Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Who is to Blame for the MD Ghetto?

Take a look at the "Two Maps" scenario in the Washington Post

In this article you will see maps comparing racial divides, racial inequalities, and the attempt to identify race as the culprit to the outrage in Maryland.

So one begs the question of root cause.  Why is there a 30% vacancy rate in the Black neighborhoods?  What has drawn such disparity in the Old East?

I blame banks and their mortgage practices.  Banking practices and property mortgage law pays no mind to the quality of our lands, only the bottom line.  There is no humanity in property lending or in foreclosures.  The human element has been removed from civilization, and as such crime and opportunity for crime increases.

I blame business tax practices and red tape.  Business start-up should be the easiest task for a determined mind.  However, there is often an insurmountable beaurocratic step required to begin the pursuit of happiness that most fail to effectively launch and sustain.

I blame government social safety nets.  There is a permanent "handout class" in American society these days.  Men do not "go hungry" anymore.  In fact, many families thrive on government handouts.  As such there is never a need to migrate when jobs go away.  Instead of "voting with our feet" it is easier to stay and live off of the handouts.  Unemployment skyrockets, crime skyrockets, and there is no incentive for new business to take root as the neighborhoods are do not lend themselves to prosperity or security.

I wouldn't be me if I did not also blame the individual.  What mettle have you as a man who is dispositioned to take and not give, to demand and not provide, to consume and not create? What purpose do you serve in humanity?  What life are you living?  What legacy are you leaving?  How will history judge you?

The world is burning, and there are so many to blame... no one is guiltless, as even the apathetic voters (and non-voters) are to blame for allowing corruption and falacy to lead this nation into the desert.

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