Monday, October 13, 2008

Rehashing the Obama Birth Issue - Constitutional Crisis?

The October Surprise - maybe.

If this lawsuit picks up any steam, it could raise the right kind of questions. Please watch the entire video to get a full understanding of the case behind the Barack Obama US Birth issue. If Obama was born in Kenya, he is not eligible to be on the ballot. He is hiding medical, birth, and college documents which indicate his true nationality - and documents have arisen in which he gave up his US citizenship for Indonesian citizenship, but never legally migrated back to the United States.

Interesting video bringing up interesting questions. Please watch the entire video and provide comment on the substance of the video. I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

After watching the video, I have to bring up the underlying theme of the last week and a half on my blog - The Constitution.

If, in fact, Obama is elected, and THEN is found to not have been eligible to run as a candidate, what a crisis we will find ourselves in! What would be our course of action? Immediate arrest for fraud? Impeachment by Congress? And if Obama is removed as an invalid choice, does that place Biden at the helm, or is the election negated because the ticket was ineligable to run?

If this is the case, then what standing does the Constitution have in the United States? Should Obama win, and this comes to fruition as truth, it could creat standing for Non natural born citizens to lead this country - or the world, which is the ultimate goal, anyway.

Where are the documents? Where is the proof? Are there valid questions surrounding this issue? Do we have the right to ask these questions of "the one"?

Again - please watch the video, and then comment accordingly.

The Lawsuit documents:

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  1. If'n it turns out he dohn't qualify t' be POTUS under th' provisions of th' Constitution, he should step down.

    'N if'n he dohn't step down, he shud be removed by any 'n all means necessary.

    'N I mean any 'n all.