Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain's VP Pick Could Rally Conservative Base

CQ Politics has been conducting a bracketed system of voting to determine who would best support John McCain as the Republican Veep Nominee. The final round of voting is currently underway, and ends tomorrow night.

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The final match-up, which is no surprise to me, is between Gov. Sarah Palin and Gov. Mike Huckabee.

I was a steadfast supporter of Mike Huckabee for President, and have been a steadfast supporter of Palin for VP even before McCain won the nomination.

If I had to pick two of the most top notch candidates for VP, never a finer match existed.

Sarah Palin will bring youth, energy, and can-do conservative principles to a largely independent GOP candidate.

Mike Huckabee will bring faith, oratory skills, and a positive approach to bringing the conservative principles that this country was founded on to the forefront of our society.

Alone, McCain is a vulnerable candidate. But with either of these two as the Vice Presidential nominee, John McCain stands to rally the conservative base and ensure victory in November over Barack Obama.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Defeat of America: Proof Positive - GET US OUT OF IRAQ

My Official Stance on the War in Iraq: GET THE US OUT NOW.

I am talking drop everything and head for the exits... no phased withdrawal, no permanent bases... Get out.

Have I become a Liberal Democratic Defeatist?

Quite the contrary. I simply refuse to stand by and support military action when our government does not have the resolve to conduct a war the way it needs to be conducted.

The Iraqi Islamic Party is calling for "the severest punishment" of a soldier who used the Koran as a target in Iraq. The punishment, they say, will serve as a warning to US soldiers to "consider the feelings of Muslims". And of course, the severest penalty, in their minds, is death. So the politicians of a defeated country are calling for the death of a US soldier in a country in which we are currently conducting a war. All the while, we are bending to their will by at least issuing an apology and sending the soldier back to the states.

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness," Hammond said to tribal
leaders and others gathered. "In the most humble manner, I look in your eyes
today, and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

Major General Jeff Hammond - a fearless leader in the US armed forces, humbly asking forgiveness from THE ENEMY.

That brings me to the point of this article:


The "war" in Iraq is a fake war. It is not a war at all. In war, an enemy is defined and subsequently beaten into submission... You define the enemy, and take away the will or ability for the enemy to fight.

The "War On Terror" is an ambiguous war against a tactic of fighting, not an actual enemy. So who is the enemy? And how do we know when the "job is done" in Iraq? If we keep "fighting terror", the job will never be done.

The enemy is Islamic Totalitarianism, or Islamic Fundamentalism.

Saddam Hussein was actually a stabilizing force AGAINST Islamic Totalitarianism... making him the enemy of our enemy, and thus a friend. Not the best bedfellow, but a friend in this struggle.

We entered Iraq without adequately identifying the enemy of the Global War On Terror. Had we done so, we would not have allowed the SCIRI party of Iraq to take charge of the country... SCIRI, by the way, stands for: Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

SCIRI is a political party based in Islamic Totalitarianism...

That is right. We have invaded a country on the premise of fighting global terror, only to hand the country over to Islamic Totalitarian Forces.

This is equivalent to invading France prior to WWII and allowing the NAZI party to take the reigns.

We have done the work of the enemy, and are continuing to engage in a struggle to support a government that NOW represents the ideals that we should be attempting to eradicate!


The two top fundraisers for Islamic Totalitarianism comes from the countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia. If we intend on ever actually winning the war against I.T. we need to take away the funding, and decimate the enemies will and ability to fight. THAT is a war!

War is not dropping food instead of bombs, keeping the population happy.

War is not apologizing to the enemy for insulting them.

War is not having your armed forces building the infrastructure of a country.

War IS removing the capability for the enemy to fight. Take away the will to fight. Annihilate the resources and eradicate the ability to make war.

This means destroying the Islamic leaders of Iran, and the Princes of Saudi Arabia... both groups are funding the expansion of Islamic Totalitarianism... Both groups are hell-bent on destroying the US... and both groups are responsible for ALL acts of terror around the world... Follow the money.

This is a Casus Belli - an act threatening our country, justifying war.

As long as we continue "humbly apologizing" to the enemy, instead of fighting the source of their ability to make war, The United States has NO BUSINESS putting our military in harm's way.

If we do not have the resolve to fight the war that needs to be fought, then we need to come home and hope that the next time we are attacked, the resolve will be strong enough to do what needs to be done.

We MUST engage Iran and Saudi Arabia with EXTREME PREJUDICE... secure the oil fields, destroy their economy, execute their leaders, and destroy the will of the people to revolt against our forces. Once this is accomplished, we will rebuild. No More Eggshells for me.

Name the True Enemy, Fight the battle that needs to be fought, and WIN THIS WAR!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A thought for the day: Entitlement is the enemy of liberty.

Property rights are the staple of free market, and a country of liberty. Without the ability to take ownership of property, there is no ability to freely trade in goods.

Entitlements are nothing more than the philosophy of need being equal to right... or something deserved without having earned.

