Thursday, April 29, 2010

US House Passes Puerto Rico Statehood Measure

Puerto Rico has been 'blessed' by the US Congress to finally determine her own fate. By a mixed vote of 223 to 169, the House of Representatives gave Puerto Rico the authority of self determination. PR, a territory of the United States, has had an identity crisis for some time, and this vote could lead to the first allowance of a state to the (crippled) Union in over 50 years.

Puerto Rico will get to take a vote on her status in relation to the United States. Becoming a state would allow a voting presence in Congress and electoral votes for presidency. They currently have delegates to congress, but retain no voting rights as a territory. However, as a territory they receive taxpayer funds - to which they pay none into. Becoming a state would increase their taxes, while becoming independent would cut-off the free flow of cash to the island nation.

Words of caution to PR - joining the United States is apparently a one way street. Once you vote to give up your national identity, Puerto Rico will cease to have the liberty it enjoys as a free and relatively independent state. The House Republicans even attempted to amend the vote to say that PR must adopt English as her official language - which would require, what, teaching their students english? OK. Changing to a more 'American Sounding' English name, like "Richport", "Lincoln", "Columbia"... Puerto Rico, Proceed with caution.

And while we're at it - Let's ask the question for each state. There should be a general series of state conferences to re-determine the will of the states to be in, or opt out of the federal government. Gee - I wonder how that would go over?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here Come the TAXES!

Like prophets foretelling the coming of a great calamity, the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) partiers have vehemently decried the explosion in rate of government growth, if for nothing more, for issues of fiscal concerns. Now, just a month after a controversial, and unfundable, Healthcare law was signed by Obama, the issue of money is coming to the forefront.

Obama is reportedly keeping all options 'On The Table'... for those of you who don't know what the definition of 'IS' is, that is Obama-ese for 'Here come the taxes!'

In order to pay for the indulgent and pork laden federal government, Obama and Congress are considering a Value Added Tax in addition to all current forms of taxation on the people - the same tax that drives up the cost of consumer end items by as much as 17% in the UK. A tax, I might add, that directly impacts the poor and middle class of this country more than any other. The cost, the government will argue, will be captured at the manufacturing level, not at the consumer level. However, it is obvious to anyone who understands cost flowdown that any impact to the bottom line is flowed down to the end item - to the consumer. The consumers who will feel the impact more than anyone else are those with whom wealth does not dwell.

I have a few suggestions, if Obama really is putting ALL options on the table:
1. Cease funding all unconstitutional and unnecessary federal government agencies, programs, and organizations. Cut federal government spending across the board not by 2% or even 5%. Cut the spending by 80%. There is no reason why the federal government should have a budget of $3 - $4 Trillion annually... By dissecting the budget to under a trillion dollars, focus entirely on mandatory spending, and eliminating wealth redistribution the People of the United States will see an increase of $2 - $3 Trillion in the marketplace (not the federal government), and a return to state's authority of self governance.

2. End the dependence on the Federal Reserve, thus eliminating the federal government paying interest on it's own monies. by ending the federal reserve, the US government will spare hundreds of billions annually in simple interests on monies technically owned by the federal government to begin with. The responsibility of coining money lies with the Treasury - not a non-governmental conglomerate of banks known as the federal reserve. We are giving away money to 'big bad banks' - if they are the problem, STOP. Use the constitution to coin money that is NOT a Federal Reserve Note.

3. Scale back the length of session and the pay for federal employees. For the government to operate successfully, the Legislative session need be no more than 3 months a year and the day to day management of the countries can rest with the people and the states, and in case of emergency, the Executive. With a smaller government, less staff, less pay requirements, etc - the US can streamline and spread power to where it is constitutionally reserved - THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE!

None of these idealistic pipe dreams, however, will be discussed by Obama and his team... In fact, they are only concerned with INCREASING power at the federal level, taxing the proles into oblivion, and ensuring that the bridge between those with jobs and those with power is never breached...

So sit back, enjoy the ride... cause here come the taxes!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Human Rights, Liberty, and Europe

On a side note, the EU is attempting to declare that 'vacation' is a human right, and one that should be subsidized by the government of the EU. Before I delve into the insanity at work here, I HAVE to hope that the Federal Government doesn't catch wind of this... might give them ideas!

Human rights are those things without which we are unable to realize our fullest potential. The right to life, being the most basic - without which we would cease to simply be. The right to freedom from oppression - without which we could not freely pursue success. The right, of course, to freely pursue success however you so choose to define it. There are many rights that have been bestowed upon us, all supporting a common theme: Equal Opportunity. A just and civil society must allow equal opportunity to all members, an equal opportunity at life, to achieve, to attempt... this, however, should not be confused with equal outcome.

