Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Huffington Post Predicts Palin Win?

A backhanded compliment, but the Huffington Post is predicting that Sarah Palin wows America with her debating skills tomorrow night. This could be pre-damage control to ensure the base that her oratory skills and demeanor under the pressure of debate should not detract from her "poor showings" on her two liberal media news interviews.

The Huff even went as far as placing a video compilation of Sarah's debating skills, after targeting her style as "just words" with no substance:

Perhaps this is the Liberal Left's way of some pre-debate damage control. Lowering the bar on Biden while suggesting that even if Palin wins, it is not a worthy feat...Unfortunately, McCain has allowed the leftist media to use the last month to define Sarah Palin as an ignorant 2nd rate leader not worthy of her PTA post - I think they have another thing coming.

My hope is that Palin creams Biden, as she did the gentlemen from Alaska in the clip above - and once this is complete, she then takes the vigor to the campaign trail, and that the McCain campaign let's Sarah Palin be what I know she can be: A fighter, A Reformer, and the Next Vice President of These United States.

Maybe THAT is the GOP October Surprise.

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  1. if they let her. The campaign has clearly been trying to pound her into shape. We'll see whether she retains her form and is able to expound on national issues at the same time. Or detract from them, either one. I hear Biden is known as a poor debater, but no one is talking about that.