Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Case for Palin as VP

A year ago, I was an early part of the Mike Huckabee for President movement... despite the 2% rating, the "he's got no name recognition", and the "he's a preacher" arguments, I held my ground and made a great case for Huckabee as President of the United States. He was largely ignored until the Iowa Straw Poll... then the mud came. The old news that was clearly explained in his book, Hope to Higher Ground, was suddenly front page gossip. Mike Huckabee raised taxes, Mike Huckabee granted clemency, Mike Huckabee has no foreign policy experience. But what was little reported was that Huckabee pulled his state up by the boot strings, turned education around, fixed the highway system, offered the best relief of any of Louisiana's neighbors for storm victims along the Gulf Coast, and all this while a Republican in a Democratic state.

Now I started looking into Palin as a VP for Huckabee some time ago, but now I am looking at her for a VP for McCain.

And the same anti-Huckabee arguments are being used against Palin: She raised taxes, she supports benefits to same-sex couples, she is anti-oil. Behind every headline there is a truth waiting to be discovered. So before folks start talking about her taxes, or her stance on business, let's look at the facts behind the headlines.

Let's look at her ethical conduct in cleaning up Alaska's government. Let's talk about her no-nonsense approach to setting an example for the highest ethical conduct expected out of every leader in our great nation. This includes selling the state's jet that was costing taxpayers unnecessary funds, and instead put that money where it is most effective - in the taxpayer's pocket. Let's talk about her support from the Club for Growth.

Let's talk about her fight against pork-barrel spending. She was part of the team of politicians who killed the "bridge to no-where". Fiscal Responsibility.

She is a lifetime member to the NRA, and would surely secure their endorsement. She is an avid outdoorsman, a weekend fisher, and her husband is a professional fisherman. She is an advocate for big game hunting, and an environmental conservationist.

Let's talk about her pro-education stance, as a politician and as a mother. Let's talk about her support for traditional marriage and family values in a world of political sex scandals. Let's discuss her consistent pro-life stance.

Let's talk about her unwavering support for the American Soldier, and the Alaskan National Guardsman. About how she goes out of her way to give special thanks to soldiers at home and abroad, and has travelled to Kuwait to personally thank Alaskan soldiers abroad. Let's talk about her having more foreign policy experience than Obama and Clinton put together, dealing with Mongolian military and Iceland's government regularly.

Let's talk about her understanding that politics is not being part of a ruling class, but a serving class... and how she regularly volunteers at community building events, and serves her community.

Sarah Palin is a class act. She is young, energetic, and a well rounded conservative. Sarah Palin may have merely 2 years of experience as Governor of Alaska, but Obama has 2 years as a Senator (and he will likely be the Democratic Nominee)... Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. Palin's history of community service goes back beyond her governorship... she has made a point to stay involved... no matter how small the task, or how little it would impress a New York big city urbanite...

Palin has the ability to be the new face of the Conservative Republican movement. She is a young and talented woman in our ranks, with the experience and ethical ability to hold such a prestigious office as Vice President and President of the United States. Placing Palin on the forefront of the conservative movement will help energize the women within our ranks, and diminish the false perception that the GOP is a "Good Ol' Boys Club". She is fresh, and that freshness is backed with a conservative message. This alone will squelch the Obama Change Train... because we have a substantive message.

Palin represents consistent conservative values, with a CHANGE in perception... that is the kind of change that we need in Washington... an emboldened conservative message, and the talent to move it forward.

The conservative movement is not dead... McCain can pull in the independent voters... Palin can pull in the conservatives. With Palin on the ticket, we can guarantee a strong future of the Republican Party, and of the Conservative movement.

I encourage you to look into Palin... read the headlines, but then investigate the facts... you will see what I saw in Huckabee. Truth, conscience, and consistency.

We need not pick a governor from a swing state for VP... we need to pick a conservative who represents a change for the party. The time for conservatism is now... the time for substantive change is now.


  1. "Let's talk about her pro-education stance, as a politician and as a mother."

    No politician today is anti-education. What does this mean? What is her education record? On school choice? Charter schools? Accountability? Assessments? Curriculum and instruction? Role of states vs. Federal government? No Child Left Behind? Performance pay and other teacher quality reforms? Etc.

    I honestly don't know anything about her record. Where should I go to look?

  2. I think that McCain needs to make a courageous choice for his VP. A McCain/Lieberman ticket would squash Obama's "Unity" rhetoric. Or what would energize his stance about Iraq more than picking David Patraeus as his running mate? Even though this guy is inexperienced, you might want to check out Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

  3. Matt -

    Lieberman would be a pick that would split the GOP, causing a "Nader" figure of the right. The conservatives would be completely isolated, and would run their own candidate.

    Jindal is a good choice in 2012 or 2016... he is too inexperienced for my taste at this time. Let's wait and see how he handles his brand new seat... we'll see if he can live up to the hype surrounding him.

    Ben - a recent education proposal from Palin can be found HERE.