Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hawaii Controversy

The Presidential election season is upon us. In less than two short years we will be swearing in a POTUS, be it the incumbent buffoon, or the next buffoon. Yet somewhere, lurking in the shadows of the 2012 election is the dirty secret from the 2008 election... fueled by racist animosity, harsh political divide, and a general anger toward life. The far-right-leaning Birther Movement has begun creeping its head out of the dusty shadows and into the headlines...

stop the press... did I say far-right-leaning...

But... but... Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and the entire cast of the left-wing media is reporting that it is the angry racist conservative Tea Partiers... so it must be true... right?

Don't believe it for a moment. The true story, especially if this becomes a talking point in the 2012 primary and campaign is that it has been a DEMOCRAT Governor and a former CLINTON employee and Hawaii gov. employee who have been pushing this story again and again.

source, WND

This is a softball topic - low hanging fruit. But I've already begun to see conversation start up in blogs, tweets, and other social mediums dominated by conservatives... a fact that the MSM will surely report on in a few months as "right wing chatter" about the Birth Certificate of President Obama.

Make no mistake, this is a trap. It is a snare being obviously placed to enrage and confuse the issues, in hopes that anti-Obama voters will be seen as nut-job conspiracy theorists. Follow the bread crumbs to this gingerbread house and you will find yourself face to face with Democrats... the same ones who started the story will now want to boil you for discussing it.

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  1. "...the same ones who started the story will now want to boil you for discussing it."

    Yep. That's how they roll. And the Stupid Party always falls for it, just like they've tied themselves in knots trying to be "civil" while the hate from the Left continues unabated, all the while blaming the Right for doing what they themselves do continuously.