So if the enemy of Liberty is a sense of entitlement, would someone please explain to me why the Government (IRS) has sent me a letter explaining how I am "ENTITLED" to a free check worth $1200? Am I really entitled to this money? What is the source? From whom did it come? Did I earn this money, and how? How do I pay it back? At what interest?

I am not entitled to free money, and to suggest that the American People are entitled to handouts from the government is little more than supporting the mentality of a welfare state.

Am I the only one who was offended by both the money and the letter?

You Say You Want a Revolution...

I was recently having a discussion with a fellow Douglas County Republican about the need for change here in America. The discussion followed the concerns with lack of leadership in our "leaders" and their inability and unwillingness to be vessels for change, and further went on to state that short of a Revolution we cannot achieve real change in America.

I made a statement that I want to share with you all. A country will find itself in a revolution when the general population cannot access food/water, cannot house itself, and cannot fuel itself (for the purposes of heating, transportation, cooking, etc).

In the United States, we find ourselves increasingly unable to secure housing... if foreclosures create a lack of housing, the market will crash or we will see people forced to fight for shelter.

In the United States, we find ourselves increasingly unable to access fuel. As the middle class is squeezed out of being able to afford fuel, we will find ourselves unable to travel to and from work, unable to conduct leisure activities, and unable to live life as we know it... all ingredients to social unrest. (Idle hands, and all)

In the United States, do to inflation and fuel costs, we are finding ourselves increasingly unable to afford food. The American people are not starving, by any means... however, as food begins to increase in price to the point where it becomes unattainable, we will fully be in revolution.

This trend is slowly taking place in America... but it is nothing that one slow growing season, or one tragic event cannot hasten. Food, Home, Power.

This theory is being tested in Egypt... They have no access to oil, and now no access to food... and deadly riots are following.

OPEC is failing to increase supply to lower the cost of fuel... the people of Egypt are starving, and resorting to murder in order to obtain a simple batch of bread.

Egypt is turning to the US, who gives $1 billion in aid a year to Egypt, and the UN's World Food Program.

A country that cannot feed itself, and cannot fuel itself, cannot defend itself... and as such, cannot be free.

The US is also at risk of such an end. If the US fails to recognize that out of control inflation, a sense of entitlement, and out of control oil prices are the three main enemies internally to the US, we will then fail to stop our citizens from resorting to breadlines run by the government.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

US Ranks LAST on "Greendex" test... but Really?

The National Geographic Society conducted a survey in 14 countries in an attempt to determine the environmental consumption habits in relation to "Green Living".

"Americans were least likely to choose the greener option in three of four categories — housing, transportation and consumer goods — according to the assessment"
At a 50,000ft level, I can see how this survey's results have any intrinsic value... and I am sure that the results will be further used by the Global Warming Gestapo to show, yet again, that Americans are the source of the worlds ills.

However, as was reported in the article revealing the results:

"Brazil ranked high, for example, because the average household is physically small, most homes aren't heated, few are air-conditioned and Brazilians tend to use on-demand water heaters."
Brazil is ranked at the top because their citizens live in hovels. That may be a bit extreme, but when most homes are unpowered, unheated, lacking air conditioning or other amenities that a first world country enjoys, one must consider the intended outcome of such a survey. Is the National Geographic Society suggesting that Americans return to pre-industrial revolution lifestyles?


But let's look at the other countries that "beat" the US (in order of ranking):

  1. Brazil
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Mexico
  5. Hungary
  6. Russia
  7. Great Britain
  8. Germany
  9. Australia
  10. Spain
  11. Japan
  12. France
  13. Canada
We've discussed Brazil. Now the next two are India and China, both developing countries in their own Industrial Revolutions, and both with a majority of their citizens living in poverty without power or other first world amenities.

Mexico, ranking fourth... where 1/10 of Mexico's population is living within the borders of the United States. The northern towns are in destitution, poverty and lawlessness is the norm.

Hungary, a nation whose goal is to "become a developed country by IMF standards". The IMF is the International Monetary Fund. Hungary is a self described "less than first world" country.

The top 5 finishers in the "Greendex" survey, then, come from undeveloped and poverty stricken countries... mostly where there is no free market choice of consumption, and often times little to no consumption choice even available.

My summary is that the survey, which is soon to be another tool in the belt of the Al Gores of the world, is little more than useless data decrying advances in the modern world.

Can developed countries do better to "be green". Yes.

But don't try to use a survey to show that the US ranks last, when the outcome of the survey is based on the general poverty level of the citizens... A green ranking should not be given just because the citizens live in unpowered mud huts in the swamps. A more accurate ranking would take into account level of technologies, and our ability and willingness to use said technology to ensure higher standards of living in conjunction with green living.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The New Conservative has cleared a hurdle of 200 posts! This is no large task, but something that is surely worth celebrating.

From here, I plan to continue posting topics that are general interest, but may consider a week by week "theme" to encourage continued readership. One thing is certain, I want to refrain (as much as possible) from being a sounding board for News stories. My hope is that The New Conservative can continue to grow into a site for activism and special interest topics with widespread interest.

Some upcoming ideas: The return of Wild Buffalo to the US, continued coverage of the Lakota with a potential visit to Pine Ridge Reservation to report first-hand, The new definition of Eminent Domain and it's reflection of Statism in the US... of course with some great political posts as they become more relevant.

