Monday, October 27, 2008

Bush's Legacy - Socialist America

Forget Barack Obama's plans for Socialism. The GOP need look no further than our own party leader in the search of a Socialist Scumbag!

Sure, Obama is going to be a thousand times worse, God help us if he wins.

But the nationalization of our banks, lending firms, mortgage industry, education system, and now auto industry, with an option to nationalize the oil and energy sector (once they are taxed into oblivion or forced to fund energy alternatives that will be nationalized and put them out of business anyway) - that is all the legacy of George Bush, the most Liberally Left president in the History of the United States, with the most authoritarian regime in the history as well - rivalling King George, against whom we won our independence.

Bush has ushered in a new era.

Under Obama, he will utilize the socialist momentum established by Bush to enact sweeping governmental reform, putting an end to civil liberty and establishing the perpetual police state of the Americas - policing thoughts, spending, labor, etc... Say good-bye to personal defense, personal responsibility, and personal freedom to speak out against the government. Those will give way to gun bans making Brady look like child's play. He will have the power to place 5 of 9 Supreme Court Justices, which he believes should be radical left judges who uphold the ideal of wealth redistribution, etc... either way, the deck is stacked against the citizen - and we will surely live under Tyranny.

Under McCain, he will utilize this socialist momentum to appease the populist complainers, continuing Bush's policy of entitlements. He will open the borders to millions of immigrant workers, who will benefit from further hand-outs. He indicates that the direction will change, but I argue that it will just not be as bad as Obama. He is the other side of the same coin. he is the lesser of two evils.

With Congress pushing the Fed for another $150 Billion bail-out, the $700 Billion being used to snatch up and nationalize private industry giants, and the public crying out against corruption, as long as the tit is not pulled from THEIR mouth... Change is what we are getting... Change into a nationalized socialist country under authoritarian control.

Thanks, Bush! Thanks for the legacy!

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