Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Comments Make the Blogging World Go 'Round

Back from vacation, and blogging again! I hope that everyone is well rested from New Years, and ready for the election season to begin!

Surprisingly, I have had no comments on my previous post, relating to how you all think the election cycle will go!?!?

Are there really no opinions out there?

Perhaps a comment from a Ron Pauler who knows something about a potential for Paulers to flood the Iowa Caucuses, giving Paul a surprising top three finish.

Perhaps Fred Thompson bows out after a poor showing in Iowa?

Who hangs on until Super Tuesday, and how do you all see that super election going?

I would love to hear some analysis, or just plain guesses, as to how you all think this month will play out!

Don't be shy! Comments make the blogging world go 'round!

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