Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To the shores of Tripoli

In the Libyan capitol, Tripoli, the despot ruler has flown in mercenaries from Chad and Sudan to secure the streets. He is doing the same across the rebelling North African country, ordering the destruction of the oil fields and the killing of opposition protestors. The military, which was designed to be weak to hamper any coup attempts, has largely deserted their post and refuses to attack their own citizens; however, the mercenaries have no problem enforcing Gadhafhi's orders to attack citizens and infrastructure. The mercenaries can be seen in this video (smuggled from Libya onto YouTube) - the video is from Benghazi, the city already overtaken by opposition forces:

The thugs are working to disrupt and damage as much as possible, aiming at civilians who have taken protectorate roles over the streets and areas within the cities.

This is a tactic discussed by many bloggers, including me, during the concern for the deployment of active duty military to the United States, and the practice of using troops from different US regions in unconstitutional FEMA crack-downs, like post-Katrina New Orleans. A local trooper would have a hard time attacking their brothers, but a non-local looks at it as a meal-ticket, a duty... regardless of the order. So it goes here as well as in Libya.

Unfortunately for Libya, the Marines are not available to help secure Tripoli, to fight of the despot, or to hoist the flag of freedom over the capitol... This one they're going to have to do on their own.


  1. It's getting uglier over there, with no end in sight - and only a matter of time before things escalate in the States, from the look of it.

  2. As usual a good post and thought-provoking. I'm ashamed that so many neocon are trying to involve us in this fight to.