Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Punitive Wealth Redistribution - Obama tells voter "Spreading The Wealth Helps Everyone"

Obama's economic plan is to redistribute the wealth in the United States - Pure Socialist Economic Policy.

Obama's talking head in this video: There is nothing wrong with taking money from a group of people and giving it to the mass majority.


Taking money from me to give to my neighbor in the name of FAIRNESS... fair for whom?

This cuts to the core of the debate - do we want to embrace socialism in the United States?

We fought a 40 year cold war over this very issue. If JFK were alive today he would be slamming Obama and the Democratic Party for embracing the ideals of the Soviet Union - aka the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Truth be told, spreading the wealth does not help anyone. It creates dependencies on wealth redistribution at the lowest levels. It punishes ambition and success in business. Innovation is out the window for fear of additional tax burdens. These kinds of ideals are incentive to STOP PRODUCING at $249,999 to avoid taxation. If you make that one additional dollar, you instantly lose 50% of your income. So there is an incentive to stop production - even if it is in April - and you stop all business until January of the next year to avoid tax.

Obama's plan stifles economic growth because it incentivizes a cessation in production. Read that last line very carefully...

The Democratic Party is no longer what it purports to be - it is Socialist Light... working hardily to become the Socialist party, and bring ultimate dependence on government wealth redistribution to America.

It is wrong. The initiation of force, such as taking money for redistribution, is evil. This is the basic argument of free market thinking: The initiation of force is evil.

Obama's tax plan and socialist wealth redistribution plan is evil.


  1. Hip Hop,
    I think we've talked about this before, but transitioning from one tax bracket to a higher tax bracket does NOT mean that all of your income gets taxed at the higher bracket. Only the income above the threshold to the new tax bracket is taxed at the higher percentage.

    A simplified example:
    Let's say $100,000 is the demarcation line between a 15% and 25% tax bracket. If you make $100,000, you pay $15,000 in taxes (I'm neglecting exemptions & standard/itemized deductions for simplicity, also), so your take home pay would be $85,000. If you make $110,000, you'd pay $17,500 in taxes ($100,000*0.15 + $10,000*0.25), for a take home pay of $92,500. Your statements made it seem like the person making $110,000 would take home less than the person making $100,000.

    G Money

  2. Just what the Soviets once proposed.

    Everytime Obama speaks off the teleprompter, his horns become increasingly visible

  3. It's definitely socialism. I mean the guy next door who sits on his ass all day and watches tv with his 6 kids gets to live off your paycheck because you're the one who has achieved.. It's bullshit.

  4. Everytime I hear Barack Obama speak all I think about is more and more taxes.

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