Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life in 2008 - Protecting the Unborn

Barack Hussein Obama: The first thing I would do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act

The first thing? Are your Super left tendencies so important that your "Unity" ticket would instantly federalize a generally state's issue, and instantly alienate 50% of Americans:

Obama's first order of business would be a law to reinstate partial birth abortion... What would that look like?

Obama will not yield on this issue - in his own words. If there are undecided voters out there, print out the above picture - see if that helps them change their mind. Refer them to Obama's position against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. And ask them if the federal government should be supporting infanticide.

Arguing over abortion in the first trimester is one thing... but being strongly in favor of killing children is another.

All men are endowed by their Creator to unalienable rights - among those is LIFE. When we cease to follow Natural Law and Natural Order, we cease to exist as a civil society!

Obama - too radical for the White House!


  1. Well I just didn't even read the post after the "Barack Hussein Obama" in the beginning. You only use his middle name to be ignorant. Now I fully support the anti-abortion movement (it won't be pro-life until they add euthanasia and the death penalty as priorities also) but you lost me with the ignorance of the first thing. You know you can convey an opinion without being ignorant. God Bless (Ad Jesum Per Mariam)!

  2. Paul -

    What are you talking about. "Using his middle name to be ignorant"? I am using his full name because it is his name. Any preconceived notion about his name is completely YOUR ignorance.

    Your argument regarding his name is completely irrelevent. And to comment that you did not read the article because you are somehow offended that I used Barry's full name is childish and closed minded. If you read any of my previous articles, you will notice that I often refer to political figures by their full names, including the Messiah's!

    Please do me a favor - if you are going to call me ignorant, please explain how refering to one's full name is ignorance? Is it because some people will associate "Hussein" negatively? Not my problem, not my ignorance. Is it because you assume that I am associating "Hussein" with Islam? Never even hinted at him - not my problem, not my ignorance.

    I didn't know that Fascism regarding freedom of speech included people's first names, too! So now I have to refer to him as, what, Barry H. Obama?

    Please tell me what is ignorant about using his full name! If you choose not to reply or press to insult me again on my own blog, I will block you - it is uncalled for, and this is a location for civil discourse!

    Please rethink your comment, and post an intelligible argument. Then we can talk. I am sorry if you are so easily offended by the man's name! Perhaps that is your short-coming and not mine!

  3. Some people just cannot handle anything negative about "The One." The passion people have for this guy is unbelievable and, at times, frightening. All the Obama propaganda is ridiculous. People really need to stop writing songs about him. He's just a guy running for president. I'm afraid for my country.

    As for the partial birth abortion thing, it turns my stomach. I've never seen a graphic of it and never fully understood what it was about. If that graphic is accurate, I just can't understand how it is even remotely possible that might become legal. And this is coming from someone who is somewhat pro-choice.

  4. Speakin'-a ignurnt, this conflation of abortion 'n death penalty in th' minds-a miny Roman Caitholics never ceases t' amaze ol' Jones. Historicly-informed Caitholics will tell y'all-att th' church ain't necessarily as 'ginst cap. punishment as some wud argue, 'n that th' church's current posishun is fueled more by th' PC mentaility thin anythin' else.

    'At ol' historical argumint bein' in addition t' "Paulson's" *logical* nonsense, 'at is. Thar's a qualitative moral diffurnce 'twixt an innocent unborn babe 'n, say, Ted Bundy.

  5. OK actually it is ignorance considering what other associate with his middle name. Everyone doesn't have the common sense to know that someones name is just that a name, and like I said considering how people just take stuff at face value, if you wanted to present an opinion and to remain as, I guess credible, as possible you would've not used his middle name, that's all I'm saying, now if you want to block me I could care less I was just stating my opinion and if that's a problem with you them that's not really my problem, by all means block me, I'm sure I will survive.

  6. Paul - it is not a matter of blocking v. survival... just a matter of dignified comments versus slander over TRUTH, as you seek it on one of your blogs. There is nothing untrue about the first three words of this post. It is a name. It is his name. If it offends some people, it is not MY problem. And typing his name is not ignorant. There is no justification for your claim.

    You are welcome to continue reading and commenting. But let's use common sense. Thanks.

  7. Paulson: chill.

    I kin tell yir a gud man, despite my disagreement with ye. Stick around. Th' Rocky Mountain Alliance need mo' Catholics.

  8. If a name's just a name, why has the Obama camp deliberately kept his middle name out of print? Because they assume we're all ignorant?

    One can surmise that if he insists on 'hiding' his own middle name, what else, perhaps, may he try to hide? Luckily, that theory has truth to it, because his skeletons have steadily been creeping from his proverbial closet.

    The man is frightening enough without a middle name at all. That's it's 'Hussein' isn't the least bit surprising; why, it's bloody well appropriate--for him.