Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Socialist Healthcare - share this ad

The Family Research Council has created a solid pro-conservative, anti-socialist health care advertisement. It is a little cheesy, as are most political advertisements... but the point is clear... a plan that blindly covers state sponsored infanticide and will provide only limited coverage... a blanket system does not work... here is one scenario:

Perhaps some legal advice... what standing do we, as citizens of a free nation, have to sue the government for unconstitutional actions in the way of mandatory forced or coerced health care? What constitutional liberties are being taken here, and what boundaries are being stretched beyond by the federal government...

Perhaps we stop asking for what the right answer from the government is, and start declaring our independence... tell the federal government that they have no jurisdiction over our health care, over our education, or over our jobs...

Lest we finally break down and do away with States all together... maybe we push for a constitutional amendment that dissolves state governments - rather creating legislative districts under the authority of the Federal Government...

Maybe we give up the ghost of the United States, in the idea of the states being free and independent governances bound by a common rule of law... Perhaps we rename our country into the People's Republic of America... A unified continent - hell yeah, I said continent... bring Canada and Mexico into the fold as well... we can also do away with the electoral college vote... it will be a Popular vote nation, run by a ruling class living outside the rule of law... A Socialist Utopia...

You catching my drift... this is the direction we are heading... see how ridiculous it is all sounding...

Well, WAKE UP CONSUMERS and take back your independence! Become a CITIZEN... stand up and tell your government that enough is enough... draw the line in the sand and defy your masters!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

…and the Home of the Slaves

I was greeted this morning by a wonderful oration by Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann from the House Floor back in June. This four minute clip covers the fundamentals of the new philosophy of government – the American people exist at the pleasure of the Government.

Echoing the concerns of Rep. Bachmann, I simply ask you, what liberty is there when you cannot freely pursue happiness? That simple right which was acknowledged by our founding fathers as inalienable has been revoked by the government for the purpose of continuing the growth of an infinitely powerful ruling structure.

Where once we were the land of the free, America has quickly become solidified as the home of the slaves. Slaves, we have become, to our ruling class… to a power structure that is growing so large and far reaching that our very livelihood depends on humbling yourself before them, begging to continue your line of work which has sustained your family for generations. We are left pleading for the government to allow us to do a job.

Without paying taxes to the government, you are forced from your land. Without work, you are unable to pay taxes. Without approval from the government, you are unable to work.

The structure of our society is one that no longer supports happiness. It is one that no longer endorses freedom. Freedom, in the mind of our government, is nothing more than orderly consumption of material goods and an abiding devotion to providing labor per your ability. We are free to work in accordance with the government’s social plan.

I ask you… how free will our country be when we overwhelmingly begin to reject this structure currently being forced upon us? When the streets are lined with bodies of the dead, for they no longer were needed for the government’s plan… or their removal after a forced uprising…

The structure is in place. Big brother is truly watching. The heavy hand of the government is upon us. Futile attempts to resist will be met with overwhelming force.

Welcome to America. Enjoy your slavery!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Born Free, Taxed to Death

The lies of the Democratic philosophy of “Spreading the Wealth” are finally beginning to hit home. The NYPost revealed the story to New Yorkers (largely Democratic Voters) that their party’s tax policies would start by raising taxes to about 60% for the wealthiest earners within the city.

Who is John Galt?

For anyone who understands the philosophy of John Galt, you should understand also the decision that these NY City producers of Goods and Services need to make.

These individuals provide a needed product or service; one that, without which, we would be unable to live our quality of life. It is not a mandatory service, rather one that is being provided because an individual recognized a need and used their talent to fill that need in return for a profit, a better way of life for he and his family.

Enter the government. The government, acting on the will of the mass recipients of the goods and services which better their lives, demand that the success be taxed – that it is now the obligation of the individual who provided the breakthrough, and has been paid fairly for their services based on market value, to somehow forfeit their earning to provide a free pass to others.

Not only is it evil to take private property by force, even if demanded by the masses, but it is a flawed system of support and funding for these illegal and unconstitutional government programs. Plain and simple, without argument, we can state that the initiation of force is evil. To start a war, to assault an individual, to take property with the threat of force (try not paying your taxes and tell me you are not threatened by force)… they are evil at their core.

What is flawed about the system is simply a reference to Who is John Galt.

What if the providers simply stopped? To avoid the super high taxation, what if Macy’s shut their doors, laying off thousands. What if the NYSE locked their doors and took their stock trade technology away? What if the Ore mining company decided to stop mining, or the steel producer stopped making steel, or the cotton farmer burned his crops… what if the producers stopped? This is the scenario addressed in Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. But the instigator to the scenario is, in current day, exactly the same.

When has the government gone too far? When is class warfare so clearly waged that it is time to simply stop? What then? Does the government physically begin to seize their assets, raid their savings, and burgle their homes? When does it stop?

There is an old saying: Born Free but Taxed to Death.

Unfortunately in America we are no longer born free… we are born into bondage… financial bondage for the debts of our fathers.

This is not the country that was dreamed of so long ago, nor is it the country our forefathers fought and died for.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rise of the Liberty Republican

What has happened to The New Conservative?

My recent lack of existence in the blogging world has nothing to do with the struggle in which we find ourselves politically, nor does it have anything to do with my perception of the progress or outcome of any of our struggles.

What it does have to do with is my recent relocation from Colorado to Washington State. In May, I was offered a promotion within my company to relocate from the Centennial State to the Evergreen State. Since the Pacific Northwest was my home for so many years, and most of my immediate family remains in the area, it only made sense that I relocate myself and my family closer to the relatives.

As such, I have been largely without free time, largely without “me time”, and largely without constant access to the internet… and thus my blog has been put on the back burner.

Once we are settled in to a new home, and once I can ensure that my family is safe and secure, I can focus my energies outward once again – this time bringing the fight to Washington State Liberals who make those in Colorado seem like amateurs!

In the mean time, I will fill you in on a little of what is to come.

I will be ending the theme of “The New Conservative”… it is too soft. I am going to up the ante on my brand name to match the theme of my entries of late – Libertarianism within the Republican Party… It is truly the only way to differentiate ourselves from the hypocritical politicians claiming to champion the cause of liberty, but do so by growing the government… This concept is lunacy, and it can no longer be lightly treaded upon…

Therefore, I will begin making changes to the look and feel of the website – changing the name to “The Liberty Republican”. I have long been a Libertarian, and my affiliation with the GOP Platform has been loose. My involvement within the party has always been with intent to strengthen the party by returning to core values which defined the GOP of Goldwater, and slightly less so (but equally important) of Reagan. We need to focus on getting the “government” OUT of government… returning the government to the people… returning our liberties, our freedom, our lives to US… we can be the party that delivers this nation out of governmental bondage… we can lead… but we must be bold, we must be strong… that is why The New Conservative is The Liberty Republican!