Monday, February 21, 2011

Democracy Kills

The United States was founded as a Republic. It was a gift dreamed up in antiquity, revived in revolt, and bequeathed to the sons and daughters of a fledgling nation of states. It is a concept so profound that impatience alone is powerful enough to destroy it. Imagine establishing a government where intellect and ideals trumped panic and fear; where the people under the government were safe from emotional mob rule. Imagine the strength of a society built with a Republic as her pillars.

In a republic, nothing so inspires men as the sovereignty of the self; for only in a Republic can man truly be free.

Only in a republic can the minority, even the minority of one, imagine freedom. Only in a republic can the sovereign self expect to live without persecution. Only in a republic does man stand a chance to grow beyond the menial obligations to the masses. Only in a republic can the soul truly be free.

In a republic there is hope for enlightenment, for freedom of the body, soul, and mind.

In a democracy, however, there lives fear; for democracies are the breeding ground of corruption and tyranny. Democracy is the petri dish of a disease, the disease of power. What curious draw, the power of one man over others. The power to use force at the whim of the masses. Mob rule, all else had better fall in line or fall to the sword. There is no freedom, only but what is perceived.

In a democracy hope comes only from the mob, for men will fall under the weight of the will of the masses.

In a democracy, the mob rules. In a republic, the mob advises.

The difference will be detailed in blood.


Relevent current events:
1. Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, where the uneducated masses overthrow tyranical figures only to be forced into a democracy in the near future, where minority groups will surely be persecuted by majority - be they Christians in 'Muslim lands', Women in previously secular dictatorships, etc. In the Middle East, Democracy will lead to Civil War; Civil war will lead to regional World War.


  1. I do not expect anything but Democracy on the outside of the U.S. In the Mid-East the concept of a caliphate--at least in a Sunni context-- is a better form of Government then what they have now. As for us: we need to repeal the civil rights act of 1964 and further related legislation before we can ever make a gain as a Republic again.

  2. Here in Wisconsin we are have a union rebellion and the word democracy is used nonstop. It appears even our leaders don't know where a Republic.