The concept of equal outcome is the antithesis of liberty, the destabilization of a free and just society, the advocacy for increased control of the individual. From taxing success for wealth redistribution to dictating health and education of the poor, the ever expanding government strives for equal outcome under the assumption that the people simply cannot survive without their intervention.

What is happening in Europe is not a comedy, rather a tragedy. The unification of Europe under an increasingly socialistist wealth redistribution mindset is the great end to independent European societies, but also the single largest driver for future wars in Europe. Regional battles for Independence from tyranny historically follow the conquest of lands at some point down the road. Europe beat back the offenses of nationalistic socialism, but has succumbed to globalistic socialism, the second hand of the same beast. They are an indicator for what is to come in America, especially when our unrepresentative leaders strive in every avenue to emulate Europe.

There can be peace on this world outside of absolute government control. Pax Romana is no longer necessary. Common objectives can be sought that unite the peoples of many lands. The move toward global socialistic conquest has been attempted before, and each time war has been the outcome. Peace under threat of force is no peace... Liberty under the watchful eye of the government is not liberty, and government funded personal benefits are no human right!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Partiers are More Educated and Angrier than the Average American

The New York Times, as reported by MSNBC, has let the cat out of the bag about the redneck racist revolutionaries running and supporting the tea party: "Tea party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public, tend to be Republican, white, male, and married, and their strong opposition to the Obama administration is more rooted in political ideology than anxiety about their personal economic situation"

Does this mean that the liberal left is going to stop pushing the 'Racist Tea Party' talking points, or the 'uneducated gun toting redneck' talking points? Most likely not.

Though they, being the left, fail to see the irony in the educated leaders of this country revolting in general angst over the direction of the federal government, they can no longer ignore us!

Recent polling indicates that more people identify with the tea party movement than with the direction Obama is taking the country. More people align with the policies of the Tea Partiers, the policies of liberty, than with the leftist agenda in D.C. And the liberal left is grudgingly reporting these as "surprising results" - surprising because we have been ridiculed as racist idiotic rednecks for over a year now... The truth shall set you free!

I proudly identify with the liberty movement in America. I am a proud advocate for limited government and responsible local government. I think that a great political awakening is beginning to take place, and that folks are starting to see that the change for change's sake is bad, simply supporting the lesser of two evils is worse, and politics as usual is simply no longer acceptable.

Vive La Liberte!

Monday, April 12, 2010

WA State Dems: Cut School Funding, Tax Beer and Candy

Washington State Democratic leadership has held the state hostage for 30 days of a special session in order to address the state budget crisis. After threats of 20% across the board cuts (wouldn't that be nice), and thirty days at a cost to the state of nearly $20,000 a day, the Democratic leadership seems to be passing a budget aimed at cutting funding for the most necessary functions of Government - schools and prisons, while placing nearly $800 Million in new taxes on beer, candy, services and bottled water.

Come November, however, the Republicans will be blamed for funding cuts to the schools - mark my words...

Let's take a look at my main points of contention with the approach the Democrats are taking.

First - the tax increases.

The tax on beer is not across the board. As a matter of fact, it targets low cost/high production beers... the type of beer most likely to be consumed by the working poor - the Coors Light, Rainier, PBR, Budweiser, etc. Exempt are the high-end micro brews, resulting in a tax exemption for the Seattlites who flock to microbreweries after a long day in the office. The tax is on the order of ten cents per can/bottle. A sizable expense to the poor, where every penny counts.

Tax increases were also directed at candy, soda, bottled water, and service businesses - directly hitting the working elements of our state. A tax boycott of candy, bottled water, and soda would directly impact the working distributors of those items, placing further pressure on the working families of this state!

Budget cuts -

There were cuts to the budget, to the tune of slightly more than the expected tax increases. However, these cuts were directed at universities, schools, and corrections. The very fundamentals of our state, and of the state's responsibility to support, were cut - leaving the health care and bloated state employee union wages untouched. The cut to K-12 education relies on the lottery funds to pick up the slack, a crutch that uses a supplemental fund as a primary source of funding... never a strong move. The cuts to universities and corrections further shows the disregard for the people of the state of Washington.

Democrats have, in putting forward this partisan budget, revealed their priorities and allegiances. They have placed special interest and state labor unions above the education of our next generation, and placed the burden of taxation on the hard workers of this state. Each and every representative or senator who is voting in favor of these horrendous budgetary changes needs to be reminded of their failures come November.

