Monday, October 13, 2008

Echo of the Life Argument Against Obama

I received a Courtesy Copy of an E-mail sent between two friends, one of whom I work closely with. The e-mail, posted below, was in regards to Obama's leftism regarding economic matters and abortion. I would like to share the body of this message with you, my readers, as a follow up to my previous post about Obama's stance on Partial Birth Abortion. (Bold text is for emphasis and has been added by me.)


There were two points in which you told me I was wrong: Obama's voting record and USA's Corporate Tax Rates. I stand by what I said during our conversation.

Here is a ranking that shows that Barrack Obama was ranked as the most liberal senator in 2007.

Websites on Business Tax Rates

A blog by a well informed friend of mine that I work with. He is not thrilled with McCain however is obviously less thrilled with Obama.

If we do not stand up for the most helpless in our society, then what possibly could be more righteous. Who could be more helpless of a group than our unborn children created in the image of God fashioned by His Hand? Do we dare support a group who openly 'destroys' life, which is a nice way of saying 'murders' our children?

Slap a man. . . it's an insult and a misdemeanor
Slap a child. . . it's abuse and a felony.
Slice open a child in the womb. . . it's unspeakable but called a Choice?

Slice open a million children EACH YEAR in the USA . . . Even barbaric or demonic are too kind!

For this, America is receiving God's wrath!

Or maybe we should stop calling ourselves Americans and start calling ourselves Ninevites! But even the Ninevites didn't kill their own children in the womb just those of their enemies! This stupidity of minimizing the importance of this genocide is unprecedented.

How can I face my Lord who created life and say to Him that I supported an organization or leader who openly supports destroying life? I will NOT! I might as well join forces with the very one who kills, steals and destroys. Do NOT be deceived - sugar coated poison still kills. No amount of charisma will make it okay to support an accomplice to epoch mass murder.

30+ million murdered unborn children just in the USA alone. More than Rwanda, Darfur, Hitler and Stalin combined. We live in the true Killing Fields. I will not ever bow or be fooled into supporting a leader who says that this is an acceptable policy. Nor will I ever believe that this is not the prominent crisis facing America. Anything else that I hear be it poverty, education, war in Iraq, drunk driving, global warming, gun rights, racism, the environment, the economy, gay rights, labor rights, nothing compares! Name any issue in the US that has caused the murder directly or even indirectly of 1.3 million souls in 2007. If there is such a cause let's put it above this issue of life and death. If not let us all repent and then stand up and stop this abomination!!!

Jay Dawson

Thanks Jay. You stated the case for life very eloquently, and it is greatly appreciated. Indeed, this is the number one issue facing our society today. That it is not the rally cry for the GOP is due, in part, because McCain's stance is not far from Obama's. Thank Heaven for Sarah Palin!

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