Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Epitaph for America

Here Lies Liberty
A Republic, Unkept

What was born out of the hearts and minds of men much nobler than we, was laid to rest by a conspiracy of the generations to acclimate mankind to the suffering of evil. Liberty, born from the blood and tears of the brave, once shook her fist in defiance of tyranny, now so suddenly finds herself succumb to tyranny's strangle. A struggle through the ages, let pass by complacency.

The birth of liberty was a roar in the hearts of our forefathers, yet so fragile that a single whisper could destroy it's existence. Our fathers crafted liberty from the scorched sands of time itself - a new experiment where man was free to live as he saw fit. An idea so abstract that it defied the logic of history, it was said that such a Republic could only survive if we could keep it.

Liberty gave birth to innovation that defined the presence of man upon this earth - creatures of invention attempting the impossible and succeeding. It was not free men who laid claim to the dreams of success, but it was free men who made it possible. Liberty gave wings to man, lifting him for the first time into the endless skies. Liberty gave man the moon, a feat of our crowing achievement - the endless opportunity of unconditional freedom. Liberty gave man technology to communicate, providing a forum for free and limitless ideas and imaginations.

Liberty has inspired song, poems, and novels. It is longed for by those who lack it. Man yearns for this experiment of personal freedom. It beat in the heart of Americans, and spread throughout the world like a thousand burning embers landing in the dried fields of less fortunate men's hearts - igniting a blaze, a passion for liberation of the self. Men from around the world felt the burning in their chest and joined the land of the free.

But a dark cloud had come over the land, bringing with it the winds of time. The lessons of history, blown away by the resurgence of tyranny, have been lost to many - the many needed in this generation to stand in defiance of tyranny, and, if necessary, spill their blood so that others may soon not forget what noble gift we have neglected. History's lesson is that man is disposed to suffer evils rather than cast aside that to which they have become accustomed. It is a lesson that tyranny knows well, and has become so shrewd at calling upon.

In the heart of every man lies the ability, but the will is lacking. In the lacking of will towards liberty, her death was merely a matter of time. Where once free men fought oppression, it is now welcomed and cheered as it is cast upon our fellow man. The initiation of force for the battle cry of fairness and equality is the battle cry of the cowardly - and has become the battle cry of this nation.

It is not fairness and equality that breeds freedom, but a strong back and a steady hand - hard work and dedication to the cause of freedom and liberty. The will and want to pull the self up from the depths is the inspiration from one man to the other to do the same.

Alas, the treasury has been pillaged, and the wealth of the nation distributed amongst those who choose to do less. They have become so accustomed. And with the destruction of the national wealth, comes the destruction of the personal wealth, for what good does wealth do if it is limited to one hard working free man?

Where the cries of freedom where once heard echoing across the nation, now only are whimpers of each according to his need from those according to their ability.

The freedom of the self has been eroded, and with it, liberty.

So today, we are witnessing liberty being laid to rest - not to solemn tears of the many, but to thunderous applause from around the world. In the hearts of those men across the nation who recognize the loss, those who feel the void deep within their soul, it is the task of these men to no longer endure as the powers of tyranny re-establish themselves. On the hallowed ground where we lay liberty to rest, in the hearts of these men, a pledge must be made to carry the banner of freedom - be not afraid to refresh the tree of liberty. For so long as the ember burns within the heart of a single man, the prospect that freedom will once again shine in the hearts of many is a possibility.

Passionately signed, and with the deepest of sympathy,

Liberty's Child,
Steven Merrill Nielson
on this 21st day of October, in the year 2008


  1. What an amazing blog. I would love to post it on my website, with your permission, and have already posted a link to your blogsite there at www.sparrowgirls.com. I hope you do not mind. If you do, please let me know and I will remove it!

    We are just a start up site, and a member of a startup network www.usamericanet.com. We are constantly trying to find other blogsites like yours that fit with our views and overall philosophy.

    I also invite you to join our network of sites, The USAmerica Network. No cost of course, but it does create a larger network with more web traffic to everyone. If you visit the network site, please be aware that it is currently undergoing reconstruction!

    I hope to see Colorado go red! I was a little discouraged today by a news article online saying Obama is "ahead in the polls" considerably there. I hope as when Bush was elected these polls are DEAD wrong.

    Please let me know if you would give us permission to post your blog.

    Thank you for your inspiration,

    "Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people... of the characters and conduct of their rulers." John Adams

    I do not believe that Liberty itself is dead... not yet anyway. however, Liberty in America - as in "A government By the People" - a more perfect union in which the union's purpose was simply to protect the citizens - everything else was up to the people and the states -

    Unfortunately people consider the Bill of Rights as Freedom of the press and seperation of church and state... little do they know that the Bill of Rights continues on for 9 more amendments - the most important is the clause that states that rights not granted to the government do not exist, and should not exist in the federal government - that those rights and powers are reserved for the people and the states. Ask anyone to cite their rights... or even the philosophy behind their rights... they wont be able to do it.

    Like I said, the embers are there... the fire is being stoked. It is right time that we tell the government to STOP. They are outside their bounds, acting in an unconstitutional manner - breaking a pact between the people, and instead becoming something feared by the very people who constitutionally have the power. Unfortunately the constitution is fastly becoming nothing more than an historical document with no actual relevence in the New America.

    It is hard to not sound radical when discussing this issue... unfortunately it is because the government has taken on a role and a purpose all it's own - to grow and sustain itself. Who was it that said "I did not leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me"... Reagan.

    I believe Reagan would make a statement similarly regarding liberty and the Federal Government!

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  4. A great piece of writing on a subject that means everything to me. I live in the people's republic of Kalifornia. I'm having a cup of joe and preparing for another long day at the Temecula, CA GOP Campaign HQ. We've got Precinct walks scheduled for this morning. I've been putting in about 50 hours a week since August. I'm a volunteer. I say this only to prove a point...freedom from tyranny is our most precious resource and together we must fight for it.
    Complacency is a cancer and is as corrosive as dependency. Your piece this morning has managed to build a fire amongst the embers within. I'm exhausted...dark circles under the eye that concealer can no longer hide.
    The Left sickens me. Tim Robbins recently said that we the Republicans might steal another election. Whatever dude...the fraud of acorn is apparently not meeting the goals set forth by the anti-American Left.
    So, let me salute you for this fine piece. In the haze of one day rolling into the next as we enter the final 10 days of this campaign, I needed a 'go 'gettum girl' rally speech and you have provided it.
    My only hope is that Republicans remain engaged. This fight isn't over on November 5th. We must fight on. Too many people put their blinders back on for another 4 years only to re-emerge days or weeks before an election. People have walked into the HQ only to complain about things... Of course
    these same complainers have no time to volunteer. Who is too busy to fight for freedom? Stop wasting our time. Help out or hit the road. Sorry...I'm venting...but the complacency issue sickens me nearly as much as the liberal delusion.
    The Obama Fascist Youth League eggs the homes with McCain/Palin signs...A GOP sign never lasts more than a night or two...I've had scores of signs torn up and thrown on my driveway....What a bunch of brainwashed morons...
    Solution? Smear tanglefoot all over the sign so at least the little fascists have consequences for dutifully squelching freedom of speech...I will remain engaged in this fight for Freedom until I can fight no more.
    Write On!

  5. Bridget - I am glad that I could ignite some more fight in you! You are right - the fight is never ending. Dennis Prager said it best a few weeks ago when he indicated that there is a battle of ideals, one not able to co-exist with the other... and it is a battle that will only conclude when one ideal decimates the other.

    Let us hope, pray, and work to ensure that it is not our ideology that is decimated! Lest we live in bondage for generations to come!