Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Didn't Start the Fire...

Images of Polar Bears frantically attempting to cling to vanishing sea ice haunt the dreams of children around the world. Though polar bear populations are on the rise, they have become the cuddly face of the Global Warming debate.
Yes... I said debate.

I say debate because though there is evidence that there is a warming trend of 0.14 Degrees Celsius per Decade, there is no evidence supporting an accelerated increase in temperatures. That is to say that for the last 100 years, there has been a steady rate of global temperature rise at 0.14 degrees Celsius per decade.

We didn't start the fire... The earth goes through natural temperature fluctuations.

And as a matter of debate, the ice at the southern polar cap in the antarctic is actually increasing because antarctic temperatures have continued to decline over the years. All part of a cycle.

Should we be better stewards of the environment? Absolutely!

Do we cause harm to the environment by way of strip mining and strip malls? You bet!

But as we move forward with this debate and discussion, we must remember that the earth does more to affect itself than we do. Don't believe me? Look at the number one source of pollution in the United States... No, not Hummers, or Exxon Mobile... It is geologic in origin... Mt St Helens outputs more greenhouse gas per year than we tiny beings could ever hope to attempt. Take into account the major geological sources of greenhouse gases, such as Yellowstone, the many northwest volcanoes, and even the methane fields bubbling up off the coast of Florida. More air pollution than we could bat an eye at!

So why the hysteria?

For instance, an Eskimo village in Alaska is suing the oil industry because their village is losing land due to erosion... the cause of erosion? Man Made Global Warming, of course! The village, well, it is built on a barrier reef that has been eroding for over 100 years... but forget taking responsibility for poor location... it is easier to blame and attempt to sue than to take personal responsibility or personal action to save the land from erosion. Here is a look at the great location of the village:

Let me interject here for one moment... anyone who knows anything about living near water knows that water trumps land every time... and erosion is the end result... be it along a river bank or a sandy beach. Water carries a lot of energy able to move rocks. These people have done little to stop the erosion... no attempt to make breakwaters, no attempt to build sound sea walls... Nope. It is easier to place blame and sit back waiting for that check to come in! Put me4 on that island! I would personally carry rocks, one by one if I had to, to create a breakwater capable of stopping the erosion and surviving the winter ice flows. I don't see that happening here!

So why the hysteria about Global Warming?

The Global Warming fascists use tools of ridicule and demoralization to silence any voice of opposition or dissent. What are they afraid of finding if we should be allowed to debate?

Why all the hysteria?

Ok... I'll tell you, but you won't like the answer: Money and Power.

Environmentalists and Global Warming hacks (and legitimate scientists) operate through government grants, largely. If a consensus appeared that "Actually, Global Warming is not that bad", how long do you think they would be employed? Not long... their funding would end.

BUT, if they raise red flags, if they convince the governments of the world that we are solely responsible for our own demise... well, that might be something worth looking into...

So money is thrown into research, funds are raised on behalf of saving the planet... and then the crazy side effect... people start believing what they are hearing, and ignoring all reason and logic (not to mention historical trends), they begin to panic. And behold, who is there to bail them out? Ahh... big brother... solving all our problems for us... Doesn't that make you feel cozy?

Listen to logic, listen to reason. The earth's temperature is never constant... never has been. There is nothing constant about the earth. We are part of a dynamic system, influenced from both within and from outside our planet. From solar energy to earth's own energy, the planet oscillates around some median point, but is never constant. The earth will warm, the earth will then cool. The earth will take care of itself.

We could benefit ourselves more as a human race by adjusting to the changes rather than trying to reverse them. Instead of trying to stop the one straw from breaking the camel's back, couldn't we just remove some of the other straws? It is easier... makes more sense!

We didn't start the fire... it was always burning since the world's been turning. We didn't light it but we're trying to fight it...

Let us be reasonable... yes, clean up the environment... yes, focus on clean energy... yes, do all we can to live in harmony with our planet, creatures, and fellow man.

But blame and admonish ourselves for that which we do not control... come now... let us reason together here!

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