Friday, January 4, 2008

20 Years of Bush/Clinton - Has it Killed the Party Establishments?

Iowa is still fresh on the minds of everyone this morning, and there are certainly blogs and news articles by the millions with their spins and analysis. I have seen few articles discussing the end of the Dynasty Era of the White House... which was the clear message coming out of Iowa last night.

What do I mean by the end of the era? The Bush and Clinton families have had a stranglehold on the White house for the last 20 years... that is right, 20 YEARS! In that time a generation has been raised, and has watched the increasing divide in this country... a divide created by the establishment set up by these two dynasty families... two families duking it out for two decades on the public stage.

But blowing into the arena, last night, was a strange new wind... a wind that carried a message that politics is no longer business as usual. The people are showing up in droves, and demanding the power back from the establishments... You know, the powers endowed by their Creator... their inalienable rights...

I think what we are bearing witness to is a Revolution... not of the Ron Paul variety, but in that direction. Where the people have the power, nut just in name, but in representation.

And the most important aspect of the change is the message in which it is wrapped. Both winners last night in Iowa won on a message of Hope. They both delivered a message of inspiration and REAL change (not the kind of change where Madeline Albright is standing behind you, ensuring that the "change" is in name only). Both candidates rallied the people, not solely by identity politics, but by innovative ideas delivered in a POSITIVE way.

And for the first time in my lifetime, assuming that the nominees were selected last night, we may have a presidential election where the establishments are not pitted one against the other, but two candidates are running FOR their beliefs... and FINALLY, an election will occur where we are voting in support of our candidate, instead of voting AGAINST the other candidate.

What is more inspiring are the victory speeches from last night. Imagine how uplifting this election would be, political ideals aside, if these were the messages being carried on the march to the White House:

Political elites be damned... This is the beginning of something new... I don't know what it is yet, but it smells like populist driven freedom! The likes of which will be discussed for years to come!

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