Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Axis of Oil - OPEC, Russia, Mexico, Norway

OPEC is attempting to push cartel nations into cutting production by 2.5 million barrels of oil a day, led by anti-American countries of Iran and Venezuela.

The reason? Oil prices have fallen to about $70 per barrel, taking money out of the hands of the producers. Money that they are using to build an offensive capability unprecedented in their regions.

OPEC is also urging Russia, Mexico, and Norway to join forces in an attempt to crush the gluttonous American nation who has become completely dependent on them for survival...

Almost like Rome and her dependence on Egypt for grain during the fall of the Republic...

OPEC and the other axis of oil countries are not alone... they have help from within the United States. The "Socialist" Party (i.e. the Democrats) leadership of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Obama, etc. have delayed oil exploration expansion, a key bridge to developing energy independence in the United States. Their lust for power is matched only by their ignorance on domestic issues, such as energy, as a key to basic survivability of not just the nation, but the states which make it up. Free energy exploration has been denied, and the Untied States has become more and more dependent on her enemies for fuel. A nation that cannot fuel itself, and cannot feed itself, cannot defend itself... and as such, cannot be free.

If OPEC and the Axis of Oil puts the squeeze on the US, there will be a cry for war, similar to the battle cry of the Japanese toward the US when we cut their oil imports at the beginning of WWII. In this case, we are the land of the rising sun (though I would argue that it is very much setting). The leaders of the nation will bring us into a true war for oil...

The Federal government, and the Democratic Party have become so out of touch with reality that it puts the very existence of a free people in the Americas at risk. The Republican party is not doing much better - having become a mostly war mongering party, blindly "supporting troops" without thought to constitutionality of their cause - and in doing so, and by not leaving well enough alone with Russia, we have turned a valued ally into an enemy.

But why bring up the constitution - it is merely an historical document which laid the groundwork for the "Constitutional Socialist Democracy" which was birthed in 2008.

America is under siege. The enemies created by the authoritarian colonistic policies of the last 20 years have learned the lessons of political influence - and they are bearing them down upon the US. These are enemies, both foreign and domestic - and they are well versed in hatred of liberty! In response, the consumers of the Untied States are confused - running blindly to support regime change - which is really societal change to socialism. Meanwhile, the Russians are getting their just dessert - payback for the 1989 collapse of their Socialist Union; the Iranians are laughing all the way to the bank, as payback for the Shah. The One World capitalist government is collapsing, and the stage is being set for a One World Socialist take-over. You know it is coming when the GOP president is to the left of Hugo Chavez on economic issues... and the Democratic Candidate for presidency is already making appointments to discuss terms of surrender with the same. With a Socialist America, liberty throughout the world fails, giving birth to the age of worldwide authoritarian control - or continued conflicts for control.

All the while, the Federal Government is contemplating ANOTHER stimulus give-a-way. Another check, bought on credit. Another Trillion dollars towards a national debt... a nation that knows no more bounds... a nation whose treasury is being raped and pillaged by leaders, corrupt maggots all, blood lusting for continued and permanent power. Another solid marker along the highway of socialist reform in the United States.

Arm yourselves.

And understand the meaning of these words:
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants
" - Thomas Jefferson.


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