Thursday, January 10, 2008

Attempting to Undo NH's Fumble

Iowa, for Obama, was the 70 yard field goal... the miracle moment, where an unlikely candidate overturned the foreboding monster of the Clinton Campaign. The media revelled... even those within her party revelled... it was the beginning of the end for the Clinton Dynasty.
And then something happened in NH. Was it the tearful plea for support, which drove women to vote for her in numbers unseen in Iowa... or those same tears that drove the men to ditch the Democratic ticket all together and support McCain. Either way, there was a fumble... where early polls showed Obama leading the state by 10 points easily, then going on to lose by 3.

Alas... in protesting style (and two days too late), John Kerry has decided to support and endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.
This is a direct slap in the face of both John Edwards, his 2004 running mate, and Hillary Clinton, the Dynasty Diva.
His endorsement is one of supporting a candidate capable of "Transformational Change" in the United States, where Clinton's vision of change is simply to change BACK to the Clinton years... as can be seen by her appearances with Madeline Albright, and the recent re-hiring of Bill's campaign strategists and presidential advisers... one can see that the change she suggests is nothing more than a change back to 1992.
As well, Bill Richardson is exiting stage left. If he were to endorse Obama, it would be another hit to the Clinton campaign... and another loud statement that the party does not support the Clinton Dynasty.
Now the focus is on John Edwards. If he continues to pull in embarrassingly low numbers, what he is doing is splitting the vote of the OTH (Other Than Hillary) crowd, and offering her the nomination. If he truly believes what he says, he should consider endorsing Obama and making the deal for the VP nod. Barack and John united will pull in 50% - 60% of the votes in each state, leaving Clinton's 30% - 35% support base out of the big show. The longer that Edwards hangs on, the more I have to wonder if he is not a Clinton operative, in the race to ensure her candidacy...

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