Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conservatives are a "Terrorist Militia" - so says MIAC

It is a well known Socialist strategy - destroy all opposition. Fellow freedom loving conservatives, be warned - THE WAR AGAINST LIBERTY IS GEARING UP.

I have often warned of the implications of the path these United States were wrongfully taking - and it has just been discovered by me that these warnings - the words that you are reading today - come from what the Obama Team are now considering "a potential paramilitary terrorist".

I warn you that continuing to read this blog, or continuing to think or believe the same way that I do will also lead to you being labelled as a potential increased security threat to the nation, and possibly a POTENTIAL TERRORIST.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center (a division of the Missouri State Police) has released a report called the MODERN MILITIA MOVEMENT warning officers to be extra diligent in watching out for signs of these potential terrorist group members (identified as Right-Wing Extremists), including:
  • Christians
  • States Rights advocates
  • Right to Life Advocates
  • Anti-Illegal Immigration Advocates
  • Paintballers or Military Simulation Enthusiasts
  • BLOGGERS, Chat-Forum users, Social Networks involving Conservative Issues
  • County Sheriff Citizen task Forces (citizen assistants - aka Volunteer Sheriff's Deputies)
  • Members of Third Party Political Groups (Such as Libertarian, Constitution, Independence, Campaign for Liberty, etc) - specifically supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr
  • Those who have bumper stickers in support of Ron Paul, in support of "Right to Carry" arms, anti-illegal immigration, in support of tax-code revision, and other such 'RADICAL RIGHT' values
  • Those who oppose the North American Union
  • Those who oppose the Federal Reserve Bank, or World bank
  • Those who strongly advocate for the 2nd Amendment
  • Those who display Gadsden Flags, Common Law US Flags, or US Flags in Distress (upside down or backwards)
  • Those who display or recite MOLON LABE, which is a Greek Phrase for "come and take them" sometimes translated to "Over my dead body" - or "From my Cold Dead Hands" - also known as the battle cry of the NRA
Here is the actual Report

Here is a segment of Rush Limbaugh discussing the story:

With the increase in frustration over how the Federal Government is being run, and the increase in anti-government demonstrations such as the Tea Parties, it should be noted that at least in one of the 50 states - and likely in others - Conservatives and Libertarian minded individuals attending these rallies are potentially being marked as "Suspect Terrorists".

The Tea Parties themselves, which are coming up on April 15th, is an anti-Socialist / anti-taxation rally openly criticising the expansion of the federal government, and therefore in the eyes of the Missouri State Police (and potentially national agencies) a rally being held by anti-government militias and terrorists.

Readers - we are now living in an age where political dissent is classified as terrorism, terror rallies, or in support of terrorist activities... The use of the word terrorist instills fear, instantly, and the broadening of the word terrorist to include anyone openly dissenting with governmental leadership is little more than a tactic of annihilating opposition.

Let it be known to all that I am anti-federal government when the government does not uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States... when it is led in a manner that is tyrannical, and undermines the fundamental liberties defined in the Declaration of Independence.

Let it be known that I will gladly call myself extreme, if being extreme means rejecting a Socialist agenda aimed at the dissolution of individual liberties and general free market capitalism.

Let it be known that I will gladly stand up and declare a need for revolution when Liberty is given a death sentence.

I will not stop speaking these truths - even if it means that I will be considered a danger to national security by the metrics used in Missouri - who consider my beliefs as being potentially terroristic.

I am an honest man, an active Republican, a vocal supporter of Liberty, a supporter of State's Rights, in favor of abolishing the IRS and replacing it with a flat or fair tax system, in favor of securing the borders from illegal immigration, an advocate for Gun Rights, an advocate for personal responsibility, and a flier of the Gadsden Flag.

If being a conservative/libertarian Republican identifies me as a potential terrorist, then I gladly join the ranks of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, Henry, and other founders of this nation who so nobly defied tyranny once before.

To support a union for the sake of a union is idiocracy. To support a union founded on the principles that liberty is the justest of all causes - well, I say, Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.


  1. Snaggle-Tooth JonesApril 2, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    My apologies in advance for the obscenity about to be expressed, but, regarding MIAC and its report:

    Fuck 'em.

    And same to you, CIAC and any other government snoops who may be looking in here, if you're involved in the same nefarious activity as the MIAC was.

    (Re: CIAC - )

    Now, there was a subsequent story regarding MIAC's retratcing the part of its report that linked certain libertarian political candidates with terrorists. But that's only because they got caught. Most of the time these "fusion centers" won't get caught, so clandestine are their doings.

    Well, we know that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". And so we must be ever vigilant against potential tyranny such as this. We need to keep our eye on them, report on them in our blogs and newspapers and, when circumstances dictate and if the way is legally open, sue them blue. We must also work assiduously to overturn the Bush-era federal legislation that led to this insane state of affairs, and to prevent further such legislation.

    Until then, knowing that they're probably looking in now and then at our discussions, we simply say, publicly, "Fuck 'em."

    (You got that boys? Clearly?)

  2. By the way, regarding being considered a "potential terrorist" if one identifies with the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, Henry, et al., did you see this?:

    I don't know whether or not there's been any official explanation of what was said in this video. It appears rather choppy, so I suppose it's possible that some things are out of context. But if there is no such explation, well. . . .

  3. Interesting video! Interesting when the rebel is no longer celebrated in the Untied States, and is instead feared by the government - not only feared, but attacked... even when those rebels are our founding fathers...

    Kind of reflects how the role of government has shifted from representative to tyrannical!

    Regarding your first comment - Amen, brother! Loud and clear!

  4. I can identify at least four people in the federal government who should be considered terrorists: barack, holder, napolitano, clinton. By the way, how come muslims (islam) are given a pass as a terrorist threat by the government and the media?