Monday, October 20, 2008

Quid Pro Quo: Powell's Job Application

Simply stated, Powell's endorsement of Obama was nothing more than a job application - which got Obama's attention. Obama made a statement to the effect that he would gladly make Powell an advisor in his administration.

Powell - Mission Accomplished. Looks like you have got the job.

Unfortunately, I am still convinced that you bet on a losing horse.

The significance of a Powell endorsement - none. Anyone with half a brain can determine that this was a quid-pro-quo: something for something - You help me finish off McCain, and I'll give you a job.

But Secretary of Defense aside - it appears that there is a mad rush for Press Secretary, and 95% of mainstream journalists are applying for the job!

For instance, standing in the checkout line at the grocery store yesterday, I noticed a cover of Time Magazine which read: The Economy Trumping Race in Election, with a picture of Obama in two colors. I had to read the cover three times to make sure I was reading this right... Race is an issue in this election? I have YET to hear a Republican bring up race as an issue in this campaign...

In fact, it is the LEFT who is making statements like "Western Pennsylvania is Racist" - Democratic Representative Murtha.

Reading some of the other articles and/or questions on the cover of the magazine, I was further amazed: Why White Voters are Flocking to a Black Candidate on Economic Issues... etc, etc...

The issue of RACE is being injected into this election by the LEFT, not by the RIGHT - even though if we were to comment on it there would be an outcry by the left of the GOP doing the race bating!

The attempt, especially by placing it on the shelves in checkout counters is a horrible attempt to play on White Guilt - making "whites" believe that if we don't vote for Obama then our judgement was somehow related to repressed racist thoughts/feelings.

Journalists from coast to coast are attempting to paint this race 9pun intended) as being over - with Obama being the victor. What they don't tell you is that Reagan was down 13 points a month out against Carter, and George W Bush was down by 10 points with two weeks to go in 2004 elections.

The polls are in error - read my next posting for the complete story!

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