Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Million Kajillion MPG - Buy Government Motors!

CNN.com Money writes, as most news agency is spreading the propaganda, that the Gov. Motors (GM) Chevy Volt will be EPA Rated at 230 MPG. They go so far as to boast that the rating was formulated in a way to help consumers compare standard combustion engine vehicles to the new GM Volt.

This is absolute lunacy. It makes just as much sense to give the Volt an EPA rating of a Million Kajillion MPG...

The simple fact is that the volt, and other fully electric vehicles, CANNOT be measured in a MPG rating.

For instance, suppose the Volt has an optional Solar Roof, with a Triple Junction Gallium Arsenide Solar Array over the area of the roof, capable of providing a full battery recharge during the work day... well... same vehicle, but now you never need to run your gas generator... so it has unlimited mileage with NO FUEL USE...

The reports are nothing but propaganda aimed at perking up the ears of the uneducated masses. We would be better served by a more intelligent discussion about what revolutionary changes something like the Volt can bring... simply relating to We The People in kindergarten terms is insulting!

Do I think we need to embrace technologies put forth by the Volt? Absolutely.

Do I think we need trickery and idiocracy to sell new technologies? No.

Alas, remember that we are the children and the gu'mint is our daddy... tell me what to do!

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