So thank you to my readers. It has been a great journey thus far! Stay tuned for more great content as we head towards 500 posts!

Clinton Addresses Supporters

When I heard the Hillary Clinton was addressing supporters in West Virginia at 12:30 ET, I thought that we would finally see the Democratic race wrap up, and head into the primaries.

Unfortunately, Clinton is looking for that come from behind win... which, at this point is little more than a pipe dream.

Neither Clinton nor Obama will have the delegates necessary to end this thing prior to the convention... so, with Clinton's claims of victory yesterday, we can look forward to three and a half more months of Democratic bickering... which is fine by me... McCain is working on VP picks, visiting world leaders, and starting to consider transitions from Bush to McCain. He's looking very presidential while the Democrats are stuck in a mudslinging competition that will ne'er be matched.

So, again, the democratic primary remains unchanged...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Racism 101 - Professor Rev. J. A. Wright

Obama's estranged Reverend offered an interesting perspective into the racist mind, while attempting to explain the differences (not deficiencies) of the African "race" versus the "European Race".

Professor Wright suggested that it was the fault of the system of education, and the system of society that is the core problem for the African-American population in the United States. He suggested that it is a right brain versus a left brain issue... where the African ethnicity is pre-programmed to use their right brain, and society established by "White's" has been set up with a focus on left brain logic needed for success...

Pardon me while I vomit.


That anyone in 2008, especially someone with a mouthpiece to the world, can get away with this type of thinking makes me sick.

To claim that people are different SOLELY based on their skin color is the mentality that has kept the racial divide alive in this country. It is a mentality that is IGNORANT and FALSE.

Reverend J.A. Wright is ignorant.

Each person, black/white/yellow/red, has the same opportunity to learn, based on their genetic dispositions... if you are born with a genetic deficiency that inhibits your ability to learn (such as some form of mental retardation), then you have clearly significant variation in ability. Other than that, there is no difference in one's ability to educate themselves! ESPECIALLY not based on skin color!

For those of you not in the know, Rev Wright gave some examples of how White and Black are different: Whites listen to music in 4/4 time and hear the 1 and 3 beat, while Blacks listening to the same music hear the 2 and 4 beat. Here is a little music video proving the point:

Here is the original footage:

I am continually shocked at the racist, blatantly ignorant, and incredibly ridiculous things that folks like Wright say... and not just say, but believe... but not just believe, but Teach and Preach!

If there was any question as to what true racism looked like, watch the above video again... What ever happened to the integrity of Civil Rights leaders? Was Dr. King an anomaly in the African American community?

King believed that all were CREATED EQUAL... He had a dream that the future of our nation would consist of people... not people of color... unfortunately for us, the reality is starkly different from King's dream...

When leaders of the African American community make excuses, instead of taking action to make results, the Dream has died.

When these same leaders form caucuses in congress based on the color of one's skin... the Dream has died.

When these same leaders can, to a cheering crowd of thousands of like-skinned listeners, mock or degrade another skin color... the Dream has died.

Watching the video of Rev. Wright addressing the NAACP, all cheering the degradation of "white friends", listening to the anger and ignorance in the speakers and the crowd... I have to ask the question: Is the Dream Dead?

Why don't I ever hear about "clapping discrepancies" between the races in the United Kingdom?

And furthermore (my favorite question), If a "black" in America is considered an African-American, what is a "black" in London?

Answer: British.

The point of the question: Aren't we all Americans? Can't we all BE Americans?

The solution: Teach personal responsibility. Offer equal opportunity to all Americans (not equal outcome). Treat one another with mutual respect. Live, and let live.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mayday! May Day?

When I was a tot, I remember May first as a day when we would sit around in class and make fake flowers, with the intent of leaving them on the door of some unsuspecting recipient as part of a celebration that "rung in spring"... Little did I know at the time that it was actually a celebration of communism / socialism in which we provide to those according to their needs based on our ability.

On this Snowy May Day, I am thankful that we are no longer growing up in the Cold War Era... but regretful that the latest generation doesn't truly "GET" Rocky 4... or the struggle that freedom had when faced with Socialism.

It makes me uneasy that in my class of 64 graduating Aerospace Engineers back in 2004, about half had no issues with moving to China to help China's goal of Lunar and extra-planetary exploration...

It upsets me that there is a lackadaisical attitude towards freedom and liberty in America anymore... and that "rights" are now defined as what the government "should give me" - without thought as to how the government obtained the goods in the first place (i.e. my pocketbook!)

It frustrates me that "Coming to America" is no longer a song in which the glory of America is exalted as the Right Choice and Moral High Ground in the world... Coming to America is now a right that our elected leaders believe every "citizen of the world" has, regardless of illness, intent, or ability... and once you "come to America" the government will provide everything you need... off the broken back of the taxpayer!

So on this May Day, I am remembering the communist training that I received so many years ago, as an unaware child... and I am thankful that in my life I was able to rise above the propaganda, and become a free thinking, liberty loving Conservative!