Where they refused to cut union wages, we will remember in November. Where they refused to back education, we will remember in November. Where they refused to represent the working poor, we will remember in November.

We will return the favor and refuse to cast our votes for them... and perhaps, by doing so, we can return the government of the State of Washington back to the people... the hard working people of this great state!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

White House Considers National Sales Tax

"White House economic adviser Paul Volcker said yesterday the United States should consider imposing a "value added tax" similar to those charged in Europe to help get the deficit under control. "
Just weeks after signing into law an unconstitutional Trillion Dollar health care system, the White House is looking for ways to start making up for their spending habits... and the answer is: Rob the People!

Instead of looking at their spending habits as the root cause of the deficit problem, they explore ways to bridge the gap in income - typical government! Spend into oblivion then tax the people to death!

Enough is Enough... that is a common theme these days, and for a good reason!

In what universe is the federal government living? Do they actually believe that a European style national sales tax is right for America? Of course they do! And the universe, well, it must be a parallel one in which the wealthy senators and representatives are ruling from their marble palaces in DC, out of touch with all the peasants of the nation... oh wait, that sounds a lot like this one.

At what point do we just push our local state governments into rejecting any new federal taxation, or simply challenging the federal government directly on legitimate constitutional grounds across the board? We simply cannot afford this union under the direction of this federal government. The state leadership has got to step up and say it for the people - 'Enough Taxes, Enough Spending, and Enough Constitutionally Questionable Maneuvers from the tiny District of Washington!"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Bremerton, WA, Liberty is for the Birds (Or Chickens)

In Washington State, in a small city across the water from Seattle, the battle for liberty comes down to one word: "Cluck"

Bremerton City Council has taken maneuvers to effectively outlaw laying hens within the city limit. This move impacts dozens of families within the limits of the city who have small flocks of a few birds, used mainly for weed control and fresh egg production. The city councilmen have cited their concern over hiring a new city employee to be the city's watchful eye on backyard chicken farmers.

In comparison, the large city of Seattle allows for up to four laying hens.

The concern of the Bremerton town council is unfounded. Citizens should have the right to raise non-invasive livestock, such as hens, and should be expected to act within the bounds of community sanity. Obviously a large flock on a small property could be considered a nuisance, however, it is not the responsibility of town councils to limit what food sources we choose and what productive livestock we keep - within reason.

There have been calls to allow four hens, but to require a license on each of your hens. I am also opposed to this, as licensing would then require additional license enforcement, as well as establish precedent to licensing other forms of livestock in outlying farms that remain within the city limits.

The philosophy is simple - allow freedom where freedom is logical. To question a community's want or will to raise egg laying hens is one thing, but to restrict the right to raise food producing livestock - that seems to be outside of the scope of government. It would make more sense to ban cats and dogs - who spread ring worms and other diseases to humans on a much larger scale, as well as cause flea infestations in rental and other properties... Dogs and cats are found wondering the streets and neighborhoods and have been known to attack or harass neighborhoods... I can build a much larger case for community safety - however, I believe that people should be held to a higher standard, and given the opportunity to live free and succeed.

So, here in rural Washington, it seems like freedom is, in this case, for the birds!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Census Double Counting Democrat Strongholds?

Something unusual happened the other day. A friend of mine who happens to be a libertarian minded individual living in a relatively safe Democratic stronghold in the city of Tacoma, posted to Facebook that, oddly, after filling out her Census form and sending it in, she received another identical form with instructions to fill it out and submit. It took about 1.5 milliseconds for my brain to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that the Census must be attempting to double count in Democratic stronghold districts in order to gain additional representation.

A google search for news regarding reports of duplicate forms indicates that, indeed, dense urban areas (traditional liberal havens) are being sent two identical forms, and we, the people, are being reassured that the software and data entry is intelligent enough to NOT double count the entries for a single household.

I have to wonder about this coincidence of 'double counting' in the dense areas... I have to wonder about the software that is counting the data - is it smart enough to discard multiple submissions from the same address?

In an attempt to avoid coming across as alarmist, I do have to raise the question on this most important issue - the very make-up of representation is based directly off the results of these forms... and if, for some reason, the forms ARE double counted (even though you are advised, not instructed, to discard the form if you have already mailed the original in), is the Democratic Majority attempting to stack the decks in favor of redistricting and reapportionment based on these erroneous results.

Any thoughts?