Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democrats/Unions Run Boeing out of Washington - US Sen. Patty Murray's Epic Fail

The losers:

US Sen. Patty Murray - D (the intermediary in the Union negotiations)
WA State Gov. Christine Gregoire - D
IAM Union
Washington State economy and housing market
Socialist over-regulation on manufacturing

The Winners:

South Carolina
Free Market Capitalism

Boeing will be moving the 787 second line to Charleston, SC, a decision that puts an egg on the face of US Senator Patty Murray, Democrat, who worked as the intermediary in the negotiations between Boeing, the State of WA, and the IAM Union. Murray is up for re-elction in 2012 to a fourth term in the US Senate and this loss should be placed directly on her shoulders and aide in her drive right out of office.

Without Boeing, the Pacific Northwest's economy will collapse. There was a major hit when then Governor Gary Locke, Democrat, would not modify regulatory laws, forcing Boeing Headquarters out of Seattle and into Chicago. That move took with it a number of jobs to the Kansas City manufacturing sites.

This move will set up the final death blow to Washington State, allowing for expansion of Boeing 787 production in the south and enabling a possible future move of all production out of Washington State. Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost or relocated over a decade and a half...

The culprit?

Democrat and Union leadership. The democrats have created regulatory laws disallowing any expansion of businesses without such excessive fees as to triple the overall cost of expansion, all in the name of the environment. Union leadership has put a stranglehold on the ability for Boeing to produce her product, by striking. Boeing wanted a ten year no strike agreement as well as regulatory relief from the government. Patty Murray indicated that what the state and union were willing to offer was more than fair...

It was always Boeing who was held hostage in Washington State because of a lack of manufacturing capabilities in any alternate location. The 787 Dreamliner line included the acquisition of Voight, a SC company, and the necessary elements required for full scale production of a major airliner. Boeing saw the opportunity to use her new leverage - the Democrats did not budge - and Boeing left.

The Seattle Area has directly challenged Detroit in leadership of the "Depressed Economy" club.

Thank you Democrats!


  1. Seattle will now experience that which occurred in St. Louis when Boeing took McDonnell-Douglas away from them. Reaping what they've sown is a bear, isn't it?

  2. Competition is one thing; a stranglehold is another...especially when Boeing can simply leave to get out of the stranglehold leaving us with our worthless environmental rules and destructive democrats and unions.