Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain/Palin - Eeking Out Victory in '08?

After watching the lack-luster Presidential Debate last night, and reading the headlines over the past few days regarding presidential politics, I am willing to hedge my bets. John McCain and Sarah Palin will win the electoral vote by a spread of 10 points - 274 to 264, Colorado being the deciding vote and leaning McCain by less than 10,000 votes.

I am willing to predict that Obama/Biden pick up huge victories in NY and California, giving them a 2 million vote spread in the popular vote - bringing about the same arguments we saw after 2000, where Gore won the popular vote and Bush won the electoral vote, sparking disputes whether the electoral vote is representative of the will of the people.

In fact, the electoral vote is what keeps this country a Republic - and saves us from a mob-ruled Democracy in the Federal Government.

Barack Obama is going to have a tough race over the next few weeks. There is finally some more in depth reporting regarding his questionable associations, his economic policy, and his record. Obama's headlines this week include ACORN voter registration fraud on the order of tens of thousands in battleground states, Breaking his promise to his wife regarding smoking, Democrat tactics (including hacking e-mail accounts) in intimidating supporters of McCain and Undecided Voters... Dissenters of Barack Obama are going to spend the next few weeks ripping the Junior Senator apart, and it will be enough to swing the undecided voters in the traditionally red states back in to the McCain/palin camp.

McCain will take Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina by about 5%.
McCain will take Ohio and Colorado by 2%.

It will be tight, but the negative message about Obama is only going to be muted by Obama pumping tens of millions into counter ads attempting to repair his image - money that has been questionably raised - breaking numerous federal election laws... which will be made well known.

The upside is that this will all be over in a few weeks, and we will see the uneasiness in the markets settle down a bit, and the country will begin to move forward in one direction or the other.

Under Obama, we can be sure that the markets will hit about 8000 as investors pull out their money to avoid the "threshold of wealth" in the sights of Obama's "fairness tax". Small business and large business alike will be motivated to hide funds or under-perform to avoid the higher taxes. There will be a motivation for restraining business growth, whcih will lead to the elimination of actual economic growth. Jobs will disappear, unless the Federal Government creates a jobs program for the Green Energy "industry" which will actually be the Green Energy Administration - and jobs will be under the Federal Government Payroll.

Under McCain, there is at least some hope for allowing the American people the opportunity to fix their situation as part of a reprise of personal responsibility in spending, health, and energy. There will be tax breaks for all, spending reductions across the board, and an end to Bush's Big Government Boom! There is some hope with McCain's policy of ousting corruption in lending, lobbying, and leadership that the government will shrink, taxes will stay low, and local governments will feel the pressure to take over where the federal government has intruded on their authority.

There will be no unity in 2008. If McCain wins, the angered and trained Obamanites will partake in the practice of civil disobedience. Leftist Fascism will be at an all time high through Code Pink, ACORN, and Move-On groups trying to quiet the conservatives/Republicans from conducting a clean-up operation in our government. It will be no better from the left than it is now, under Bush - because those on the left HATE anyone who disagrees with them. If Obama wins, there will be tactics from the right to stall any of his policies from becoming law. There will be a massive failure of the government to operate under these extreme bills and regulations (which is why the congressional and Senate races are more important than the Presidential race).

Either way, we are at a societal crossroads in America. The left has become so left that socialist/communist would be a compliment to them. The right has been abandoned for the middle-left, and those who remain on the right are radically outside of common thinking, even if they are spot on classically for American Politics.

Assuming I am right, and McCain/Palin wins, there is hope that the future of the country will begin it's pendulum swing back to the center, giving hope for true reform in government towards a smaller, less authoritarian "master" federal government.

Assuming I am wrong and this nation continues left, there could be a collapse of the Union under the pressure of the overbearing federal government - leading to possible civil war, or in the least a new form of a confederation between states or regions. What happens next in America is anyone's guess... but as it was once said: Keep your powder dry. Save your resources and be prepared for anything, because uncertainty is staring us in the face!


  1. God I hope you are right, but I also hope they take the popular vote so we don't have to hear the same tired arguments from people who aren't interested in Democracy for anyone unless it benefits them.

  2. the left hates anyone who disagrees with them?

    This is certainly true of some individuals in the Democratic party. The definition of liberal is "Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded." Anyone who HATES those who disagrees with them is not really liberal. Kinda like McCain and Bush are not conservative.

    My European friends report that the far-left politicians in the US are to the right of the far-right parties in Europe. And European countries, while more socialist than the US, are definitely not Communist. There's a lot of room to the left of where we are now. And IMO opinion it's the left (Democrats) who are cowing to the right (Bush) in Congress lately. Lots of the newly-elected Democrats are pro-gun, some even pro-life. My own Senator, McCaskill, is hard to distinguish from Bush sometimes -- and yet she's one of Obama's biggest supporters! They're all mish-mashed together, to the right of where I want them to be and the left of where you want them to be. Another lip-service conservative like McCain isn't going to help. Obama isn't nearly as liberal as he is a work-within-the-system type, so he won't get much done either.

  3. You right 'bout wut you say in-att las' paragraph. 'N I thank-att's whar we're hedded. Ol' libruls (of the lefty AND neocon variety) cain't leave well enuf alone.

    Good friend-a mine, th' blogger "Caedmon", has had thangs like-iss t' say:

    I hope it dohn't git ugly, but it cud.

  4. Jessi - You are right... they are not liberal - they are "progressive" socialists. This is exactly the core of Obama's support, from ACORN to Obama's own tactics of "getting in their faces"... fascism at it's worst! At best, the "liberal" is today's centrist... McCain/Bush are clearly liberal centrists... Bush is left of Clinton on "Big Government" and McCain is left of Kennedy on immigration. Not pretty for conservatism!

    Jonesie - thanks for the links. Interesting perspective. I will give it some more thought. One thing I hear more often, from all over the country, is that people can feel the tension in the air, and everyone is mummbling about something not so good happening... civil war, civil unrest, secession? Who knows... time will tell... and then we have to decide which side is the right?!?!