Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Independent SAVAGE Endorses McCain

Michael Savage, who has been very anti-McCain and anti-Palin, has been staunchly anti-illegal immigration, and is one of the most controversial radio talk-show hosts on the AM dial, has just endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The move against Obama is clear in this endorsement - in fact it is the only cause for it.

Savage is one of those hosts who says what needs to be said, regardless of consequence... very independent... always on the front lines of controversial issues - headed up the anti-immigration movement (a large movement which pitted many independents against McCain)...

Perhaps this will swing a few more votes away from Obama, as an indicator that those who understand liberty understand what Obama intends to do to it!


  1. It may swing a few thousand Savagites and that is good. I can't stand the guy myself. He seems to hate everyone. His commentary is almost always emotional and not well thought out. He can do good commentary well thought out...but not for 3 hours a day (I couldn't either).
    He should have come to this conclusion two months ago but his emotions rule him.

  2. Agreed. It is very emotionally draining listening to Savage. When I spent two years in the SF Bay area for work, he was my afternoon commute talk radio show host... You leave feeling angry - which is his intention... and rightfully so - a right leaning freedom lover living in San Francisco is enough to make anyone angry!

  3. The boy kin be funny, tho. Love his sarcastic wit.

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