Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama's Plan to Try Terror Suspects in Civil Courts Backfiring

Imagine the response if the hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war during WWII were shipped to the United States for trial in civilian courts. I suppose we live in a different time, and fight different battles. It appears that the latest battle by Obama, to try terror suspects in civilian courts, is one that we are determined to lose.

The court ruled today that the Government's star witness cannot testify, because his testimony to the CIA was given only after severe coercion while in custody. The government asked for a delay in the trial to reorganize its case.

What is most predictable in this case is that there is a possibility that the defendant can be found not guilty due to lack of constitutionally acquired evidence and released to walk out the front doors of the court house. This question was posed to Obama, about if he was ready and willing to accept such a ruling and allow known enemies of the state out of US custody and out into the streets? His response is that none of them would win their case - a statement I likened to a kangaroo court (knowing the outcome before the trial).

In any case, it seems that the government is in a tight spot, and we may be a week away from a mistrial, where the headlines will undoubtedly read "Obama's Miscalculation Frees Known Terrorist". That is right. I am sure that no blame will be placed on the divine one!


  1. " blame will be placed on the divine one!"

    Not by the government-owned press, no. By the patriotic conservatives? Oh, yes.

  2. The conservatives outnumber the liberals, I believe. It's the wishy-washy "undecided's" that drive us to disaster by their lack of understanding, and THEIR votes can't be counted on by either side.