Monday, August 24, 2009

GOP Ahead in Polls, but...

Real Clear Politics latest generic congressional poll shows that the Republican Party holds a 5 point lead over the Democrats, and that on average, the two parties are neck in neck... a far cry from a year ago when Democrats were enjoying a nearly 20 point advantage...

However, headlines such as "Harry Reid may lose seat to Republican Challenger" are meaningless when a vote for Republicans is nothing more than an opposition vote! The GOP has done little to resolve the issues with its leadership since the major whooping it was given in November of 2008. There has been much wound licking, but little actual realization at the top of the party ticket, leading me to believe that, should there be another Presidential election tomorrow, the GOP would still be inclined to run a horrible McCain style candidate and campaign.

What has not been realized is the one thing that is going to be overshadowed by the sudden popularity of the GOP - Consistent Message about Small Government.

The formula is simple: When Democrats act like Republicans they win, when Republicans act like Democrats they lose. Simpler yet, when either party stands against the growth of government, they are the victor - and it usually happens when they are in the minority.

Yes - if we sweep out the new Democrats and replace them with a Republican majority, there would be no change... NO CHANGE.

Sure, the topic of discussion may vary a little, however, the substance would remain the same... "How can we grow government to control one or more aspects of your life in order to obtain our objective?"

Where the GOP stands to make gains is to openly and honestly declare that THEY are the prescription for the ailment that is overbearing government. The GOP MUST make measurable steps in reducing the size of the government, returning it to a subordinate to the people.

The GOP leadership, in order to maintain a permanent majority, must set out a road map to liberty - a plan to return the country to the free men. They must sell this plan to the public, and follow through on every word. What would such a plan look like?

There must be a solid plan to eliminate government programs and agencies which are cancerous, including the Federal Reserve, the Department of Education, and other such money pits.

There must be an increased awareness of the role of the states and the people, stressing the importance of state governments to take the responsibilities to support programs which are needed/wanted by their residents.

There must be a clear message that "Compassionate Conservatism", or forced neoconservatism is over. We must be the party of liberty, not a forced social agenda. We need to draw the line in the sand on forced lifestyles! If we can differentiate ourselves here, we pick up a permanent majority.

As I have said in previous posts, the era of thinking that "our worst is still better than their best" is done. We need to define our message, stay on message, and support leaders for their ability to lead on that message - not merely because there is an R or a D after their name... We must break this style of thinking, and in doing so, we must show competency in our own ability to hold the public trust in a manner that leads to liberty.

Anything less is criminal. Anything less is merely more of the same.

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