Thursday, April 10, 2008

Local Politics - Colorado 4th Senate District Shake-Up!

In a press release delivered to my inbox this morning, from the office of Colorado State Senator for the 4th District, Tom Wiens indicated that he would not seek re-election to his senate seat for the state.

This announcement comes less than a month before the 4th Senate Assembly, and provides little to no time for candidates to announce and prepare for the assembly... and opens the southwestern portion of Douglas County to a potential (though not likely) loss of seat. Lucky for conservatives, Wiens' district is a relatively safe seat for Republicans... but any time you have an election there is a chance of an upset... especially in what will serve to be a very high turn out (as Presidential election years usually are... but this one has some special attention.)

A call to Tom Wiens went to voicemail, where I offered my regrets in his decision not to run, and asked that he call me back to discuss more in detail as to why he came to this decision.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few great choices from Douglas County to replace him. I will mention a few of them, though this does not necessarily mean an endorsement for any of them.

First would be Douglas County GOP Chair, Kelsey Alexander. Kelsey's a very active member in the conservative community, has an excellent background in forestry (in a time when we may be facing the worst forest crisis in Colorado's history due to eco-loons and pine beetles). Kelsey would make a great addition to the State Senate, and would find much support in her campaign.

Secondly, I would recommend Roger Partridge. Roger is an active member of the Douglas County Planning Commission Board, and has been a staple in County District 7 as a Republican Leader. Roger's professionalism and personality would make him an exceptional candidate, very likable.

Finally, John Beckwith would find a multitude of support for such a run! John has been a GOP District Captain in Douglas County, and has been a prominent voice for change. John is a stand-out figure in the county, and has a plethora of ideas that could invoke change at the capitol!

All three candidates would be top-notch senators, and would be very easy to support in a primary as well as a general election! Excellent Conservative Leaders, all!

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