Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPDATE - WA Senate Race

In an update to yesterday's post, Dino Rossi has taken a 1.7 point average lead on the Real Clear Politics average, and they are now awarding Washington State to Dino Rossi in the "No Toss Up" map. Unfortunately for Republicans the map remains a 50/50 tie, as IL seems to be breaking in favor of the Democrat by the slightest of margins. That race is tight, and I am not going to attempt to predict Obama's old senate seat.

For the mean time, I will simply bask in the glow of watching the western states oust incumbents!

If you want to know why Patty Murray is losing, here is her latest attack ad:

I honestly don't know what to say... other than "Vote for me because I know what it is like to have a vagina, too!" Seriously. This is what it looks like to watch an incumbent drown in their own pool of lies and deceit!


  1. Illinois has been a lost cause for many decades, politically speaking, due to Cook County & the City of Chicago. One of my earliest memories, at the age of 5, is listening to my mom & dad discussing how "all those dead people carried the election for Kennedy." (Yeah, 1960. So I'm getting up there. :^))

  2. No judgement on my part. Age is a state of mind :)

    I updated to show one of Murray's latest attack ads. This is what constitutes "politics" in WA State!

  3. Wasn't saying 55 is old, my friend; and you're right about the state of mind. It does, however, sometimes bother me that I can remember things that happened in the 1950s. :^)