Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Clear: Energy Independence GOP VP Focus

Sarah Palin cleared the muddied air about her ability and role as the next Vice President of the United States - she is there to take on the hurdle of ensuring energy independence in the Untied States. As the Vice President, she will ensure that the policy of "All of the Above" will bring about true energy independence in the United States!

The plan that she will enforce is a plan that will make the United States dependent on no one other than ourselves for energy. That includes a phased set of milestones, not a complete and immediate withdrawal from carbon based products (immediate withdrawal seems to be a common trend to Obama/Biden)

The plan will play out thusly:

1. Increase production of America's oil reserves - including shale. This will allow the current infrastructure to survive the transition to alternative energy. Obama/Biden see the need for alternative energy, but they refuse to admit that their policy will be grossly ineffective if they do not sustain the current infrastructure as we build the bridge to the future.

2. Invest in the capital of America's Future - Alternative Energy. Begin a process to incentivize car companies to steer away from Gasoline engines, tending towards Natural Gas or Electric. Establish an incentive program to encourage households to install solar panels - enough to reduce the need for residential power by a large percentage across America. Then begin to convert power usage from coal and oil to wind, solar, and the remaining nuclear plants built to initially sustain the energy system.

Palin is undoubtedly and undeniably the perfect candidate to take on energy independence. McCain giving her full reign in this arena was the best move for America's energy future.

In contrast, and as a side note, Biden's role as VP would be to council Obama, but let him be President... what kind of an answer is that?

Regardless - it is clear that Palin will be the leader in Energy Independence starting on day one as Vice President of these United States.


  1. why mccain doesn´t like the president of spain? the answer

  2. Brigate - Thank you for the link to your blog! What a great answer to the continued question about Zapatero. He has, in fact, been very hostile towards the USA and has strained relations between the US and the Iberian Peninsula! Thank you for reading!