myself compelled to join forces with the anti-war crowd, calling for an end to this perpetual Orweillian war in which the war remains the same, but our enemies and allies mysteriously change on any given day. I must ask the question regarding our role as the 'world police' and if there is any correlation to us being THE world target... increasing the likelihood that our soldiers become targets within the countries that we currently occupy (which STILL include Germany and Japan from WWII). I am at a point where I have to stop the propaganda, and raise some serious questions about when and how these continuous wars will ever end.

Sadly enough a brief look at the history of the United States shows a country continuously at war since before its inception. From fighting the native tribes for conquest of their lands and resources, to the invasion of foreign countries in an imperial effort, the United States has known no time of peace – and it is most certain that the United States has no intention of ending nearly 250 years of aggression – even against her own people. (Has anyone seen the stories on the Pennsylvania ‘we will find you’ television tax ads?)

In closing, when one citizen unplugs from the propaganda bombardment long enough to piece the true history of this nation together and recognizes the habitual pattern, it is little wonder why there is a rising disdain for our nation both from outside sources and from within. With this in mind, I have to raise the red flag on the perpetual war drums from DC, the continued case for war against Iran, and the lengths that the US is going to convince me that ‘war is peace’, and that my ‘ignorance’ is the US’ ‘strength’…