Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama Polls indicate ~5% less popular than Bush

The great Savior and Messiah is in a bit of a pickle. RCP Poll averages for this week have Obama's approval ratings at an all time low, and dropping fast! His current average is 51.8% Approval, with 42% disapproval.

During the period of Aug 24 - Aug 26th of Bush's first term, he ranked as 55% approval with only 36% disapproval.

Obama, in late August of his first term is LESS POPULAR than George W Bush, and MORE PEOPLE DISAPPROVE with his job as President.

Obama's poll numbers place him behind Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., and GW Bush at this same time in August of their first term (Ford excluded because he replaced Nixon mid-term). Obama is only slightly more popular than Clinton, with disapproval numbers about the same.

What this means for Obama is that, barring some national crisis that bumps his numbers, he is on pace to be the worst president in recent history.

Way to go there, Slugger!

I bet you HOPE public opinion could be CHANGEd... not with the crap you're ramming down our throats. More likely you will have to assume dictatorial powers to crush opposition to your pathetic government.

If the "go-it-alone" approach in Iraq was such a bad idea for Bush, what makes you think it will work in America on Health Care or any other bill?

You would be better off setting the cruise control and waiting for 2010 and 2012 to come and wipe your mistakes away.


  1. "Way to go there, Slugger!"

    I love it.

  2. :D Glad you liked! Just sort of rolled off the fingertips. Enjoy your day!

  3. Know what's especially amusing?? They posture like they have all this power. Power to do what?? Print money?? HA HA HA HA!!! ROFLOL!!!!

    Catch this. They've run out of foreign sources to borrow money from. So they have to print money to print and spend money. Soon enough... hyperinflation is going to take over. (Just give it time.) So, then, all they will have is a printing press printing money that isn't worth anything@!!! HA HA HA HA!!! ROFLOL!!!

    So, here's the deal. We just sit back and wait. They're trying to create a pandemic... talking about martial law for this fall. Well, we'll see about that. Because if they cannot "whip up" the people so that they can move the nation into perpetrating or accepting martial law - they cannot invoke totalitarian rule. This govt. is going down, basically. Numerous states - they won't invoke martial law for them. Those states - shoot, they'll just start printing money and naturally form a new union. The other states -they'll come under totalitarianism. But they don't have the SUPPORT to handle instituting widespread totalitarianism across the US. Yep, this little dictatorship is going down. Some states - yeah. Many states - nope - not enough strength or popularity in them to muster an overthrow of our govt. Dissolution of the nation by total failure of Washington DC, the dollar, and their printing press. :) Oh, I see it potentially coming. (I don't think they will be able to pull off their martial law FEMA death camps this fall. Times running out for them. The dollar is soon to collapse. ha ha ha ha!! lol)

  4. You may have nailed it on the head with "More likely you will have to assume dictatorial powers to crush opposition to your pathetic government"

    The absolute racist propaganda that Rep. D. Watson was spewing about what great admiration she has for Castro and Che and the absolute constitution-defying garbage displayed in those articles...

    We are headed for further lost freedoms and a different America than we were given.